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TSM DUNC @followdunc Cornwall, United Kingdom

Head of Global Social @TSM » contact: » 💍 @cox_tor

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@CalCameron_ @oh_Nocturnal @XSET @Pengu 40x40 pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee @gdolphn From April 1st, yes. @oh_Nocturnal I’ll help you get to sleep x @TrungTPhan @zemnmez
@DIGVIBEZZ any happy birthday enjoyers? @TSM_Reps @ImperialHal @Verhulst @Grrted @DANNYonPC @Battlefield af means as fuck. They’ve definitely got a piece of software hiding replies with a bunch of blocked words.
@LewisFarleyFilm Love everything about this @daltoosh @hitchariide Vouch @whatisleek Just had that recommended to me. Looks so good haha. @cox_tor Thanks TCMore Dunc vlog content from London ALGS? Huge pog. TSM Apex try British snacks. Tis a banger. Watch like lick tic… @TijnDenH @notmabdulle he's the goat. @Daehdorb wait excuse me what? @jappleby @tclarkmedia you feature bro @kasinozz pls @Kez1zzle i hate you @vShynobi gotchu king @Shtackk jij bent mijn hagelslagIt’s so beautiful. First games I’m playing through: 1. W3: Wild Hunt 2. Hogwarts @atroooix Proud of you @rknhd I’m flattered you thought I was Aceu. @itscrystalren @TSM Hey can you dm me your order number
@NixAims You got this king. Reset. Tomorrow is a new and different day. @TSM_Daeda @ENGHHHHHH @DisguisedToast So clean.Heating up in Lowers 🔥 @Corey_OW goes nuclear on Fracture to lock in a 13-11 #TSMWIN for the squad and wrap up a 2…
Retweeted by TSM DUNCCorey. As cool as you like. Sheeeeeeesh. DIFFERENT. @Corey_OW
Retweeted by TSM DUNC @AFK_ON_BUSH They need to get top 2 in Challengers. That then gets them into Ascension. Then they have to win ascension. @MilesJCahill I’m James worthy of that burritoWe love watching TSM VALORANT. new Ash tether speed is actually so insane now. Makes it useful finally. I C E 🗡️ @ChronoCreative nah what the shit is this. @ChronoCreative Is this confirmed? Or are we just guessing cos worlds edge was next? @xctbl @TeamEndpoint @EndpointPete @tobinzje A content manager and social are not the same. Content manager isn’t a remote role. @rknhd I’m telling my mum, she’s going to be so proud. @rknhd looking forward to my trial. But you got this man. I have faith. @RamBeauski I'm going to miss you so so much man. Proud of you for putting your happiness first. But shit i'm going to miss you at LANs. @rhettbright12 @FaidesTwitch the movement goat.S/O @FaidesTwitch for the raid today. Absolute insanity. Big love. @daltoosh it makes me happy how happy you are. @NoBotOW @haloofthoughts I love Arran @Dyrus Play Apex. @Kez1zzle ily @kahxni preach thisNo one will see this tweet cos I don’t pay for Twitter blue but hey I gotta tweet it out just in case someone accid… @Kanochu I hate this place now man @yungcalc Sucks ass manI now have to pay money to have my tweets seen. Twitter has officially become pay to win. How far the goated social…
@daltoosh Welcome to the UK brother. @AcieTwitch Sending you unlimited love and strength to your family.We stan Brenna. @Kn0x1s @sethfowIer It is it’s own category. Called “always on”.hi friends, please vote for the boys. @stu_fazz it's thickening. @oh_Nocturnal You’re so cute sometimes, could just gobble you up. @funFPS @XSET @oh_Nocturnal @sSikezz @hodsic @BySovereign @DragonsAFK 1st with 3 games. Respect.We’re scaling. Plenty of time left to qualify for LAN. @DIGVIBEZZ rn yeah, 1st with 51 points, 8 above 2nd.WW W W W W W W W W W W WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW
@DIGVIBEZZ you are himCHEFS. KISS. BABY. #TSMWIN. @JasmineChiangg @PlayApexEsports @PlayApex Congrats gWatching ALGS with no map stream makes me sad. @VirtualGemma_ My eyes. WHAT IS THAT MEME.Your last selfie is who you are on the outside. Your last meme is who you are on the inside.
@ESPNF1 Spa spa spa spa @LewisFarleyFilm One of the goats 🙌 @NachoCustomz Unreal @iiTzTimmy @lyrics4n @OsivienTv @ArtNoush @Bronzey LFG.
@hiiinguyen @redbullracing i need to go sooooooooo bad @EpikWhale @TSM All the best dude, I know you'll land yourself a spot somewhere with ease. @EthanBenard Link? @theog_Pepper @WolfieOCE @BirnoOCE before, pepper. before. @WolfieOCE @theog_Pepper @BirnoOCE yeah where can I get a copy @JoshGoodhill @redbullracing I need to go here. @redbullracing I need to know where that right picture is @xctbl @S_Cropley For actual notable people, it’s about not being impersonated. That’s the fascination over it. And… @KristineHuang77 Take care Kristine, was great to meet and work with you 🙌
@jwlindl still gives me goosebumps.Hearing Courage on the #LCS broadcast makes me miss him as a caster so much. One of the goats. @Ryobe_ SOOOOO badly wanted to tweet this lmao @raven_apex @ImperialHal I genuinely would delete this before anyone sees. @raven_apex @ImperialHal Ain’t no way. Curious. What horizon skin is your number 1. @raven_apex @ImperialHal That skin goes hard. @TSM_Beaulo So incredibly basedDon't want to take away anything from G2 and super happy that they're getting some recognition in-game with a sick…
Retweeted by TSM DUNC @raven_apex Where do I sign up to be stood on @TherealMwitch18 @mattthebassman @ImperialHal @BulletL_ He’s known within the pro scene as one of the best movement… @TherealMwitch18 @mattthebassman @ImperialHal @BulletL_ Bullet is arguably one of the most underrated Apex players… @NachoCustomz you perma moving? @PowerGPU unless you're playing League of Legends, then it's an investment into deteriorating your mental health. @glenyanglol Take care of yourself and the family. I’ll always be a Glen fan 🤍 @BazonBTW W
Watching clips from @ImperialHal stream and I just see @BulletL_ hit the griddy sucky 900 superglide mantle jump wa… @lyonnttv @Dezachu obviously I know they do more than just bring drinks. It's also on the server to earn the tip and give good service. @lyonnttv @Dezachu I am sooooooooooooooooooooo against the tipping culture @Bo_Hoogland Hate seeing a bodork L on my timeline but here we are @bikeage I’m more impressed with the fridge