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arch @FlVEOH In the 5.0

the boogeyman of valorant / አምስት ሊትር የቁጣ /

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@iForbiddenn have u slept yet even2 MONTHS IT TOOK 2 MONTHS LOL.
@chloe_hime7 Lamborghini @_Zakky_ IMAGINE SMASHING A METEOR ON A VENTI HURRICANE'D CLUSTER OF SHIT LIKE///////// @_Zakky_ Beidou seemed to be a lot of fun to use but I don't want to roll on the banner right now for her I hatedd… @_Zakky_ AND EVEN THEN I MISS USING CHONGYUN AND NOELLE @_Zakky_ Most recent change is taking out Keqing to start getting used to full cons geo Lumine to go with Zhongli s… cant stop changing my Genshin team lineup pls help @DubzaimTwitch this is like the valorant silver 1/2 level @superbot42 whats ur esea
@KP_fps @CthulhuLel oh my..if i hadnt just comm'd badges for the mustang FUCK maybe in a bit @polar_burrrr i made way too much on opskins back in the day, rip ;-;
@KazzraCSGO im gonna use this thanks @_Zakky_ a dull moment around here @KauligRacing with @AJDinger!!
Retweeted by arch @GalavantJH Getting up mega early Sunday to do mine as well 🖤 Still looks insane Danny @TheUglyBasedGod @Xeph0r got u bro; she so cute 😻 @TheUglyBasedGod @Xeph0r he aint sayin he isnt bro, body pillows are whats up dog
@Bladed__Angel Hahah thank you thank you 🤞 @Bladed__Angel Considering doing something for Fischl on my Magnetic 5.0; feel the gray and purple could mesh well 👁 @Bladed__Angel 12K AND NO BEIDOU BRO? @Bladed__Angel Beidou C6, is this a foreshadow of you buying a C6 vette and getting a Beidou wrap 👁 @Bladed__Angel Fucking GG LOL I have like 3k primo's still saved with a bunch of days left on Blessing so I'll be g… @Bladed__Angel I never had enough masterless :'( but it's ok time to whale and just make him C6 @Bladed__Angel ;-; I still have my lvl80 Razor on zero constellations so I'm hoping I get a couple in addition to Zhongli @Bladed__Angel I'm waiting for Zhongli only about 15 away from pity on the banner so 🤞 @Xeph0r thats whats up @chloe_hime7 naa but the new content in the game now is a great addittion, had nothing to grind for 2 of the days s… @Xeph0r lmk how peach rings is ;-;and this week's Out of Context Discord clip
Retweeted by archVOLUME WARNING Map 3 Highlights Vs. @TheRiseNation Proud of every single player on our roster. Got smashed first…
Retweeted by arch @TheUglyBasedGod @JSaulsTV may only get 6 kills a game but 4 of em in last round 🥶🤑🤧😤 @TheUglyBasedGod the man @JSaulsTV himself..always (well only) shows up in the last round with ez 4-5k @KP_fps @TheRiseNation post scoreboard men((( >:(
First level 80 😄😄 Razor is insane even at 0 constellation; with the next banner I hope to at least get 2 constellat… @Kxrinxw @iForbiddenn wait isnt aud worth less than cad as well 💀 @Kxrinxw @iForbiddenn idk man id rather get shot here and there than have income taxes worse than canada watchin that money go 💸Finally my first full constellation 😄 Barbara's Res will be super nice to have @GFuelEnergy @Wawa Found it quickly, don't worry 🗿🏪 @Wawa x #GFUEL ⚡ 🗣️ IT'S OFFICIAL, FOLKS! We're now available in over 200 #WaWa locations in the Florida Region!…
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The @GFuelEnergy FazeBerry Can is by far the best out of the cans so far, still would love to try the Peach Rings a…
he hates breadsticks too so... 20th @iForbiddenn 😘😘😄 @Xeph0r T :)I got C, reply for a letter :) @LaxxyFPS !!Doesn't really make sense to me to limit the ranks in q's to 3 above or below, but still go against people 5-7 rank… @NayriFan thats what im fuckin talkin about
The 2020 season is officially in the books & no one out-worked this team! We couldn't be more proud of the growth &…
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@KauligRacing @Justin_Haley_ @LeafFilter @RossChastain @NutrienAgRetail @phoenixraceway loved this video the second… @AquaticsTv no come give me hug @CS_DsN @realDonaldTrump ህመም የስሜቱ ክፍል ብቻ ነው ፡፡ በሁኔታው ተጨባጭ ሁኔታ የማይጸና የስነ-ልቦና ሽብር ፍፃሜው የማይቀር ነው ፡፡ ሥቃይና ጭንቀት በቅርቡ የማይ…
Retweeted by arch @realDonaldTrump ኃጢአተኛ ነፍስህ ከድነት በላይ ነው እናም ሰላምን እና ህመምንም አታውቅም ፣ ብቸኛው የባዶነት ቅዝቃዜ ብቻ ነው የንስሐ ጊዜ ተጠናቅቋል ፣ ምክንያቱም ጥፋቶ…
Retweeted by archGood morning to my 2 favorites 😍 @scoob_fps @in0X_fps show me a receipt of ur "drip" that ur parents didnt buy you
@scoob_fps @GFuelEnergy @Wawa lol ur 3 hours late to everything AND you dont have Wawa? 2 L's Zzzzz @im1ozo @GFuelEnergy @Wawa roast beef/cheese and some other shid; good as always @NayriFan soon Marquise then just Marcus @bxbygirxl_
It doesn’t matter hold long it’s been. If you have someone on your mind please hit them up. You never know, that person may even need it 💙
Retweeted by archBest combo; so happy to see @GFuelEnergy at my local @Wawa @AquaticsTv @itsemiliaalexa get me a curling iron i guess🤭 @JaydenSetser fucking ET home phone headass fingers @itsemiliaalexa i am nice florida man 😌✌️ @AquaticsTv @itsemiliaalexa oop hello 🤭
"Speaking of inbredded, should I go get a sandwich?" - @qtskyler @DonHaci Getting intense
Retweeted by archcant wait to get drafted for the next civil war in a few days @ScottyTidwell @Wawa @GFuelEnergy @FaZeClan Are they in ALL Wawa's in Florida?
@Xeph0r dissapointed in myself that i couldnt last 5 minutes. not buying the reaver vandal stop asking @KauligRacing @NASCAR_Xfinity @AJDinger Bristol/Daytona/Martinsville were all winnable runs as well, what an incred…'s Snack time ! #VALORANT #ValorantArt #Reyna #artph #ArtistsofSEA
Retweeted by archwill forever be the thing i can rely on to put a smile on my facedriving really puts me in such a good mood; really wish i could race for a living @Weser2k idek man, maybe tomorrow just want to keep listening to music and try to sleep for work tomorrow @Weser2k mine feels completely un-mentionable. like i couldnt even share it with somebody without them probably thr… literally feel DRAINED, the nightmare i had last night has been in my head just about all day and night has been… @Kxrinxw i dont even blame you sometimes @blindedxc Zzzzzz @blindedxc LMFAOOOOOOOOOO GET PRANKED
how to play fortnite step 2: to play fortnite step 1: do i always end up breaking a game looking for a team, I’m willing to play any agent.
Retweeted by arch @DrBingogh @mxiety @Lowco2525 at most pumps, press the 2nd button on the right side of the screen to turn off the a…
@madacsgo hype sauce, snow cone, fazeberry, pewdiepie, sour blue @in0X_fps @landmazCS @xternalTV @THEWoodmasta yo fuck florida on god
@KauligRacing @MartinsvilleSwy @TeamChevy @LeafFilter @AJDinger @NASCAR_Xfinity @Justin_Haley_ @XfinityRacing @FordMustang that crowd better watch out! @AquaticsTv please 🥺
@CrackheadCS give me a kiss @AquaticsTv hi friend:) @AquaticsTv dude i keep begging
@AquaticsTv please... im literally begging at this point