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🌹 30yo illustrator from sweden! They/them. currently working as 2d artist at Thunderkick. buy me a

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@fatcr0wsnest For real tho, stock photos pretty much never let me down. @my2k I don’t know the context behind this but I know at least 3 youtubers who looks exactly like thisOh to be a skeleton gently caressed by your sexually frustrated flesh husband was looking for a template to make an acnh meme but then I stumbled upon this stock photo gallery that’s just a m… @heyitsJaki I mean I haven’t even watched nor read it, all I know about it comes from ppl around me talking abt it. @MummyComic Oh TOTALLYUgh FINE I’ll go draw this. See ya in like 3 years. @helloabakkus Ahhh congrats on the purp!! @MummyComic I mean I guess that’s the closest to it but I kinda want the asteroid part lol @heyitsJaki Me too!! It could be the next generations own watership downOr do I have to draw this all by myselfIs there books/movies/comics/etc that’s post-apocalyptic but it takes place ~65mya and we get to follow a family of… @sulamoon BABY GRATETheres a fee apple trees here where i live and this one old buddy is rly just vibing in the rain yeah cherry blossoms are hella beautiful but also like have you seen apple trees in full bloom? Fkn radical dudeÅskaaaa<3 @blambot Idk what I often tell myself and others is that someone else’s sucess doesn’t make you a failure. Someone… @javi_draws Oh ok seeing this is hella motivatinghatar när man klagar på amerikanska receptmått o nån jävel säger "det är bara att konvertera måtten 😊" det är exakt…
Retweeted by ⚜️Mirre⚜️Oh fuck its thundering outside rn talk about a 3pm mood rnOh heck yes there’s a twitter acct just for the comment section alone: @wateringaflowerOk second track is playing and why the fuck did the store chain Muji commission this as their bgm ???The comments on this video is such a treat: stumbled upon this YouTube video “watering a flower haruomi hosono” and the comment section is amazing. And th… @byelacey Oh hell yeah @pejntboks Lol yeah like damn I wished I was that fastchris oatley wrote about this years ago...low prices attract people who don't respect you and might even want to ta…
Retweeted by ⚜️Mirre⚜️ @MarySafroArt Tbh there should be a fee just to make sure to avoid bad clients. Scam-repellant. @TeenyTinyDraws I mean yeah, or because they don’t think they’re good enough yet etc. and also due to inexperience… an artist doesn’t owe you a valid reason for their price. If the price is outside of your budget, you politely…“B-b-b-but mirre that’s easy for you to say because you’re *talented*” Like no its not just because of the look an… in all honesty 100 bucks is still underpriced.minns ni när dom trodde arkitektur va coolt
Retweeted by ⚜️Mirre⚜️A good reminder to y’all is that Not every artist charge per hour spent on the work. If I can churn out a good enou… @hereliesakiel I feel like almost every artist will in their lifetime make that one bigass artwork just because the… @Himalayaa The worst thing is that I can definitely see a white girl do this for real.FINALLY DONE #ghibliredraw #ghibliredrawchallenge #pixelart
Retweeted by ⚜️Mirre⚜️ @hereliesakiel Akiel holy shit ??? @maariamph That’s why I’ve always loved kronk as a character in emperors new groove. Even if he is supposed to be t… @MarySafroArt Sadmboeveryone nowadays wants a tired dad, or a dumb sweetheart himbo, or something like that, because at their core thes…
Retweeted by ⚜️Mirre⚜️ @ashworksco My phone went borderline uwuspeakWTF is up w the spelling lmao oh my god??? @KValeNagle I love teal so much its been my main dye for years now! And i somehow managed to cut my own hair thanks… my hair yesterday so mow i feel a kil bit more colorful
@my2k Thats a way of seeing it that i actually never considered. Thank you. Definitely going to keep this in mind next don't say something to change their views, because you never will and it's futile to try. You say something to…
Retweeted by ⚜️Mirre⚜️ @FromHappyRock I occasionally doodle w my non dominant hand just in case something would happen. It works however i… @TodayImKae So right now genx are the only ones with a name that doesnt roll of the tongue as nicelyYou must be ANTI-RACIST, not just “not racist.” They ain’t the same thing. You must be in active opposition. Whit…
Retweeted by ⚜️Mirre⚜️ @TodayImKae Calling a generation “iGen” feels like a crime @ShirotaniArt Oh definitelyAnd who tf are gen x like oh my gooooood @ShirotaniArt Why cant they do it like us swedes, we refer to each gen by theor birth decade,,Worst case is that these generation titles are made up by fkn americans so of course i dont expect any fsense out of itI still dont know if zoomers are ppl born in the 70s or ppl born in the 00s @cninamon I want all of them. Theyre sooo nice @GMeinzen When you open and close the drawers and it slides so smoothly 😩👌I have the bottom right drawer in dark blue and god it’s so good. I want like 10 more of AlexThinking about my one and only soulmate Alex 💜 @ImMercyChan Oh my god that sounds so nice aaa @NnamierArt Pinterest is p much the reason why reverse image search is rarely working nowadaysHad to re-qrt this because my iPad had the audacity to autocorrect the name to Andrew like CAN TECHNOLOGY PLZ LET US BREATHEIt just hit me that since I pinned the picture to the right, the icon is hiding the photographers last name. The fu… @ImMercyChan Once I saw this goth bath bomb that made the water black like the void and my former emo ass is still yearning for it @byelacey I love the octopus episode haha they sure liked that animal. @byelacey I really like it still. They def know how to keep the topics super mixed. They now have a second pod call… have no idea how much i wanted to get into bath bombs when they were hyped up by lush but never could 😔 @Its_a_Moura NoooooOOOOOIn the latest episode of the podcast Stuff you Should Know. Two dudes talk abt hummingbirds and how neat they ate a… i wished i had a bathtub. Wished i had any space at all in my bathroom 🙃 @DestinytoMoon Well deserved omg! @valfardsutskott har ju dessutom en riktigt dryg adhd och även när jag tar medicin så fixar det inte ens livslånga… @valfardsutskott Det här är anledningen till att jag aldrig vill äga en villa. Jag skulle må så jävla dåligt av att… looking for work! Need to build up some savings to help me get out of this house.
Retweeted by ⚜️Mirre⚜️ @C0RMC0BS i almost ....*almost* forgot she existed Gdi @trissemisse Gissar på brad mondo? Älskar hans videor där han reagerar på emos som klipper sig själva @ShirotaniArt If i ever find a duplicate of it, i will save it for you for the day i can finally visit ppls islands @sukebandeka man fick verkligen virus av allt möjligt man laddade ner till datorn @ShirotaniArt I have a second acct just so i can get two bottles a day and that speeds things up a bit. But idk i h… @sukebandeka När Min gröna perserkatt rymde blev jag så otroligt upprörd @ShirotaniArt I guess its meant to like gift them to friends but like a lot of those diy recipies are so common everyone already have themLike when I am dead, when all my friends and relatives are dead, how will people know who made that one artwork the… though neural networks are getting better at generating images, 99.999999% of the stuff you see online is stil… when we watermark our works, ppl are still willing to remove them. Making our works into content that isn’t co… have seen my 7 year old gold tutorial on Pinterest several times and since I didn’t watermark every inch of the p… it’s just really disheartening knowing that ppl will intentionally remove any trace of the creator of an image… have a love-hate relationship with Pinterest. It’s a great place for quick collecting of inspiration and referenc… year there were lil babie birds somewhere in the storage and I could hear them start chirping every time their… is a birds nest somewhere in the wall and I can hear the lil babies chirping it is so cute??? @fatcr0wsnest Dom is worth fighting for @niikaidoyamato Omg that is SO CUTE
@haejileeart My job is to make creative decisions every day lmao. I dont wanna activate that part of my brain after 4pm.Heres a thing I never thought I'd say in my life: I need a rack to hang all my furby pelts on
Retweeted by ⚜️Mirre⚜️ @axeswingart Yeah i found some lets plays on youtube a year ago! @KomunHorangi Oh god just realized I did a pun @KomunHorangi The helicopter parents with their adopted baby planeMe and my friend were like the only ones I know who played this game and we had this very big family tree of all th… 2 @Rosengeranium I learned from the American side of tumblr that the difference between the sound of a gunshot and so…