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TSM DUNC 🇺🇸 @followdunc Cornwall, United Kingdom

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@ellegh24 I loved it all
@WeThePeople1_TV @TSM @TSM_Reps @ImperialHal @Verhulst @PlayApexEsports me and @vitorcventura are an absolute demon… @themustang23 Can you dm me your order number? @frostyZK @tdawggVAL Dallas not Austin?! @wethsworld @GradyRains @fullsquadgaming @k1janna @draynilla @HisWattson @Gnaske_Lone @TiffaJessi @rknhd @GradyRains @fullsquadgaming @k1janna holy shit I love this content HAHAHA @FerEOB1 SIIIIIII @karnthc @TLCoreJJ @Bwipo @Hanssama you ain't wrong 💀x7 @karnthc @TLCoreJJ @Bwipo @Hanssama just gunna do it again ????????????????? @JakeSucky w @ellegh24 we get 12 staff members a week, but we filled it this week because of content! @CraftyJoseph I'M SO PROUD AND HAPPY FOR YOU BOTH. @Sn0wFr0stD my man @paztbh Are they just trying to blackmail him into dropping his missed payments and leave? Or to stay? @lowkeydbjosh You know a good taco place?? @EthanBenard I paid $3.30 or something for the guac. But it was a hugeeeee portion which surprised me. I didn’t g… @nwl805 Wait actually? @JosefromSpain About to try for the first time @KitKatxz This ain’t it bro come onRate the chipotle order. Also trying my first ever Mexican coke. aside, that was an enjoyable watch. Wish we were as consistent as that each game. 3 #LCS games left to s… @Nadeshot w
@CalCameron_ It’s painSike. The LCS has fully sold out today. No tickets available. This day is going from bad to worse LOL 🫠. @mleQT_ @karnthc just been told they’re fully sold out of tickets 😭We play at 4:30pm? Oh boy. I’m going to head to the #LCS studio to jinx TSM vs. DIG. @padrman Well, it was nice meeting you bro. @JakeHaleee This is the jinx I neededI actually paid $60 for a COD Champs ticket, just for LAT to 5-0 before I leave LAX? Lmao. What.Hello 🇺🇸 @Valoryze I’ll be at champs @gchorba Yessir
Leave for LA in 10 hours. Quick week work trip. Daily vlogging whilst I’m there yessir. Any mutuals ping me if you wanna hang.
@ayo_dom @Dyna_Sean Right, but I’m saying fans are used to it and it’s a normal practice. It’s case by case thoug… @Dyna_Sean @ayo_dom Sports have done it for years. Why are you so against a loss graphic? @NachoCustomz Happy birthday old man. Can’t wait to see you next week.
Shroud.CoD Champs and SEN vs The Guard in VCT. Chefs kiss of an evening. @CallumCFC_ @J__ude Feels inflated @CallumCFC_ A little copium. No? £62m is crazy. @GradyRains @JakeSucky @TeamYouTube @JakeSucky @YouTubeGaming are already helping us get back to normal 🤙 @GeorgeCGed I can’t. @SnakeAreMeta you're insane @chloe_hime7 We tried our best to get it :( @zchmz @JusJu02 @JakeCurtis I appreciate you kingWe've emailed our contacts to get it sorted. But if anyone has another contact that you think might be able to help, please lmk! @oh_Nocturnal some people are crazy.Yesterday an email associated with our YT got hacked. They livestreamed a UFC event to our page and now TSM's main… @MRLAAAAMA @alphaINTEL yeah that's fair @alphaINTEL 50 damage from a gun that is an ultimate? huh? @lightlyrs @Falloutt @usugaii Nah I’m with Fallout. Stormpoint was goated.
On this day 3 years ago, we won our first ever Apex Legends LAN. The day the dynasty started.
Retweeted by TSM DUNC 🇺🇸 @RubaFX @SnakeAreMeta @TSM clean @RENGARMTL yeah - sorted it though @KegShouts Hola @alex_frostwolf @frumoasa____ @PlayApex It’s a very very popular format. No one knows the origin :) so don’t worry @frumoasa____ @PlayApex I took the idea from a sports team haha
@parquesomedia @riotgames Yet to see a bigger W on my timeline this year - so happy for you.TSM VAL 2-0. Nothing new here. #TSMWIN.Bought a ticket for Champs Sunday. Going to my first CoD event since Gfinity London in 2015. Sheeeeeesh.… @BillyRayfe @tclarkmedia and I go 14th @thibbledork what's stoppign you? @BillyRayfe see you sunday???? @JhbTeam are you actually going going? or are you jhb going?Do I know anyone in LA going to CoD champs this Sunday? @Corey_OW It's crazy how attractive you are
@frumoasa____ bro are you ok?? @HeyItsThor_ they're unmatcheddddddhappy national girlfriend day @Kez1zzle @mythicaval HAHAH @gareth_hall92 @TSM @Corey_OW The absolute toxicity. @InFamousmp4 clean nerf on the wingledinglevalk ult @mythicaval @Kez1zzle rate them @vitorcventura is that a type of pastry in Brazil?
@TSM @LoLChime Chime @karnthc It’s so gooooooooodCHIMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEEE HOLYYYYYY. That win was so incredibly important. Good shit. Good shit baby. #TSMWIN.Chime’s Bard is kinda saucy. Big fan. @pcdv8r @haloofthoughts And her 2017 run was just as impressive. She’s the absolute goat.Champions of Europe. LFG @Lionesses 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿. @xKETx2 @PlayApex @ElleNewlands @CreativeNRDZ @Blender holy shit this is unreal. @LukeMeeMo @Caolo_ My man @xXFlame_TrainXx LOL @KitKatxz Sorry bro @kamenyurisen 🫡
@TSM_Herrions Land Sunday 7th @xctbl yes please, jump in the suitcase. @Caolo_ 7/10 8.5/10 with worcester sauce. @Foxie_GG No one believes me bro. I'm taking you with me to help them understand how glorious it is.Bringing 10 cans of baked beans with me to LA next week. If our #LCS team lose, they have to eat beans on toast.… week in the hyperbolic time chamber with these 3 and our LCS team would be unstoppable, no cap. @aneeshmurp Can always count on you my when a meme doesn't pop off @LCSOfficial Who changed what? @KingToro824 How long did it take you to learn @MPR35 Just such a steep learning curve. @CalCameron_ LMAO. I was watching his video the other day like “ah I never have any issues with Premiere Pro” and I… Pro crash number 17,865. Is it really time to switch to DaVinci Resolve?