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Floyd @floydian_sleep Pune, India

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@grumpstarisborn @urlocaluglyslut No. Their parents are. @anushxa @urlocaluglyslut Only popular people can be cancelled. I'm a pleb @grumpstarisborn @urlocaluglyslut Arre these are symbi kids. @apurplestrand Takes one to know one. @urlocaluglyslut I apologize for being rich, sorry. @shrutiigaikwad I'm not into domestic violence @apurplestrand I used it out of curiosity and not the need.I did and I have some stats to share from my usage of Tinder Gold, if anyone's interested. @Weirdofromuran1 Really makes you think, don't it @Weirdofromuran1 Precisely. @hrischique I would love to. That's why I asked if it's just for people from Bombay Twitter or its a Twitter Meetup… @hrischique Wait what? You said it's the former. I'm not Bombay Twitter. I'm Pune Twitter. @hrischique Sigh okay. 😔 @hrischique Is it (Bombay Twitter) Meetup or Bombay (Twitter Meetup)? @chawiezard @freelychained Wow rude. Chitrang is perfectly good looking. Don't call him uglyNon-essential? NON-ESSENTIAL? @Not_A_Sister Have you been waiting for a subtweet? @notasnackk @candeboi @ElvisStressley_ Ummm?This girl is waiting to be subtweeted like that's going to add any value to her life @upawastaken Is this foreboding? @notasnackk You still haven't shown me your big peepeeSo don't be disheartened my fellow small peepee brethren. We are elite and our masculinity is defined by how smart… the sizes of penises depicted in the sculptures was always symbolic of their status and cultural value. Classi… Satyrs were often depicted with big penises. Satyrs were mainly the followers of Dioneses - in Tyrion Lanniste… in the image is the ancient sculpture of the Greek god Priapus. He was the god of fertility cursed with a per… the other hand, a big penis meant that the person was foolish and lustful and (no points for guessing) thought w… in the image is David by Michelangelo. David was the biblical hero who defeated the giant Goliath. He clearly… small and flaccid penis symbolized the ideal Greek man who was rational, intellectual and authoritative. They act… public, back in the day, believed that the key virtue for the perfect character of a masculine manly alpha ma… is not too far from the truth for Ancient Greece or other European cultures around that time. Here's another p…
@WeirdlyHungry @gordonramashray Oh boy. We're all doomed @firozadaruwala @gordonramashray One day you'll give up on the ex too. @upawastaken @anushxa She must've seen your last name upasani on spotify and because of the 'ani' ending (like thad… @gordonramashray Strong physical symptoms at the start, but after a couple of weeks it's completely a mental battle… @gordonramashray 3 months now. Quit cold turkey from a 20 pack a day.This is so so so good. Well fucking done man. @BigCringeEnergy @praanaaa Who is praanaaa @BorkTales @thisbitxhsodone "Aashish beta, uncle ko woh Sex Education ka dialogue batana zara"It's hard to criticize bjp on a site full of bhakts. Reply guy: do you know what else is hard?
Retweeted by Floyd @Jhola_chick @Dentisht The people at AFMC are nice too. But since it's free, the volume of people there is too high… @Dentisht Yeah I am seeing doctors at AFMC since the treatment is free there. But it's excruciatingly slow and tedious. @karmicanomaly Done @Dentisht You can take all of them. I can't bite into them anyway because of my broken teeth which is kind of funny given your handle name. @svj95 +10Might fuck around and make flaky croissants tomorrow. Or atleast start the process of laminating"Tilgul ghya ani god god bola" is so forcefully assertive and transactional. @grumpstarisborn Ngl this cracked me up on a very grim night. Thanks. @grumpstarisborn HOLY FUCK MY GLUTES ARE NOW IN A PERMANENT STATE OF CLENCH @PuneerTikka PREETIKA! 🥺🥺 @grumpstarisborn Exactly why I need to see it @grumpstarisborn Arre show! @grumpstarisborn What was this? @PuneerTikka Why can't you call me, Preetika? @YeetMe420 Holy heck luna is a beautiful pupper @aayushi_dr So smol @BeingChatterjee I'm sorry, I didn't mean to @oyster16 Heckin mlemI absolutely adore people who reply to your semi-scandalous tweet with just your name in all caps and a couple of e… @hrischique HE IS WINKING 🥰Share a dog pic clicked by you that you have traveled by hundreds of times at night appearing completely new and different in the day is next level of mindfuckeryThanks @apurplestrand *groans* 🙄🙄
TIL that through evolution, the pterodactyl developed an adaptive ability that modern scientists refer to as 𝘴𝘵𝘦𝘢𝘭𝘵…
Retweeted by Floyd @Tweekita Doesn't answer my question. But okay @Tweekita What are your views on 24 year olds sliding into your DMs? @hoetorical Show. @hoetorical Lol no one crushes on meThere are some despicable people who don't fav/RT any of your tweets but will like anything that's said against you… see really clever tweets bang where the OP hasn't explained the tweet at all and yet people got it, understood it… @Social_Samosa
Retweeted by Floyd @aayushi_dr Indeed @FoodnFooty Bhetu @slicebrownbread @BorkTales Funnily enough I used to conduct quizzes as a part of @thinq2win at @godoolally 2-3 yea… I'm craving KFC at 10am. @31428571 Sir why have you uploaded the same screenshot twice? @localbicon Bro kavya it's 922am @candeboi DM whoI ordered food last night after coming home sufficiently buzzed from eco. After ordering and paying online, my phon… @BorkTales @slicebrownbread Sigh, untag and make plans. I lead a very sedentary lonely solitary life for a tender 2… @slicebrownbread @BorkTales Idk man do you call it stalking if I remember shit that *he* posted *online* that appeared on *my* TL? @pi_alize Fair enough @writer_neha Fucking classic. @aNuSFW @shrutithenaik Thought so but was confirming @nan_ban01 @sadotonin @sapunintended Oh boy I really missed out huh @kala_masala No other hate like early morning hate 🥰🥰 @pankhuriiiiii @BorkTales I put out wayyyyyy more information online than he does. So if anything, I'm scared for me. @kala_masala I mean you still use hashtags unironically on Twitter
@UnfunnyInsaan What? @UnfunnyInsaan Ma'am? @aayushi_dr And you look nice too Aayushi @aayushi_dr Arre fuck what a cutu @pi_alize Is this aimed at adar5sh @aNuSFW @shrutithenaik Bro which one is you aren't you a mans? @grumpstarisborn @sadotonin @sapunintended Dude I don't know manWHAT THE FUCK IS TUMBLR PORN? @sadotonin mentioned it today while we were drinking and now I see @sapunintended tal… @clownprinc_ @freelychained Brother nlieee same @freelychained Nothing is funny @krownnist Shakal toh dekho kaisi bholi bhaali hai @OhTeri_ Arre Ma'am... @Kaunstellation But not too ingenious, otherwise they'll be attracted to us