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@JustNordic_ couldn’t stream today cuz of poor internet so i just recorded off stream then i realized i still need… the new magepunk 3.0 skins to get a new video out, thank fuck my upload speeds are INSANE
@JakeSucky Grace better be hitting a trickshot in the video for the memes @westjett1 time to pump out more edgy skin vids, glad you’re okay man 👌🏼 @jammyzx bro what top is that, i can't see it @Ziiptie FIX VALORANT = DELETE PEARL, ADD BREEZE @NiceWigg you’re a beast. you getting the red ink eye tatt as well?? YOU BETTER @jokaimore_ i think maturing is realizing that drinking is fun as fuck, but doing it mindlessly and without discipl… @tupperwareplays imagine being born and not liking kbbq, that’s mental WHAT @zander_fps that’s a conversation jett players can’t handle @sleepy i appreciate that so much and i wish you the same. always one dm away to chat or game, lmk brotha :) @TheWillNeff @hasanthehun consistency is the toughest mfer, proud of you man! keep going
@sleepy keep carrying the love you have towards your best friend to the rest of the world it’s never easy, much love man 💜 @AidenSPhan @LOUDgg @s0mcs @Crashies @victorwong @ardiis @FNS @chetsingh @ethoz W Aiden @jasminericegirl i’m paddleboarding rn and thought of you cuz of that one day in LA, tyty 💜 @hazedCS we need another food night 🤝🏼 @snackpakgaming i’ve played about 7 games of Valorant in the past 2 weeks and my mental while playing has been incredible 👌🏼 @1HP_Medic i agree, thanks man! @Willjum1 thanks brother 💜 i’m the happiest i’ve been in over 2 years, ugly drinking picture from 2 months ago vs now lmfao, life is so much better. @Nokokopuffs i used to get like 2-3 medium iced french vanilla caramel extra extras (a day) back when i was unhealt… @Nokokopuffs only east coast boys will understand whats your go to coffee order? @endicci yes, it is a problem. valorant is a problem. magepunk vandal soon tho!! @katarinafps this clip ruined my night @anthonyz the jetskis, the biking, the views... looks amazing man. love to see homies living life! ^^ @Jollztv HELLO DADDY JOLLZYPOOthe pink hat carries @DerrekOW @ahad 100T Overwatch is one of my favorite pro players
@scarra anything under 74 gets me shivering a bit since living in a room that was 84-88 when sleeping @RealStrongLegs ive been thinking about going down the Tyler1 route and just using a scuffed headset mic to make things easier 💀 @Xeppaaa @NRGgg more opportunities in the future, keep that chin up king 💜 @s0mcs SOMEN SEMEN SEMAN SOMEN SEMAN SOMEN @NRGgg @NRGcurrent @C9VAL 💀💀💀 @NRGgg @FNS @s0mcs @ardiis @Crashies @victorwong @ethoz @chetsingh @valesports_na i'm so damn proud of the team, we… GOING TO TOKYO LETS FUCKING GOOOOO @JakeSucky you got lured in runescape again huh?
@fanfan what in the good little grippy fuck is this @ValorLeaks this reply was supposed to have the same energy as twitch chat when they say “iron chat KEKW” when pro… saying 300 for a Shorty is too much of a nerf, but don’t realize it’s the best-in-slot gun to use in 90% clo… @BeefyPrawn @ValorLeaks thank you for understanding that a 150 credit gun shouldn’t be the best-in-slot weapon in 9… @BryanBalletto @ValorLeaks LOVE TO SEE IT 💀 @ValorLeaks i’m just here to enjoy all the “300 is wild” low elo takes tbh people use a shorty more in some games… @NRGgg @ethoz @chetsingh @ardiis @victorwong @Crashies @s0mcs @FNS @valesports_na MAX PRAYGE @ValorLeaks FROM MCDONALDS TO CHICKFILA, SOLID RESPECTABLE BUFFS. @zSh4rK_ smoking that gigabrain pack @carolinekwan thank you caroline, appreciate ya! 💜 @volthroom i’m pretty open with my insecuries, but always down to learn if there are ways to correct flaws (if it’s safe of course) @Dametrix_YT “babe who the fuck is that?” oh him? his name is Davy and he’s here to permanently hold up my eyelid. KING SHIT 👑 @ethoz GOOD MORNING ETOEZ @Jollztv GOOD MORNING JOLLZ @Youfourick @PlayVALORANT @riotgames i need one of these asap @PlayVALORANT how much to get these variants implemented to the 1.0/2.0 bundles? i got about $3 dollars lefti feel more guilty spending thousands at the chiropractor for the next few months than the thousands i spent on Val… @draynilla proud of you brother 💜 @aleksandarosa how it feels to dm on val 😔 @melanji happy birthday mel, tell roy i said goodnight and that i miss him 🥳 @summit1g @itslilchipmunk congratulations to the both of ya 🥳 @ScrewFaceVAL we need a Valorant VCT anime series
@virtualtorii 4'1" @starmigalaxy ain't no way you had this saved LMAO @tupperwareplays if it has a switch on the back, switch it off/on, then press the power button. if that doesn’t work, idk i’m not pc smaht @yunggravy "tall people fall far" made 5'8" me feel blessed, heal up quickly by hitting up the moms for milkies 🫡anyone follow me that made the switch from regular shoes to barefoot shoes? i’m gonna purchase a pair of barefoot…
@Yourmom4162791 @ValorINTEL Yourmom4162791 @will1us all those deleted tweets 💀 @Vetreon that cypher gotta be pissed LMAO this is insane @lyrics4n looking solid man, keep going @WeThePeople1_TV @PlayApex congrats man, dudes a grinder. show the haters some love too while you enjoy the view from the top 🫡 @ValorINTEL sending death threats (esp over e/sports) has to be a top 3 bed-ridden, loser activity. the emotional… @zekkenVAL W ZACH 🥳 @Myth_ happy birthday brotha, proud of you 💜 @Jollztv yo how about you win mine and i win yours?
@Preeti_Riot some of my favorite skins to date and i love what the team did with the variants instead of the recolo… @jasminericegirl mfs who endure celibacy era for 3 days @jasminericegirl i'm on day over a month and life feels easier @Hiko this is what max efficiency looks like @NRGgg professional actor ethos looking insane in his KAPPA JACKA no KAPPA @velxed__ i see a comment like this and i just hope you get through whatever negativity life is throwing at you. you got this 🙏🏼 @GlitterWasTaken the old variants were hella boring with only the lightning color being changed. you ain’t trippi… props to Riot for Magepunk 3.0, these are incredible and they nailed the color variants perfectly. well done 💜 @ValorLeaks these are just amazing, props to Riot 💜 @ValorLeaks TOP 3 VANDAL SKINS TO EVER EXIST. @ValorLeaks magepunk is too fire, top 5 phantom for sure esp with the color variants @ValorLeaks DAMN. @ValorINTEL @Shiick oh these are CLEEEEAN⚡️ MAGEPUNK 3.0 GIVEAWAY ⚡️ ✅ like & retweet ✅ follow @flexinja ✅ comment your favorite game that isn’t Valorant… @Subroza i still can't believe the fkn rose on the wall, it really was meant to be @WeThePeople1_TV love to see it @jasminericegirl proud of you too, miss you :D
@Antfrost @Nihachu i think i've played 200 solo ARAMs the past month @ValorLeaks this is what a W looks like @Jollztv WISH I WAS HOLDING YOUR HAND AT THE MAIN STAGE BRO, ENJOY THE LAST DAYty teemo 🙏🏼 trolled my teemo in league by standing in front of him as he was invisible so the enemy team would hit him, laugh…
i've done two things this past month: 1. remove alcohol entirely so my body can focus on fat burning instead of me… down in a month, poggers dude!! @SettledRS now this is a true poggers moment
@Palworld_EN LETS GO @Average_Jonas