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@JamesCrabb I love theseeeeeeee omg#Fairy/#Fire #Chandelure variants! #fakemon #pokemon #illustration
Retweeted by Boo Hoo Cracker @BahamutNexus Baldurs gate 3 is right there with an updatePeriod.
So how do I transplant all the people I love out this city and to someplace better lmaooooI know that’s right. This album went off“Naw me and Wanda don’t talk no more”
Retweeted by Boo Hoo CrackerYou can talk about a movie and discuss the social political ops AND enjoy it. Ya’ll what do you think critical think pieces are?Ahh it’s cold again. I see Mother Nature has put the climate back to “murder” @beanberrito Bean sksksks I hope you got sleep. @thegreekninja Omg what haha yesss vision is wandas husband and an utter sweetheart!I'm screaming I thought I would get AgnesI got Wanda Maximoff! why was Agnes playing with Wandas P*ssy like that???? #WandaVisionI love my crew of messy queer boys.
Retweeted by Boo Hoo Cracker @stevie_mat Ain’t this the same show people were pointing out the colorism in the casting (particularly main charac…
This will go down as one of the funniest tweets of all time
Retweeted by Boo Hoo CrackerNow why this look like Viktor that vampire from Underworld?!!?? @BahamutNexus I’m going to fucking fall out @icametosin Ohhhh this is a look!!!!!Just a reminder that if Sailor moon actually wasn’t constrained by editors etc it would be a magical girl series al… @0pvlent @0pvlent With that face?? What??? @MoralesAcosta2 Thank you beautiful @lulululuti An angel! 😭😭 @mynamedeek Trying to get it strong like you bby!
2021 @illustjuan I knew It was coming and ready to receive my hair kinda growing?! @BahamutNexus avoid Twitter for the next couple of days to dodge Wandavision spoilers @theesudani 3am EST#JujutsuKaisen, Salmon, Kelp. #shegonnabeblacktoday
Retweeted by Boo Hoo Cracker @chris2game Truly but we move on! Bigger and better things!! @MoralesAcosta2 The cutest surprise
@Nicosaesthetic Oop Nico back on the TL let me go head and check in way this is going, they’re gonna keep throwing up “restrictions” and narrowing down “eligibility” until there a…
Retweeted by Boo Hoo Cracker @dolewhipdaddy Nate I 😍😍🥰😘🥺🥺
Retweeted by Boo Hoo CrackerThat’s a professional barb hon.! Happy [belated] Birthday Chun-Li.
Retweeted by Boo Hoo Cracker @BahamutNexus Sam. . . @0pvlent It really be this brand of knee grow that just . . . Sksksksksksk I gotta laugh @dolewhipdaddy Oh Tyler was no surprise for me. I heard he radiates a particular kind of energy.She gon’ be black today🎶
Retweeted by Boo Hoo CrackerIs anyone shocked by Steve lacy or Fr*nk ocean only liking YT boys?? Like really?? correct going to be the death of me.Tired.
Let me reintroduce Hi, I’m Lateef and I just turned 28 🔪
Retweeted by Boo Hoo Cracker @lvteef Yesssss happy birthday!!!!"Put it the Fuk on. Put it on." 😂
Retweeted by Boo Hoo CrackerRunnin to @lvteef insta cause I heard the birthday look dropped! @thegreekninja Truly tweet it out! @SailorZZtar What kind do you buy? The ones from 1UP taste ALOT better than some other brands.“Oh she an influencer now.” SkskskskksksksNot three of my friends calling me out for tweeting too much in the same week! Can y’all be quiet??!? I’m off work… comes out to 3.7% of their wealth, but this is a much better way to frame it thanks
Retweeted by Boo Hoo Cracker @icametosin Yesssssss 😍😍Happy Women’s History month.
Retweeted by Boo Hoo Crackerit takes 21 days to form a new habit.. today is march 1. Begin.
Retweeted by Boo Hoo CrackerGood morning, forgot to charge my speakers last night so . . . no skating :(the two genders are “i no longer wish to be perceived” and “i have to be the most fuckable person at the grocery store”
Retweeted by Boo Hoo CrackerEverybody in the replies who’s trying to refute this claim needs to understand that Marvel literally has a licensin…
Retweeted by Boo Hoo CrackerOne of the proudest moments of my life, but defiantly a moment of bravery I had to pay for. You’d be surprised the…
Retweeted by Boo Hoo Cracker @mynamedeek Don’t beat yourself up over it. This is a website and your identity is always growing and changing. @illustjuan What kind of stuff people drinking?!?!!!? @lvteef Happy early birthday I’m so excited for this reveal!! @SailorZZtar The neighbor in Wandavision @Nicosaesthetic Nico. . . What the hell this mean!?
@cbedfordart I love this! Yes!!!!!Thinking of that picture of Britney Spears crying in a restaurant with her child while the paparazzi took pics and… @diettrade friends so talented. @diettrade People refuse to truly understand how crippling credit is. Skksksksks @MoralesAcosta2 I’m gonna need to make a char and check this out! @robinwannabefly Maybe it will be better this time round? @AugustLaveau They were both out for blood. Gritted teeth and eyes twinkling with murder. @sighyam The only reason I have even the slightest dislike for the show is that it is a shounen and so people get i… @MoralesAcosta2 oop say what now?!?!?!Square Enix music continues to slut me out.
@lifethruglasses Is it everyday??? @Nicosaesthetic the way she set the standard, then raised the bar to set the standard even HIGHER.wait was everything in Wandavision filmed in Georgia?!??!Post Malone among Pokémon singing, “you thought that it was special, but it was just the sex though”
Retweeted by Boo Hoo CrackerNot them setting it up for that in episode 8 wtf. @MoralesAcosta2 @chancexclip now what the hell is GOIN AONNNN!!!!I hope this video is memorialized and is outlived for generations
Retweeted by Boo Hoo CrackerEvangelion Unit-01
Retweeted by Boo Hoo Cracker
@dolewhipdaddy 💀💀💀 @mynamedeek Chaotic energy lmaoooThey playing with me cause I’m learning Spanish 😭😭😂😂Me to coworker: quieres proteína? *holds up smoothie* Co worker: sí papi me tragué Me: que? Co worker @beanberrito Wait what??!? @mynamedeek We in our prime baby @MoralesAcosta2 I feel this I was sitting down trying to describe the show to people a few years back and I had the same ass experience 😭😭😭 @mynamedeek Yes baby 😭😭😭I had to tell myself for years this wasn’t a fever dream cause people looked at me like I was crazy when I talked about it.You had to be there. @NSCarranza