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Flies, Natural History Museum (London), fieldwork, Entomology, President of @AmEntSoc & wine lover. Author of 'The Secret Life of Flies'. Hon. F.R.E.S

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No privacy - even beneath the Ragwort flowers. Long Hoverfly (Sphaerophoria scripta) @flygirlNHM @Buzz_dont_tweet
Retweeted by Dr Erica McAlister @SJBKnott @SoldierfliesRS @hertsbna @StevenFalk1 @kitenet @judyweb32049878 @iancbeavis Oh i love thisStratiomys potamida ♀ today in Bengeo garden, truly stunning large soldierfly & fantastic wasp mimic.…
Retweeted by Dr Erica McAlister @FranRowney @Envirotech_RND @AndWhitehouse @iRecordWildlife Do. I have just added one now and am feeling smug ;)Ignore the terrible photo, instead focus on the fact that today's 'whats in my garden' is Catharosia pygmaea 😀. Thi… are amazing! They can fly in bursts of up to 40km/hour & their larvae are voracious predators of aphids.…
Retweeted by Dr Erica McAlister @DaveBriceDogs good call - its a luniger, as they don't. That makes me happy as I had it at that with its head. Thank you!Now this should be very interesting. botherers - is this head Eupeodes luniger? Or E. corollary? Cheers x
@BrytheFlyGuy Oh Bryan - 🤗 is all I can sayHoverflies are amazing! They can fly in bursts of up to 40km/hour & their larvae are voracious predators of aphids.…
Retweeted by Dr Erica McAlister @alisonberryman Isn’t it amazing? @artroomplant @stucairnsmaker My partner has just seen this and his face was pure joy! We loved it (I especially liked the fox legs!)clarification - 5 Pachygastrinae (not 5 Pachygaster). All of these species have terrestrial larvae and so get looking in your gardens :)Welcome back visitors. This will be one of the best times to visit - reduced numbers will lead to a more intimate e… @CooperOE @StevenFalk1 Lovely photos @SoldierfliesRSThis morning I was happy find a few of the scarce Conopidae: Thecophora fulvipes in an adjacent meadow to Long Mead…
Retweeted by Dr Erica McAlisterFirst garden malaise sample is being sorted. Once the moths were discarded the fun began... Today’s highlight was… @cezzaedwards I guess the males are... 😉Gift giving is something this family of flies does very well. In fact in many cases the adult females don't hunt at… @mweiss_tue @amazon 👍 @CathHodsman @amazon ☹️
@BobHenry57 @amazon That may be the case. But does that mean it’s a humane way to deal with perceived pests or just… minuta eggs -- very cool!
Retweeted by Dr Erica McAlister @annesver @amazon Sticky traps for insects drive me insane and they’re legaldear @Mammal_Society - have you seen these? @SLeguil @amazon I don't get it. Who are these people buying/selling/designing these things?? It makes me absolutely livid...What is this @amazon ?? this is not humane - it is a very slow way of killing an animal - an animal that slowly dro… @BFly52 @JackDAshby It was...I’m hopeful for the 6-winged insects to have made it to some nearby land mass @artroomplant @stucairnsmaker XxxTwitter can reveal to the world wonderful and artistic folks. Inspired by my mornings peanut raid @artroomplant has… @artroomplant @stucairnsmaker Oh that has made me cry!! that is wonderful!!Dear twitter - can you answer this plea? @naturenut53 please tell me you took that photo - its brilliant @naturenut53 hehehehe @JackDAshby nothing?? there is hope Jack, hope?? @PaulWilliamsNHM @JackDAshby Will you be the PI then?In the organisation of my electronic files I came across a taxonomic review of #Snouters - a very in-depth study of… @samchandler_ @JoJoAvery @SilphidaeUk @SilphidEsh @Buzz_dont_tweet @JWentomologist its a male - the females don't h… @RoyEntSoc @Acongiu24 @Buzz_dont_tweet @DipteristsForum Indeed it was once purely dipterous but now it is mostly fu… are amazing! They can fly in bursts of up to 40km/hour & their larvae are voracious predators of aphids.…
Retweeted by Dr Erica McAlister @TheProfRobin @matthewcobb But the sack has gone completely (the one in the picture is a sack of Nyger seeds). It w… @jolivsey @inky_r @matthewcobb Hehe @inky_r @matthewcobb Or something way more sinister... @artroomplant @matthewcobb If I had badgers here I’d be amazed and very happy. I can’t quite see the squirrels organising themsel…’ve had a robbery...there was a large sack of peanuts.:..#foxes
Had made a mini hoverfly lagoon, but comfrey rotting in a garden trug is way better. Not everyone’s cup of (comfrey…
Retweeted by Dr Erica McAlister @Natalie_yamyam @flygirlNHM @BBCRadio4 You can listen to her chatting to the @entocast team too 👍- great podcast
Retweeted by Dr Erica McAlister @Natalie_yamyam @BBCRadio4 Glad to have helped with you joining the #FlyAppreciationSocietyI highly recommend listening to the interview @flygirlNHM did on @BBCRadio4 Life Scientific about the beauty of fli…
Retweeted by Dr Erica McAlisterUp close in my garden! The value of the amazing hoverflies - Episyrphus balteatus - the marmalade hover fly… @DavidHo20704168 No idea! This is up to publishing! i will pass on your request...Today's Wild A-Z is 'M' - aphid-munching marmalade hoverfly larvae are adept at getting out of trouble - if they fa…
Retweeted by Dr Erica McAlister
@Lucy_Lapwing @BDSdragonflies that's the level of nerd I like! @RJCBennett Wasp - paging @BroadGavin @MarcHeathym007 @BDSdragonflies thanks for that x @entoarron They could be ‘fishing’ - adults are predators♂ Oxycera dives on the North York Moors yesterday...attractive medium-sized soldierfly with a northerly distributio…
Retweeted by Dr Erica McAlister @entoarron Guardian competition @matthewcobb @BDSdragonflies It’s being able to do it all in one go - and leave bits of your eyes behind - like a s… @BDSdragonflies - can you tell the species by the exuvia? Is this the abandoned skin of a hawker? It is stil… @SusanFalconer7 @BuglifeScotland This is a wonderful stiletto fly (Therevidae) - genus Thereva. You have a total hipster there 👊Flies are beginning to get the positive attention they deserve - soldier flies are some of the more attractive ones… lovely Roe deer on yesterday’s Surrey ramble near Walton-on-the-hill. Lovely big commons/heath/woodland for these… rambles of Surrey are made all the better with a pint of nutty ale! the clouds make a feather
@JoJoAvery @SilphidaeUk @SilphidEsh @Buzz_dont_tweet @JWentomologist Love a DermapteraNot found my #nicrophorus investigator yet (anyone finds one I need it!!) But was lucky to see this lovely lady tod…
Retweeted by Dr Erica McAlister @Peculiar @LaughingGravy71 Yours or mine?Today’s rural ramble in #Surrey will apparently be exhilarating..I love this book 📚 @LaughingGravy71 @PeterBoland19 @Peculiar @LaughingGravy71 - you should be my agent! @PeterBoland19 @LaughingGravy71 @Peculiar They are prescribed on the NHS - we are understanding more and more about… @PeterBoland19 @LaughingGravy71 @Peculiar Wish I did.....@Peculiar, in this passage from a wonderful book by @flygirlNHM 'The Secret Life Of Flies', this chap not only sha…
Retweeted by Dr Erica McAlister
@JeanetteHall9 it is my go-to measurement @StevenPinedaR @adriawildlife These look like Laphria sp. @domgreves millions of erica-botsoh my - this is wonderful for #Flyfriday....and it may have been a letter from me 😉 sp fly? Seen in my garden, very nice markings. @NHM_Diptera @DipteristsForum @Buzz_dont_tweet @insectweek
Retweeted by Dr Erica McAlister @lisajrwilliams @NHM_Diptera @DipteristsForum @Buzz_dont_tweet @insectweek best cone heads @SarahVallance3 @georgecmcgavin @Britnatureguide I believe it is P. rufipes. The @RoyEntSoc key states that it is v… @StevenPinedaR @adriawildlife or you!! haha @StevenPinedaR @adriawildlife its a bug (true bug) but i can't tell me more @002Tomo @Cavalry_Chopper @WildlifeMag @WoodlandTrust Its a Horse fly - and a Tabanus species (but i would like bet… paper on bot flies #flyfriday
@lisajrwilliams @RSPBMiddleton @Natures_Voice @NHM_Diptera @DipteristsForum @Buzz_dont_tweet @insectweek @xylota @kitenet @uksarcs @GaryWVC76 @NHM_Diptera @ScottShanks01 I think Sepsis sp, sepsidaeAnother super hoverfly in the garden today - the hornet mimic Volucella zonaria @flygirlNHM @NHM_London
Retweeted by Dr Erica McAlister @BeetlesYeehaw Oh you may be seeing us at the @NHM_London then 😉 @BeetlesYeehaw How lovely. Where are you doing your masters?Tucking into @flygirlNHM ‘the secret life of flies’ in prep for my ento masters. Wish I had this before my disserta…
Retweeted by Dr Erica McAlister @domgreves @Mike_Hus’s all quiet. Our sleeping museum. Wrapped up in a bed of security #museum @BFly52 @Bertonemyia @elgatoabeja @liquidanbar Its the simple things. A good fly can swell many a heart @ChloeWainwrigh6 @wwf_uk @YWT_North @WildlifeTrusts @WildlifeMag It really is a squadron of flies @OW_Photography No, I doubt that - you have your fly whispering talent to thank for seeing itJust got to work and upon opening my mail I came across this. There are some lovely folks out there… @uksarcs @OW_Photography @CanonUKandIE I meant to tag you in as I thought so too! Distracted as part time back at work so can’t play as much