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GOD🙏/B.Eng. /Animè /Music/ Swimming 🏊 /Basketball 🏀/ Football ⚽ / Video games 🎮, etc Chill style, xo... Just Here to have fun 🤗🤗( IFB)

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@zeezish_ @Flexi130If I see any Chelsea Training video again ehnn??!!!.... "Preparing for the game ahead", "where will you be watchin… jam is 🔥🔥🔥. I think it needs a rap verse though #ENTANGLEMENT with #AugustAlsina
Retweeted by F~E~L~I~X"A new revolution has come, have you heard about the latest #cryptocurrency related to student's rental accommodati…
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Some of the best villain groups in anime
Retweeted by F~E~L~I~X @rexsvns @jasminericegirl 😅😅 shaded 👌I don’t care what anyone says the Leaf Village is full with fake mfs
Retweeted by F~E~L~I~XThe Japanese Voice Actors Kana Hanazawa and Kensho Ono Got Married! Congratulations! 🎊
Retweeted by F~E~L~I~X @jasminericegirl @rexsvns So, how do we confirm? 😏😏
@blaktweet @Flexi130Let’s Bless some people tonight, 2k for as many people. Retweet this tweet if you are following me. ❤️
Retweeted by F~E~L~I~X @big_ego_mufc @Debora_L77 @Flexi130It’s okay to be a fine girl and be nice, you don’t have to be pretty and rude to prove a point!🥴
Retweeted by F~E~L~I~XBrace urself. I mean hold tight. Something like you have never seen before. I have always wanted to have a type of…
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It actually pays,you can try it out. Eth miners. #COVIDー19 #JhumkaTwitter… tackle from Zouma! Rudiger would have stayed with his head in his hands and be shouting “KEPA HUSTLE! HUSTLE”
Retweeted by F~E~L~I~X @ChelseaFC @YokohamaCFC Not Covid. Supporting this club will kill me.
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📍 Cobham.
Retweeted by F~E~L~I~X @Cryptotvplus @KOINKOIN13 (C) Chris Ani #BuyBitcoin @theCreativeSav @cosmical_emmie @OhizzFay @jimmyybase @Zamsi_01
Retweeted by F~E~L~I~XFor this week's @KOINKOIN13 mega giveaway. The rules are simple. 1) Comment the answer to this question. 2) Follow…
Retweeted by F~E~L~I~X @Cryptotvplus @KOINKOIN13 (C) Chris Ani #BuyBitcoin @theCreativeSav @cosmical_emmie @OhizzFay @jimmyybase @Zamsi_01 @SomtoSocial Omoor, we be minority oo 🙆‍♀ @vlvck_ 🤣😂 Octopus! @lasisielenu 🤣🤣🤣 The face on that shirt freaking killed it!! 😅I just want love. THE END!!!
Retweeted by F~E~L~I~X @caramel_sugarxx Oyaa take ginger!!.... 😄 @lasisielenu 🤣🤣🤣🤣 drop the second part na.. See gbege!!!My new girlfriend. I just want love. Tag 5 persons who just want love as well.
Retweeted by F~E~L~I~X @akreana_ #KeaDrive @ReaperSZN__ @_rxviaa_ 😆🤭Tl asleep? Hello, Good Morning from this side. Sorry to disturb you.... Mine ETH for free on this site, tested a… 2 more days till the Black Clover anime is back! I’m so excited, I can’t wait!!! #BlackClover 🍀
Retweeted by F~E~L~I~Xヴァーミリオン三姉弟 アニメ再会楽しみ😊
Retweeted by F~E~L~I~X @AkwesiSark @zziinngguu 🙌🙌🙌 I stan this woman!! @Imamofpeace Hello, Good Morning from over here. Sorry to disturb you.... Mine ETH for free on this site, tested a… @PridefuISin Sort**Boruto is better than Naruto
Retweeted by F~E~L~I~X @PridefuISin Don't even say that!!! 😡😡 what sorry of blasphemy is this?? 🤨 👇👇🤝 Not Scam, Not Scam ✔️✔️ Hello, Goo…
@Yemihazan 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 @OhizzFay WTF and it appeared on my tl cause of you.... I was in the sitting room with my speakers so loud.. 😭😡😭Sunday = ice bath recovery! ❄️💦☀️
Retweeted by F~E~L~I~XRetweet if you see your club 🌚
Retweeted by F~E~L~I~X @Pam_Solis @KINGR3D3MPTION 😂😂 My ears everytime.... @KINGR3D3MPTION I miss BCl 😫😫😭😭 .... This goated scene >>>>>>>A King 👑😂
Retweeted by F~E~L~I~X @Toxifys @Animesznn I can never get over the fact that Kurapika dono is a boy!!!! Like???, How???! Everything abo… gives Naruto a healing potion instead of kiba in the back on a stretcher 💀
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See why potato farmers are destroying millions of potatoes
Retweeted by F~E~L~I~X @Ariketots_ No 7 @georgelamps 😫😫 fucking true!! 👌 @teddyliciious Lmao 😂😂 twitter algorithm shaa... CFC scorer: ____________ Full-time score: ____________ What do you think, Blues? 🤔 #CHEWAT
Retweeted by F~E~L~I~X @CFCLamps_ @ChelseaFC I was about to type "Shut up and Win" before i saw this... Very useless fellows 😡😡Omo UCL spot next season na on God
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I don’t post enough #cybersec memes so here ya go!
Retweeted by F~E~L~I~XHi Guys, Welcome to the month of july. Do you know that you can be part of a mega 400,000 giveaway this month?...…
Retweeted by F~E~L~I~X @ChelseaFC @Calteck10 Score goal for normal match, una no go score, na this nonsense you con dey do 😒🚶‍♂🚶‍♂mtchewww… @VIZMedia Anime in English is trash!!..... Happy Birthday Neji san. 🤪🤪Hi, you need to take a look at Brandbassador, it is awesome. I'm pretty sure you'll love it. funniest football commentary i have heard in a while, but why use my precious Manchester United 🤕🤕😂
Retweeted by F~E~L~I~X @oti_pr Give me back my data 😂😂.... Wtf is this? I shoulda known grin the beginning 🤦‍♂🤣🤣 Every single chance he gets, always flexing...
@AnimeVibxs @Animesznn Omg!!! I can't wait... 🥺🥺🤭Fire Force Season 2 starts tomorrow!
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When you vouch wrongly for a lady
Retweeted by F~E~L~I~XLionel Messi is f*cking brilliant 🤤
Retweeted by F~E~L~I~XThe internet remains undefeated 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by F~E~L~I~XThis is pure wickedness! 😅
Retweeted by F~E~L~I~XSo make life end becos you lose 100 naira?
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@fuckpiIIar 😋😋 @Animesznn 🤣🤣 i only watch for the first few episodes then I'm done, cause i just can't wait to get into the action.... 🙏 I'm sorry.Imagine how boring this World would be without Anime 💔
Retweeted by F~E~L~I~XSimisola Badwell. Tag 5 ladies with YouTube pages so they can tag their other YouTubers to catch their subscription…
Retweeted by F~E~L~I~XTHE END. We love you Simisola Badwell ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Retweeted by F~E~L~I~XWWW
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@ChelseaFC @ToniRuediger Eeiii.... Wahala? 🙆‍♀ you sure sey we fit win bayii?? @Yemihazan 😂😂 All na Cruise...if you enjoy any of these animes rt/like to help me and yourself find some more mutuals❗️ -Tower of God -Naruto -Y…
Retweeted by F~E~L~I~XMy Inspector-General in-law 🤣🤣😩🙆🏾‍♂️
Retweeted by F~E~L~I~XHappy Sunday y'all ❣️ This is the best thing you'll see today....... Dog no get chill at all😅 NYSC PiggyVest Mbap…
Retweeted by F~E~L~I~XChoose #portuguesehushpuppi #accessbank #SundayThoughts | Zenith |Jagaban
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@animesvns These replies gat me rotfl.... 🤣🤣. We all can hear the pictures 😂🤝Anime characters that have only one line in the series
Retweeted by F~E~L~I~X @theCreativeSav @bloopie_ @Darlingvena @cosmical_emmie @Zamsi_01 @C_E_Jude @OhizzFay 🤣🤣 aswear!!Son.... the way they snatched him up 😂😂😭😂
Retweeted by F~E~L~I~X @bloopie_ @Darlingvena @theCreativeSav @cosmical_emmie @Zamsi_01 @C_E_Jude @OhizzFay The comments will crack you up. 😂😂 @Animesznn Lol, lies.... Don't forget timezones. 😏
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