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Kobe was a global superstar and touched lives around the world, but to LA he was so much more. He grew up with us,… viewing: Ethan Gruska (@EthanGruska) and Phoebe Bridgers (@phoebe_bridgers) blow leaves and fly away in thei… Radiohead (@radiohead) help guide you through the expansive #radioheadpubliclibrary with their personal finds a…
Watch @CageTheElephant tear up the @acltv stage before tonight’s TV airing. Lynch (and @SacredBones) made beautiful monkey music've got a sneak peak of Cage the Elephant (@CageTheElephant) on the @acltv stage
Halsey's "Manic," reviewed by @KenScrudato only thing better than one @BURGERRECORDS festival this year is two Burger Records festivals this year members of @radiohead (@thomyorke, @philipselway, @JnnyG, @EOBOfficial, @colingreenwood) each spotlight their f… Gruska (@EthanGruska) and Phoebe Bridgers (@phoebe_bridgers) are expert landscapers in their video for “Enoug… release day to @TheFrights—here’s a video of a Palm Springs resort burning, set to “Leave Me Alone” title track from the new Monophonics (@monophonicsfunk) record takes cues from Curtis Mayfield, Isaac Hayes, an… are monsters if not manifestations of cultural wounds, of the darkness inside regular people which we’ve pushe… Mars Volta/At the Drive-In singer is not happy with scientologists, specifically Danny Masterson“We weren’t adhering to a formula, or anything; we were just kind of doing what inspired us all. And we were also l…
The official music video for 'Fear of Failure' is out today premiering on @floodmagazine Click the link below to wa…
Retweeted by FLOOD MagazineKaren O and Danger Mouse have a new Lou Reed cover Walsh of Holy Fuck (@holyfuck) details the influences behind their fourth LP "Deleter," and the band makes u…’s a new interview with Jody Stephens #bigstar
Retweeted by FLOOD MagazineSea Wolf (@seawolfmusic) returns with an intimate video and a new album gonna assume @theweeknd is actually OK and not bleeding out somewhere in the El Capitan Marlon Brando at home with his cat and his typewriter, 1955 refutes your WarNymph theories
Hayley Williams has shared the first single off her solo debut celebrate their 25th anniversary, @deerhoof are reissuing their first three albums ~ read more in @floodmagazine
Retweeted by FLOOD MagazineStephen Malkmus has done it again: third album in three years coming soon via @matadorrecords back with Jody Stephens (@Jody_BigStar) to give Big Star’s (@BigStarBand) first two albums a spin reissues v… wanted to write something fun and groovy to cheer his "sad, sorry ass up"; feat. Alynda Segarra of… you love @BigStarBand's 1st two LPs as much as I do, you'll know why it was such a treat for me to interview the…
Retweeted by FLOOD MagazineExpect a new Fiona Apple album “sometime in a few months” (@activitysongs)—feat. members of Grooms, Russian Baths, and Field Mouse—announce their @westernvinyl debu… Cher watch Tai watch Travis at the skate competition, how can you not fall in love?’s @KristNovoselic plus @TheDoors' @JohnDensmore and @OfficialKrieger are fighting homelessness in a perform…
If a bad movie delivers a great communal movie-watching/hating experience, is it really bad? with a K's sugar-coated pop songs have a grunge spirit, the abstract guitar riffs of early St. Vincent, and t…’s never really a bad time for stressed-out new music from @DrugChurch Iver (@boniver) celebrate ten years of “Blood Bank” for the EP’s eleventh anniversary is the first day of Bright Eyes’ life (as @DeadOceans signees)
.@GROUPLOVE's Hannah Hooper picked albums from Mac Miller, David Bowie, @idlesband + @DillyDallyTO amongst her best…’s a new year of old movies on Rearview Mirror! First up is PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, that other Andrew Lloyd Webber…
Retweeted by FLOOD MagazineHBD to David Lynch, a guy who reeeally likes curtains 🎥= BTS of “Twin Peaks: The Return” joy in the miserable failures of “Cats” and “The Phantom of the Opera” before it ✍️ by @lizzzzzielogan
More @carolineplz for @floodmagazine
Retweeted by FLOOD MagazineYou never know what you might find stashed inside an old record sleeve @DavidBowieReal your long weekend pleasure: @JheneAiko has dropped a new track
The storied history of @100pelectronica starring George Clanton (@MirrorKissesVA), @NegativeGemini,…' (@wallowsmusic) latest vid is like a Snapchat filter mixed with a bad LSD trip Waitress (@badwaitressband) get psychotic in the video for their new single Coast (@BestCoast) share deets on LP 4 at Chicago’s @LincolnHall. Photographed for @floodmagazine
Retweeted by FLOOD MagazineKacey Musgraves and Kelsea Ballerini to country radio: play more female musicians, you cowards
The 1975 and Phoebe Bridgers are touring & planting trees's "The Godless Void" helped Conrad Keely reflect on his priorities"You have this iconic theater that shows feature films on a huge screen. Now a streaming video giant wants to buy i… Wolfhard's band the Aubreys have a new song out from upcoming flick "The Turning," dir. by @floriamamaroma year's @GovBallNYC is coming atcha“I wanted to write a mixtape. A love letter to rock and roll. A record that time travelled a bit. Something that so…“I’ll Never Give You Up” is a beat-heavy track as reminiscent of The Human League as it is of Art d’Ecco’s (…, today really is #NewOrderDay in Miami. Sounds like my kind of Winter Music Conference down there this week😎…
Retweeted by FLOOD Magazine"As somebody that never had the money to go to film school, I’ve learned everything I know on sets. I work hard to… Order (@neworder) have a @FillmoreMB residency this weekend, and unending love for Miami
“If I had only made those eight films with Almodóvar in my life as an actor, I would be satisfied. Everything else… Jonze made a @beastieboys documentary here's a list we all made of our collective top 10 albums of the last decade via @floodmagazine
Retweeted by FLOOD Magazine.@Strange_Rangerr, @ShamirBailey, @JaySomBand, @IANSWEETWEET, and many more release new songs to benefit…'s band the Aubreys have a new track out with ’90s vibes we continue to push for a more progressive Grammy agenda, this year’s nominees have proven plenty diverse in ter…"Nothing was pushed through incomplete or half-baked. In the past, everything was expedited. But with this one, we…“Knock” gives listeners an idea of the noisy melodies and emotional lyricism the new @shellofashell record has to o… Child + Mister Rogers make spaghetti, 1974 the peak of blog-sourced indie rock, the entry point for last decade may feel archaic by now—though these s… Chemical Romance are teasing....something
Let Ja Rule do your taxes, you cowards on the 👑, M.I.A. first single from @bloodsband combines their PNW-esque garage punk with bubblegum pop’s “Fried for the Night” video aptly recreates the moment the edible hits new Jack River (@jackrivermusic) visual is hazy and nostalgic, full of retro static flickers and sequins on Soccer Mommy’s (@sopharela) sophomore album arrive with a video brandishing a “dusty old cassette tape”… M.A (@YoungMAMusic) laments the pain of love and the relief of drugs in her latest video
Larry David has never met an earth tone he doesn’t like live reading of @scharpling's "Grown Ups 3" is going down at LA's @BOOTLEGtheater #MLKDay this year, @Coldplay is performing at @thepalladium in support of @ReformLAJails, raising awareness abou…“Shock Collar” sees Humanist (@humanist_uk) team up with @depechemode’s Dave Gahan new Laumė (@laumemusic) single deals with the voyeurism and vampirism of social media’s an election year—of course we’re gonna get a new U.S. Girls (@YouSGirls) album
📸: young Neil Peart doin what he did best, 1969 Gruska (@EthanGruska) brought along @phoebe_bridgers for a track that's both sweet and irreverent
Rush in Peace: reactions to the passing of Neil Peart from @jackblack, @_HEALTH_ , @BrianWilsonLive,… Queen (@CQOfficial) honor @TierraWhack with an epic cover collection Del Rey and Amy Winehouse are the new classics, the Beatles are still #1, and more revelations from the Top 10… behind the scenes of each track on Beach Slang’s (@beachslang) new “love letter to rock and roll” Orange (@codeorangetoth) is announcing their latest LP today with the relentless single “Underneath” and an eq… Nirvana members @beck and @st_vincent teamed up for a funky remix Moriondo’s (@kidzwithbugz) “Kindergarten” is a deceptively gentle ukulele-heavy queer anthem few observations on 2010s vinyl sales from @nielsen’s Year-End Music Report unfairly neglected 2010 releases, according to @mike_lesuer
Ten of our favorite pieces of Vaughan Oliver album art for @4AD_Official sneak peak of Black Pumas (@BlackPumasMusic) making their @acltv debut with "Fire" addition to being a hero who cackles in the face of social niceties, Larry David is also something more unexpect… Quinlan (@francq__) of @HopAlongtheband has a new song and upcoming showcases of her artwork