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your mom would love me // head coach with her job on the line at @puckbunnies_pod

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@SamGrady3000 Thanks i look good here @BrandyLJensen Brandy come on Puck bunnies @elanpin Because it’s in the “north side” and “you don’t have a car” @veryeva come to chicago and get trashed at the bagel shop with memaking a graph @katebyrnepower chicago bagel authority on belmont babyok i have listened to jenny lewis' instant classic album on the line about 20 times, sober and drunk, sleepy and aw… mueller report is just a list of the toronto marlies forwards
Retweeted by zooey béchamel @ikhurshudyan I’m proud of him : )My bagel place is BYOB and it’s a matter of time before i come in here fully locked and loaded for some Miller time @JoshhTerry We stan a quarterly payment @ZoeNovaScotia Can u ask her where she got these I love itA great example of my whole Deal is that I think it’s unspeakably corny to display your own degrees in your house b… @LaurenW902 @LovableAndKind I would never cheat @LovableAndKind There’s simply too many and also dido is too far down what if people don’t get to her @mymorningval Oh my god IDENTICAL PLACEMENT @lisasaurstomp HIGH KEY love these shelves @lisasaurstomp That rules tbh @falsebinary I’m 26 and unmarried which is ancient for TexasI AM sassy and I DO like cats so i like the towels :)I’m entering into old unmarried adult niece territory where my extended family still feels the need to get me a Chr… fray: how to save a life Me in 6th grade listening to my iPod nano, resting my head against the cold school bu…
Retweeted by zooey béchamel @libbycwatson I’m so fuckin thirsty dude but I’m tweeting instead what is wrong with usenjoying a very important part of my saturday morning routine: thinking about how thirsty i am for like one whole h… @btpanko She is a beautiful angel @mannyelk Oh wordWhen Lucy Dacus said I don’t want to be funny anymore,.. I felt that @mannyelk Was it mine @hayesdavenport Swamplandia by karen russell, it reminds me a lot of joynot to get you guys too wound up but this might be a real good wknd to call in with any of your Canes-specific ques…
Retweeted by zooey béchamel @veryeva Ya @aud_bowler It’s a good song and you ARE NERVOUSthank much
Retweeted by zooey béchamel @pricksahoy Omg I love her @IllyBocean No phones. Just living in the momentJane should be arrested for fucking Tarzan
Retweeted by zooey béchamelShe takes no joy in reporting this @stridexpads Dumb bitch o clock
@stridexpads Omg bitch i bought sauv blanc aka my dumb bitch sauce @CNNRGLDN @trashage Let girls be girlsMy dad loves our dogs so much that he once put the collar on and went through the electric fence to experience thei…
Retweeted by zooey béchamel @trashage I look good
Retweeted by zooey béchameli only tweet for tall girls who post about sports and unironic enya fans
Retweeted by zooey béchamel @SuzeMarsupial Hell o @moonshinemaude Hi cutiereality show where i battle for the hands of both lexi lafleur brown and brandi holtby. a reverse bachelorette
Retweeted by zooey béchamel @floozyesq
Retweeted by zooey béchamel @McLeemz OmgLol job asked me for a headshot where I’m smiling so i sent them a faceapp @melip0ne Soda can cloaca @charlybliss Este haim please hit me with a frying pan @KogaShuko Yes @mikaelajpalermo Oh word did not know that!!! @MikeyRads Yeah I love that one but FML bangs so hard @SurlyKoala Better than the original 4 sureWhile I agree that mom rock can encompass music made by non moms it was very fun to compile a bunch of songs by rea… are 18 songs by Verified Moms please enjoy anyone like a playlist of mom rockMom rock: against me, ex hex, sleater kinney. I am alive with how right I am @twolinepass Yes it bangs @rebekahentralgo YesI’ve had 3 cups of coffee and im writing a blistering polemic on why Mom Rock is real and powerful and my friend @brooklynwolf666 I’m going to see her next Saturday and I MAY scream. What’s ur favorite song on the new album, I think mine is dogwood @mikaelajpalermo What’s ur username I wanna add you @mikaelajpalermo Costar! @elanpin Do not show me the abs on this child @_sashayed @veryeva Rem licks pits @lexilafleur Lexi you and JT should have a talk show @ChillMoon It’s so good!!!!Does jenny Lewis need me doing free social media promotion for her? No. Does she appreciate it? Probably not @elanpin I have shoprunner and can order us them with free 2 day shipping fyiHoltby on declining White House visit invite: "My family and myself, we believe in a world where humans are treated…
Retweeted by zooey béchamelDoes it feel weird to praise a man for doing, basically, the bare minimum? Yes. Does the NHL disincentivize basic h…
Retweeted by zooey béchamel @JordanUhl @mattklewis Bovine lives matter @mattklewis Matt thank you so much for your support of the voting rights of our great nation’s cattleLADIES AND GENTLEMEN————- WE GOT HIM @JoshhTerry I’m gonna go this weekend, I live near it now @MattsBestTweets Yak for sure!!! @Avalanche Can I have some @MattsBestTweets Get some momo !!!! @theactivestick Mopping @csymrl The parent storylines are greatOmg and when the shins were on the spring break episode of the Gilmore Girls........ the greatest crossover event of our lifetime @flourgremlin Huge mood @eponawest In this house we do not defend post hardcore @vulgartooth Perfect, some might say @eponawest Would u like me to explain itremembering when I discovered this band when they were featured on an episode of the O.C. the aughts were WILD @veryeva Omg we are both scorpios too this makes sense..... we r so possessive and needy........ @veryeva Are u a 2? I’m a 2 and I was surprised but then I read the whole thing and I was like yep thas mematt duchene asked the same genie to go to a playoff team
Retweeted by zooey béchamelwearing my retainer to sleep tonight does anyone have any last words @pricksahoy lmfao @hannahtraining for sheets i honestly just go to like, tj maxx and get whatever they have there that has a good thread count @verviticus brock boeser's dumpster @MsShade .... i didn't thank usettling in for my nightly routine where i google "best place to get bed linens" even though i already know the best places