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riana @fluffledale ★ markie ★

(any pronouns) on a quest to create the most hostile twitter page known to any creature alive

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@finntheplebfish that's such a sick album cover @finntheplebfish so fit wtf @abbyisvibing let us just watch the sarcasm pass over our heads and take him at his word @pollen196 looks a lil metallic i love it @adrien_aaaa @andreacries @StellaSobs i never said that! my point was that periods are a biological thing that isn'… @adrien_aaaa @andreacries @StellaSobs i didn't say she was and i'm not trying to make it seem like a Big Deal i was… @joelgowaawaa @adrien_aaaa @andreacries @StellaSobs ?? @adrien_aaaa @andreacries @StellaSobs wouldn't even want periods or at the very least wouldn't feel like less of a woman without one @adrien_aaaa @andreacries @StellaSobs not every biological woman can give birth and not every woman who can even wa… @abbyisvibing in class so i've only looked at the subtitles with no audio, this seems like sound advice? @andreacries @StellaSobs but being a girl isn't about having periods.. @snifferish wow that's gorgeous @stupidboredeli i really like your art @tialeigh_meek not the few pathetic drops at the bottom too @schtormm only half? @itsethn exactly
@OrangeSliced love u too man very happy to know u @SlicedOrangeez @aaaamaddie do u know how much getting whipped with hair hurts @realHazry @duoose i don't believe you @aaaamaddie @SlicedOrangeez fancy dinner party style @realHazry @duoose harry lad @aaaamaddie u are so pretty tho blessing my tl @TheR3dVelveteer banger @realHazry well i definitely don't know you for the ranked skywars whatever @SlicedOrangeez @aaaamaddie i saw the other tweet and you didn't even spell it right @buuntuu @Pikaclicks this just isn't pizza @SlicedOrangeez @aaaamaddie i don't want anything to happen to my twitter account @SlicedOrangeez @aaaamaddie how's lil abusive dad yall @buuntuu @Pikaclicks lex mate ill say it's edible but it looks completely pathetic @urspacebootz yoo what did she say @yeswadis holy shit she never deserved u @stoophspam are the things you worry about genuine? or is that a question as wellplayed cards against humanity with some friends today @tialeigh_meek ME! riana#3747 @bellamadxnna you're absolutely stunning @weaopriv @privchoem @toastcutie bit hard for a whale @privchoem @weaopriv @toastcutie nah i stole yo girl @toastqd @aaaamaddie he probably never will @aaaamaddie @ emtra @nurseboba beef and olives i thinkNoah Pikaclicks Inexplicably Tweets Photo of Mesa Desert With Camel Droppings @SlicedOrangeez bro @privchoem @toastcutie coming from you that means nothing @privchoem @toastcutie at least one person didn't get it tho @OrangeSliced it's edible but best? you're tripping @OrangeSliced o @nosammh fiscal policy @ninestailedfox twinninglets fucking go everyone use they/them rn @naorant @adrien_aaaa wdym
@nosammh what happened sam @toastcutie you are wrong. @nosammh evade taxesdid nobody get this @BongWaterDrnker @stoophspam lfg @LilSpaceMermaid tf? was this an old person @BongWaterDrnker @stoophspam yeah this makes sense, which are you @i4mshit felt datscrew the fiscal policy, i want to invade texas @Larrymanboy DOSIS BOLD did i remember correctly @snifferish ur so good at art omg i love the shading @joelgowaawaa i know @joelgowaawaa you're self sufficient! @joelgowaawaa if i batted an eye every time this kind of thing happened in this community i might as well have my eyes closed @joelgowaawaa watch out it's gon fly to the moon 👆🌙 @joelgowaawaa bag so hot it started floating @joelgowaawaa i wonder why @heIlsangeI @stoophspam yes girl and i'm also proud of you for having this mentality <3 @qamerboy80 i just hate men @tapwoah i think you'd look good with a manicure @itsTomokocchi i am open to being educated @pissboyemtra hello emtra @stoophspam ur not at all toxic or abusive and tbh i think manipulating people for your own gain isn't really that… @OrangeSliced looks like what
@jqysen @stoophspam that's not gender @akbrandamont what's a pape @andreacries omg love u too @pollen196 you can't say this. @kidfidlerbiden @Antilinguistic you're not building a very strong case here, mr "anti-pedo" @kidfidlerbiden @Antilinguistic you sure are spending your time wisely cavorting with a "fifteen year old" @Antilinguistic @kidfidlerbiden i must repent! @Antilinguistic @kidfidlerbiden i think he just scrolled my tweets @Antilinguistic hey i think the poor guy doesn't know what "projecting" means, go easy on him with the vocabulary @smhlaurie @kidfidlerbiden you know me, resident fifteen year old @kidfidlerbiden @OrangeSliced told u you spelled something wrong and you go back a whole month on my tweets, i thin… @kidfidlerbiden @Antilinguistic sought hahahahaha @kidfidlerbiden @OrangeSliced wait till you hear about the guy who brags about not sounding like a fifteen year old @kidfidlerbiden @OrangeSliced this fifteen year old spells better than you! how do you feel? @kidfidlerbiden @mqdusaa possibly the only accurate statement on your whole account! @OrangeSliced @kidfidlerbiden he was living a nice fantasy no need to ruin it @kidfidlerbiden @FransicoUchiha @DavidMooreky @chaos_johnny @mtgreenee @realDonaldTrump if you mean like how you un… @2Pacoh thank you pacoh @kidfidlerbiden @FransicoUchiha @DavidMooreky @chaos_johnny @mtgreenee @realDonaldTrump you're right, i'm crying tears of rage as we speakwhy don't you quit stalking my tweets and contribute to society instead? 😀 nice name, bit ironic though @kidfidlerbiden @FransicoUchiha @DavidMooreky @chaos_johnny @mtgreenee @realDonaldTrump "the rest of your tweets you read" alright pal @kidfidlerbiden @FransicoUchiha @DavidMooreky @chaos_johnny @mtgreenee @realDonaldTrump why don't you do something productive with your time @zac_private sounds great! @zac_private whats happening mate @SlicedOrangeez you literally said the same thing three times how do you not see it @stoophspam that's cool! and i think as long as you recognise that, it doesn't really matter that you don't know rn…