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Atomic Blonde, the best female led action movie ever, is on tv right now
Retweeted by Focus FeaturesThere’s a Harriet Tubman movie coming out and I got really excited!
Retweeted by Focus Features @hobeworldians thats valid
Retweeted by Focus FeaturesJust stumbled on the Big Lebowski. Love this film so much. That's my night complete
Retweeted by Focus FeaturesFrom #HARRIET to #BlacKkKlansman, watch 5 historical films that highlight African American history.IMHO Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is one of the best films ever made.
Retweeted by Focus FeaturesOne of my many fav lines from #BlacKkKlansman..."With the right white man we can do anything". 🤣😂
Retweeted by Focus FeaturesAt long last I’m now going to see the Downton Abbey movie!
Retweeted by Focus FeaturesHappy Birthday to one of our favorite leading ladies of Focus Features, Felicity Jones! 🎉
Soo I’m deff out to see that Harriet Tubman movie when it comes out 🔥
Retweeted by Focus FeaturesNo one: Me: You know what that means- it’s time to watch Pride and Prejudice 2005 again
Retweeted by Focus Featuresmy top 5 movies: The Big Lebowski I cant decide on the other 4
Retweeted by Focus FeaturesQ: What was the most interesting thing you learned about Harriet Tubman? #askleslieodomjr - @christangerine A:…
Retweeted by Focus FeaturesQ: Hi Leslie! So excited you are in Harriet, but don’t think we forgot you were on Gilmore Girls... would you say P…
Retweeted by Focus FeaturesQ: Which song from Hamilton would be Harriet’s favorite?#askleslieodomjr - @ItsJacNotJackie A: @HarrietFilm
Retweeted by Focus FeaturesQ: #AskLeslieOdomJr did you and Cynthia ever break out spontaneously into song? 🤩🎶 - @janeenjud A: @HarrietFilm
Retweeted by Focus FeaturesQ: How challenging was this role for you? #AskLeslieOdomJr - @PossibleBuddy A: @HarrietFilm @LeslieOdomJr #Harriet
Retweeted by Focus FeaturesQ: #askleslieodomjr Are there any other historical figures you’d like to play in the future? - @HannahBelle73 A:…
Retweeted by Focus FeaturesQ: #AskLeslieOdomJr What theme of the film affected you the most? (Hoping to show my 8th grade American history cl…
Retweeted by Focus FeaturesQ: What was your favorite part about filming with an awesome female director like Kasi? #AskLeslieOdomJr -…
Retweeted by Focus FeaturesLIVE Twitter Q&A with @LeslieOdomJr - send your questions using the hashtag #askleslieodomjr
Retweeted by Focus FeaturesTweet your questions for @leslieodomjr with #AskLeslieOdomJr. He'll be answering LIVE tomorrow at 11:15am PT / 2:15…
Retweeted by Focus Featureseternal sunshine of the spotless mind is the greatest movie
Retweeted by Focus Featuresokay. but like. moonrise kingdom is one of the best movies of the decade, if not of all time. don't @ me.
Retweeted by Focus Features
yeah the downton abbey movie made me cry three times what about it
Retweeted by Focus FeaturesRe-watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind again last night: and it still feels like something ripped out of…
Retweeted by Focus Featuresthere's no movie I want to see more than Harriet
Retweeted by Focus Featuresi’m currently watching pride and prejudice and eating cake, can life get any better?
Retweeted by Focus Features.@AliciaMalone takes you throughout London in the second episode of #ReelDestinations, visiting some of the most ic…
Join #HARRIET star @leslieodomjr for a live Twitter Q&A this Wednesday 10/16 at 11:15am PT / 2:15pm ET. Send in you…
Retweeted by Focus FeaturesLost in Translation is my absolute favorite movie.
Retweeted by Focus FeaturesJust watched Boy Erased! Wow, great movie! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Retweeted by Focus FeaturesWatching On The Basis of Sex and more in awe Ruth Bader-Ginsberg than ever
Retweeted by Focus FeaturesWatching Tilda Swindon swing a samurai sword around in the Dead Don’t Die. My gf: Damn girl you can be 👏🏾whoever 👏🏾you 👏🏾want!
Retweeted by Focus FeaturesI know I’m late to the party, but am finally watching @BlacKkKlansman Mighty fine film. Catches the mood, tension a…
Retweeted by Focus FeaturesMy favorite thing about the Downton abbey movie was everyone in the theater (most of them 60+) cheering and cacklin…
Retweeted by Focus FeaturesA story that will stay with you forever. Can you guess the movie from the close-up?
"The bigger the dream, the bigger the steps are needed to achieve it. But everything is possible." In celebration… Atomic blonde soundtrack is what every film tries to achieve, but you can only achieve perfection ONCE and Atom…
Retweeted by Focus FeaturesI am literally stalking my movie apps for advance sale tickets to Harriet. STALK 👏🏼 KING 👏🏼.
Retweeted by Focus FeaturesThe Big Lebowski is still one of the greatest films of all time
Retweeted by Focus FeaturesFurther *bump* because Yowsa BlackKklansman is an incredible piece of work. One of the most singular and exciting…
Retweeted by Focus FeaturesOk, so the @DowntonAbbey movie is the most perfect movie of all time. I cried, I laughed. That’s all. Oh: and Mosle…
Retweeted by Focus FeaturesWitness the incredible story. Tickets for #HARRIET are on sale NOW:
Retweeted by Focus FeaturesThat fight scene on the stairs in Atomic Blonde 👌🏼👌🏼
Retweeted by Focus FeaturesI wanna see that Harriet Tubman movie 🔥✊🏾
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“it’s for research mum” i say, pressing play on pride and prejudice (2005) for the third time this week alone
Retweeted by Focus FeaturesOn the Basis of Sex is such a good empowering movie that explores the law and equal rights and I’m a sucker for mov…
Retweeted by Focus Featureseternal sunshine of the spotless mind is a BEAUTIFUL FILM
Retweeted by Focus FeaturesThe best serie I've ever seen, amazing and wonderful. Waiting for the second season. #Hanna #Amazon #Prime @HannaOnPrime
Retweeted by Focus FeaturesLoving v. Virginia
Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind will always be my favorite movie for so many reasons.
Retweeted by Focus FeaturesThe entire Big Lebowski script, in emojis.
Retweeted by Focus FeaturesI read the book years ago Now I'm listen the audio book After watching the 1995 BBC series And watching this 2005…
Retweeted by Focus FeaturesDefinitely going to see that Harriet Tubman movie when it comes out
Retweeted by Focus Featuresevery playlist i make Just know I’m trying to recreate the perfection that is the moonrise kingdom soundtrack
Retweeted by Focus FeaturesEarlier this week, I was w/ attorney Rob Bilott at @Bookpassage & @ceh4health’s Marquee Event to launch Rob's new b…
Retweeted by Focus FeaturesLoving was based on which Supreme Court case?’s a must I see the Harriet Tubman movie, the trailer is so good 😍
Retweeted by Focus FeaturesThe Harriet Tubman movie looks good, I really wanna watch that
Retweeted by Focus Featuresrewatching pride and prejudice 2005 and that scene at the end when elizabeth looks across the field and sees mr. da…
Retweeted by Focus Features
Lost in Translation is such a good movie. The ending feels like butterflys in my stomach.
Retweeted by Focus FeaturesThe Mustang movie is excellent. It just is. You’ll love the performances. I promise you. All of them.
Retweeted by Focus Features @spillyxo Oh no...
Retweeted by Focus FeaturesI finally got to see the @DowntonAbbey movie and I absolutely loved it! 😊💜
Retweeted by Focus FeaturesFINALLY got round to watching the Downton Abbey movie. Bravo everyone. And now we know where Linda buggered off to…
Retweeted by Focus FeaturesFreedom has a name. Based on the unbelievable true story, #HARRIET is in theaters November 1st. Tickets on sale Thu…
Watching pride and prejudice for like the 100th time and its still gets me 🥺✊🏽
Retweeted by Focus FeaturesLost in Translation is one of those movies that stays with you. Such a masterpiece man
Retweeted by Focus FeaturesFinally had the chance to watch Boy Erased and I’m currently all in my feels. 😭
Retweeted by Focus FeaturesLast night's film choice was blacKkKlansman - Spike Lee absolutely nailed the comedic and dramatical side of the fi…
Retweeted by Focus Featuresmoonrise kingdom is one of the most wholesome films to ever grace the industry
Retweeted by Focus FeaturesOkay so I FINALLY saw Downton Abbey the movie and I loved every second of it!
Retweeted by Focus Features
Happy #WorldTeachersDay! Today we’re celebrating by watching our favorite cinematic educators from Focus. 🍎“Kate Winslet is very much Clementine. They’re both headstrong, passionate, and unpredictable – and completely love…
pride and prejudice is the superior enemies to lovers romance
Retweeted by Focus FeaturesHappy Birthday 16th to my favorite movie of all time "Lost in Translation"❤🌃 the movie was realesed for the first t…
Retweeted by Focus FeaturesWhat’s a 2019 movie you think not enough people are talking about? My vote goes to WOMAN AT WAR (on @hulu!) or THE…
Retweeted by Focus Featureswhy is there a class in the computer lab watching Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind?? also why wasnt I invited
Retweeted by Focus Features“Captive State” (2019) is SO good. I was fixin’ to be all mad until it all came together in the end. Bravo, John Goodman.
Retweeted by Focus FeaturesThe Dead Don't Die will end up a cult classic in short order. The shot of Adam Driver racing into the diner parking…
Retweeted by Focus Features
I have seen pride and prejudice probably about 20,000 times and I tell you now I have no qualms about watching it again now it’s on Netflix
Retweeted by Focus FeaturesLost in Translation is that movie I can watch over and over and never get bored of ❤️
Retweeted by Focus Features.@Allenleech put @joshgroban to the test to find out if he's the biggest @DowntonAbbey fan for a new episode of…
Retweeted by Focus Featuresit’s 90 degrees but Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Joel’s sweater game is my entire vision board rn
Retweeted by Focus FeaturesBlacKkKlansman is one of the best movies I've seen in a long time
Retweeted by Focus FeaturesIt's been 5 days and I am still not over how lovely the @DowntonAbbey movie was ❤️
Retweeted by Focus Features“Wes had Jared and I write letters to each other. Because in the story, Sam and Suzy write letters for a year to ea…
I finally watched Pride and Prejudice and it's become one of my fav romance movies😭 I truly thought it was a histo…
Retweeted by Focus FeaturesSo I just watched “Lost in Translation” for the first time. I’m broken, that movie got to me in all the right ways…
Retweeted by Focus FeaturesHow well does @DowntonAbbey super fan @joshgroban really know the hit TV show-turned-film? Find out tomorrow when…
Retweeted by Focus FeaturesI love #BoyErased. ❤
Retweeted by Focus FeaturesTilda Swinton as a Scottish samurai undertaker in The Dead Don't Die is the greatest thing I've ever seen
Retweeted by Focus FeaturesJust saw the Downton Abbey movie. It felt like visiting with dear old friends. ❤️ #DowntonAbbey
Retweeted by Focus Featuresblackkklansman was AMAZING in so many ways that is our truth both in history and present, the ending took my breath away
Retweeted by Focus Features
I watched pride and prejudice twice today and I have zero regrets.
Retweeted by Focus Featuresand eternal sunshine of the spotless mind is one of my favorite movies ever ever ever made
Retweeted by Focus FeaturesKawaguchiko Country Club. "A perfect snapshot of gold and the levity it offers within our chaotic world."'s Temples. Charlotte sees a wedding at this historical location.