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not your lawyer. screaming about hockey on @puckbunnies_pod

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It’s Monday my dudes time to get that bread and listen to my hockey podcast King is an actual lizardthe sky is blue, water is wet, this and more at 11 @_oygevalt goodnight chester
Retweeted by hell woods @ryanaboyd Okay I live in Chicago so I wouldn’t go that far @ryanaboyd It’s straight up not safe and I don’t care how well behaved your dog is, we’re in a city for god’s sake @batmans_robyn I wanted to fight him!!!!! My dog is nice and sweet and was scaredOh no I’m doing dog person tweets nowGood evening to everyone except for the guy on my street who had his Doberman out without a leash while I was walking a much smaller dog @themanburglar It’s TIME @axlroseemoji This is correctThinking about buying some flared loose cargo pants circa 2005here’s me dot jpg Mars radicalized me and I votethere's no bottom, they can always find some way to go lower
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I don’t have an immersion blender but I DO have a sharp spoon I stab soups with to make them less chunkyThank you chef cook chef Whatever @batmans_robyn I fucked upMe: who could have predicted going to trader joes in Lincoln park on a Saturday at 3:30pm would be a crowded and un… @eponawest @AllezLesBoulez I’m doing two call the cops @eponawest @AllezLesBoulez It’s so great because it’s VERY broccoli and not too heavy @AllezLesBoulez The goat make some soup @swearsayer I am trash lawyerSlipping people links to Duncan Kennedy papers like I’m red pilling them @freemaneric No problem! It’s a breezy read @LAMetsfan I mean it was never a majority theory in the first place. Judges like legal formalism because it allows… meme alert
Retweeted by hell woods @LAMetsfan It’s still out there but it’s a minority position held by mostly leftist theoristsBORN TO DIE LAW IS A FUCK APPOINT EM ALL 2020 @CNNRGLDN Connor not nowIf you’re interested in reading more about the persistence of legal formalism hierarchy in law, I highly recommend… goes beyond lawyers being snooty about schools — it’s an adherence to a specific kind of thinking that privilege… legal field itself is rotten to the core bc of its relentless reliance on hierarchy and the profession actively… does this silica gel packet look like an Evangelion title card?
Retweeted by hell woodsGetting upset at the state of sock prices in this country. I just paid $20 for socks. This. Is not. Normal. @ryanaboyd She’s cozy @LizardRumsfeld LmaoooIs this bitch actually finding her light rn @LLW90210 no its very true @LLW90210 oh my god @dfitzgeraldd this is insanely relatable @itsbedtimebitcj mama miaitunes approve my podcast cowardsIf you watch all my instagram stories you’ve basically asked me on a date to which I say “yes!!! Hi!!!!”
Retweeted by hell woodsi tell you folks this damn itunes is something that you cant figure out unless you are a nasa guy
Retweeted by hell woodshow is it possible that itunes is still so bad in 2018. where is the tech darwinism that will make it betterSidling up to a guy at a bar, batting my eyelashes and telling him how sad I’m gonna make him @daddyissuesband I want to do this game and then die in the first 30 minutes of the movie from alcohol overdose @CNNRGLDN @puckbunnies_pod I’m so dumb @JustinMoris I’m going to try it again tomorrow when I’m not zooted but if I can’t figure it out then I’m gonna take you up on that @csymrl @puckbunnies_pod Yeah I’m gonna attack it tomorrow @csymrl @puckbunnies_pod Jk this is helpful @csymrl @puckbunnies_pod Okay listen I want you to do it for meThis is a cry for help please someone do this for mePeople hollering at me to get @puckbunnies_pod on iTunes as if I come across like someone who knows how to do thatI keep adding new sports to be obsessed with bc I don’t have a boyfriend and pretty soon I’m going to have to branch out to cricket or rugbyi love the people replying to me when i post pictures of myself asking if im doing this "just for twitter attention…'s very good, thanks for tuning in to my music review channel @lukeisamazing @CNNRGLDN Please don’t be rude let me have thisCalmly taking the dog on a very long walk so I can listen to the new Emma Ruth Rundle album on the first cool night of September
TEXSA BACK ???? ?every time texas gets a first down christina makes a sound like she just saw a mouse except a happy version
Retweeted by hell woodsI love starting a bitchass Qb from west lake who can’t complete a pass even though he gets like 10 seconds of coverage per snap @themanburglar @aud_bowler I want to date Deborah @themanburglar @aud_bowler Named Deborah and has a trust fund to match her snark @aud_bowler Excuse me? Hottie? @AbiWilks When I’m in dc I will give you a tutorial @AbiWilks Honestly the number one tip I have is get the more expensive stuff with a felt tip (not a brush). I use s… @AbiWilks Thank you do you want to join my covenThere are far too many hunks on LOST for me to believe they were all on the same plane. You get like one hunk per flight if you’re lucky.
Retweeted by hell woods @g3thaunted @CNNRGLDN Lmao @BrandyLJensen If I had bezos money I would do a prestige tv series on those books for SUREOrdering a pizza because I’m upset at this game“Three and out” accurately describes my dating history @AmesCG @CNNRGLDN @ConnorSouthard Ames sweetie no @goodfriendraf @colleentie Thanks Rafael @colleentie IncredibleIf i were a quarterback I would simply throw complete passes @LionelKitchy @ConnorSouthard @CNNRGLDN I’m werkin on itOh okay. Alright alright alrightTCU and Texas’ offense look like absolute shit in remarkably similar waysHe’s not because he values his life @AllezLesBoulez @ConnorSouthard @mr_ian @CNNRGLDN Please stop @ConnorSouthard @mr_ian @CNNRGLDN You wouldPortrait of a dog about to be very startled when I start screaming when our offense gets the ball for the first time @mr_ian @ConnorSouthard @CNNRGLDN SHIT UPI enjoy the hard switch that @amandamull and @floozyesq make each Saturday to intense college football trash talk.
Retweeted by hell woods @ConnorSouthard @CNNRGLDN I haven’t even started drinking yetNot sorry if this offends but TCU is where you go when you can’t get into UT and want to go somewhere that looks in… @thischarmingham he does not like hockeylisten to my po d cast @Nicole_Cliffe Actual question: how’s the regular inseam? I’m 6 feet tall and need these @hannahtraining It’s so fun @frijolguero You’d be surprised