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This is the official Izuku Deku Midoriya Account. We tweet all things Deku and My Hero Academia. Follow us for more tweets.

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@eIreytae @SamsungMobileUS It was shit joke. Literally it was a poop joke. You think it was supposed to be funny. @SBektin @LYlajimo @SamsungMobileUS @jralex011 @LYlajimo @SamsungMobileUS This wasn't even bait I was making a shitty poop joke lmaoo. @YEONJUNCOMMON @taeqeukk_ @SamsungMobileUS Deku @LYlajimo @SamsungMobileUS Again it was just poop joke. I have nothing against BTS. @YEONJUNCOMMON @taeqeukk_ @SamsungMobileUS I hate the MHA fandom with a deep passion. @taeqeukk_ @YEONJUNCOMMON @SamsungMobileUS I wasnt even trying to post bait I was just making a stupid poop joke. Damn @YEONJUNCOMMON @taeqeukk_ @SamsungMobileUS Keep saying that to yourself @YEONJUNCOMMON @taeqeukk_ @SamsungMobileUS I mean the joke might have not been funny but the amount of BTS stans ge… @LYlajimo @SamsungMobileUS It was just a poop joke lol @itsnotlimited @SamsungMobileUS They felt like I personally insulted them and was being xenophobic against korean people. @taeqeukk_ @YEONJUNCOMMON @SamsungMobileUS That's why it was shitty 😍😍😍😍😎😎😎😎🌚🌚🌚🌚🌝🌝🌚🌝🌚🌝🌚😎🌚😎🌚 @LYlajimo @SamsungMobileUS I try to do that and all I get is a bunch 13 year olds angrirly replying. @YEONJUNCOMMON @SamsungMobileUS It was just a shitty joke lol @monkefanaccount @GeorgeWBussh You and your mom @SamsungMobileUS I have no hate against BTS. Their music is not bad. You stans suck though. @SamsungMobileUS BTS? More like boys that poo @Epicgamer6942o Oh yeah. You probably british. Nerd @Epicgamer6942o Wft it's midnight where I am. How we live on the same planet right @Epicgamer6942o What time is it where you live @snek69420 @GymCoachGG That's a miss @Niccilus @yumeko50428948 @JustBloxx @oddysxus @GL0W5QUID @YouTube @Dream Gay @JustADumbBoi1 @ZADEVIL6 @Paricyte @OnlineR3tard @YouTube @bunnydelphine It's cow cum @TheFakeWafflez @smollfryes Whats the music? @RapouIas @peta @Epicgamer6942o care to explain nerd @RapouIas @peta What did u do @smollfryes @GayllieUwU @ajsax64 hello! it is with great sadness that we’ve come to inform you that this tweet has… @GayllieUwU @smollfryes @ajsax64 Cock. I broke the chain @Volcanron All of their opinions suckkkk @Volcanron Your opinion suckss @Volcanron I respectfully disagree with your opinion. @Kev_the_gamer1 Turkey is so dry though. @smollfryes What the fudge. This is actually cool. I would use this but I don't have any friends who would want to… @smollfryes THERE ARE 2 SMALLF FRIES @JustBloxx @oddysxus @GL0W5QUID @YouTube @Dream That's kinda gay @smollfryes No but seriously what's a tweetdeck @smollfryes Tweetdeck deez nuts lmaoo @smollfryes What's a tweetdeckTurkey sucks. Tweet.
@RapouIas Ur famous now @smollfryes How about now @smollfryes @Th4tTyGuy That's 3 nerd @Epicgamer6942o πŸ–•πŸ–•πŸ–•πŸ–•πŸ–•πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘ @Epicgamer6942o Don't say bad words epic gamer 😑 @BeybladeKing360 @themanbspn @ThomasPoggers I'll join if I can @Chirad7 Get a quarter pound for me
@RapouIas @Epicgamer6942o This isn't real right @BeybladeKing360 Same I had the same problem. I got a new phone once my phone started controlling it self @BeterGrif Me too @Alpharad @PoolHallCo #adRetweet to scared dbz fans
Retweeted by The Official Izuku 'Deku' Midoriya Account @RapouIas That will change @RapouIas Wait does no one have the @rap? @RapouIas @Rap @RapouIas Rap @RapouIas Rapoulas @RapouIas Not true @RapouIas What does this mean @LegalizeWuhu Please @LegalizeWuhu Please don't @smollfryes @Volcanron
@nintendofac BOOOO. GAYYY. GROW SOME BALLS YOU BABY SHITTY BOY. @GayllieUwU #adWomen? @ThomasPoggers *you stream @ThomasPoggers What games would stream @nintendofac CUMI am so fucking tired of seeing Nintendo's bullshit to the smash community and them having blind eye. We know you n… @Az_Lu_Fa SANS???? @Aegirocassls What are teeth @GayllieUwU You've heard of the trombone. But have you heard of the Bone.
@BeybladeKing360 @GabrieIaPossing @JPuff__ What will you do for 1,000 followers @Epicgamer6942o You cannot escape. Embrace it or prepare for a horrible ending. The time has come. @gamering24_7 @RapouIas Dammit I've been actively avoiding anime tiddies @gamering24_7 @RapouIas Ok well you got the tiddies. Now we just need the anime part @smollfryes No @gamering24_7 @RapouIas Hmm @gamering24_7 @RapouIas ??? @gamering24_7 @RapouIas Proof @Aegirocassls WrongNEWS: My Hero Academia Accounts Release Mysterious Teasers for New Project
Retweeted by The Official Izuku 'Deku' Midoriya Account @Epicgamer6942o Was it worth doing this for a Twitter post @GymCoachGG NIce meme @GymCoachGG N @smollfryes No @JJgamer44 Deez nuts @JJgamer44 500 what @Chirad7 I love cock @IntroSpecktive Really want them to win so I can stop hearing Mahomes MVP on NFL twitter.
@Epicgamer6942o What? @BeybladeKing360 @StutterBox20 You forgot the e @IntroSpecktive I fucking love this game so much @smollfryes Back in the p*ssy era. @FyrusYT @egoraptor Ok we all get our popoffs once in a while.NO WHY PLEASE COME BACK NOOOOOOPlease don't unfollow me please don't unfollow me please don't unfollow me @Az_Lu_Fa Yeah gamefreak has being doing a shit job recentlyTWITTER. AHHHHHHHH. I'M LOSING BRAINCELLS. MILLIONS OF YEARS OF EVOLUTION AND YOU GUYS TURN OUT LIKE THIS. ALL OF Y…
@BeybladeKing360 @AW_Kirb How and hi