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Grade 8 MS SocSt teacher since 2000 - #sschat co-moderator - #icivicsednet member - #SBG #flipclass - @Jeopardy loser - decent husband/parent [citation needed]

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@jbf1755 @TomRichey @marcolearning @hiphughes Booth 416, meet Booth 639! #ncss19 @storiestoldinsf @mrpiercEy @ChadKafka Every teacher knows this feeling, and many of us recite this in our heads wh… @TomRichey @marcolearning Does @hiphughes know about this? @growingwisdom You wanted this year to be shorter. We totally understand.I told my 8th grade students to watch the background during the hearings, so they might see something funny like th… @cheffernan75 @CHitch94 @MsHolmesTeach @dankrutka @42ThinkDeep It counts to me!🤨 @NCSSNetwork @TomRichey @MrKoz31 @AndrewYang Strange. I might have thought you would see it the other way around.... @lizcovart @lmchervinsky @BFWorldPodcast (For us, ALL episodes of @BFWorldPodcast are bonus episodes)
@icivics @HerbertHistory Why did I go into work today?!?! #disrespectful @CHitch94 @dankrutka @MsHolmesTeach @42ThinkDeep @Coachy_V @icivics @goguardian Bye-bye, productivity! #icivicsednetMe too. We are real people, I promise!! (Well, at least I can confirm my own human existence, as well as @CHitch94 like we should try to reboot this #flipclasschat topic on another evening. Have a nice night, everybody! @PhilipPulley Good evening there, Philip! Just you and me on the hashtag right now.... TBH you can eat that pie any… then, here is the first official question of #flipclasschat: Do you make your own video lessons? -- If so… like I'm kinda in charge of #flipclasschat tonight! (@matthew_t_moore and @lanier_katiesue are indisposed) *… time has begun! We hope for another small-but-mighty crowd to mingle here for the next 30 minutes or so. Use… @6thgradersrule I know exactly what this photo smells like.... @SantillanOlivia @CivicSantaClara @UCBHSSP Just want to make sure it gets proper attribution for #sschat folks who utilize it. @SantillanOlivia @CivicSantaClara @UCBHSSP Who "owns" this image, Olivia? Is it @UCBHSSP material? @devinhess2 @SantillanOlivia Such an important distinction that can avoid many pitfalls.... Although over time the… @GeoJo22 @SSHistoryEduc @kyteacher @MsHolmesTeach How rude... don't they know it is #sschat hour?! ;} @MsEisenband #evergreentweet @kwillmann Reminds me of "Electioneering" by @radiohead I will stop, I will stop at nothi… @kserge7 YEAH! Glad you're back! Any chance we will see you at the #sschat unconference? @scottmpetri @NCSSNetwork Wow, can you send me a link to the "press" you mentioned? No, I don't expect we will go… I think you absolutely positively have to know why you are doing this job in this era. Once you have an honest a… @scottmpetri @NCSSNetwork Yup! I've been working there for 16 years (although I can't afford any of the real estate) @6thgradersrule Layers. Always the layers in November! @scottmpetri @NCSSNetwork I feel more than a little jealous of your 85 degrees!Andrew checking in to #sschat * co-moderator of the chats * 8th grade teacher * US Govt/Civics in Massachusetts *…
@UtahRach @jedikermit Have you seen the @SHEG_Stanford lesson/assessment about the first Thanksgiving?…'s #flipclasschat actually IS about the videos: How & why do we do it?? (or not?) Best/worst practices? Caut… @HerbertHistory @awfrench1 I don't wanna be sick of Christmas music... on Christmas!Jump start your week with an all-new #sschat with hosts @CivicSantaClara @SantillanOlivia and @devinhess2 tonight a…
Retweeted by Andrew 'It's Too Soon for Holiday Music' SwanDid you forget about #flipclasschat? We didn't forget about you! Join us from 8-9pm (Eastern/Eternal Darkness Tim… @jedikermit IXMaking your plans for #NCSS19? Don't forget to save time on Friday afternoon to join your #sschat friends at our an…
Retweeted by Andrew 'It's Too Soon for Holiday Music' Swan @bradinsalem @Tolerance_org @UWiscPress I. Will. Not. Sleep.This will actually be my first time in Texas! So many folks I hope to see!! #sschat #icivicsednet #sstlap is literally the premise for Spaceballs.
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This was a terrific episode. I loved hearing the interactions between Hannah and Nick, who sound comfortable on the… @williamrblack @erin_bartram @Historian_Steve "Dark Horse" 😏 @LindaRMonkJD @wuc3 @TheAtlantic Would the related lawsuit occur before or after a presidential election had conclu… @MarkJWestpfahl @georgettehack @DrJHarmon @socialstudiestx in November??R/T for the #sunchat #sschat #sstlap crowd @CHitch94 @e2schley @socialstudiestx @madisonteacher @awfrench1 @ConklinSteph @ErikaLowery @DrJHarmon @NHTOYMc @jedikermit @CHitch94 @e2schley @socialstudiestx @madisonteacher @awfrench1 @ConklinSteph @ErikaLowery @DrJHarmon @JennBinis Oh, the 1970s.... I am married to a Jennifer (b. 1977) In my eighth grade class of 100, there were 4 ot… @DrJHarmon @socialstudiestx DC next year? That's closer for both of us.... @mrballhistory @ConklinSteph @socialstudiestx @historyfrog @historysandoval @historywithmsoc @Teachhx @CoachKCullen @KaitPopielarz Red wine? Really?? Is that legal??? @MrTomRad @SenAngusKing of Maine has always earned my respect. I remember when he was the face/voice of public TV p…
@bakerhhhs @bohndrake Clearly, it appears The Embracing has already begun @bohndrake @bakerhhhs Ha, you beat me to it!! @MrsWreggs @washingtonpost That's awesome!! Sign my program when we meet at #NCSS19 ! 😃 @gifted_guru @cheffernan75 Clearly, Chris doesn't understand how Twitter works 😏 @mrpiercEy If "R" is for recess, then I'm in.
@jedikermit @davidjohnolson @icivics @frontlinepbs @WGBH_edu @ConstitutionCtr @pbsteachers I would be honored to su… @jedikermit @davidjohnolson @icivics @frontlinepbs @WGBH_edu @ConstitutionCtr @pbsteachers Maybe DC in 2020?? @MrKoz31 @dankrutka Beat me to it 😃 @davidjohnolson @icivics @frontlinepbs @WGBH_edu @ConstitutionCtr @pbsteachers NCSSleep is for the weak
Have great ideas (or questions) about teaching social studies? Share them with the #sschat community by hosting a c…
Retweeted by Andrew 'It's Too Soon for Holiday Music' Swan @civics101pod @GatorCitizen's the future going to look like? Join #sschat on 11/18 with hosts @CivicSantaClara and @SantillanOlivia as we…
Retweeted by Andrew 'It's Too Soon for Holiday Music' Swan @DrJHarmon "Yes. Yes I did" @emayfarris Solidarity
@EduCelebrity @cultofpedagogy @BusbinsClassAHS Understood .... figured it was worth a shot! @korytellers There was a Seinfeld episode about this, something about Kramer and Newman competing to book the right… @korytellers Actually we have 1 more year beyond next month. We went through this before with the whole "1999 is no…
@MsHolmesTeach Oh I meant that as a good thing!! Love a great use of Post-It notes, and it looks like your students… @MsHolmesTeach @childishgambino So. Many. Stickies!! @megankatenelson Ruin Nation (the in-flight edition) @BusbinsClassAHS I feel like this blog post could be the focus of an entire #sschat hour! Any chance that… @BusbinsClassAHS @worldhistorytea Thank you for sharing this with pre-service teachers! I ever so wish I'd seen som… is living their best life @TheWeirdTeacher For those young folks it goes over their head 😏We are accepting proposals for hosting #sschat for the winter/spring semester! Visit to com…
Retweeted by Andrew 'It's Too Soon for Holiday Music' SwanAnother #sschat "Tweet of the Week" candidate! @jshoja Agreed!! I think the "Boston Massacre" is a great topic for this kind of skill-building, and the primary-so… @MissHunsberger (you're in the right crowd here this evening!)Leading candidate for Tweet of the Week in tonight's #sschat !!! @klrembert Yeah, but we also have to act as guiderails to some degree (or else they could get misled by conspiracy… @chrislewis_10 touched upon this aspect earlier: Historical empathy is a REALLY challenging skill, even for prof…'s a really important distinction.... maybe this will be part of the chat Qs later in the hour? #sschat @SamMandeville I'm loving that you slip back into the role of chat co-moderator! (after some worldgeochat withdrawal....) @brewerSS_nikki Hello again, Nikki!! @FlahertyBill What would the opposite of this be for you, Bill?A1 If students are "doing history" then they are NOT passive learners getting lectured at all the time.... They ar… @johnmayo @MissHunsberger Terry says it time to sit down and join the chat! #sschat @salta_james I have been working in the field since 2000, but I feel like I'm also a "teacher in progress" Welcome to #sschat !! @ConcepcionMeri7 Welcome to #sschat Concepcion!! @SaraMason760 Welcome Sara! We're happy to have you! #sschat
Do your students STUDY history or DO history? Share your thoughts on teaching history with #sschat host @NHTOYMc an…
Retweeted by Andrew 'It's Too Soon for Holiday Music' Swan @dunneteach @Maire_from_NJ ...and keeping those instructors closely connected to K-12 schooling so they know what t…