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Floyd @floydian_sleep Pune, India

I write threads about things that I find interesting. Mainly food and history and the history of food. Email ID:

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This time last year everyone was just obsessed with having vsco in their handles @yomammasolost2 Very much worth it till like the end of 4th season. Then they lose track with the 5th and 6th season. @amruuuuuta @AdiMathkar Will do ma'am @rajul0616 I don't play anymore man. I downloaded the game recently but it's too changed now. Seems like a completely new game @sensitivelether @AdiMathkar Haven't written it down. Will write and send tomorrow @notbhaskarr Hmm I used to smoke quite a bit and quit around 10 minus back. I wrote a thread about it a while back.… @juvenile_crone Better than peddling lies in the form of calling me things that I'm clearly not. 🤲🤲 @freelychained @jaystkidding Mast* thobda, mast editing @notbhaskarr Depends on what the toxic habit is. There's no general solution to anything. @amruuuuuta I'm sorry, but lenses.My Gs, need help with anything? @anumccartney @shreemiverma Yo wtf @not_so_jain Hmm this actually makes sense. ThanksCan someone please tell me where the whole 'one (1)' thing comes from? Also what does it mean? Just emphasis? @SadboiBot And yet you still RT'd. Respect.Would just like you guys to know that the effort this joke took is not worth it at all. Please refrain from using t… folks Gandhi's last looking at their words, Zodiac symbol 🤝… @lady_gabbar Bhai waah @lady_gabbar Same. My window is 1pm - 7pm @lady_gabbar Hahaha itna late ffs?And dinner is served @not_so_jain Yep, I have a very early dinnerNothing much, just made some ghee roast chicken for dinner. @trioofenders Stupendous @a_khoche I used the Van Leer dark compoundTwitter trends are quite like pandemics. Same thing will resurface cyclically, but this time it'll be worse. @sandiipshelar @sandiipshelar @sandiipshelar sabudana khichdi is such a wholesome breakfast but I'm just glad some of you fuckers hate it because that mean…
Retweeted by FloydTaarif karu kya uski... Jisne tumhe banaya. - Narcissus to himself, probably. @gordonramashray Wow...It cool, no one takes you seriously anyway. fuck around and make a separate Twitter for my cooking / food threads @madbhabie Helu @chimpaboo Do you want ideas with what retail business you should start? Or ideas about how to start the retail bus… @juvenile_crone DM who @theotherveda Don't shoot the messenger
@jaystkidding I love you too much to do that @jaystkidding Yeah no I got that Jay... @jaystkidding ???? @pradyutmathur Sure thing @Rishike56323181 Read this excellent thread by @HavaldarShinde Her tips apply for dry scalp / dandruff too. @pradyutmathur Can't recover them as far as I know. Even the email provider can't (privacy agreement issue) @peeleraja Fair enough @Rishike56323181 You want help with your hair? @peeleraja Wouldn't the prawns be heavily overcooked? @sahilk @mehulved @mehulved @sahilk Sir lockdown mein muh se mungfali nahi toot rahi aur yaha aap gand se akrod todne ko bol rahe hai. @Dentisht Take your time. You got this @sahilk I asked them why and then dodged em like Eric stone the dodgeball champion. @Dentisht You know it best, maybe the person is still actively involved in your life and thus your inability to blo… @Saumyaya18 Haha that is a toughie @Dentisht I was pining over an ex for the longest time maybe wanting her to text me / call me somewhere at the back… @Dentisht The second type you can be a bit objective about. Do you want to let this person back into your life? If… @Dentisht Two types of sadness here. One where you're sad over someone who's dead and the other one where that some… @sahilk Yes they have. @Saumyaya18 Umm how?Anyone want help with anything? @namu_awestruck_ @Disagreema Yet to be baked thoJust being a kitchen kanhaiyya this Janmashtami @fussyphus @theAllianceGG @natusvincere Yaaas. @Arkhanov @theAllianceGG @natusvincere Absolutely insane. The Roshan fight and that dream coil tp break literally won them the match7 years ago today, @theAllianceGG beat @natusvincere in what was arguably one of the best final matches in any Dota… I am absolutely particular about my clothes smelling good at all times. Monsoon: @amruuuuuta Lmao novice. @mftrainwreck07 Haha that's a good thing. You're a far better human being than most of us. @mahekjfjkrnfjjg Lmao I try and do reverse image search on Google when my mom (very often) does that. I know your trouble. @mahekjfjkrnfjjg Haha what a plot twist @mahekjfjkrnfjjg You got glasses by lying on the test?In retrospect I must've thought that it looked cool because of a lot of anime characters had bandaged armsAs a kid, I thought a hand plaster cast till just below your elbow looked really cool and badass, so I kept trying… @neerjadeodhar 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ @neerjadeodhar @omithehomie I feel so stressed after watching this @rohshah07 Who? @apooorva Done @jadhavketaki Only a bitWhat they say: "OOOH interesting. I'll check it out" What they mean: Your suggestion is overbearing and I'm never… WHOMST THE FUCK LEFT THE BATHROOM LIGHT SWITCHED ON AGAIN? Me: @amruuuuuta I can imagine. @ShagunOhri I absolutely love those chunks of coconut, it's like eating a cookie and finding a chunk of dark chocol…'ve literally never had what they have in my entire life. @amruuuuuta The photo is so deliciously aesthetic. I shall read the review too. @omithehomie Schmidt and Winston for the win. Jess really is too annoying.My hot take on New Girl is that the show would work so so much better if Zooey Deschanel's character wasn't on it a…
Retweeted by Floyd @CloudsOnWheelss I've not seen it but I like it @namu_awestruck_ And everytime I'm getting closer to the perfect cookie recipe with the ingredients we have availab… @namu_awestruck_ Yaar I'll tell you what's happening. I've been studying the science behind all the reactions that… @HailMotherOfDog Haha fair enough @namu_awestruck_ Dil pe patthar rakh ke meine bartan dho liya! @AdvanceDexter Quarantine samplyavar Punyala ye, spare ribs ani beer chi jannat dakhavto @sensitivelether Hahaha let's hope that doesn't happen
@kritii_kaur Because I don't have any problems of my own. Super blessed, super privileged. @HailMotherOfDog And the British comic I recommend is James Acaster. Brilliant, clean, clever comedy with sereral s… @HailMotherOfDog Here's the playlist. The title expands to Special Playlist on the Occasion of Monthly Crimson Tide @HailMotherOfDog I'm sorry. May I interest you in a playlist / suggest a British stand up comic in the hopes that i… @heydambis No worries.