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Hi everyone, @Au5music decided to release 2 of the best songs of 2020, across all genres, on Monday and im finally… UPSETS ME THAT MANY OF MY FRIENDS CANNOT AFFORD THERAPY BECAUSE BEING A MUSICIAN (ESPECIALLY RIGHT NOW) OFTEN DO…
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@MicTheSnare Apashe - Renaissance, Romare - Home and Melt Yourself Down - 100% YES are 3 excellent albums i think you missed this year. @ookpassant Actually no, im literally that whole spectrum since my life is such a miserable mess. @ookpassant Just sitting between struggling and in crisis.Friends, are you ok?
Retweeted by Emily.Retweet to scared dbz fans
Retweeted by Emily. @theepictheymer HiThe Grammys remain corrupt. You owe me, my fans and the industry transparency...
Retweeted by Emily.There is an elephant in the room. The lack of support for artists right now, financially and mentally is terrible.…
Retweeted by Emily.neopronouns have existed since the 1850s. they are not a "trender" thing, they've been around for a very long time.…
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@Ethan_Scraggy Yeah but its not hotDoes anyone know any good hot sauces that are both spicy and don't taste like spicy vinegar? Help a girl out here pls.the four stages of being a trans girl 😌😌😌
Retweeted by Emily.Dubstep merch photoshoot but make it ✨spicy✨
Retweeted by Emily.Bandcamp has this feature, they gave it the catchy name "BUY", from what I can tell means you pay the artist for th…
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Phiso - Dot Code out on Nov 27 Pre-save:
Retweeted by Emily. @Eptic still my favorite project of yours 6 years later. So many classic songs on here that never get old. @ChronoKatie Honestly, Normal types.DIMENSION - ORGAN THE DEBUT ALBUM - MARCH 2021 PRE-ORDER:
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Being trans is regularly finding out a celebrity whose work you've enjoyed since childhood and grew up with hates y…
Retweeted by Emily.Hey Twitch. Your decision to gradually dismantle creative as a category over time isn't going unnoticed. Merging it…
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@donttrythis One of these days I'll find a way to rewatch Mythbusters, I cant do so right now unfortunately. This v… alabama
Retweeted by Emily. @robotzurg @Touyarokii @robotzurg @Touyarokii You cant even spell it right wtf @robotzurg @Touyarokii Charizard @robotzurg @Touyarokii Charizard
#TransRightsAreHumanRights fuck you if you say otherwise
Retweeted by Emily.Yeah this new @EffinOfficial is pretty... effin... good Honestly kinda reminds me of Space Laces in a way by just… @BenjuKatchowee @NintendoAmerica rt to scare nintendo
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Retweeted by Emily.i have childhood trauma ⓘ 𝗧𝗵𝗶𝘀 𝗰𝗹𝗮𝗶𝗺 𝗶𝘀 𝗱𝗶𝘀𝗽𝘂𝘁𝗲𝗱 𝗯𝘆 𝗺𝘆 𝗺𝗼𝘁𝗵𝗲𝗿
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Retweeted by Emily.Holy shit. This is what Trump has inspired. "New filings claim there was a Plan B the militiamen had drawn up, t…
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Strabby, Strabby? Strabby! NOW SHIPPING: Pre-orders for the “It’s Bugsnax” 7” vinyl are being shipped as we speak…
Retweeted by Emily. @ChronoKatie Every "in the bag win" from the past 2 TGA didn't win. Red Dead 2 didn't win in 2018 and Death Strandi…, another game I really need to play but haven't found the time. Would love to see an indie game win it out this year.TLOU2, its fine. Just the first game with a worse story. Really one-note and tbh I forgot it came out this year.Ghost of Tsushima, a game i really want to play bit haven't had the time. Looks like an incredible game that I NEED to play.FF7R, haven't played it since I dont have much an attachment to FF, but it looks like a lot of fun. Remaking a cult… Eternal, my personal GOTY. Visceral and super repayable. Love this game to bits, missing out if you haven't pl… Crossing is a cute and fun game, it gave a lot of people comfort in a time of need and I'd be happy with it… thoughts on all #TheGameAwards nominees, a thread.America’s silence on this is deafening.
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Retweeted by Emily.hi reply if school caused your mental health to worsen i’m trying to see something
Retweeted by Emily. @90SZAIN Hi!!!! School is one of the many things that contributed to my fucked up mental state!!!The only critics that deserve to get hated on are gender critics.Oof, that has an impact on you, when you're conditioned to think you're one way, and you keep trying to be that way…
Retweeted by Emily.The awareness part of #TransAwarenessWeek can't be understated. If I'd gotten to see any serious discussions or rep…
Retweeted by Emily.comment if your acc is safe for trans ppl i wanna mark ur acc as trans friendly with this chrome extension thing
Retweeted by Emily. @gart_fox Hi!!This album is quite good, give it a listen. Normally I stay away from country music but this time I gave it a chanc… honest. Did you even know it was #TransAwarenessWeek? No? Well now you are aware. Post your favourite trans cre…
Retweeted by Emily. @Jack___Gray @theneedledrop I just finished listening to it actually, and honestly it's better than MBDTF.I'm raising money to try and help fund my bottom surgery! Any donations at all are appreciated more than you can kn…
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hiii my friend ryan just got kicked out of their home for being trans and are in need of financial help. their venm…
Retweeted by Emily.If you discredit people's lives and identities as if they were political statements, and go out of your way to inva…
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Voice Actor James Arnold Taylor (Ratchet/Tidus/Obi-Wan) is posting racist & covid conspiracies on Parler
Retweeted by Emily.- saved myself from committing suicide - came out as NB (again) - amassed 2M+ collective streams on my most viscera…
Retweeted by Emily.America and Europe fucked up so so so fucking bad and I’ll always be shocked that people aren’t angrier about this
Retweeted by Emily.Andy Ngo purposeful chose to share only one part of a video, retweeted by Trump, which only showed a right wing 'pr…
Retweeted by Emily.phrases you shouldn't say to asians A thread:
Retweeted by Emily.My dad gives his initial impressions on the PlayStation 5
Retweeted by Emily.Snowfall in New York City
Retweeted by Emily.This week is transgender awareness week. There is a lot of work that needs to be done as the trans community is st…
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Retweeted by Emily.Just listened to the new Future and Lil Uzi Very project and I just don't understand. It's 54 minutes of nothingnes…
Let's celebrate! 🤗🍁☕️
Retweeted by Emily.stages of a gay courtship
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Retweeted by Emily.this is an eco-fascist talking point. there’s not “too many people”, but there’s billionaires hoarding too much wea…
Retweeted by Emily.EXCLUSIVE: Half of trans people too scared to use public bathrooms as transphobic violence in Britain spirals to da…
Retweeted by Emily.One of the cruelest aspects of transphobia is how the aggressors claim *they're* the scared ones as they intimidate…
Retweeted by Emily.Heads up - even if you "respectfully" come to me with gender critical talking points, I am *not* going to spend my…
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If only Republicans cared as much about America's well-being as about Trump's feelings.
Retweeted by Emily.He... Doesn’t... Care...
Retweeted by Emily.Inexcusable. Criminal. A whole political party is ok with people dying because one man can’t stop pouting and accep…
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Retweeted by Emily.5 years ago today, I was so broken that I had nothing left to lose. I began a journey. And there hasn’t been a si…
Retweeted by Emily.Personally I do not think the cops should have a killdozer
Retweeted by Emily.In this tweet, the president argues that the election was the most secure election ever except for the fact that it…
Retweeted by Emily.That brotha starving 😂😂
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Retweeted by Emily.Look at her in her jumper🥺
Retweeted by Emily. @atiantalffy @Apashe_Music Yeah I feel ya. Been exploring other genres entirely all year and its so refreshing than another dubstep song. @atiantalffy @Apashe_Music I like some of Halcyons releasing but I'm not into everything they're putting out. UTAH… british people still do the accent when nobody’s around?
Retweeted by Emily. @atiantalffy @Apashe_Music I'd agree normally buuut the BeutNoise EP is the best thing they've released, period.Some people have pointed out League’s newest champion, Seraphine, and mentioned how similar she is to me. I’m uncom…
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RT if you want Your Fault to be released next week!! @Excision @ElleVeeMusic @SubsidiaRecords
Retweeted by Emily.Princess Peach! I colored this 4 hours straight, I can't feel my 🍑 and why are ☂️ so hard to draw?? #nintendo
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