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(PCDD) BlazBlue & More Sale via Steam.
Retweeted by Focus Attack LLC @BetoDurzt @jonyfraze | time to get into KOF bros.
Retweeted by Focus Attack LLCFull stick commission of Hilda and Nine! Thank you to @b0ngripz for letting me do this for them and huge shoutouts…
Retweeted by Focus Attack LLC @TriumphReturns @nycfurby @ArcadeParts @ArcadeShock @Chrismatrix303 I've seen similar templates floating around.… on the 360 and pulled out my ol Brawl Stick. #sanwa parts from @focusattack still feel fantastic. Though I h…
Retweeted by Focus Attack LLCThanks @focusattack :D
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What I really want at the end of all the Mortal Kombat 11 Klues is a Scooby Doo style reveal explaining everything.
Retweeted by Focus Attack LLC @bearwitt_tv I dig the different color themes! 🌈🔵⚫️⚪️ @AviaanFGC @b0ngripz @junkfoodarcades **pulls out Google Translate on phone** 🙃 @AviaanFGC @b0ngripz @junkfoodarcades I need to know what the words on their faces are. 😳🤭 @zeonmyst This theme looks all sorts of clean - love the collage presentation! 😍Finally got around to finishing the repair/mod on the #SNES Super Advantage. Thanks to @focusattack for the 24mm…
Retweeted by Focus Attack LLCAnother colorful @Razer Panthera EVO comes from Instagram's @thereal_zakreitz. Thanks so much for reaching out to u…’s @lilchromyy sent us this gem - a Sakura themed @Razer Panthera Evo - to share with you. I always apprec… off Season 4 with the return of Kunimitsu & a new stage arriving Fall 2020 to #TEKKEN 7! FREE updates coming…
Retweeted by Focus Attack LLCTEKKEN 7 (PS4) $9.99 via PSN.
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I'm might just put some time into Dan. 😊 @roysrevengefgc Usually those screws come with the commercial fightstick you're mounting the lever into. We do off… @roysrevengefgc Yes, this will fit. You will want a .187" to 5-pin conversion harness for compatibility with the T… GUILTY GEAR $3.40 (DRM: Steam) via Green Man Gaming.
Retweeted by Focus Attack LLC @BetoDurzt @jonyfraze This is a typical Neutrik NAUSB, with the B port visible. The NAUSB is reversible. Article: gold Sanwa parts arrived today from @focusattack just in time for #FightStickFriday
Retweeted by Focus Attack LLC @JxK_Zano @jonyfraze Coming in time, yes. 😊🤍 @theunrealgaijin @jonyfraze The BNB V2 will have a Hitbox layout. @jonyfraze can comment on whether the Espada may have a HitBox layout.this picture is legendary
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@focusattack mission complete! Thanks guys for the print and plate. @ArcadeShock for the buttons and balltop
Retweeted by Focus Attack LLC @JustinTLiger @jonyfraze By RAP 4 plate do you mean its side buttons?Presenting the 2nd Generation of the #BnBFightstick. Updated and improved based on user feedback. Check out:…
Retweeted by Focus Attack LLCHappy fight stick Friday everyone. Thanks again for the artwork print and plexi etch @focusattack the buttons are f…
Retweeted by Focus Attack LLC(PCDD) Arc System Works Bundle $3.99 via Fanatical.
Retweeted by Focus Attack LLCVirtua Fighter x eSports project announced by SEGA #TGS2020
Retweeted by Focus Attack LLC @DragaIia Personally I like the texture of the buttons. 😁📺
Retweeted by Focus Attack LLC @ArthasAurelius Thanks for supporting us! 😍 @itslodey I'm terribly sorry. 😞 Likely a miscount by staff as they packed. Can you please reach out to orders (at)…'re looking forward to sharing this with you in a few weeks! Come preview it on @jonyfraze Twitch tonight!
@JhonatanGR101 @Razer Not yet, but it will be one of the models FA and @AllFightSticks plan to work offer. 😊 @BetoDurzt Nice with retro concave buttons! 😊【TGS2020 Official Program】LIVE! September 25(FRI)22:00~22:50 (Japan Standard Time /UTC+9) 【CAPCOM】 CAPCOM SPECIAL P…
Retweeted by Focus Attack LLC(PCDD) GUILTY GEAR Xrd -REVELATOR- (+DLC Characters) + REV 2 All-in-One (does not include optional DLCs) $7.65 (DRM…
Retweeted by Focus Attack LLCFor those who are still searching for a PS5 @Genfuyung Maybe MS Smart DeliveryI'm sure a PS5 version is also coming. I wonder what worthwhile changes they will make to this port? @OOdamian1 @AllFightSticks That question came up recently. We might - I'll speak with @AllFightSticks about their keyboard PCB. @DragaIia For now, black and white - safest colors to start with. If there is any demand, I'm sure @Layer_Shift wi… @DragaIia Coming soon - just have to create product listings for them. 😅Apologies for the dearth of updates recently, but making progress on the hitbox and noir panels for Panthera. Metal…
Includes DBFZ, Tekken 7, Soul Calibur VI, SFV:CE, SF:30, KOF14, Under Night In Birth Exe:Late [cl-r], EX Fighting L… @akkbar21 That I don't know - I will inquire with my supplier for availability and price if they will offer to retailers.Finally customizing my hitbox! Still need to reinstall the rivets and hook everything up but it looks great so far!…
Retweeted by Focus Attack LLC @Akito_The_Fox @RoeslerTanille You did a wonderful job on the build! That Topaz photo looks quite epic, and such clean internal wiring! 🔵🔵🔵😊Aah! I can finally post this publicly! A project 5 months in the making! I built my girlfriend @RoeslerTanille an a…
Retweeted by Focus Attack LLCNot sure if this will be available to retailers, but does this bag interest you?
Raising funds for our local venue to improve air flow and other health enhancements. I'll post the eBay links in th…
Retweeted by Focus Attack LLC @MretroJ Had to do the same!Have you managed to secure a #PS5, #XboxSeriesX or #XboxSeriesS?Placeholder buttons Till I can get new buttons, probably next check. But I’m excited. Super excited.
Retweeted by Focus Attack LLC @NoGoodCitizen @TheBlacktastic My goodness - I didn't even realize there was already a sequel! 😍 What an extraordin… @Sirpepperco 😅😅 Yes, you don't need to solder anything. @tenmachi @Sirpepperco That's what it is designed to do. Tournament rules require that L+R = Neutral. This is in… @Sirpepperco Is there a problem?
Octo just to piss off @NoGoodCitizen. Thx @BitBangGaming and @focusattack
Retweeted by Focus Attack LLC @focusattack @junkfoodarcades thank you both for the help with me building my first arcade stick! Junk food your pr…
Retweeted by Focus Attack LLC @gehnmy @Razer I will check the internal area to confirm that there is enough spacing for Hitbox and Noir. Not out…
@FishirOne @Razer No concrete ETA yet, but specs are going to @AllFightSticks this week so possibly not long if protos check out. 😊 @clor86 @Razer Paging @butteroj. 😄 @Bunancheese2 Indeed I would love to create a Panthera EVO HB or Noir. They used a plastic mold for the top panel w… @blackstarg11 Not sure - I will ask @AllFightSticks if they have the keyswitch PCB that would enable it. @sherties_ @Razer For the Panthera, there is an area around the 3rd top button that needs a routing tool to shave o… @Bunancheese2 @Razer Unfortunately that model can't accomodate anything besides the Vewlix layout. Its panel manuf… decided that the @Razer Panthera is our next custom Hitbox and Noir layout panel. What custom Fightstick panel… @bert_marte @BitBangGaming @otto_diy Which one? The Shuriken is here and will ship during normal 1-2 business days… @Blacktracksuit @BitBangGaming @otto_diy Last update from OTTO was late September delivery, which is why the OTTO D… Fighter compilation
Retweeted by Focus Attack LLCNow available: @BitBangGaming's all new Shuriken replaces your Sanwa JLF TPMA with customizable tension .250" micro… @teamjoey @Stealth40k Something like that would look pretty neat reversed - quite colorful, too. We get all sorts…
@itslodey @ashsaidhi Please check the envelope box it came in. If still not present, please send a message to order… @itslodey @ashsaidhi I'm a big fan of Batman Beyond. One note - you should have received black pan screws and washe… available: Personalize your all-new Qanba Pearl Fightstick with a colorful artwork print, or new full or partia… @DragaIia I will clarify and follow up in listings. The panel will fit each of these models from the top (screw hol… 2 hours, but the job is done! I LOVE it. Thanks to @ashsaidhi for helping me with the art! #batmanbeyond
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@Mailorlunare Nice! I'd like to print for Smashbox one day. 😊Tag her in! Rainbow Mika will be making her way to the ring as part of our Pin Fighter Wrestling Series, coming soo…
Retweeted by Focus Attack LLCGranblue Fantasy: Versus (PS4) $39.99 via GameStop.
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THREAD: My #MetalGearSolid3/#RevolverOcelot themed #Fightstick is done. Custom dust cover, MGS3-style art, Single…
Retweeted by Focus Attack LLCArt courtesy of @nekokokokokok . Again, I can't thank you enough. Also shoutouts to @focusattack for the quality cu…
Retweeted by Focus Attack LLC @BazFGC @JINRAIKYAKU_ Are you asking for just a white print cut to the Fightstick model? If so, yes, but you will…
🤜 "Shinki Hatsudou!" 🤛 The Fighting EX Layer Kairi crossover costume for Ryu is now unlockable through Extra Battl…
Retweeted by Focus Attack LLCAny desired expectations, fighting game related or not, for the PS5 Showcase? DBFZ for $8.45, DBFZ Ultimate Edition for $15.48, SC6 for $13.20 and SC6 Deluxe Edition for $19.80 @BetoDurzt I don't have an answer for that yet, but follow @butteroj to find out. 😊Tomorrow is #SLCBarfights!! MK11 and SFV going down! Register here: Watch here:…
Retweeted by Focus Attack LLC @bl1tz87 @jonyfraze Jonyfraze knows how to bring out the colors of our printer. Love this! 😍My custom Razer Atrox featuring Goldgore Shoutout to @jonyfraze for the Killer art and @focusattack for the excell…
Retweeted by Focus Attack LLCIt’s here!! Thanks @joeywainwright 😃 @focusattack
Retweeted by Focus Attack LLCAny #sonicsmackdown players? been seeing quiet a few people playing it recently and Had an idea in making a fightst…
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Do we have some MVC2 fans in here that recall the feel of its arcade cabinet's Perfect 360 Optical joystick? @onionknightinc I'm not certain if @PhreakMods is continuing to manufacture them, which is why we removed them from live store listings. @SrirachaFlash @NoGoodCitizen @Quasimodox Awesome to see our first installed RAP N Shio panel! Thanks for sharing t…