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| The power of three | 🇯🇲🌈🍾 I am a whole ass gay.

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Hayley: “what you gonna do when the world does not orbit around you?!?” Me does Paramore bring me into crying and having an existential crisis every time I hear “ain’t It fun??” @Nicosaesthetics This game out around the time she was blacklisted or a little after. Honestly this song does not g… @jermesz Baby . . . I am howlllllling @mynamedeek “Gimme that coffee hoe.” 😭😭She has something to say. @TJBenson_ I am 😭😭 @thegreynightsky Omg 😍 @durianroyalty That’s a combo pack right there! Ok! @durianroyalty 😍😍😍
@seangarrette Tell em!!!!Y’all be bisexual but date girls across the board and run to white bussy. I am confusion??? @mimithenerd_ We love Mimi in this household hunny!! ❤️❤️❤️Forgot my switch has a phantom controller problem and I was annoyed Nintendo charges 50 bucks for controllers so I… GIVE NATIVE AMERICANS ON RESERVES WATER TRUCKS ONE A WEEK TO BATHE AND USE?!? HOW IS THIS EVEN LEGAL?!?!
Retweeted by Boo Hoo CrackerI still don’t have fleets? Por que?
This cosplay is what pushed me to get out and be in cosplay at Dragoncon for the first time in my life a year ago.… @TJBenson_ Please are these available?? I want one so bad. Hypoallergenic???!America truly is just one big GoFundMe now. @mynamedeek Deek!!!!!!!! @mynamedeek Noooooo @d0n0vaaaan I love this for you!!
google: "your name" fantasy armor "your name" fantasy weapon "your name" fantasy mount was EVERYONE a “gifted” kid like somebody is absolutely lying
Retweeted by Boo Hoo CrackerReally over this whole “working everyday” thing going on right now.#magicboy works
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“Gender balance. Pronoun neutral and ethnically diverse.” Animaniacs making neckbeard twitters heads explode w this…
Retweeted by Boo Hoo CrackerMegan opened this album drilling that man for the loser he is. one of you smart, tech savvy and super intelligent hackers hack the fucking fafsa website. I’m a dumb bitch so… is that place in the word with almost 24 hours of sunlight???!ppl asking if kcpd is still following me. i never leave my house now so idk lmao.
Retweeted by Boo Hoo CrackerTiffany ‘New York’ Pollard for Paper Magazine by Ace Amir 🖤
Retweeted by Boo Hoo Cracker @mynamedeek A little spicy Yt call that a side dish @mynamedeek It’s in the dark of the night when exhaustion hits I get that moment of weakness. White boochie?? Perhaps. . . .
Retweeted by Boo Hoo CrackerPull up in a monsta automobile gangsta #PinkFridayAnniversary @omgitsobi Amazon said “make it tight we know her”Why are people putting glass and bottles in the middle of the streets of Atlanta? The roads are already trash!!!!WIP shot
Retweeted by Boo Hoo CrackerSo not an affiliate yet on twitch but come watch me stream and draw! Tonight at 8pm/8:15pm
@0pvlent This sounds like colonization to me bby. Pulp free is for the free people. Communist would drink their juice pulp free babe.It literally hurts and this past year I have tried to really just either take a full screenshot with the artist nam… know y’all love aesthetic shit in your Instagram story but please at least repost artwork without removing artist… @beanberrito Beaannn 😛 @BahamutNexus The anime was enjoyable. The manga is top tier!!!“Grandad can she run really really fast in high heels?” “Idk average I guess. . . .mmm above average?” really was pulling dark side by his Boochie hairs. Superman could neveeeerrrr!! evolution of Sky Ferreira
Retweeted by Boo Hoo CrackerThe fact boochie been on IG told me all I need but like lol
@BahamutNexus Absolutely!! @BahamutNexus I’m on the way! @sighyam Let me manifest too bby cause it just looks like it keeps pulling non stop.I have spent a lot of time chatting to cis people about what it's really like to be trans and the fact is that most…
Retweeted by Boo Hoo Cracker @trapcry Knowing her team markets her to be Ariana and for a second I thought this was real slskskksksksks
I still don’t have fleets so I don’t see what everyone seeing but huzzah? @mynamedeek Now why is auto corrects missions to make me look a fool in my own house? What are stories? On Twitter?? @mynamedeek What are fleeks???!I just saw the cutest plant and could not buy it because I had enough money for house items likeI’m tired of running errands every single time I turn around. I hate living in a house lmaooo there’s too much up k… @icametosin @icametosin I think that’s just Folsom angel.Fox News and Facebook did to our parents what they said video games would do to us.
Retweeted by Boo Hoo Cracker @diettrade Good character DESIGN don’t mean actually well WRITTEN characters lmaoo @mynamedeek Love that for you baby
@chris2game Thank you handsome 😭❤️❤️ @illustjuan 😂😂😂😂this ends NOW 😤 rt for science
Retweeted by Boo Hoo Cracker @icametosin Do it!!!! @mynamedeek At this point I’m just saying shit cause the game taking so dam long to release 😭😭😭 @mynamedeek The point is multiplayer better be banging. Flex on them hoes with gel tech nails. @mynamedeek Dragón probably said “oh” just like that too 😂😂😂 @mynamedeek Bitch lmaoooooooooooooooooCome children, let the doctor take care of things #dragoncon2020
I need fucking answers why was this deleted?!? Why why why why why?!?!!???!?!!! @thejetplane718 This deleted scene needs to be talked about.
Retweeted by Boo Hoo Cracker18 seconds of storm showcasing “almost omega” mutant powers despite being omega. @SeaOf23 @thejetplane718 Wait a god dam minute you mean they actually had storm? Being storm? Being close to omega… want to know what it’s like to rly be loved. not lusted after. not possessed. not owned. not seen as an opportuni…
Retweeted by Boo Hoo CrackerNow how you outside and your little Pomeranian dog is walking you on the belt line? Sis if you don’t buck up before… ain’t even Gen Z and this tweet just be sounding like nonsense to me.Who going to the club to get bullied??? Like what the hell is talla problem?!?? @mynamedeek I’m sick and tired of you winning. What’s next huh?!! Gimme some of that luckProbably swing the hard R just like some of these Christians who act like they got a seat at the table of the lord.Now imagine you get to heaven and at the pearly gates an angel calls you a Knee Grow. @BahamutNexus Dewgong, Arcanine, and Garchompi need white people to understand that vikings were not getting feed in box braids with slicked edges. give that argument up
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@diettrade Wait people posted this child’s body in the comments!?? No no no.How am I sane and still working in the service industry?? Am I just faking it?? @beanberrito ‼️‼️‼️ ok ok bean!! @mynamedeek Deek why you stabbing the cheeks like that 😭😭😭HOW MUCH DAYLIGHT THEY TRYNA SAVE?? like damn bitch
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stealing from walmart
Retweeted by Boo Hoo CrackerMeech Harmon using yalls depression dollars on a PS5. Yalls sorrow salary. Yalls gloom guap. Yalls melancholy money.
Retweeted by Boo Hoo Cracker @mynamedeek Chile let me go get some weAponzSleeping. @mynamedeek Wait what am I reading??? What the fuckDepends on timeline. Both girls had massive power downs and ups. My money on Selene she quick with the whip. @sighyam He definitely mad average but he don’t seem to cause problems so I just leave him alone.
Like I truly reached the middle of the day and I have no energy. It vanished