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when a weapon has no emotions but becomes tiktok famous start to #BLASTPremier ace from @goldenmajk finished with the deagle. feel kinda dirty watching that 😳 to show em why Fnatic is here. It's our #BLASTPremier debut against @MADLions_LoLEN!'s almost time for our #BLASTPremier debut. Half the reason we accepted the invite is because they have fan cam.… BLAST PREMIER SPRING SHOWDOWN SCHEDULE 🔥 Broadcast starts at 3 PM CEST 🕒 Watch it live on: 📺…
Retweeted by FNATICEver typed "JW LUL" in twitch chat? Send in your plays. Our team are guessing your mm rank live on Thursday. expect bm SUBMIT: @MedicCasts @MedicCasts doctor @MedicCasts knock knockWow, can't believe this lines up exactly when the Fnatic social media team have a really important all-day meeting…
Thank you all for watching the Fnatic UK Masters powered by @Klarna. 2⃣4⃣8⃣ goals 5⃣6⃣ games 4⃣.3⃣ goals per game…, @Huge_Gorilla might be back u know 🙊 He's the Xbox champion of the FIFA UK Masters powered by @Klarna. 🏆👏 Offensive 👏 custom 👏 tactics 👏 make 👏 FIFA 👏 the 👏 game 👏 we 👏 deserve 👏 to 👏 watch 👏 and 👏 play 👏 @Huge_Gorilla Ye that's what it's about235 goals later and we're in our last game of the FIFA UK Masters powered by @Klarna. Still two weeks left till th… to Agueerrooooo As if @Tekkz pulled off this backheel to force extra time at 6-6. 🙈 made this tournament to deliver better FIFA, more goals. We've got just that. Retweet & vote for your… tournament wins in a row. 🏆🏆🏆🏆 We take the #ESLOne Birmingham SEA trophy. @23savageDotA, @moon_dota,… 2 CDMs, no OBS, no five-man defence. Yeah...we saw 123 goals in 26 games on PS4. we getting more on xbox? The… Dota is Knifnatic too, right @iceiceicedota? 🔪 It's grand finals time with @boomesportsid at ESL One Birmin…
Your PS4 champion, @HashtagTom_! 🖤🧡 Day 1 of the Fnatic FIFA UK Masters powered by @Klarna has concluded, and we s… Fnatic UK Masters powered @Klarna was designed for attacking FIFA. We made the ruleset for fun FIFA. 1⃣1⃣7⃣ go… @HashtagTom_ @JustEatUK @EthxnH_ @damiefifa yeah, your dinner getting delivered just in time for the grand finalIt's Saturday night, now's time to win a £50 @JustEatUK voucher. Retweet & vote for your @JustEatUK Goal of the Da… @fifaaddiction @Klarna @HashtagTom_ @FUTWIZPainter @EthxnH_ @StokesFIFA @HashtagHarry__ @Shellzz @damiefifa or shot, @EthxnH_? Adama Traoré is the most visionary footballer of all time. made the tournament to show attacking FIFA. We invited those who do it best. @Tekkz has predicted his old Fnati… @endercasts "(lol)"? you weren't even born in 2011No obs, min 5 depth, no drop back. This is the FIFA you want to watch. Day 1 of the UK Masters powered by @Klarna
hello I am live
Retweeted by FNATICUp to $2m for our chosen charity @UNICEF on the line. SPAM ⚡️ THIS⚡️ STATIC ⚡️ TO ⚡️ HELP ⚡️ GOOD ⚡️ CAUSES wouldn't be the best of British FIFA without these two. Our talent team are locked in for the FIFA UK Masters p… hours until @OGesportsCSGO are on the chopping block. It might be a charity tournament, but it's not a friendly.… @justeatuk dish makes @Tekkz happy? 🤔 🍛 Chicken Tekka Masala? 🍔 Tekkaway Chicken burger and Coleslaw? 🍗 Tekki… the @JustEatUK saves your weekend. you could @Klarna a card, who you picking? 🤔 @UKMasters @Klarna @Tekkz @Zelonius @HashtagTom_ @HashtagShawrey @HashtagHarry__ @Huge_Gorilla @damiefifa Masters presented by @Klarna players locked in 🔒 @Tekkz @Zelonius @HashtagTom_ @HashtagShawrey🌏 APAC move 🇧🇪 Why @CrapelleR6 joined FNATIC 🌊 Operation Steel Wave opinions 🤏 How short is @MagnetR6 really? Ask…
@JW1 bragging is the knifnatic waysend this photo to anyone who argues esports merch isn't next level The Knifnatic Drop. studied the blade. We made it a drop. The Knifnatic Drop is here. will convince the content team to do more Guess My ELO Live episodes if you type: "Yes". #FNATICLIVE tonight… anyone guess @mithygg's elo? @LEC altoke mi rey @xPeke @jandrofvp A DELIVERY! We're proud to announce @JustEatUK as the official broadcast partner for the FIFA UK Masters! Fo… @T1LoL Do this and you will win: 💪😤👌What a time to be alive @douglascosta @LucasPaqueta97 & @Charles_Leclerc got play with the one and only Giorgio… T1 are Rock, FPX are Scissors and Gamers2 are Paper... ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ Can we just stick to drawing C9 in semifinals?…
The newest addition to the @BMW Driftmob: Oskar 'selfmade_LoL' Boderek. Speaking on his new position, Oskar stated… Doctor, doctor, I've got a honeyfruit stuck in my ear. @MedicCasts: Don't worry, I've got cream for that. Our… core collection is out..... Fun fact they make you look bigger than you’re!!
Retweeted by FNATIC1-2 in DreamHack Masters now. @endercasts @MedicCasts what's your favourite team apparel?We just lost a map after being 14-10 up. We're just making #relatable content.OI OI @JW1 🤯
Retweeted by FNATICknifnaticGuess My ELO returns tonight. 6PM BST. @RekklesLoL vs @mithygg @selfmade_LoL vs @Inspired_jng Who'll know Challen… league, another chance to whitewash @Cloud9 🥱The next chapter of @R6esports in Asia-Pacific, the Asia-Pacific League! Combining teams from the region into a co…
Retweeted by FNATICI have come in and been given such a huge opportunity, I am so so thankful. I guess a new chapter has just begun an…
Retweeted by FNATICNew roster. New region. New opponents to hammer. APAC North, we're coming for you.
you look down and @JW1 is holding a knife. wyd? ENd WITH A KNIFE 🗡️😂🔪 And you thought we were getting knocked out. #DHMasters @Th3mini the dream 🥺🙏 @fatcat797979 One more map of fun and heart attacks to go! Thank you for watchingLose games and confuse people Win games and confuse people Either way, it's Fnatic. #DHMasters VA.... Oh wait, @JW1 😲
Retweeted by FNATICthrough the smoke, through the wall, through the head, zehn is dead. @Thiaminelol this was a great thread. thanks for the info. Would this lead to sound existing once the explosion hit… @doonsaroo @JW1 good 1 @javikaiser0 @JW1 teams forget to defuse Others forget to kill the defuser @JW1 bruh @Mantaforce2 Imagine having to live by the rule: "don't point your ears directly at the sun" @Wasp63087951 what if it was close to the atmosphere and it kinda goes in? Like you still get hit by blast damage w… was our way of saying Godsent defeated us in overtime on Nuke. Two must-win maps on Inferno and Train. a nuclear bomb exploded in space, would it start making normal nuke noises if the sound waves got to the atmosphere of the earth?rt for golden clutches like for jw knifes @discord hey we say offence outside of the us ai miss the old godsent, straight from the go godsent the hope of sweden godsent, set on their goals godsent time t… /kɔː/ noun the part of something that is central to its existence or character. Core Collection Sweater. Out…✅ no OBS ✅ min 5 depth ✅ no dropback FIFA pros, your prayers have been answered 👼Announcing the Fnatic UK Masters powered by @Klarna. @Tekkz, the UK's top FIFA pros, and the most competitive rule…'s a good week to defend this one. #DHMasters @TeamLiquidLoL Yeah, heard on a stream that TSM are getting the next episode @LEC Nine years since they did it last 🙏 @G2esports A documentary pertains to a non-fictional, motion picture intended to "document reality, primarily for t… on #OnePlus8Series: 90 FPS Yes, you got that right. We've partnered with @FortniteGame to make 90 FPS av…
Retweeted by FNATIC @TheRealWol @FATAL1TY Would you watch this, @voogamer? 🤔😅 @IuliusM18 Faker is Michael Jordan, no doubt. @MeltdownMadrid @OleVestre @G2esports @xPeke when we see the camera pan to SK Gaming: @RiotAzael That we wouldn't mind calling Origins an esports documentary is a commendation to the producers. But we…'s the esports documentary idea that we'll end up seeing on Netflix first?
@sammathews 👀👋 🧡🖤Just a reminder, Im always looking for creative unique talent. All day everyday. From graphic/ motion design to ent…
Retweeted by FNATICwelp. ggwp @Team__Spirit boy @JW1 🤯
Retweeted by FNATICGoing live against Team Spirit in our opening game for Dreamhack Masters in 10 minutes! Let's defend this title 🙄…
Retweeted by FNATIC @ESLCS @DreamHackCSGO