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former child star who supernova’d

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@VinMan17 who up who baking muffins 😤 @VinMan17 vince right now @PallaviGunalan @30yearoldurchin no it’s mineI forgot I tweeted thisthe poop just flew back into my butt tenet style
making my hinge 6’4” just to see what it’s like on the other side
How bullies back up in movies after being interrupted by the teacher
Retweeted by Joshfor the record i’m probably shorter than ben shapiro but I’m not a piece of garbage so I think it evens out
can’t believe @the1975 predicted how many times trump would be impeached yield
Retweeted by Joshgotta give it to republicans they know comedic timing O N G B R E A D M A N
@rudy_betrayed what the fuck I thought we were friends @queenjoheen you’re hilarious and a beam of light. hope we cross paths at some point again in the future. good luck with everythinglook out for a familiar face in the new lexus commercial 👀
Retweeted by Joshan entire movie of bloopers followed by a coherent 4-minute short film during the credits
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remember christmas? that was already 15 years agoAnd then God said to Abraham: “BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM, I WANT YOU IN MY ROOM” @moment got my gold flare anamorphic lens in and put it on my iphone 12 pro don't get impeached twice ur so ugly aha
Retweeted by Josh【y】【e】【a】【s】【t】 @abernothing so it’s bread day HUH
@VinMan17 omg you found itaye, you got any uhhh ≋l≋o≋n≋g≋ ≋b≋r≋e≋a≋d≋ ? @lyndsaydee_ @FrozenGhost paincan’t stop thinking about this horizontally cut bread @marwilliamson @tropicanapussy is this tweet real? @laynemontgomery @theganband @abernothing I don’t even wanna know your real nameFBI joining Parler like "hello we are Trump supporters 2 so anyway when and where is the next coup? lol"i take no pleasure reporting this, but scientists have found a crazier frog
Retweeted by Josh @caseykfrey iphone @mauro_txt @marwilliamson @tropicanapussy can’t believe she said that
I HAVE BEEN UNFAIRLY BANNED FROM SPOTIFY* *my friend took me off his family plan because he got a girlfriend
Retweeted by Josh @katykillion69 I feel thisfixed it @PallaviGunalan this is a bangerBen Shapiro’s thoughts on Donald Trump’s Twitter suspension @PleaseBeGneiss and only 1 person should have been fired the whole timePARLER, I HARDLY EVEN KNOW where else to see where nazis talk freely on the internet so please shut it down
he droppin an album soon or somethin? @rudy_betrayed spoilersTrump supporters are sad in more ways than one.
Retweeted by Joshtoday for the first time in my life I leaned one arm against the cabinet in front of me while I took a piss in the… @FeelingEuphoric this has to stop
@FeelingEuphoric please stop @rudy_betrayed Trump Jr is antifa confirmed!!guy who got the date for the capitol invasion wrong
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my ancestors me 🤝 these nazis are makin me nervous
Retweeted by Joshdemocratic senators rn
Retweeted by Joshcould you imagine being this big a fan of The Apprentice? @svnfloweremoji was trying to call the person a child in a joke. bad look. fuck these idiots. took it down.finally republican lawmakers are wearing masks
Retweeted by Josh @anactualfairy down bad @jortortle not anymoreI had a girl back to my apartment to hang out after dinner. she asked if I wanted to watch a funny youtube video an…
“That’s me, baby. Yeah!”
Retweeted by Josh @LukeMones see you then king 😤 @LukeMones ya this looks like dinner hang ive ever been apart of
me and my “choice of female suitors” @femaleredhead he said “in 2021 you’re gonna get so much work as an actor and also so many ladies ha ha good luck i… please don’t kill me wolverine wait, there’s more...“That’s me, baby. Yeah!” @sampagnepapi_ we still need to make these and sell themmy head had its own orbit
HAPPY 2021 @jacobcollier! who did it better? 🤪 @senatemajldr my house got vandalized too
I don’t care WHOSE birthday party it was, i was tearing this motherfucker to SHREDS
by the end of this year i’ll either have over 100k followers or be banned from twitter
this year stunk but it brought me all of you so that’s nice ❤️ @sampagnepapi_ former child actor I can’t help it even if I wanted towinter? oh you mean 𝓃𝑜𝓈𝑒𝒷𝓁𝑒𝑒𝒹 𝓈𝓏𝓃 @stayathomehoe just watched a lot of youtube tutorials
3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before 2021! :) @mauro_txt but I love u and im proud of you @mauro_txt accent reveal challenge @mauro_txt means no new years kiss for me ha ha this is the first year that’s happened ha ha yeah totally
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@mauro_txt pls @mauro_txt @ArtDeciderthe covid vaccine has no weird side effects. it's perfectly safe
Retweeted by Josh @MNateShyamalan talk about when I legitimately canceled on a date because I was scared of covid in February and she thought i…
don’t talk to me or my sons ever again @mrmikeyreid @laynemontgomery happy anniversary to the GOAT band @hlundqvist35 get well soon king. you’ll crush this like anything else you’ve done. @DrakeGatsby Int. Joe’s Bar — Day Joe Feh da da dim da—-
Retweeted by Josh @MNateShyamalan delete this please
looked in the mirror and waved @VinMan17 we stan a violent kingthinking about concussing myself so I can get some hospital socksme drunk texting my ex at 1 am @RGutierrez7 @JonathanWWolfe thats a good eye romanDear Santa, You didn’t get me the thesaurus I asked for and now I’m mad. You made me really mad. I’m mad at you.
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