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Aw shit...

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This recent giant bomb beef is reminding me of the last time someone in the public eye took a shot at giant bomb an… @johntdrake It's just really bizarre.How it started: How it’s going:¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Retweeted by Steve Kim @patrickklepek, watching this debate. @TheChowderhead @ztiworoh It's wild that we have a dude that might have actually and believably said "good" to that. @austin_walker When he briefly did the vocal ellipsis I lost my goddamn mind. Biden: "People deserve to have affor… @JeffGrubb I don't know about subscribers but I can tell you right now that Stadia ain't gonna have no 10-year anniversary.We were all wrong about Trump. It turns out he went to gamestop and they sold him a pre-order on taxes which he pre… @xoxogossipgita Evergreen tweetWhat are the odds Trump starts shouting across the stage if his mic gets muted? @kasavin The more I play Hades, the more I fall in love with it. It's been a while since something hooked me this h… might have to put together a bunch of different categories for this year's GOTY because it feels criminal for Hades to only win once.People watching the debate tonight aren't doing it to decide who to vote for. It's more like reading a review for s…
It keeps evolving. it work?
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Retweeted by Steve Kim @jasonschreier @hagazo should go ahead and change it to "creative director of shitty takes"¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Times I've been entertained by =- Giant Bomb: Countless times. Just so many I can't even begin to count. Stadia… @Nibellion I can't believe they recast Nolan for being too Next-Gen.When I try a When I use meme for the it three times first time In… this look like an appropriate father/son interaction to you? @TheArcticSloth Maybe not to YOUR true neutralDoes this look like an appropriate father/son interaction to you? @BAKKOOONN She looks like an enemy that can only be damaged diagonally in Skyward Sword.Does this look like an appropriate father/son interaction to you? @ZhugeEX I asked my Mom to buy me Oculus Quest 2. I think she got confused because I ended up with 2 quests. @LtSquigs This sounds like unreleased megaman music @willsmith Lol, I remember trying one on the CV1. It was some dark forest and I took like 4 steps, looked around, a… @willsmith I'm completely incapable of playing horror games in VR but am wondering if doing it as a group might mak… I see something like this on my timeline and understand it, I feel like I'm reading fucking hieroglyphics… @E_Vaan I hope you're right but I'll gladly take any opportunity I get to dunk on this ass.I guess they needed to balance out all the good energy Keanu brought with someone who can bring an equal amount of… @patrickklepek Grave Encounters was surprisingly good. Thx for the rec!
@JeffGrubb Practically every time I sit down at my desktop, I check to see if 3080s are in stock. Currently wonderi… @rolyatkcinmai I was just thinking it'd be nice if I could shoot landscape videos while holding the phone in portrait. @rolyatkcinmai I was thinking the opposite to be more true. The olds resisting change and wanting things to stay th… @rolyatkcinmai Used to hate portrait videos but lately I'm shooting more and more vids that way. I'll still go land… can't disassociate these two images in my head... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @willsmith Been looking to read a bit more at night. This seems like a solid place to source some good books! My be… @_janjerome <>🌕👻 you film video on your phone more in landscape/horizontal or portrait/vertical? This includes video for social m… Everyone left me again Thank you for all the good times podcast studio. 🙏🎙️💣 @MrPope It's almost 2am here... Help.... @TheArcticSloth It's from this album: @austin_walker🎵🎶🎵🎶 @Hbomberguy
Retweeted by Steve KimAmelie's 2nd time at the pool today... She really loves the water =P @Hbomberguy that was my reaction too @Hbomberguy @austin_walker She's already there, whenever I'm playing a game and don't know what to do next. @giantbomb west is gettin a new studio space on the other side of this work from home business. It's gonna be cool… @MarinoV1 This feels like a lifetime agoAmelie has graduated from her flotation vest and progressed to spin jumps and cannonballs =D
The *official* ones have this text. If you see one w/out it, please inform the wearer to support the site and not s… stole and is selling my old PAX Giant Bomb Game Vinny design on some t-shirt site. So what I'm trying to sa… you know there are zero clean and crisp direct screen grabs of sub-zero's arcade MK1 fatality? It doesn't exist. @Hbomberguy This tweet is a karate chop to my naked brain. @edsbs This is what goes on inside absurdly racist people's heads as they're being racist af into a camera someone is pointing at them.Gonna start a TikTok where I hold my breath along with video game characters underwater and pass the fuck out on vi…, you saved all your items till you needed them and now the game's over.
Retweeted by Steve KimDid it work? @patrickklepek listening to waypoint and this scene is also often in my head. @ZhugeEX I can't unmix how I feel about this. It's just confusion. @johntdrake
Retweeted by Steve Kim @rolyatkcinmai I've been trying to get a cheaper version without the multiplayer for years. They should sell every… @JeffGrubb This is such a neutral evil reaction.What a weird new trend ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Retweeted by Steve Kim @1Obefiend He's not a shitposter. He's just an idiot. @ReutersTech @ZhugeEX @HyunjooJin @StephenNellis That's 9 of these. Who the hell needs that much cash? @rolyatkcinmai That spot may as well be reserved for lang.It's really nice when everyone completely agrees with you and nobody has any comments on how to fix something =DMight as well be useful if it's gonna be on my desk.
Retweeted by Steve Kim @aurahack That's dope af but the wacom tax is in full effect! God I wish this one had like 4 more buttons on the le… @aurahack I've got mine on an arm and I just naturally place my hand on the left side while using the stylus in my… @aurahack Remapping shortcuts is something that makes so much sense but I just can't bring myself to do it. Hard to… @xantar The wheels are solid. Loved em since the original iPods. @aurahack well shit. Now I'm looking at the newer cintiqs and absolutely wishing for a higher resolution than 1920 x 1080 >,< @aurahack Didn't know they even made em like that! Some kind of touch interface then? Keyboard? Or just some kind o… what are your tablet button shortcuts? This is mine for photoshop w/the backside touchstrip being brush size. @tha_rami This is great because now I know I can trade you any Milky Ways I have for any Reese's cups you've got @ImplausiblyJ The only shitposting I've ever seen him do has been with the intent of improving people working in ga…'m true neutral because this is my POVThis only exists because every time I see Jeff Grubb post about some game now being retro I think that's the most n… Game Shitposting Alignment Chart @johntdrake @_janjerome @VinnyCaravella @giantbomb Blair Witch vibes excited about this new PS5 fan news.
Retweeted by Steve Kim @RyanWGleason I mailed it directly to Samsung. No idea if they'd mail a phone with a giant swollen battery back to me.If anyone was wondering what it costs to get a @Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ swollen battery repaired, it's $583.46. lol, when a game's network is down: Fuck. Me, when it's Genshin Impact's network: Oh snap! They're gonna issue an i…
If you think muting is good, wait till you try blocking. @MelRambles @MitchyD spaghetti and meat bawls T-TThat one time @_janjerome haunted @VinnyCaravella in @giantbomb's Phasmophobia stream >,< stage hazards in Mario Kart: Home Circuit are wild af