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gr.8 SocSt teacher in MA - #sschat co-moderator - #icivicsednet member - #SBG & #flipclass fan - @Jeopardy loser - decent husband & parent [citation pending]

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🔥#Fliptech2020 Live Sessions starting at 12pm Eastern time TODAY!🔥 Meet all presenters for Q&A in 1-hour live Zoom… @MissHunsberger @mrsbyarshistory You mean that you're forced to have the same categories like x% for tests and y% for homework? @classroomtools @MissHunsberger @mrsbyarshistory Ha! I mentioned and tagged her in my reply!! @MissHunsberger See if my video & Zoom can help convince you!😉 My school is certainly not standards-based, and I'm… @BenHaydenEDU Hi there! Check out the offerings at the totally-free and fully-flipped virtual conference…
@CharlesPPierce Yeah, but I know what the inside of that thing smells like. That's one of the 5 senses that can't be ignored....The best teaching change I made (since starting to flip most instruction) was switching to #SBG last year. It prepa…, you guys This #Fliptech2020 presentation could be a conference all on its own! After you experience it on your… @fungooli @lanier_katiesue No arguments here! Formative assessment is a vital part of all effective education, incl… @TracyNovick Terrible take by the NYT board. They even seemed to talk themselves out of all their own ridiculous su… @fungooli @soqqle I think you're referring to the #fliptech2020 presentation by Daniel Shen (slide 15 of… @fungooli Yay, awesome! I chose to shell out $$ for Mentimeter premium b/c knew I'd find many more uses for it. Sor… wasted 6 minutes reading this POS by @nytimes Editorial Board, the (not)vaunted education experts… @awfrench1 @matthew_t_moore @teacher2teacher @edpuzzle @Mentimeter @KtBkr4 @flippingwithjoy @bakerhhhs @HeyListenGames_ That school year will **never** end @pipsuxx @hexpositivee @dr_nic Wow @scottmpetri
Tremendously powerful @NPR piece about the power of museums (esp @NMAAHC), of fired-up students, and an excellent /… @MrsStephenson3 @flippedlearning @MrsStephenson3 "See" you on #Fliptech2020 this Sunday afternoon! (and in-person again at *some* point in the futu… @ColdWarScience @FilerHistory @MarkJWestpfahl @realDBrannon @netflix @JoshMalina @Richard_Schiff @BradleyWhitford @maffyfitz @DuleHill finished watching @MrsStephenson3's #Fliptech2020 presentation [] My own "complaint" is… @LisaPas220 @awfrench1 @teacher2teacher @edpuzzle @Mentimeter Oh heck yeah, this is TOTALLY your thing!! @flippingwithjoy Clearly, we're no jokers 😃 @awfrench1 @teacher2teacher @edpuzzle @Mentimeter Just to be clear: this whole thing is totally free, non-corporate… @awfrench1 @teacher2teacher @edpuzzle @Mentimeter I'm really excited about this virtual conference because… @awfrench1 @teacher2teacher Hey there Abigail! I made an interactive online presentation about this exact topic for… @bakerhhhs @MrMikeLutz @MrBHealey @Astoldby_MrsP @Catlin_Tucker @ColbyFrantz @CVSocialStudies @matthew_t_moore there #games4ed community! Let's hang out together on #sschat this Monday!! @CovingtonAHS Also, it's at least hypothetical car wreck hitting the school community EVERY freakin DAY @MollyJongFast [pushes glasses up nose] Well, we do.I feel attacked @bakerhhhs @gm8585 I totally get it 😉 @bakerhhhs @gm8585 But we have to wait 2 flippin days until the #Fliptech livechat!! 😭
@KenButler12 @matthew_t_moore Sorry about the volume trouble, Ken! Unfortunately that is not possible to adjust bec… Burr strikes again #flippedlearning #blendedlearning #edtech #FlipTech2020 what Mr Baker said: @mochamomma That would be accurate for my children's names, since I think I only say them when yelling 😬 @mochamomma Does anybody else also deserve the all caps, in your (or your 📱's) judgment? 🤔 @emayfarris Worth every penny @LindaRMonkJD @cavaioliOVHS Maybe if they were all sitting on the same couch, or at least within the same camera fi… @cavaioliOVHS I am not, but I shouldn't tweet them from this professional account 😏 @CNNPolitics
@bakerhhhs @JJBackeberg Remember everybody: there is enough room on the floating door! @bakerhhhs Her actual name is actually Karen @srwteacher Oh wow this looks like an awesome multimedia resource!3 steps to #flippedlearning #blendedlearning #fliptech2020 1. Checkout to find some great…
Retweeted by Andrew ''Working to Be a Better'' Swan @PhilipPulley @MrMayfieldRHS @MrNunesteach @historysandoval @mrmatera @MrPowley I've done this for the 1800-1860 pe… @williamrblack @TypeAMathLand I think @screencasto might provide all the things you're looking for. It has a "Draw & Zoom" feature… @mab_dallah @MrCaseyBailey @MissCRevision In the US for the past 3 decades when I have been a student and teacher),… @mab_dallah @MrCaseyBailey @MissCRevision That statement rings true, and I really want to know more about this phen… @Kierantheepic Great! 1 down ... just a few thousand or million to go!
@matthew_t_moore @edpuzzle My doppelganger absolutely flipping agrees #synergy #flipclass @edutinker Welp.... Asked and answered, I suppose @edutinker @HerbertHistory @adhesiveslipper @yourewrongabout My children had to do that here in Massachusetts just 6 or 7 years ago!Hands-down #ThreadoftheDay 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Swan 2020: Seriously?! @TooDopeTeachers Yes, sadly. Yes I think we will have to friends: Do you feel safe returning to the classroom this fall?
Retweeted by Andrew ''Working to Be a Better'' Swan @perdidostschool @mrpotter @NicholasFerroni Now we gotta add occupational hazard pay... 😬 @thehappylead @mscamposx I'm still in the "anger" stage of Kubler-RoasRemind me *never* to piss off anybody in the Lincoln Project. They would have me drooling and rocking in the corner… @TheKevinMCline'm gonna be "that guy" who urges everyone in #flipclasschat to check out #FlipTech2020...a totally free & flipped… @bakerhhhs @MPierce018 @flippingwithjoy @MPierce018 @flippingwithjoy @bakerhhhs One day, in my school mailbox, I found at least 50 printouts of an unflatte… #Flipclasschat Ever Can't wait to see tonight's campfire photos!! @flippingwithjoy @bakerhhhs #recycledGIF @MPierce018 @flippingwithjoy @bakerhhhs Wow. Kids are great, amirite? At FlipTech NE, a researcher from Norway pre… @flippingwithjoy @bakerhhhs Well, I've heard that teachers don't work during the summer. So what the heck else woul… @bakerhhhs @matthew_t_moore #flipclasschat @flippingwithjoy @bakerhhhs Eventually you can make a rainbow of video thumbnails!! #flipclasschat @OliviaGaydos @MRodriguezNSD @flippingwithjoy I believe at the youngest grades the *parents* could / should be a ke… @MPierce018 @TiffanyTherrell @matthew_t_moore @MikeKoester8 "No, we just sat around for 50 minutes mourning your ab… @MRodriguezNSD @flippingwithjoy @screencasto 3) What is "most beneficial"? When I figure that out, then I'm totally… @OliviaGaydos @MRodriguezNSD @flippingwithjoy I see you're an early childhood teacher -- that's awesome! My wife te… @MRodriguezNSD @flippingwithjoy 2) I try to keep "the tech" as simple as possible. Use the webcam and iMovie on sch… @TiffanyTherrell @MRodriguezNSD @flippingwithjoy I don't know exactly until admin tells us the plan for reopening (… @MRodriguezNSD @flippingwithjoy 1) You gotta teach them how to learn from videos. It's not like binging Netflix ser… @MRodriguezNSD @flippingwithjoy Hey there Morgan! I believe preparing to flip some/all direct instruction is an ex… @bakerhhhs @flippingwithjoy @TiffanyTherrell sounds like witchcraft #flipclasschat!!!!!!!! #flipclasschat @flippingwithjoy @bakerhhhs @TiffanyTherrell It seemed really complicated. Something about adding some stuff to som… @bakerhhhs @MPierce018 @MusicAtMaude @Screencastify @screencasto It's the choice of a new generation @MPierce018 @MusicAtMaude @MicrosoftTeams Nope! @edpuzzle is wonderfully "platform agnostic" #flipclasschat @matthew_t_moore @flippingwithjoy Ohhhhhh, _promo_ video! I thought that said "porno video" Makes much more sense nowHey, you said it. Not me! 😆#flipclasschat @TiffanyTherrell Hi there! Always glad to see more humanities folks here in #flipclasschatA1a * more mastery * shifted to standard-based grading last year * increased interactivity of videos (via tools lik… (8th grade Social Studies in Mass., 7 yrs flipping) checking in late to #flipclasschat for a little while! is the Wakelet archive for the July 6 #sschat you so much @BusbinsClassAHS for an awesome #sschat -- guiding us through cultures, time, and space!
@classroomtools British textbooks omit the "American unpleasantness" entirely, focusing much more on the French Rev… I never did anywhere near enough of a good job with this, but as @MrRoughton pointed out earlier there is SO MU… @jacq_mccarthy @JoeWeidling I actually LOL'ed at that!