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Schreibtischkartoffel, Pilgrim Theological College, Melbourne

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@joshkulak @sdwaco We just moved on to the modern art museum @joshkulak @sdwaco No, but we walked past a station and all the train s were interruptedThat was my favourite piece @sdwaco I have been thwarted twice in my life from seeing her, however @seanfwinter I thought that too @DouginCanberra @jbralston @smh It certainly felt more than thatDoing work while waiting in the queue @jbralston @DouginCanberra @smh Yep. It is quite beyond me @DouginCanberra @smh It's every day with these people. How on earth did they win the last election?This is insanity triply distilled - Shenhua coalmine given go-ahead to destroy koala habitat via @smh
Retweeted by ... — — — ...Attempted to visit Mona but blocked by protesters @adrianjackson @m_julius13 In this case it is an academic with a fulltime job, doing it for love @m_julius13 @adrianjackson The ETA was a number of years back @adrianjackson @m_julius13 Well, I read German, so... @m_julius13 Only the first volume has yet been translated. @liammiller87 It really is
@mmcodd @CBSNews Sure. 12 year olds play that game. And I will take cultural indicators from Malcom in the middle,… @mmcodd @CBSNews Well, if you believe that so be it. I can only say that I have used it professionally and it was n… @mmcodd @CBSNews I don’t get the objection. I worked as a dive master before I got into theology. We made the OK si… @Thomas_Renkert Theology missiology People Hope LoveFor someone who has never perfected the fake tan, I doubt that they have ever perfected a phone call @dwcongdon Trump and Wright In the same year: Stronger person than me @lllogansays I remarked to Paul Nimmo that the header quote on the first page of his book from Barth was completely… @dwcongdon @kulibraries So...questioning why you would read it? I can send you through my child’s 12 year old stick… endorses Republican @kaitdugan Are you kidding me!! As Barth used to say: खुशी आपके एटिट्यूड पर निर्भर करती है, आपके पास क्या है उसपर नहीं। @kaitdugan Let’s be serious now: with over 8mill words in the KD alone, we know that there is nothing he did not say 1279 deaths in NDIS. Over 2000 deaths with Robodebt. Who knows how many dead from suicide after losing NewSta…
Retweeted by ... — — — ...How can you even process this as an adult? WTAF? Who thought that this was even an idea, and how did it make it int… @Thomas_Renkert German always has the right word. Though they seem to be doing well. I am rooting for them. The pro… @rising4air They are speaking in English as he is from IndiaTinder was way after I was married, but my neighbours at the restaurant are on a Tinder date, and I am feeling really super awkwardEating in a French restaurant while speaking English Waiter: burger, fish and chips Me: snails and pepper steak… @lllogansays Is it just me, or do I see a correction on the first page!! Congratulations. Well done @kweh We actually had stumbled upon the French Mission Society, so perhaps a special instanceWalking Paris and happened across an exhibition of Nativity scenes from around the world think, therefore it could be his and Notre Dame for the Barthians among us little bit of Vincent with Monet today @citizentheology Yes
Hanging out the window climate change... I am in Paris in mid-Jan and my window is like this because it is too hot for me to sleep @stephen_m_w @dwcongdon but who also thinks that it might be ‘exactly true’. What does that even mean. @lllogansays Good luck! And enjoy it @Fotinit_Foz Indeed, indeed. But I did not order sufficient. I will remedy that tomorrow @MichaelJAltman Read @Fotinit_Foz And it was really delicious!They will never listen until they are hurt in the pocket. Fine the LNP the $100 million, treating it the illegal ca… @Fotinit_Foz @Fotinit_Foz Nope. Hint: we are in ParisGuess what my dinner is. is excellent news, and really the proper decision given the historic importance of the Ki-Ho @Andrew_Esqueda This is reminiscent of the the Banana Bread recipe scene in the Last Exorcism @digorthodoxy No but really loudly in English so the whole train heard. He put his hands up and hovered for a minut… @digorthodoxy This was a coordinated attack. A group of young lads surrounded me entering the train and sort of rug… Paris for 5 minutes and already had to fight off a pickpocketJust received this new book by @sam_geo. Appreciate his work in diaspora missiology. Definitely a pioneer book rega…
Retweeted by ... — — — ... @JonRCoutts The Exploited, "Law for the rich" @dwcongdon People are doing what they can, both in Australia and elsewhere (see the recent Siemens protests), but t… @dwcongdon This Adani thing is a monstrosity all the way down. It will cost Australia money, produce a massive scar…"The UK rose to greatness because of our championing of global free trade. " Yeah. With a few million unfree hum…
Retweeted by ... — — — ...So here’s an older piece from me on the awesome @SpinoffAtea that speaks to iwi and Christianity, and in a round ab…
Retweeted by ... — — — ...This is pure insanity
@kyletrow @octothorp It is a strange sort of text with short translations but with an overarching argument. But dra… @RealMrMohawk @octothorp when are you visiting Aus for a signed copy? @adamstewardmc It is because that was how they did it. The digital world is a loss to scholarship @adamstewardmc I have to agree with that. I am lucky enough to have underlined and commented upon texts from famous… @adamstewardmc I know! Pink!! It should be a strong yellow @BradonFrench You don’t think that is occurring (even as Gk is not required for a PhD in NT in certain institutions in AUS)? @sdwaco @octothorp I know! I always felt sorry for Guder with his fluorescent pink cover for his otherwise excellent book: “be my witness” @BradonFrench offering or requiring? That is a significant difference. Should we offer or require youth ministry courses?Just got the cover from my latest book. Very happy with it. Thanks @octothorp Due in June. I am really pleased with… when Notre Dame burned down and people were disconsolate? Now imagine if France was on fire... My collea…
Retweeted by ... — — — ... @taylordtheology @adrianjackson @Fotinit_Foz I did a Habilitation in Germany. @adrianjackson @Fotinit_Foz Yep. I like how you said 'first' thus pointing out that I was stupid enough to do a second @adrianjackson @Fotinit_Foz Upon hearing this, my daughter looked at the figure and the at me and then at the figur… @adrianjackson @Fotinit_Foz Then we divided 700/16200 leading to a total of 0.004 cents per hour, somewhat below minimum wage. 3 @adrianjackson @Fotinit_Foz I spend 5 years on the PhD, working about 10 hours per day, 6 days a week, for, let's s… @adrianjackson @Fotinit_Foz When I got my first royalty check for that, it was around $700. My then 8 year old thou… @Fotinit_Foz It certainly did in the case of @FlettPriscillaI wonder how many hours of my life have been spend in developing proposals/applying for grants/jobs, etc, which hav… @dwcongdon @WTravisMcMaken @AlexandraErin I don't get why Incels self identify as such.
@FlettPriscilla drop bear strikes again! is seeking a Postdoctoral Research Associate to work with the Associate Dean for Research (ADR). Candidates wit…
Retweeted by ... — — — ... @glenobrien Nice review. Spot on. I thought it a remarkable film. Perhaps people went expecting fluf and light entertainment
@emergentkiwi So you read parts 1-5, 1 and 2 expressly mentioned the problem and you think that I am disguising th… @emergentkiwi Suppose you are going to delete the other tweet then @emergentkiwi I.e. it is not a concluding point (per the law) but an initiating question. And the question deals wi… @emergentkiwi How so? There is no accusation here. It is a theological question about the ideas one uses to talk ab… @JMAbrahamse Yes, yes!!Looking forward to when I can become grassroots watched Joker. Fantastic movie. Contemporary commentary. Have no idea how it was so rejected. It would seem th… is so hard to read, yet necessary to do so. Please don't look away. It's Not Coming, It's Here: Bill McKibbe…
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