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Fluid 🌟 @fluidwth Connecticut, USA

limitless @lmtnextup β€’ @shapeggs

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@LVKlE Eliza? @qrilundercover Fb @ARTRYYU Yo @qtEliza @EclipseHimself @xADDLEMENT @vTopTier @wrovve πŸ˜’ @qtEliza @EclipseHimself @xADDLEMENT @vTopTier @wrovve Where's lvkie
@Roarwtf Happy bday ❀️ @pluto11k @Roarwtf lmaooooooo "lil bro" @Roarwtf wwwwwwwww @ARTRYYU Me too butπŸ˜’ @ARTRYYU @PlaIism Vvvvv @ARTRYYU bet @cxltures @shahh Hey papi @DLGrinders yoooo @DLGrinders
@ARTRYYU I grew myself up to 12k and sold it @ARTRYYU I'm down @shahh @Polo_Capalot @Polo_Capalot @qrilclol 🀣🀣 @qrilclol Ong that's cap @shahh No wtf @ognidus W @fakeifys Proof? @1Klipp @ARTRYYU Bro my first lesson is on the 21 cus I'm turning 16 on the 17 @1Klipp @ARTRYYU Bro I can't it came so soon @ARTRYYU Ong bro I start lessons ok the 21rst @ARTRYYU Yes @TonzFN Hi love 😍 @PlaIism Meee @Roarwtf @GMoneyFN @PlaIism Hi roar @LVKlE @PlaIism V @PlaIism Dms!! @PlaIism Check request @cxltures Me @glowaylmao Yoo @LimitAstrend @KeenySZN Lmao
@LserkL Fr? @livzbtww Yo @ARTRYYU @Yaaxzi Wrong tweet lmao @LimitAstrend Ohh @LimitAstrend Wth is that? @FRChronic @sifyfn @RodlinOT W @cxltures 1/10??? @RodlinOT Follow back @fakeifys @itsJerian I'm talm bout both of you not just you @fakeifys @itsJerian Cus ya gon be nervous @fakeifys @itsJerian Nahhhh not gon be valid @LimitAstrend @adinross Bro spawned in wit 5k likes @adinross No @PontiacMadeDDG @AustinMcbroom Smoking that NATE PACK @cxltures Blocked @Troy25k @PontiacMadeDDG @AustinMcbroom Yea lmaooooW 🀘🏽πŸ”₯😈 @AustinMcbroom EASY MILLION
Retweeted by Fluid 🌟 @LimitAstrend Stfu @LimitAstrend That's mad fire how he came out with lil baby @KIippx Yea😀 @KIippx Wtff @KIippx ??Polo g got arrested??? @YourRAGEz @ImDukeDennis @Chrisnxtdoor_ @lovergirrl_ πŸ˜’ @lovergirrl_ Really ki?πŸ˜‘ @prvelt @QEMPZY @Roarwtf L joke @lovergirrl_ Deji a sell out @Nitro20k Bro I said ddg, he wonBro wtfffffW
Retweeted by Fluid 🌟 @LVKlE @EmadGG Vvv @FaZeSway Stop liying @FaZeSway Nigga look like Lamar Odom @YourRAGEz Facts @PontiacMadeDDG @Nitro20k Ddg is winning on godGiving everyone $5 that likes this tweet if ddg loses @dereknImb On god ddg is winning @PontiacMadeDDG Lmaooo
@YourRAGEz Ong @roryywtf @DLGrinders @TeamDelirium V @lovergirrl_ How you doin @FaZeSway @cxltures @LVKlE @SypherPK vvvvvvvvvouch @TonzFN @SypherPK V @LVKlE @FaZeSway @LVKlE Shut up you macro 🀑 @cxltures Me @LVKlE W tiktoks @TeamSynergy @LVKlE W @LVKlE @gorewtf @FaZeSway @cxltures There was? @gorewtf @FaZeSway @cxltures @tisaaa Aii bet, say that @gorewtf @FaZeSway @cxltures Bro who tweaked ya pc??? @gorewtf @FaZeSway @cxltures I have the same😭 @gorewtf @FaZeSway @cxltures What is it I need to know @gorewtf @FaZeSway @cxltures @shahh check this outOMG RT RT @FaZeSway @cxltures
Retweeted by Fluid 🌟 @gorewtf @FaZeSway @cxltures Like bro you know exactly where they are @gorewtf @FaZeSway @cxltures How do you even get this shit bro your a robot @QEMPZY πŸ’€πŸ’€ @spirits1x Wtfff @fakeifys No not at all