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Crossword puzzle writer for Times, Globe, AVXC among others. Beer, typewriters, indie rock. Liz's husband. Tabby's dad.

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@bgzimmer @christenadot_ @chicagotribune SMDH
Who's ready for the Stephen Malkmus synth album? 5 years, I've updated "Rappers sorted by size of their vocabulary." There's 75 new artists, DMX is no longer…
Retweeted by Brendan Quigley @ollie asks "How Many Crossword Puzzles Can You Make?" I answer: I've stopped counting. again, well-constructed crosswords rule. #spoiler
Retweeted by Brendan QuigleyBeer summit.
Hedging one's bets, headline-style. @yachtrock @JDRyznar Comments?, joke's over. #1125: Positions of Support @laurabrarian
Face melting.'s PuzzleMail cryptic is quite an interesting and challenging(?) theme. Sign up today so you don't miss it…
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Getting better at this sourdough thing. @xanalinos Yes. So much this.
Any iOS users out there interested in playtesting a game?Rattle off some legit good records that don't have a bass on it.CROSSWORD #1124: Themeless Monday
Approved. #cryptic #crosswords backstage at the NYC Ballet doing @fleetwoodwack's SuperMega crossword (via @fleetwoodwack) #NYTXW
Retweeted by Brendan QuigleyDivisional Round picks: Colts, Cowboys, Patriots, SaintsTabitha made these: pancakes with raspberry frosting. I ate two in about 3 seconds. just like us @bethbaff @ppbaum @stacihodge
Retweeted by Brendan Quigley @fleetwoodwack That’s way more photogenic than mine, hanging from my closet door so I can start every day driving m…
Retweeted by Brendan Quigley @fleetwoodwack @aidanwould Wine was helpful for my solve in multiple respects!
Retweeted by Brendan QuigleyI love the written instructions at the top! “If you’re not sure...don’t answer”
Retweeted by Brendan QuigleyBallerinas backstage at the NYC Ballet doing my SuperMega crossword
MUSICIAN PEEPS: Hoping to line something up for BTO in Chicago in early April. If you have any booking leads or con…
2019 #1123: Come Fly With Me Game:
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@narayan140 at the gym, instead of the generic dance/workout mix they played Yes, Zappa (the good stuff), and Kansas.OK, I'm sick of putting the quotes around "Weird Al" when I mention Mr. Yankovic in a clue so I'm not doing it anymore
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CROSSWORD #1122: Themeless Monday
Daily Game:
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My Wild Card weekend picks: Colts, Seahawks, Chargers, Eagles.
After struggling through @fleetwoodwack Monday themeless, I enjoyed cruising through today’s puzzle and his #AVXWord year end puzzle.
Retweeted by Brendan Quigley @grusthegorilla @fleetwoodwack @AVCXWord As a former Toad's bouncer, and not-so-proud alumni, I'm not surprised the…
Retweeted by Brendan QuigleyThanks to @AVCXWord and @fleetwoodwack for the single greatest crossword clue ever written. As a proud 46A alum, t…
Retweeted by Brendan QuigleyCrossword Compiler users: is there a way to render the HTML5 files responsively, so it will expand to fit whatever space is allowed for it?CROSSWORD #1121: Shuffling Cards, so I made it in 2:20. Have to go back and check a couple of Natick-y intersections, but overall a good solve.…
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@paulsdalton @fleetwoodwack "School for the 1% of the 1%"?
Retweeted by Brendan QuigleyWow. @fleetwoodwack’s Monday themeless was brutal. So much stuggle. Having my last name in the grid helped (49A), b…
Retweeted by Brendan QuigleyIt is shockingly quiet. Not actually quiet, I’d be worried. Just the occasional teenage snarky commentary as the ju…
Retweeted by Brendan QuigleyStarted out 2019 correctly - solved the SuperMega by @fleetwoodwack, got the meta, and celebrated by registering for #ACPT2019.✏️⏲️😬
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CROSSWORD #1120: Themeless Monday sleep till Brookline.
Kudos to @fleetwoodwack on an incredibly enjoyable Super Mega. I know how much work went into it and I appreciate it 🥂
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CROSSWORD #1119: Financial Independence #1119: Financial Independence
You know you’re a crossword nerd when your Christmas haul includes books by @e_a_rly @fleetwoodwack and @XWORDS !…
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@_Mike_AM I ... couldn't tell you anything about that. Alas.CROSSWORD #1118: Themeless Monday @dsng @NYTimesWordplay Mini-theme.YES 39A in the Monday #NYTXW! So awesome to see that clue/fill in an official puzzle! @fleetwoodwack @NYTimesWordplay
Retweeted by Brendan QuigleyOnyx did NOT approve of my brothers and I trying to do the Super Mega before dinner #catsoncrosswords
Retweeted by Brendan QuigleySolved @fleetwoodwack’s Monday @NYTimesWordplay crossword downs-only. Loved 39A. Giggled to see 11D and 21D in the…
Retweeted by Brendan QuigleyCan anybody send me a PDF of today's NYT?
@fleetwoodwack my wife and I love doing your crossword puzzles. The phrase "curse you, B Quigley" has been uttered…
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@metabymatt "I know to this guy, he's okay."So many people asking me if I know Brendan Quigley this week and if I saw that puzzle...I know a famous person! @fleetwoodwack
Retweeted by Brendan QuigleyHow is it that I'm just now discovering that Run-DMC did two Christmas song? (plays video) ... oh! That's why.
It took me 2 hours and 12 minutes to get the #supermega xword answer last night, and I finished up the grid just no…
Retweeted by Brendan Quigley @stellaphone @naytnaytnayt @rexparker @magpielena I'll see what I can do. @ckingsc Adding it now.CROSSWORD #1117: Shop Till You Drop @dmurchie Naw. I'm good.
Drinking at a bar that has (I believe) unironically played three Bush songs. Do I leave?
NYT crossword rates are going up, to $500 for a daily and $1500 for a Sunday. (They are currently $300 / $1000.) F…
Retweeted by Brendan QuigleyIf anybody has an unused issue of Puzzle Mania they can part with, please get in touch. Thanks.Nothing better than getting an email that begins: "Hi Scott!" @GabiElenaDohm The other stuff will likely be the 2019 project.Did not get to any Monday puzzles as I had to finish battle w @fleetwoodwack’s #MetaMega. I emerge victorious but m…
Retweeted by Brendan QuigleySuperMega crossword yesterday in #NYTimes took up most of my afternoon. It was a good thing though! Thanks…
Retweeted by Brendan Quigley @xanalinos That's a solid song. From an underrated album, FWIW.Despite them being (probably) my favorite band, I have to admit, I had not listened to the entirety of the Guided B…
Just rescued an untouched copy of #puzzlemania2018 from a Prospect Heights recycle bin. Anyone want it? I hate to s…
Retweeted by Brendan QuigleyCROSSWORD #1116: Themeless Monday Grades are due tomorrow @NYT_Crossword: Super Mega puzzle Me: I have 50 papers to grade @NYTimesWordplay: It…
Retweeted by Brendan QuigleyWhat did you do with the last hour and 42 minutes of *your* day? I solved @fleetwoodwack ‘s unbelievably huge NYT p…
Retweeted by Brendan Quigley @stellaphone @NYTimesWordplay I have no idea what I'm looking at.FYI Usain Bolt is an anagram of ABLUTIONS
Retweeted by Brendan Quigley @NatsinNY Anytime.
Each year I ask if theres a U.S Twitter follower who could grab me a copy of the "PuzzleMania" liftout from the New…
Retweeted by Brendan Quigley @crosswordnerd13 @fleetwoodwack I just spent the past hour trying to find one. Went to three gas stations and two g…
Retweeted by Brendan Quigley @crosswordnerd13 @fleetwoodwack
Retweeted by Brendan QuigleyApproved. @danielpeake @NYTimesWordplay Good luck man. You'll still be faster than what it took me to make it. @NYTimesWordplay @fleetwoodwack. If my cat eats the #supermega before I even start, I'm going to be supermega upse…
Retweeted by Brendan Quigley @rexparker This hurts. Let me know if you changed your mind. @fleetwoodwack is the constructor of our Super Mega #crossword for #puzzlemania2018. Are you solving? Tweet photos…
Retweeted by Brendan Quigley @NYTimesWordplay This thing took me forever to make. Enjoy
We're counting down the days until Sunday's #PuzzleMania with @NYTmag! Start scouting around for places to secure y…
Retweeted by Brendan QuigleyCROSSWORD #1115: Double Team
I know this guy, he's okay. @narayan140 @anjalisaa Nothing says "welcome home, sweetie" than showing her a massive crossword by your weirdo friend.Some wholesome content for you
Retweeted by Brendan Quigley @dontattempt May lose her seat? (7)
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