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MAG - Writer, Retired Minister, Conservative Theology, Solar Power. Frmr Intel, NASA, DOD, Mgt Consult. Politics since 1960. Very Married!

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@79RT79 @RealMattCouch Are you that naive? Look at the history of 'chaos & divide' and 'never let a crisis go to wa… sign should be enough! If one does not work, 50 won't work! $$$ to BLM help Black people! When will corporations realize this? When will people realize this? sentence, if convicted! @jpelzer Forgive often, love always!Twitter is causing us to lose followers every day. Let’s join together and support our President now more than ever…
Retweeted by James Daffron @EvanAKilgore Not in this lifetime!
@OfsBarbara @jsolomonReports @MemphisGrits2 Probably elsewhere, unless you check cemetary. @spectre_88 @aliluvslife @jsolomonReports They are either honest or Republicans! @Louise_FixedIt @AslanTigger1 @lostinjonestown @jsolomonReports @MaggiePeggy123 Most people do, but many election b… @Patti78746960 @MC20681834 @eddoc30322 @kimmiefultz @jsolomonReports If it is close enough? My signatures never match. @NATALAKI101 @wholefist_doc @Strandjunker Michelle's junket to Spain with 3 dozen friends cost nearly $470,000. Don… @Strandjunker This is a lie. @LaVaqueAudio @TranslateRealDT Can't you see truth? Democrats will do whatever they can to keep the swamp alive! Tw… @RedskinsRant @washfootbaII Wolfpack id trademarked! @SkipNation @washfootbaII Vomit @PatriotWWG1WWGA @G_TheOriginal @TheStormWWG1WGA Me too.Biden will jack up your taxes! @JudgeJeaninefan I am so pleased to hear that. I would love to see pictures. But if you have them, please destroy t… @incognito51 Not in my body!Brian Stelter lies! Not news! you're MAGA and not a bot 🤖 please retweet this...
Retweeted by James Daffron @melodythebadger The Flag! Go away!Others should face death! the extra $400 a week on top of your unemployment isnt enough after you just had $600 a week on top of your unem…
Retweeted by James DaffronThe NY Attorney General's baseless lawsuit to DISSOLVE the NRA will cost DEMS the 2020 election... WHO AGREES?
Retweeted by James Daffron @HighHeeledMom Something else... @KamVTV Remember, it is not just Trump that the Democrats want to control - it is all Americans! @yosaidwhat @KamVTV @realDonaldTrump The swamp is being exposed & fighting back. I did not expect them to go quietly. Did you? @deqwik2 @KamVTV Truth! @KamVTV Not just the destruction of the Presidency, but the country and the people. Destroying cities, destroying b…
@dude_fry15 @SuaSponte1776 @lmnysf @realDonaldTrump @CNN You are so confused. Trump prevented the mistake. Hillary… @clevelandrock08 @ChrstopherEger @BurghFan99 @JudgeJeaninefan @kybetra Did the Tooth Fairy tell you that?
@ChuckCallesto I am in my 70s. He has done the best job as a President since Reagan at undoing the Democrat's mess… @SteveBing7 Thanks. @Ek7_PRN Yes!
You idiot - its the China virus. The Left can't even get that correct! @dude_fry15 @SuaSponte1776 @lmnysf @realDonaldTrump @CNN That is only your opinion. The media told everyone he did… @RobotJesus3 @WeMightAgree @ThomasSowell Some public schools don't deliver. That needs to be corrected. @ThomasSowell Teachers are mostly great,but no political group has done more damage to inner cities than the teachers union.
Retweeted by James Daffron @ThomasSowell Every American child deserves an excellent education. We as a people should accept nothing less.
Retweeted by James Daffron @ThomasSowell Americans must vote Republican and change our country's trajectory together.
Retweeted by James Daffron @ThomasSowell I have loved reading Thomas Sowell since the early 90's when I first picked up his articles. Thank yo…
Retweeted by James Daffron @ThomasSowell Both parties would treat black voters better if they tended not to vote as a bloc. Someday everybody…
Retweeted by James Daffron @DrNeuralNet @ThomasSowell You can thank the Democrat party for THAT. Teachers Union won't allow choice. It is cri…
Retweeted by James Daffron @ThomasSowell As long as we keep the Bible and prayer out of school, ignore the devastation of broken families, pro…
Retweeted by James Daffron
Bill Clinton looks like a demon. I think we only know about 2% of the evil he has done in his life.
Retweeted by James Daffron @AmyBerz Praise God! @CharminUltra17 @incognito51 Thank you.Joe Rogan- I have a friend who went to the Dr to get covid tested. His Dr asked what his political leanings were. H…
Retweeted by James DaffronIf you agree, retweet! @mitchellvii I certainly have! @Ek7_PRN There is enough evidence to say yes. Dr. Fauci wrote a paper in 2005 saying yes. Why has he backed off of that now?When police go away... @HillaryClinton
Retweeted by James Daffron @InGodIDoTrust I know of none. And no one I know knows of anyone. I have family in OR, PA, WV, MD, VA, FL, NC, TX,… @ProudlyChaotic @Holly_WV God Bless you dear. I am in my mid 70s. I had explained the facts to the young inexperien… major MSM figure walks off job. Can't take it any longer! fear Democrat sabotage of the election, including colluding with foreign agents to collect and distribute false i…
Retweeted by James DaffronNow indict Adam Schiff for receiving foreign money! give up! Why do Dems hate America? @Steve19252294 Not until after I had Cancer at age 60.
Sacremto, Calif stands with Trump stupid comment. If you are not a raving Marxist, you will get your head bashed in. You can't stop and start… cowards! Try burn the Qu'ran! You are nothing cowards. Nobody will react to you burning Bibles. You will all g… a stupid comment. Does she have an IQ below 50? Doesn't she realize that anyone that doesn't fit in with the f… very NAZI of the of the Antifa in Portland to burn books. Hitler would be so very proud of them! not tempt God, He is far more powerful than you! @RealMattCouch Not betting a nickle on it! @ACTBrigitte AnnointedRT if you hope Ghislaine Maxwell brings down the Epstein Island pedos, no matter who is involved!
Retweeted by James Daffron @JudgeJeanine Excellent opening! Keep it up! We love your show!
@rkny18 @TedVando @ThomasSowell @blazendays If you believe anything that Politico puts out, you are dumber than a rock. @Above_The_Gods @ThomasSowell @DBCoope57765104 You have not looked very hard. @gjgeorgas @ThomasSowell Basketball was invented for people. Guess what? Both sexes an people of all colors play an… @AssBiden @ThomasSowell In the history books the you were never allowed to read. @Fionalo53519376 @ThomasSowell You poor pathetic confused child. @objectivestand1 @ThomasSowell Look up Margaret Sanger and read everything you can about her, until you throw up. S…
@Its_Stationary @fearless12342 @toomuchsandwich Give me s break. Look up the definition of vassal state!AOC DOES NOT LIKE THIS. PPLEASE RETWEET! @ChuckCallesto I never believed Bill, Hillary, or Chelsea. They lied, cheated and stole!It’s Friday, July 31st, 2020, and Barack Obama was the most corrupt President in US history. #Obamagate
Retweeted by James Daffron @InGodIDoTrust Fear not! Do not let your heats be troubled! @James78141017 James - The U.S. economy can not handle the forgiveness of debt. Even the forgiveness of College Loa… @SpiritJordache @James78141017 You are correct. We do not have a system that can handle forgivenness of debt. @tasandlotty @Pethtelcc23 @James78141017 I am glad you put quotes around church. I agree that those i Christ will n… one - Funny! @JoanGrasser1 @cspan @BarackObama Because Democrats spew hate in church - not love! @DC4Hope @cspan @BarackObama Lies, hate, and encouraging riots! Not what former presidents should do. But this is w… @Wicked_220 @cspan @BarackObama You mean a lying Pos!He is talking about a fellow Democrat. One of Joe Biden's buddies. Joe Biden was against Segregation, too! Lest we… McKayla, do you expect Democrats to make sense, be logical, follow facts or reason? Are you looking for a '… @washfootbaII You are welcome to your opinion. The First Amendment gives you the right to agree with the most stupi… evil! it time to DISMANTLE Teachers Unions?
Retweeted by James DaffronSomebody please tell Congressman Clyburn, who doesn’t have a clue, that the chart he put up indicating more CASES f…
Retweeted by James DaffronNo thank you, she is not really funny! wonder how much money Feinstein has invested on China - in her husband's name, of course! know those cloth masks they say are sufficient? Medical studies show they make you MORE likely to become infec…
Retweeted by James DaffronLet’s get this stright... This is an uniform..this is a costume 👇👇👇 👇👇👇
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