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43. Writes fiction & poetry & plays guitar & bass. Lives w/many cats and dogs and @yasmine_claire Books from @polyversity and @CLASHbooks He/him

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@RobertHanks @bombaylychee Well, ess kyooz me.REPOST: If you are a Big Name or love my stuff, please help me RT, signal boost, TELL PEOPLE. This is dragons + re…
Retweeted by 👻Scaryprakash Ghostmurthy👻Dying is an art. Like everything else, I do it exceptionally well. I do it so it feels like hell. I do it so it fee…
Retweeted by 👻Scaryprakash Ghostmurthy👻 @ideasmithy The book was ugh. I had to review it for a newspaper at the time. @Soblin_ The ambient noise distracts the brain from it's own chatter, I guess. Some nights I have headphones on thr… Every ghost story enthusiast loves Le Fanu, but so do I. @bombaylychee Eh, shoo @tavleen_singh Is a French beard Islamic? @tavleen_singh Hi which religion is my beard thx in advance @Soblin_ Best tweet of the day tbhNow spinning @Neha_N_M @PTChronic ✊🏾URGENT These 2 cats need a foster home in Bangalore for a month. Contact me by commenting here if you can help (no… the last one 😭
Retweeted by 👻Scaryprakash Ghostmurthy👻Cop porn is not art. Cancel all police procedurals. @Soblin_ ✊🏾😭❤️ @robpalkwriter Auden you be doing something useful with your time? @Unwise_Trousers Uh oh :(If they make worse laws we break them harder.
Retweeted by 👻Scaryprakash Ghostmurthy👻 @Lecteronthelam Patti Smith? @Lecteronthelam Who's the lady with the guitar? @RoohiD NetflixYou don't actually need expensive products for curly hair. Today I just rinsed my hair out w/o shampoo and finger c… boy Blue @WhereDidJennyGo ❤️😭 @monoamineqveen Mariah thoughWatched the first 2 episodes of THE RAIN and so far it's quite good. Everything seems a little less cliché-ridden when not by Americans.ACAB #JusticeForJeyrajAndBennix @Lecteronthelam Oh yay!My friend, the artist and writer Reema Moudgil, is selling this stunning painting for INR 25,000 to help raise fund… Men I Trust music video are waiving their revenue share on Friday, November 6, 2020, from midnight to midnight Pacific Time. Every… @GayGeekSF I'm so sorry.
@darthdevi SameHail hail! #BootsyCollins
Retweeted by 👻Scaryprakash Ghostmurthy👻The Specials.
Retweeted by 👻Scaryprakash Ghostmurthy👻 @malabargothic Berberian is a firm favourite. I clearly need to watch Kill List.Underrated. Maybe the 'psychological' label/shtick has became a bit of an overkill in the last 10-15 years but I th…
Retweeted by 👻Scaryprakash Ghostmurthy👻 @therealbradbabs @egabbert Noth * @therealbradbabs @egabbert He's a bit like Chris North as Mr Big, isn't he?Um . . . here’s Sun Ra doing “My Favorite Things” in 1977. On ORGAN. Accompanied only by John Gilmore and a drummer…
Retweeted by 👻Scaryprakash Ghostmurthy👻The problem is, Scream proved there is an audience so hungry for cliché they'll (we'll) even lap it up as satire. A…'s true that American Horror Story is, as a friend called William Tea notes elsewhere, a camp black comedy about… Morin b. 1948 Canadian Watercolorist
Retweeted by 👻Scaryprakash Ghostmurthy👻“In a small, empty room, nothing but four walls covered in green fabric, an elegant chandelier glows, ablaze with l…
Retweeted by 👻Scaryprakash Ghostmurthy👻 @bdtodorova Yes, and I've unlocked my profile. Feeling less paranoid than I did last weekNorman Engel Mark Rothko. 1969
Retweeted by 👻Scaryprakash Ghostmurthy👻Portal number 128.
Retweeted by 👻Scaryprakash Ghostmurthy👻 @raynayler It's very good. These songs are real windows into blue collar history. @clockroots @StonerJesus Not the same track list, but I think the link. Above has most of what's on my vinyl: @ruderubikscube @ruderubikscube It is. I will! @SandalBurn They fell apart by the end of my teens.A 1963 collection of folk songs, mostly from miners and weavers. try & help Swift Wash,a laundry initiative of ARZ,Goa which has employed women rehabilitated from commercial sex…
Retweeted by 👻Scaryprakash Ghostmurthy👻 @calin_kim Wine, pot, beach @visualfumble But diabetes is secular 😊 @dlbowman76 A lot of magazines prefer this range, now. And I'd be very happy to beta readAn upper-caste Indian cricketer took a knee in support of Black Lives Matter. Dear Hardik Pandya, have you said an…
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Timur @ascannerburkely Oddly I was listening to this today @PKhakpour I remember going home late one night after a concert in Goa, passing the Mandovi riverfront in Panjim an… @qveeraskvlt Yes @vinayaravind So much @Grammatizator I think for most of us at this point in history, we've already lived through the best. @Skionar @HooklandGuide @cultauthor Yes. Hookland is an international treasure.I'm just letting the crates dictate my playlist. @Shruti13409766 The past is not gone 2. Cities hold secrets 3. Reality has frayed ends 4. We don't really control our lives 5. M… @sibaerisch I think so, unfortunatelyAlt News analysed fact-check reports published by Facebook fact-checking partners in India in the past one year and…
Retweeted by 👻Scaryprakash Ghostmurthy👻 @michelleeb I see her!One of four solo albums recorded by Brazilian samba singer Clementina de Jesus. She started her professional singin… @JnthnMorse @CcynBolynn1958 @Hayleystevens 'bad' Traits get passed on all the time. Evolution is much messier than… @Magdarine @sibaerisch Especially Octavia Butler or Nnedi Okorafor @sibaerisch God Emperor Of Dune is interesting and Dune: Charterhouse has one of the most wtf endings ever. The pre… @monoamineqveen @drainbownick @realDonaldTrump Depends for the police @sethiankit Do lp records from the 50s and books from the late 19th century count?More from the crate. Folksy popular music from Brazil, sung by Sylvio Caldas new poem have won my case against @TimesNow.
Retweeted by 👻Scaryprakash Ghostmurthy👻Meme evolution @YelenaFurman I liked it a lot.
@Shruti13409766 SometimesHope their 'brand' is doing well(it's bl*ft)Will never not share this email an Indian publisher some of you follow sent me in 2015. or human? You decide Of Wootton Major is still the best story I've read about the place the uncanny has in our mundane lives. @Magdarine @jeffnoon Leaf by Niggle?There's this feature where you can gift someone a kindle book if you know their email address. Mine is jayaprakash.… @darthdevi Understanding fullyI contributed poems to this collaborative art show. More details coming soon or if you are on IG you can follow her…
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