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Scott Innes @Flying_Inside England, United Kingdom

Author of Galactic Keegan (published May 2020 by @unbounders). Relentless worrier. Be Traist. Keep passing the open windows.

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@ij_ford Later this month in fact, unless it’s been pushed back again. @tiddySPA Very much so. @jamiesears1989 I’ve never seen it though not through deliberately avoiding. Thanks for the tip!I gave People Just Do Nothing short shrift for years because I assumed the setting and characters wouldn’t be my ty…“But Harry, how are you going to make peace with the Spurs fans if Man City decide to sign Messi instead?” @TomFlight Thank-you for listening - really pleased you enjoyed it! @elisjames Thanks Elis!I don’t mean that in a backslapping way (though I know I’ll almost definitely delete this soon when I realise that… the caveat that it’s probably not up against stiff competition, and unusually given that I tend to believe eve… @rickburin Royal Albert Hall ➡️ Lilian Gish ➡️ ??? ➡️ Profit @Herne_TheHunter I’m going to delete this now because it isn’t him I’m talking about, despite several replies saying it must be.Heading into a season with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Patrick Vieira and Mikel Arteta as Premier League managers is a ch… @lewyj90 I’m not referring to him. @FurnaceFear @riffraffhands (Rob’s deleted one was actually who I was thinking of) @AndyVale That’s assuming we’re thinking of the same person, of course. @fellfromfiction No, but I stumbled upon that guy just recently and it was an instant mute. @GeordieChris_F No
@matthewjbutler It’s no Boy With Apple. @matthewjbutler @matthewjbutler That could make all the difference, it’s 50/50 at the moment and it could snatch a last-Glasp victory. @DQStuff I think it’s currently on Disney+ which I’ve recently subscribed to, so no excuses! @DQStuff Ah! Not seen it in about 15 years, I’m overdue a revisit. @DQStuff Not a fan? @kimberrrrrs Yep, Derby invited Tosh along to help launch their new kit in 1996. As you do… @BarristerSecret 50% of the reason is just me wanting to listen to the theme music over and over. @BrianSpanner1 Sometime in the autumn but no specific date yet.Rewatching Succession from the beginning ahead of the third season @Rowlf75 £30m not bad for a 28-year-old with an iffy injury record, mind you. @hazeldanger I’ll bet! @Rowlf75 I can imagine! A shame. Not much time for a replacement either.Robert Webb on Strictly @Rowlf75 Villa have potential but it does seem an oddly sideways move at this point.Big fan of them including a photo of him looking absolutely aghast about the news recent ‘Collector’s Edition’ King hardbacks do seem to essentially amount to ‘just make it purple’ in to get a little pick-me-up on the way home @dubzkis Ohhhhh - I’m with you. Apologies for being so face-value. To be honest I haven’t really been following the… @dubzkis I had no idea that was an unusual expression.Christian Eriksen back at Inter training ground today. “He’s in really good conditions”, official statement says. F…
Retweeted by Scott Innes @picturepedlar Which I absolutely love, so it’s a double-win for me. @will_nett God, imagine!The most wonderful time of the year that arsey Jed Mercurio interview reminded me of Richard Bucket's massive strop in Doctor Who Magazine.
Retweeted by Scott Innes @andrewsillett Haha excellent @GeoffShadbold Agreed. It had completely passed me by until now - he’s a real natural.Daniel Levy when Kane finally turns up for training enjoyed this earlier - like being given the opportunity to eavesdrop on an amiable conversation between two… @rickburin @CheapPanini Hahahaha @CheapPanini One of this roster once described me as providing ‘thinking man’s banter’, then unfollowed me a couple of months later. @So_Very_Tired Tie between that and Karl Havoc for me. @ChrisDuzTweets I think that’s my favourite line in the whole thing. The delivery is amazing.“That’s why no-one watches AOL Blast.”
@rainy101 It’ll come round again I’m sure. I’ll let you know if I spot it. @rainy101 Not currently; I watched season 1 on Prime and then a week later I went to start s2 and found it had all… finished the final episode of Friday Night Lights and feel completely bereft that it’s all over. What a show,… @DJ_Nicol @MrKenShabby Oh, just the usual mortification that comes with a bawdy typo @DJ_Nicol @MrKenShabby Yes, yes, very good @Ita99 @MrKenShabby Haha - oops. Can’t be bothered to repost with this horror now in everyone’s minds so oh well @bouledenerfs_ @MrKenShabby Arghhhhh
@mhart2221 Thank-you - I really hope you enjoy it! @AdolphusSpriggs Cheers Paul! @Steven_Lanham God, my dream project! @andypren Thanks Andy :) @MysteriosoX Thank-you!I haven’t plugged the book in ages (partially because the above has sadly taken a lot of the shine off it for me) b… @KosmicKris Thanks Chris, that’s kind. @ajholt Thanks Andy, appreciated. @rainy101 Cheers Rainy x @ld_morris Ha, delighted to hear that. Thank-you. @CheapPanini
It’s because of the way I was treated by them at the end more than anything else, but the fact that my book still f… Johnson when Carrie told him the news Williamson right now @matthewjbutler He’s a dreamboat.Bought some books and other bits for our nephew’s birthday and I also picked this up for myself in the same shop -… @pauljlaverty Love Life Aquatic, though I find Darjeeling more of a mixed bag. @pauljlaverty A masterpiece. @matthewjbutler @michaelglasper Ha, I did wonder if people might assume that! It’s the song they did for the soundt… @pauljlaverty “I’m not colourblind, am I?” “…I’m afraid you are.” @michaelglasper @matthewjbutler Great question. This would be mine - I love all of his books but this one most espe…
There you stand, a hundred feet above the silent decks, striding along the deep, as if the masts were gigantic stil…
Retweeted by Scott Innes @alreadytaken74 “I’m currently a fan of your work”I had a small heart attack. But I'm going to be ok thanks to Rosa Estrada and the doctors who knew how to fix the…
Retweeted by Scott Innes @keith_r_foster Perfectly enjoyable song. Never understood the hate. @AdolphusSpriggs Thanks Paul - most replies were very nice of course but a couple of weird ones started to appear a… @LesleyB4 Thanks! Someone else said similar earlier, which is lovely to hear. @matthewjbutler Lovely stuff! @jenjax101 @fellfromfiction Aw, that’s really lovely of you - thanks Jen :) @fellfromfiction @jenjax101 I’m delighted to know that people even remember it! Certainly I know my family won’t ever forget… @jamabing @SamAnorac Oh how weird - I followed him ages ago, then I think he deactivated. I didn’t realise he had subsequently returned! @jenjax101 Haha, I’m delighted to hear that :) @jenjax101 Thanks! Maybe I’ll repost it around Halloween time if I remember…Can’t see the title ‘Porgy & Bess’ without mentally adding ‘Crimebusters of the sea…’ @Caitrionakelly4 I have, but thanks though. @Caitrionakelly4 It’s inevitable, but exhausting. I completely wilt in the face of conflict or aggression, that sor… @youwouldknow @KosmicKris That’s very kind! And I know what you mean - in my case I guess I was asking for trouble tweeting about… @il_cagnaccio No, that’s still up and I stand by it @youwouldknow It just isn’t worth the inevitable aggro most of the time. @RealTomH I made the mistake of tweeting about a covid-denying family member testing positive, with the inevitable…