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pro valorant @misfitsgg ⚡️@yukiaim | @limitggs @kxtieoh “suffer the pain of discipline, or suffer the pain of regret”

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@pandayq i literally see it IN THE LFT like bro WHAT @katsumiFPS same @alteaVAL @VobengKhee everytime hes on my tl i just cry because nobody will ever want him @LennyTime @SoniqsEsports @nillyazVAL time to win @brookelynn__n real @vinnerwinner @ramvalorant @FrostyValorant @rikugoat @zeldrisval @Keith_LaFortune @KnightsGG @zeldrisval bro fix your back @careertwitch wait dont avoid me
@ANDROIDfps you are an amazing person and player i cant wait to see you back in the competition @alexisfps omg the little stickers on ur monitor @ValorLeaks @sarah_frags not getting a ranked game for atleast 9hours @ValorLeaks @lust1337 @khangtthai maybe i buy one for school @CoachJoe__ @sevvn LMAOOCHAMPIONS 2022 BUNDLE VALORANT GIVEAWAY ✅ follow @gambabit and @florscnt ✅ like & retweet ✅ tag 2 friends winn… @iamhcu @verified Lcu @_Od26 im going breach to radiant @iurnsFPS @verified hopefully @florescentfan so poggers @maple_edits atleast u get laski @LegalizeWuhu @milkbreadlovr @Zoessielol @lucasOblock yeah same @lucasOblock w @frostyZK @koalanoob is that fr @katsumiFPS 33-14 kat what is ur problem who hurt you @karraonlyfans i do the same dw @alteaVAL i do not know what is happening @sarah_frags we both need this business idea to come to fruition real soon or we are going to be in the wardbusiness idea: basically doordash except someone just drives to ur house and gives u a hug when ur getting griefed…
Retweeted by MSF Florescent @LarryBanks05 welcome back to twtter @FrostyValorant @zeldrisval @vinnerwinner jesus @zeldrisval @FrostyValorant @vinnerwinner philly bound 9 hours ago yeah not anymore bud @zeldrisval @FrostyValorant @vinnerwinner LMAOOOO @FrostyValorant @vinnerwinner wheres my favorite @zeldrisval @florescentfan LMFAOOOOO @RossyUA @EmyyCSGO you are a funny man danny @adiellol_ @EmyyCSGO @PrincessIcyTV @ilylunah @ciaolyx @kxtieoh i am not f/a @1EDEN_ @shuboxs @EmyyCSGO @jellyfish_val @presidentdove ^ @cbbuii @EmyyCSGO @scourge_val @misufps :D @shuboxs @EmyyCSGO @jellyfish_val @presidentdove bro @EmyyCSGO @scourge_val @cbbuii @misufps @shuboxs @EmyyCSGO @jellyfish_val @presidentdove bro
@triskkkk i dont even think she would care anymroe shes far too gone her team is 4 insane people @triskkkk you should hear what her team is saying @triskkkk sarah owns you @cowffeeeee @sheiluvsyu @an1megf @cwaudiia idk why ur trying to be like some private investigator its so cringe thi… @sheiluvsyu @cowffeeeee @an1megf @cwaudiia ashley is cowffee :D @DekyFPS demon @sarah_frags LMAOOOOOO NO SARAH @karraonlyfans >_< @karraonlyfans need tummy rub @karraonlyfans mb @unknownuser5123 @riotgames i lost full amount each time#fair @eeeriomirg good song choicew @KegShouts epic guy epic caster high energy
@KushayVLRT @JoBahh JOBAAAA @Zellsis 23-3 bro is going through it @Zellsis LMAOOOOO @sonderx_x hihello @lucasOblock look at mine @sodagoompin @TeamSynergy LMAOOO @yungcalc bro i just saw this @shuboxs @dawnmoer @juniiwanders shu remember when i got you on my team in ranked? lets not try to talk about it @dawnmoer @juniiwanders i dont even think that exists @dawnmoer @juniiwanders what i meant was 10 million i guess autocorrect wasnt working hahaha @FaNbF41 @frostyZK wp @alteaVAL 0_0 @frostyZK ok thats cool have fun losing 13-2 to stickybanana389 @alexisfps @YukiAim LOL @Zombees_ :D @Slandyyyy @YukiAim no @bunnyhuhval @YukiAim ironic @Slandyyyy @YukiAim ive been awake for 9 hours @KiyanthaIsCool @YukiAim 0;s;1;P;c;5;o;0.3;f;0;0t;1;0l;5;0o;1;0a;1;0f;0;1t;3;1l;3;1o;2;1a;1;1m;0;1f;0;S;c;5;o;1 @aternal3 @YukiAim im under average everyone is so talented and then im here @TheRacoone @YukiAim i hit the pixel of ur heel @luk6y @YukiAim <3 @Gaabryel360_ @YukiAim ty @ryswtf @YukiAim ? @Nexqal @YukiAim yess @ryswtf @YukiAim yup @Gaabryel360_ @YukiAim how did u know i just switched to .25 after being on .416 @YukiAim damn go to bedholy shit @yukiaim @ArshadMirchi @pandayq real. @kyuaio ty sillycat @Cresfy no @yungcalc calc pls twerk on camera next fortnite streamgoodbye last piece @1aisiru same @Bicklol winning isnt a real thing we live in a simulation @figureVII @yungcalc @infiltratorVAL yea @thrixfps becasue iscreenshotted i think @AncientLFT thanks for the comment ancientLFT @neppyty yes i am lol do u know how the game works @yungcalc @infiltratorVAL WE JUST POPPED YES @Cresfy i will cry if it looks like this when act ends @MysTicReflex @aazaleaVAL why didnt u let me have it im actually so mad it was so nice like u are in a 1v5 bro im s… @aazaleaVAL LMAOOO