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Scott Innes @Flying_Inside England, United Kingdom

Author of Galactic Keegan (published May 2020). Rep’d by @RoryScarfe at The Blair Partnership. Relentless worrier. Be Traist. Keep passing the open windows.

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Goodnight“And my axe!” @matkinsj Word has spread about the chocolate orange cookies @matkinsj I’d seen people on here this week saying it had happened to them but I was spared until now.My iPhone abruptly deciding to lower the volume with a notification telling me it was too loud @teletextpage152 HahahaIn my second Keegan-themed dream of the week, it was Biden’s inauguration speech and he started talking about 2024,… @matkinsj They are quite superb. @pontyoriginal You’re very welcome! I’ll DM soon to arrange it all :) @matkinsj The choc orange ones? the electric guitar bit kicks in during Mike Oldfield’s ‘In Dulci Jubilo’ @Sassyb74 You’re very welcome! I’ll DM with the details shortly :)Congratulations to @pontyoriginal who wins a signed copy of Galactic Keegan! And to @Sassyb74 who gets a free downl… @michaelglasper Sunblind @Telibarb‘High Water’ is one of my favourite Dylan songs and a big reason for that is the resentful disdain Dylan sounds lik… @bartramsgob Me talking to my wife about Bartram later @Chipper63026387 @michaelglasper That looks really great.Cat meets polar bear @michaelglasper I have all-but three from the original run. @michaelglasper Ooh yes. Count me in. @grongy Haha - yes, probably best not to know... @grongy Always my first thought too. It’s what Jules Verne would have wanted.Strong Phileas Fogg energy @Telibarb @DavidMuttering Yeah, I was 17-21 during this period so a lot more free time and willingness to do that s… @DavidMuttering But of course. I think I even watched two back-to-back on one day.Each Lord of the Rings film, seven times. Almost three days of my life. I regret nothing. are amazing, safe, and save countless lives. (Doubt any of you clever people need to hear this but I have…
Retweeted by Scott Innes @tomreeve89 @matthewjbutler I’ve always said that, so.... @tomreeve89 @matthewjbutler They should be equal. @Trudi_Tweedie Hahaha @Flying_Inside
Retweeted by Scott Innes @SkillageSteve Hahaha yes @wride_nicholas It’s just an entertaining combo of headlines.Story checks out @RealTomH Not sure I know that oneStill time to put your hat into the ring for this - for you, or a Christmas gift for a loved one, or as a colourful… @Flying_Inside Can we make representations to your appraisal?
Retweeted by Scott Innes @HindChristopher Completely falseAppraisal this morning Witch-king of Angmar updating Sauron via Zoom after the Nazgûl take a disastrous wrong turn @RobFrancis82 Smooth emu?As a health worker, there’s a fair chance I’ll be having the jab in the next few weeks. If one of the listed side e… breaking news from the government: Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine has been approved for use in the UK. Happy Christmas
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@MrMutantes Often when a following develops it can all get very indulgent and runtimes start to bloat because of in… @MrMutantes @MrMutantes I love my little weekly roster of podcasts but this can be a real bugbear. I’ve ditched a couple this year for this reason.Goodnight @Telibarb The suspense continues - in my family we have a tradition of putting the tree and decorations up on 10th… @ChrisHewittLFC “The first half so far has—“ “Yep, yeah, it has Fletch, yeah.”Scrooge was better than his word - he did it all and infinitely more. It was always said of him that he knew how to… @PhelpsieSarah Poor thing. Hope she’s on the mend in double-quick time xHuge respect to Boney M for rhyming ‘Christmas Day’ with ‘Christmas Day’. @ljw12627 No, last year’s.It’s December, so here’s an early festive giveaway if that’s your thing. RT this and I’ll pick a random winner who… @Al_dmc Worzel Gummidge was the highlight of last year’s schedules for me so I’m looking forward to that very much. @nsummers1234 Not sure it’s connected really, people can watch Christmas TV in their own homes. @judith_potts That’ll be on Christmas Day... @scotty8692 That’s what reminded me. @polychoc Up to you of course, I loved it. @polychoc I assume so, certainly there isn’t a new one in the offing - but yes, more likely to be the 2019 one rath… former colleague was buzzing about Kung Fu Panda in 2008, booking a day off to see it. I was also off that day an…“Is there ANYTHING to be said for more Kung Fu Panda?” Bird's version of O Holy Night from his new Christmas album is a beautiful thing @Mogleeone Lovely - thanks! I really hope you enjoy it :) @KosmicKris Haha, no, a perfect addition! @KosmicKris @MrMutantes Yeah, I found it a superficial and very unpleasant piece of work. Phoenix is terrific but it wasn’t for me. @MrMutantes Haha - had to go with a different Fuller this time to avoid confusion with someone else on here who has… @petercmoore @JasonMJRyder Goodness me, what a treat you all have in store! @arrgeearr The rubber sheets are packed. @jameswelham Haha! Maybe I’ll find an alternative Fuller pic, he is my Christmas spirit animal. @jameswelham Haha - unfortunately someone else on here with whom I share a lot of followers now does the same thing… once had an ECG and because the technician was silent while prepping me, I nervously tried to make conversation.… @jeffbartrop @JasonMJRyder I don’t have Disney+ sadly but good to know it’s accessible! I normally pause the film and dig it out on YouTube.Of course, it cannot truly be the Christmas season until you’ve seen the video for Heartbeat by Steps, in which H i… don't want a lot for Christmas There is just one thing I need I don't care about the presents Underneath the Chri… years ago @Flying_Inside did an amazing job in summarising why Muppets Christmas Carol is such a good film!
Retweeted by Scott Innes @JasonMJRyder Well remembered! Thanks :)Off we go
Goodnight yoga classes.... online via Zoom and returning to the studio soon! Follow me to find out more, and please s…
Retweeted by Scott InnesAs well as being patient enough to put up with me day in, day out, my wife Laura is a yoga teacher - if you’ve atte… @kfingleton I only realised a couple of years ago that they were seasonal. Likewise hot cross buns. @MrMutantes It’s not my fault you don’t read my tweets from home tomorrow and because it’s December I can wear Christmas socks and listen to Christmas music Savage on the FA Cup draw, peering at the monitor behind the camera to see which team he’s just drawn before… @bromskibeat @scrapegroat Hardly any @scrapegroat @kfingleton I believe it means ‘I also like @scrapegroat @Laking86 @scrapegroat Haha, delighted/mortified to oblige @Laking86 @scrapegroat I’d downloaded that Roy on the laptop because when making the photo calendar for my mum at t… @scrapegroat The most depressing part was when I told Laura about it later and she looked extremely unsurprised.A non-Friday #ff for the marvellous @scrapegroat, who yesterday responded patiently and with good humour when I tri… @MrMutantes @scrapegroat @RobFrancis82 His reaction summed it up @jackbern23 Steve Staunton’s The Windowsill - contestants have to find a clue hidden behind numerous knick-knacks,…“Gregg, BBC Sport have been in touch - are you free to film a quick advert in which you’re a giant who swoops down… @scrapegroat Fair