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@westjett1 shit takes exist. based takes exist. this is a shit based take. i do not like the smite knife and you ruined my day. @Preeti_Riot @SWAGGERNAU7 where it all started 😮‍💨 @NRGgg fully damaging everyone’s optic nerves any% speedrun, you win. @softdeez reaver is cursed, ion fell off almost harder than me @badkidmizu saying oni sucks is probably one of the worst takes in 2023 and the year ain't even close to over yet @pushxplay only if you're top frag in the lobby and that thang is glowing @everydayuser97 absolutely criminal @Preeti_Riot i understand 25% wrong, maybe 50%... but 100%? NAH YOU'RE TROLLING.the only S-tier phantoms in Valorant, no debate. @NRGgg i regret making this a trend @Jollztv you’re sleeping on the couch tonight @QuarterJade we stan when people treat human beings like human beings @Keeoh @westjett1 @Average_Jonas @cyberstephanie actual freak behavior 🤢 appreciate you steph 💜 @Darkawhy i just learned you can right click raze roomba LMAO almost that guy tho @RileyTwitch YIS YIS @RileyTwitch purrrrrrr 😼 @TheGuard this edit is way too clean @ItzJMar i like that it’s exclusive, but i honestly think it will come back when Arcane Season 2 comes out as a promotion. @Jollztv i’d still hit- slam* @TheJoeySwoll this new generation of self-centered fitness tiktokers really adds an extra obstacle of going to the gym, sad. @KING_BABYBAY that’s on me, sorry king 😖
@westjett1 nt :3 @OfficialAproto this is something i can respect, just wish the chronovoid had better variant options. i chose jinx… only opinion i care about regarding this post is @OfficialAproto's @jettdaddy69 reaver model too chonk, magepunk is a shooters sheriff @TheNoahGoodson GOOD TASTE NOAH GOODSON @selectNA1 reaver clean, but not as clean as these 4 (model wise) @PrysmWasTaken stole his tweet, YOINK. @sheriffFPS chronovoid is pretty clean, but all the variants ain't it @mrgudx hopefully it never comes back so it can always remain exclusive #gatekeeping 😈 @haroldtollbooth ?the only S-tier sheriffs in Valorant, period. @LudwigAhgren MOIST MOGULS W 🥵 @JakeSucky holy Wwe had @ethoz, @flexinja, @will1us & @Jollztv face off in VALORANT GeoGuessr... full vid:
Retweeted by NRG Flexinja @jasminericegirl THERE SHE GO AGAIN, DEMON. 😈 @ScrewFaceVAL @EvilGeniuses NEXT DRINK ON ME @starsmitten_ same 😕 @ScrewFaceVAL @EvilGeniuses W @2inks yo wanna play runescape @zekkenVAL i’m like tier 8 which is a higher number than 1 and 2 combined @crunchyyworld astra diff, no? @doaenel your writing skills just proves how well you’ve developed since escaping the Mental Institution, W 👏🏼 @SesoHQ i can respect your love for the ego, but the ego wouldn’t be in my top 10 😭 @LiaSamurai 🧐❓ @SoGrizzy i’d say pls play with me @risk_ahead @ethos @Average_Jonas if they're cringe, i'm cringe 🫡 @Preeti_Riot same rules apply to all champ skins: only S-tier if you're top frag in the lobby + araxy is A-tier for me 😼 @jettdaddy69 my man, this is why i like like you
@TeaganOWO sneaking in the what?????? @lystens TREE VANDAL A TIER. @gabeolivero what is wrong with you, Gabe? @KING_BABYBAY next time we play dark & darker i'm intentionally playing ranger to put you down for this takethe only S-tier vandals on Valorant, ZERO debate. @tarik no shot Riot has any control over what you're doing with Pro City. these games are much more entertaining to… @JakeSucky don’t let this product distract you from the fact that we look like twins today @DinoxxOsrs people used to bait w fake smites, now they bait with fake protect item @Average_Jonas they’re gonna add search n destroy soon i swear 💀‼️ @ValorantUpdated that’s gotta be such a shitty feeling for kj players with how slow her ult gets destroyed 💀 @Average_Jonas that’s it… i’m doing the gray side of ranked. if you’re iron, watch out 😈 @deseotl omen main moment 🥹 @Average_Jonas i call dibs on the red side of Valorant ranked to show off my match history @bumpaah THIS. also permaban players that sit in corners 😮‍💨 @NachoCustomz @higround too cleeeeean @kxtieoh i dont feel so good 🤒 @loughtv LOVING THE VIBES
i will hit immortal for the first time ever today i will hit immortal for the first time ever today i will hit immo… @AverageJoeWo 🥹💜 @Jollztv i just fell to my knees i have so many hours played on omen you have my full attention i can cosplay as a… @hasiebk W @westjett1 the instalock reyna they warn u about @kumo_tv bro you ruined the Valorant community w your smite knife take @westjett1 @unknxwnnxyt let’s be real. Champion’s karambit is only S-tier if you’re top frag and none of us are capable of doing that 😮‍💨 @proxyfox 🤒 @RiotAugust WE LOVE VIEGO’S BROKEN SWORD 🤤 @tupperwareplays EW. @_peachniko_ haha yeah i am @Josh_uaDev29 @CybermageRS easy A-tier knife, clean. @Paradux0z @subrozabackward tab llabesab @sheepytg @Deathbot101_ fair, reminds me of him @Subroza 😩 @sevvn you're a real one for this 🤝 @NakamuraZenki_ when it first came out it was super hype and then i started hating it for some reason LMAO, A-tier. @mikelcal my brother in Christ, this ain't it. this knife tries talking to you. i already deal with voices insides… @nines1128 glitchpop dagger used to be S til better skins came out @AlgNinja celestial fan is a solid A+ @ss_dinghy if you look at it that way, i agree. BASED @Awesomefn_ that last one is a part of the team I SWEAR. @Josh_uaDev29 A-tier at best, overrated imothe only S-tier melees on Valorant, no debate. @vinnerwinner @zeldrisval @Jonaaa6_VAL @Lear_VAL @nillyazVAL @vapenfps @yongwoon_chris @godlyaudrey @OREsportteam LETS GOOOOOOOOOOO @MrGreekGod_ brother, i am devastated 😖 ordered a caesar salad and they forgot to include the dressing. i'm in absolute shambles rn, no one reach out to… @chetsingh when i lose a ranked game & someone has LFT in their name i say ‘gg hope you find a team soon’ cuz i truly mean it @ValorLeaks custom community workshop so we can build maps and make new game modes. the game feels A BIT STALE. @Rutzo1 you could have stopped at ranked League tbf 💀 @dakotaz YUP. happens randomly 😞