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šŸ‡»šŸ‡³ 15 f/a lft | @team_parallel @VoltaicHQ @uvsect | 3x radiant 600rr peak

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@BasedGodMilk šŸ˜ˆ @klepticaI @kemzify LMAOOO @keencval shaw šŸ„² @ayoabstract WTF @katsumiFPS bella7 rounds in ranked btw. @Adictz_ I cleaned it and its a bit sticky but it seems good @synzhoa nobody on twitter can read the replies @jamalballtyrone READ THE REPLIES MAN ISTG @JordFN_ zowie 240hz $700 canadian im pretty sure @klapz1k HOLY SHIT MAN LOOK AT THE REPLIES @Raidersyuh why does nobody read replies @GeorgeCGed @sevvn @lvcasxo replies @hnmmie shaker cup broke while i was shaking it @mangodontmiss my shaker bottle is broken and it wont close right and i didnt know so i was mixing it and then it eā€¦
@LarryBanks05 welcome to florescent academy @TealSeam @LarryBanks05 @1flyuh W larry w flyuh @aw8um Rowlet is best for shiny farming litten is good for running thru the game and popplio is bad @giannypriv skiing fun. get on. idc if we win or lose i need someone cool to play with @giannypriv wanna play ranked @team_parallel barret @MysTicReflex i do not know. @0915LUCAS LMAOO @sevvn @ui_zero2 i hate you. @giannypriv nonono u did amazing + c9 is a tough team like they literally went to berlin @giannypriv no im not mad actually im quite happy i just dropped 500acs in ranked @giannypriv cringeS @ScrewFaceVAL ?!?!!? @ciaolyx u never ask @KarraOf yeah. @cheatcodeVAL same @wolfyval ah @wolfyval Look at my tweets @jellyfish_val im sad @kq01 look at my bio. New peak rr @mzy17984269 idk @XorainGG Ive done worse @KarraOf werent u winning 10-3 @prism187 dont be shy prism show the rank @fuzzyVAL reyna = bad ideadamn my main account is UP GOOD #DIAMOND2LFT!!!! @Kohcorono w take @fairyfps this is amazing @LiN_fps a bit of both but im not too good, i enjoy snowboarding more though @maddiesuun @kiwiramune LOLL @LiN_fps very cool
@LiN_fps Have u been to sunshine @trent099 Longstory @rxb1nk very long story but i promise i wasnt at fault it was @habits @snhuz Cury @koalanoob @PioneersGG W gianny W gianny W team
@edmvndee Ty Lmundee @czctuz Link website @ciaolyx LOLL @otterluvr1112 yupp @otterluvr1112 she was like 12 in this too @Apidaez shhh dont leak @VegaTHBk nice @AkaneFPS 0.35 800dpi native res @itsblackline @abstrakt1x @Draco100k limit fam <3 @ignovercook no. @bbearval hi bear @beaver_sky BEAVERR @FaNbF41 I cant @imcoles yessir @kotunara <333 @SwaYK44 dw ill be back o7 @1dianazzz šŸ˜šŸ˜ @AimbotNeon @sevvn seven is a friend of mine. @TirayeK i mean i suck when i play with u bc im nervous @trent099 i turn 16 in 8 momths trust me it isnt @KarraOf cat @goosebreeder DOGbtw i read every comment on every post so even if I dont reply, thank you so much <3 @sweatbtwlol u ruined my streak of like 10 @kiwiramune Ty @twindrac0s Yup @chloe_hime7 me @sevvn seven my lowest server is 45 ping. @1mehzy @Keith_LaFortune LMAOO @TicSteel @Keith_LaFortune bruce is my coach bro @rikugoat @Keith_LaFortune NAH LIKE 1337 CORD WITH AIKO @SenatorAim :D
@BlazikenLatios 2500-3000 ish @BlazikenLatios I got it @Keith_LaFortune @saevalorant LMAOOOO hes just taking a power nap @Keith_LaFortune im ngl bruce was in call with me at 7am i hope he wakes up on time @lunaarFPS Ty @keencval tomorrow @KushayVLRT NOOOOO @1wiiree @Nanashiiz ohhh i remember this one i kept dooking on you @NotReduxx no cap we gettin signed at 16 see u there bro @ciaolyx see you there @zeijacs my bad i am rly dumb @zeijacs do i know you @leEMPIRiC Im 15 @Nanashiiz ahhhh so long ago @Albaaxo Yea @Klamran i knifed agr0, i own him