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@SiansUniverse If only Mona Lisa was French. #Fleabag @celestebarber_ finished watching @fleabag 2 months ago and all I can do is make other people watch it so it doesn’t end. Because. Fuck.
Retweeted by FleabagIt's a devastatingly accurate depiction of grief
Retweeted by FleabagGonna tell my kids he created the world in seven days.
Retweeted by Fleabag @stacbelle We worship at her feet. #Fleabag @Nadrojo That’s sure to make someone’s day. #Fleabag
@PrimeVideo Claire’s portrait belongs in the Louvre. #Fleabag a haircut is a work of art. #Fleabag
Gifts for the 'Fleabag' fan in your life
Retweeted by Fleabag @PrimeVideo What an honor. #Fleabag
👾👜 #Fleabag @jemsyjem #Fleabag often has that effect on people. watching @fleabag and Im wrecked. I laughed, I cried. I cried-laughed (?) It was marvelous 💔♥️
Retweeted by Fleabag @TelevisionAcad Cheers to the weekend. #Fleabag #FridayFeeling when you and your friends are just out here thriving. @fleabag @SiansUniverse
Retweeted by Fleabag @TIME Another accolade for #Fleabag's trophy case. 🙌
@rgay We hope you asked her about being a bad feminist. #Fleabag @aoiph Good one. #Fleabag @LizFilmNYC @morganoliveira1 We can recommend someone for you. #Fleabag @primevideouk @RosiannaRojas
@PrimeVideo Waller-Bridge: ‘There was an alternative ending to Fleabag ... but I’ll never tell’
Retweeted by FleabagSpent my morning having breakfast and taking an exclusive first look at the @fleabag Cafe at @WaterstonesPicc! I co…
Retweeted by Fleabag @miss_english Your secret's safe with us. #Fleabag
@ChelseaAlden We won't tell. #Fleabag @BBCr4today @natalietran 🥂 #Fleabag and share in the unbridled JOY of reading my beloved PWB’s absolutely perfect screenplays 👾👜💕🙏🏼✨😍📚…
Retweeted by Fleabag @PrimeVideo Dad said Claire just didn't get the fun gene. #Fleabag, ever mention the size of Claire's office. #Fleabag @homiebody @emmiteach Well, aren't you a darling? #Fleabag @kinglolux They're a riot. #Fleabag @shelbsbug #Fleabag taught us that we're all a bit of a mess sometimes.
@DansOnRoad This is a masterpiece. #Fleabag @Fearless_Fred You want to know what the bassoon is? It's a cry for help! #Fleabag @jasonstorms 👋 #Fleabag The ending to @fleabag. I’m reeling. So good. So beautiful.
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Horny women used to be feared, and now they’re put on the cover of @VogueMagazine. 🙏 #Fleabag @Natalienuttall @abigailtownend Andrew Scott inspired the #Fleabag series two Quaker meeting scene
Retweeted by Fleabag @tahlianorrish #Fleabag kills with just a look. @KikiH731 I’m happy you’ve found a way to deflect from your pitiful, self-sabotaging, ego-driven, masturbatory, paw… @miriam_calleja She was just waiting for you. #Fleabag
@awhitby Nothing beats a pleasant evening with the family... #Fleabag @melissatlweaver @Ange_Todd We'll take a vow of silence for now. #Fleabag @isthatscully You're too kind. #Fleabag @AwkwardHolland Perfection. #Fleabag @lamonsegui #Fleabag couldn't get him out of her head.
@saxy15 We knew you'd come around. #Fleabag @nnekamcguire It's the most wonderful f***ing thing in the world. #Fleabag @dabaraset Boo said she'll take it. #Fleabag @startreatmnts best romantic lines I have heard on screen in a while- She: “I love you.” He: “It will pass.” @fleabag #fleabag ❤️
Retweeted by Fleabag @piya_unturned It hasn't yet. #Fleabag
@TheRealBadJanet F***ing does. #Fleabag @huhyeahokaysure #Halloween! Boo: That’s the very reason why they put rubbers on the end of pencils. @fleabag: what, to f*ck…
Retweeted by Fleabag @ehellastella When you find someone you love, it feels like hope. #Fleabag @NYCSays holy trinity. 🙌 #Fleabag @fleabag #Fleabag
Retweeted by Fleabag @findapril Godmother's delighted. #Fleabag add us to your #Fleabag group costumes
Retweeted by Fleabag @gmberrow Halloween from Fleabag & Hot Priest! @fleabag @SiansUniverse
Retweeted by Fleabag @cberedjick Cheers. #Fleabag @aimeecarrero
fleabag x hot priest collab #halloween
Retweeted by FleabagYou already know what to do. #Fleabag"I sometimes worry that I wouldn't be such a feminist if I had bigger tits." - #Fleabag
@mnkearney Hilary appreciates the attention. 🐹 #Fleabag finished watching @fleabag. Twelve eps of magic. I cackled with laughter and wiped away sad tears. Phoebe Wall…
Retweeted by Fleabag @0n3s_4nd_z3r03s It's hard to take your eyes off her. #Fleabag @sayzabee Also, kneel. #Fleabag @anabethke Careful she doesn't roll away. #Fleabag @CinephileSandra Here's to the hot priest. #Fleabag @FakeRyanSutton Father loves it when he does that. #Fleabag @LiterallySelina We're seeing double. #Fleabag @PrimeVideo They have a lot in common. #Fleabag
@oiaure I don't find it painful... #Fleabag @JohnHughes88 This is an excellent one. #Fleabag is a love story
Retweeted by Fleabag @_joyceng The holiest of holy. #Fleabag key is to dress up as an extremely specific thing and then have to explain what you are to people all night. An…
Retweeted by Fleabag @kadiffkirwan Don't forget the reference photo. #Fleabag @fleabagpodcast You sculpted a work of art. #Fleabag @SamanthaJacobs_ You gave Father quite a fright. #Fleabag @fleabagpodcast What a fox. 🦊 #Fleabag @maayankaps He went that way. 👉 #Fleabag @MarianHillMusic This is gold. #Fleabag
in perhaps my most ambitious costume ever this year I was my queen phoebe waller-bridge at the Emmys @fleabag
Retweeted by FleabagThis is everything. Show us your foxiest #Fleabag costumes for Halloween! 🦊
Finally done watching Fleabag and it is easily one of the greatest comedies ever. Phoebe Waller-Bridge is truly a g…
Retweeted by Fleabag @delilahruby_ It's worth a lot. #Fleabag @PrimeVideo When you find someone you love, it feels like hope. #Fleabag