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@imane big true + skye @LudwigAhgren keep going you sexy fuck 🥳💜 @eyanTV @kyedae @Average_Jonas "two boomers sing and talk while kyedae sleeps" fuck you i'm 25 and Jonas is 53 KEK DoubleU @hannzdaniel16 omen does have quite the fine dumpster :] @TinaKitten LET'S GO PogoChampion ! ! ! :D"kyedae's last two braincells" LMAO ty both for the watch party and laughs! @kyedae @Average_Jonas 💜 @Average_Jonas @kyedae I had an amazing time LOL nonstop laughs, ty both 💜 @Nokokopuffs_ @NICKMERCS is the random dude falling in the background activision? @jordanfisher do turtles play better off the jack!? 👀 @Hove201 clean as fuck. i'm probably gonna get a new pc so i can dual pc + 3 monitor setup soon with better lightin… @ItzMasayoshi john i’m not gonna say i- i wanna kiss you so bad right now 😩👌
@100Thieves @TinaKitten LETS GOOO CONGRATS 🥳 @sonii paid SEN lots of money to toss that series to make Berlin a more entertaining tournament COPIUM @benjyfishy well played, that was dope asf @PlayVALORANT Omen because using his TP on that map is the only thing that makes me angry and I wanna feel something @ethanarnold karma for playing skye 😂 @AgentGumle happy birthday 🥳 & no, enjoy it LOL @Greekgodx my man with his favorite tank top, looking good :* @OIHCBurn @PlayVALORANT it’s incredible… LOL @LaskiCS IT GETS BETTER HAHAHA @LaskiCS LMAO @dizzy why didn’t they just react!? 🤣💯🗣 @sonii in a perfect world i see you streaming from a bath tub full of pumpkin cream cold brew ass naked 😩👌 @s0mcs i was dying LOL skye flash op @CouRageJD 53 hours to shut thousands of people up, that’s what I like to hear. 🤠 @OfficialAproto well fucking played, you’re insane.what a skye flash does to some mfs LMAO @s0mcs @issfanfan you’re nuts fanfanfan @Tennp0 @playnewworld i can’t wait to play new world 😂 @UnknownSwane @KFramed @117scape i’ve played a lot of runescape in the past and still watch osrs videos 💜 @ValorLeaks i know you like what you see 🤨 @locusdotgg 👀 @locusdotgg @FEDERICOSCHI_ my favorite mouse mat i’ve ever used, ty locus :) @Sydeon the editing is so well done 👀 @daltoosh LMAO the fkn reconnect killed me 😂 @Nurfed @StealthyNP @PlayVALORANT it's the worst feeling when you know you could've lived or gotten a sick play, but "not there" Sadge :( @rn_w3 @PlayVALORANT that shift in TP is insane LOL, pain. @Subroza i wish i were that recon dart man... 🥵 @Glorinsz @PlayVALORANT I have been playing Reyna a bit, she's so easy LOL
@LuluLuvely @PlayApex wait... it's incredible how many times you accidentally leave games LMAOOO @_Doctor_Freeze_ @PlayVALORANT I’ve been playing a lot of Fracture since it’s a new map and it’s annoying cuz that… fix omen @PlayVALORANT 😔 @HyperSeanic THEY CALL HIM SEANIC THE HARDGEHOG CUZ THAT DUDE HARD ASF 👀 @mayadmashnoon played a game of league before bed last night @KFramed @117scape yo thanks for making kevin happy even if he lost bank @KittenElise elise??thicc omen background: @ArmandoTrouble_ @JoeySkits @TrulyTenzin bet @yoojpls the thiccest :D @jlc016 my roommate made me this custom keyboard when i first blew up as the Omen dude, check out his build post he… vs 2021 @Average_Jonas 💜💜💜💜💜 @J0RGEK1NG 💜 @Pohkio well played, have a great day :D @blaustoise @TheRay_C i wish i were bondaging with the homies 👀 @QuarterJade one of the best movies i've watched, absolutely loved every second of it! +1 @GrimValorant @secretlabchairs we need a disappearing sheesh grim memeomen sus 👀 @dizzy love to hear it dizzy, let’s fucking go 💜 @sethfowIer fuck me already dude @iiTzTimmy king shit, you’ve earned everything 💜Man, I just wanna cry. I haven't felt this happy on stream in months. Vibes were amazing and I played with a clear… @victorwong happy birthday <3 @Average_Jonas i love you, can’t wait to meet you 💜
@Asunaa @kyedae vouch @Average_Jonas @TenZOfficial Jonas muted himself a few times on stream for this LOLLMAO SHAHZAM I'M DEAD 💀 @Average_Jonas can't even find his own son with his lineups LMAO @Shanks_TTV i've watched this clip several times... you literally cannot teach this tech bro, well playedtypical NA #1 tweet @poisedFPS felt this @snoopeh I assume anyone that strives to be a pro player in any game loves gaming enough to make it their career. 100% agreed. @antxoch that was nuts 🤯 @diegosaurs 💜 @just9n j9? modCheck j9? modCheck j9? modCheck j9? modCheck j9? modCheck j9? modCheck j9? modCheck j9? modCheck j9?… @NiceWigg I'm incredibly happy for you! Made me tear up watching old clips & listening to your mother's message to you. Earned brother 💜this made my night 💜 @TenZOfficial that means i’d own as a pro player because i’m getting worse and worse at ranked 🤠 @Abdelhamiid_x @tyny_val send me a screenshot and your paypal @mel_anji this makes me so happy & i hope to see male & female compete at the same level in the future of Valorant! 💜WINNER: @tyny_val 🥳 CONGRATS, CHECK DMs 💜 @CrazySlick_ we go swimming soon i promise, hang in there 💜 @JoshNissan @GambitEsports @nAts__ss ggs, was an amazing series to watch!
@Asunaa y’all are insane… NA BIG PROUD. 💜 @ethanarnold @GambitEsports well played all of you, that series was insane! 9-3 CURSE GO CRAZYYY. 💜 @nitr0 @GambitEsports proud of y’all, what an amazing comeback series! 💜 @Nadeshot I thought the two best teams in this tourney were SEN and GMB. Happy to say I was wrong & NA is truly #1 @rxb1nk Calypso*DOWN 1 MAP. 9-3 CURSE. I’m hella proud of 100T for an insane comeback, well played boys! 🥳Hiko is one of the most consistent 1v3 clutchers i’ve ever seen.HIKO THE CLUTCH MASTER HOLY @fuslie not on the Valorant drip 😩dapr got another knife kill, it’s over. @Francis59745411 @doobsjame this @ItsZarteck there’s a reason why they’re winning beyond their incredible talent. @NiceWigg @100Thieves LETS GO DUDE!!! 🥳💜I love seeing SEN just laugh, vibe out, and have fun. It’s refreshing — literally zero tension and they’re owning.…