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15 | 2x radiant peak 150 | @team_parallel | val captain @uvsect | @ciaolyx | #100T

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@SalPlancarte @Shanks_TTV 1313 blue center dot 1 @extrnal its not upgraded @extrnal goat… @C0BY i was the reason u won @C0BY can u buy me the new ak skin in valorant @C0BY teach me ur wats @KP_fps ? @BlanketsVAL @dommymommies @KovaaKs @team_parallel @uvsect thanks @antaz Omg @YeongValorant @Governor_Val I am not pro @17ethn @ultravzhoa @c3gs bruh @cluubear nice @NotReduxx i dont... @NotReduxx ... @KovaaKs @team_parallel @uvsect omg1!!111!! ty kovaaks @Crit_VAL @team_parallel dude ur a maniac @1EDEN_ ok @KovaaKs @team_parallel @uvsect dude can u guys follow me back ... @ykInfinity @team_parallel deez @Nighty10k @team_parallel cool
@yuta_val @KovaaKs @team_parallel @uvsect 1313 blue center dot size 1 @extrnal gg @1dianazzz @KovaaKs @team_parallel @uvsect WAIT IM HOME I COULDNT GO OUT WANNA Q @1EDEN_ @KovaaKs @team_parallel @uvsect u wish u could get into my lobbies @1EDEN_ @KovaaKs @team_parallel @uvsect nah @1EDEN_ @KovaaKs @team_parallel @uvsect LOLOLOLOLOL @HK4RI @hikarival LOLPowered By @KovaaKs ⚡️ @team_parallel @uvsect @hikarival hikari#hyoon @autimaticTV all good @kimmybtw wait what @casey9k @Iune_ ofc its the weirdo LOLL @HK4RI idk @sinkfps @AspireUnit @Denz_JK @ImJustDevin_ @ayeTop_ @Cheesyace @CallMeCypher_TV @bbylapras LOLL @AspireUnit @sinkfps @Denz_JK @ImJustDevin_ @ayeTop_ @Cheesyace @CallMeCypher_TV @bbylapras denz & friends @cle_fairy @ashley WOWOOWOWOW @karxoo @Shanks_TTV yeah shanks calling me thanos @thwifo thanks thwifogaming @habits @danny1point0 yea welcome @craayoIa dam @extrnal im giving it 3 weeks @extrnal can u buy me ruination guiardian its in my shop and i need a guradian skin @extrnal ??? @KushayVLRT 3 sec godmode 0_0 @Marved6 yes @cluubear @Shanks_TTV bro said "thank you thanos" @TwitchMueda @OkeanosQT ? @c3gs @c3gs kemz dr doom gauntlet send 1st day of season @Mvysuna @1EDEN_ . @hachemdznn @Zuvney clean @cupkatez ur so good :D @deathseals i like this @ykInfinity wait i shouldnt have posted a clip i forgot ppl have school today @gabbys @team_parallel @uvsect bro i play like 8in away @hachemdznn @Shanks_TTV i suk @hachemdznn @Shanks_TTV :DD @Shanks_TTV gg ty for being goat 0_0 @ellietwitches ellie not u too.. @autimaticTV sorry @kiwiramune @Shanks_TTV while u were sleeping i did this LOLL @sevvn @Shanks_TTV ty for jumping at the sova with ur knife after i said bait for me @OPERATIONFORK POGI GOT YOU @Shanks_TTV vs. tarik, autimatic, curry... RT @dials @team_parallel @uvsect deez @ciaolyx @wolfyval noti @ThyHighway @juzzouuu have u read anything in this thread witnh your brain @MixrVAL @team_parallel @uvsect point click @kazeius @sevvn whos curry? I only played against jamalballs45 @sp66kyss are you doing ok @HellaSussy @team_parallel @uvsect Yeah how did you know @ZanePC @sevvn mr cypher @minnmikaa because i love you @sevvn omg im in the last 4 games!!!!!111!! @minnmikaa gn!!!! @minnmikaa :) @minnmikaa are you ok?? @LynnNyaa THE SCRIVVLES FOR THE MAP COVER ONFG @ricnmorty @team_parallel @uvsect 0.35 800 1313 blue crosshair 1 size @WOCKWARRIOR Shanks is @moneyfye2 my heartrate 400 @moneyfye2 Im freaking out i will @kayavlr its ok im on it and im bad so it evens out @Nighty10k ranked game @snhuz @sevvn sure @snhuz @sevvn He said yes @celestfps valorant game changer @kiwiramune wait hes crazy @sevvn no i guess not. @kiwiramune is he winnign @madifps i cant sprell @cozyjozie last one to fall asleep wins 1004i09bro is signed to 100T and is playing squid game on roblox... @OkeanosQT ive had that style for so long @fluctraa pogg @kiwiramune @sevvn ok just ego my dms @HK4RI @jellyfish_val i seee u @eRaBoomzy i did so long ahgo fam @kiwiramune @sevvn :D @craayoIa ur pfp is my desktop bakcgroudn