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Ooh poor little beggars 😪😪😪such innocence #ThisMorningThat dress would be ok if it didn’t have those stupid flappy bits at the hips #ThisMorning @AlisonHammond not as bad as @DomLittlewood on #CelebrityMasterchef 😂 bless him, he’s my hero ❤️ #ThisMorningOur Mr Whippy plays “ Hitler had only got one ball” #ThisMorningThe Sussex vids look like she’s got her hand up his arse operating him #ThisMorningPoor old Meg. Coming over here a divorced American who just pushed it too far by being mixed race ... #ThisMorningHaha who knew snobby cow Tominey was the offspring of an ice cream man 😂👍🏻#ThisMorningI’d love to hear Josie say ‘ norks’ #ThisMorningThese contestants are too thick for even #tippingpoint #ThisMorningYou had 27 years worth of chances to be out Phil - no need for sarcasm #ThisMorning @monkeyboy4334 Im also going to hell ...
@HitCockBottom Vanilla & Sex mmmm @MissGraceless I’d forgotten about her ! 😂😱xRemember these?
Retweeted by 𝐅𝐥𝐮𝐟𝐟𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐥𝐢𝐜 @ChipShopBird KUWTK @ChipShopBird Strictly please let it be Strictly! @StaceySolomon lovely caramel tones in Stacey’s hair , really suits her x #LooseWomenI suspect Jenkins was a right bitch prior to having kids then.. that butter wouldn’t melt act seems fake to me #LooseWomenRather an invasion of space than an invasion of your lungs you fucking dumb cunt #LooseWomenStand still Geri luv , it looks like you’re busting for a piss #ThisMorningSteady on with that ‘ black fingers’ comment Clodagh 😱#ThisMorning#ThisMorning“ The chances of anything coming from Mars are a million to one, they said” 🎵🎵#ThisMorning blandest house in Blandsville, Blandshire.... #ThisMorning @vickyallover Me too !What a cut & shut abortion this item is 😂😂#ThisMorningHow you react when you’re stopped & searched also makes a difference. #ThisMorningA little reminder that the ‘rational’, ‘honest’ Michael Fabricant expects you to believe that’s his real hair. #PMQs
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@paulsinha It’s why I don’t join the hashtag anymore. It’s the same people tweeting the same jaded old crap every d… @ChipShopBird I would’ve been shaking like a shitting dog through the whole experience.😂well done & a great watch x @Fanatic80s @SeasonDeeper LWTG’wan Baga @ChipShopBird #CelebrityMasterchef @SkyNews Hmm shall I go to the local whose Sunday carvery roast turkey gets nicked & run off with along with the le…’m pissed off . Mr Whippy is playing a sped up version of the Match Of The Day theme & his first customer started…’m polite to the point of obsequiousness #LooseWomenI’m more concerned about Katie Price being ok with her daughter getting a tit job at 18 #LooseWomenI bought my own telly at the age of 18. My parents hated the fact I’d have the Big Breakfast blaring out in the morning #LooseWomenI worked in some largely ‘ Male’ occupations & did fine by just squaring my shoulders & getting the hell on with it… got a telly when I’d earned the money to buy it #LooseWomenBut Katherine Ryan was fine with working at Hooters ... #LooseWomenJanet got where she is by threatening to nosh her bosses off #LooseWomenI just did a shite that any man would be proud of .. #LooseWomenWhat happened to giving them an apple 🍏? #ThisMorning @CD13092 I never didI’d be embarrassed if they spent that much on me #ThisMorningI’d keep it under a tenner Alice we’re not all middle class ponces #ThisMorningWhat kind of stupid girly swot would buy £35 cake tins for the teacher. ? You’d have got a thorough kicking for tha… “ winner” sounds an awful lot like Alison ... 🤔 #ThisMorningFucking hell Josie’s a bit too close to home 😱 #ThisMorningJoseph’s borrowed Simon Cowell’s trousers #ThisMorning @HopkinsBRFC I wonder if he kisses his mother with that mouth
@Annmarielane85 Marry in haste, Repent at Leisure Harry.Glad to see Sammy is doing well. I’ll be glad when the fashion for looking like an Instagram Identikit Robot Sex Doll is over. #24HrsAE @NinaBel37067005 @BBCNews “ Dindu Nuffin” Yeah . Right. @x__em Thank you x @Beee2019_ Thanks x @Mabel_Mouse_ Ah thank you I missed that bit xHow old is the young lady with anorexia? 19/20 ? I gather from the tape at the start ? #24HrsAE @Francesthefoot Mine were taller than average not heavier but that wasn’t accounted for. My eldest towers above me now she’s an adult. X @smooshie24775 It’s stupid isn’t it ! My kids were taller than average not heavier. Yet when I did have a genuine p… outshines #24hrsae for more action & less back story.I knew these Nanny State letters concerning kids weights were bullshit & overstated kids BMI way back the , so chu… proper feast for the eyes ❤️didn’t see it the first time round #EastEnders#EastEnders there’s so much #HolbyCity going on in this ep 💕💕👍🏻 @pilchard68 I’m a lovely shade of blue too x all the best to him x @onthescrap No it’s the actual truth. In all seriousness. Fluff’s ACTUAL boss handing over the petition at Downing Street.. 😂🤣Circus in town to deliver letter to PM got them Gucci sneaks... Johnson blaming care homes for the care home epidemic HIS negligence caused is beyond contempt.
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@felicefan Yeah it’s her before all the surgery#GhislaineMaxwell this is the unedited version of that pic we’ve been seeing.. who’d a thought it eh ? @grundge21 Why Oh Why ?!A juicy one at last 🩸🩸🩸#AandEAfterDark @jovijunkie74 Oops my mistakeNick veering into Partridge territory here ... #TheOneShowNo way is that Amazon kid older than 15 . Gotta be 26 to be a delivery driver . #TheChaseThis lot have more chins than..... you know the rest #TheChase#2020worstyear it never ends’s a clapper Phil. Bet you were desperately trying to avoid the word ‘ donger’ be honest... #ThisMorningPoor kids white as a sheet #ThisMorningInstant beg from Elizabeth there. “ my wedding got cancelled “ 🙄🙄🙄🙄#ThisMorning
@starmagicsoul Malibu & milk @YvonneBurdett3 Not all of us luv @itvnews At least he can string a sentence togetherThat last one = fancy Caramac #SundayBrunchHe wants Dreamies. I know that sound . #SundayBrunchOnce or twice a year I’ll eat at a restaurant. More of a cafe type of girl. Can’t stand fake airs & graces & poncing about. #SundayBrunch @FreddieSyrup Not today xBread fried in butter, scrambled eggs, hash brown, bacon . Sorted. #SundayBrunch @rickyf12 The church roof would fall in if I set foot in there Ricky. 😂🤣😂🤣( I do love hearing the bells 🔔 though)It appears he is a shortarse. #SundayBrunchCrikey his IQ is smaller than his bicep 💪measurement. #SundayBrunch#SaveTheArts To All professionals in the theatre , entertainment & arts world, please join the challenge & post a p…
25 past midnight & I’ve two hedgehogs 🦔 shagging in my garden 🤣😂🤣#4thofJuly @brightsider123 Cunts, one & all @TheFibroidPuppy Love that lion 🦁💕 @ratemyplatenow Get yourself set up in business. I’d smash that all day long. 💕 @Nigel_Farage Negative at the time of the test.