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@WEIRDCHRISTMAS Try this link dude @WEIRDCHRISTMAS Will have to be Friday night dude ... Working late today and tomorrow @WEIRDCHRISTMAS Got my baubles hanging over the fenceSay hello and I'll buy your album @RobinWhitlock66 @AdamIntLakes @theJeremyVine @RobinWhitlock66 @AdamIntLakes @theJeremyVine Let me find the rule where it says cyclists must stop at red lights ...back in a bit @ToHull_andback Happy birthday Sir & Water next #Scotland @cInemat0graphys Nope @BrianLynch England still has the Muppet show in 10 downing Street @AdamIntLakes @theJeremyVine If it's got four wheels Jeremy's always got an issue
@DoctorT1992 @RevRichardColes Ate the post @RevRichardColes It's Tuesday
@DoubleZCreative @jenlion @DavidBowieReal @Its_Zig_n_Zag But who is zag & zig ? @josierones @EdGambleComedy I can see right through this idea @PattyArquette @DoubleZCreative @jenlion @DavidBowieReal What's going on @Its_Zig_n_Zag ? @Fact My Knackers are perfectly round
@WEIRDCHRISTMAS @PoliceCrewe You're doing a great job ... It's just a shame the punishments for these crimes don't do your jobs any… @bonnie_langford Phwoaaarrrr @KEdge23 @DebraBe16141698 They stand because they don't have many seatsSanta is on lockdown this year kids ...No presents for you Just Sky TV for me @Rhianmarie Found an old pile of @DailyMailUK @janenolan59 @Matthew_Wright I've been watching the Alienist season 2 which is brill in both seasons, so I'll go for that next πŸ‘ @Matthew_Wright Someone told me to watch it ... I guess it's good then Matthew @FredWestPatios I dig Fred @mark17852273 @GillianKearney3 Racists with erect nipples ? @reece_dinsdale She abused her position so much like others who think they are better than us @JohnCleese still don't think there's been a better Christmas advert since 'The Greatest Gift' from @sainsburys @JKCorden @Michael96303310 " Sorry ! No more than six"
@SkyNewsBreak How the fuck is Santa supposed to work from home ? @24hrlearns @ThenVsN0w @MJH4192 @LouiseMahaffy @McDonaldsUK @McDonaldsUK Whoppers ? @Rhianmarie @strenominious @Rhianmarie @GylesB1 Rupert ... Just read the rhyming partsMight as well not have watched @imacelebrity from Sunday .. could have just turned it on tonight #ImACeleb #imacelebrityHopefully nothing bad has happened for @imacelebrity to be a recap show #ImACelebWhat's going on with tonight's #ImACeleb ? @WhoseRyanStiles really hates barbers & hairdressers @CadburyUK Mix it up a bit ... Chocolate bars that are half milk chocolate and half white chocolate #20% @domcavendish I miss my wife ... My aim is getting better though @MrNishKumar Do they sell turkeys ?Electric cars ... Hey @DuracellUK you could make back up batteries to keep in the boot I'll take 25% @DoseofRoses @cinematorg That poltergeist needs fucking off @BorisJohnson can I replace Mr Cummings .. I've got great eyesight and a sense of stylePower cuts ... Its a game changer @RobertLindsay Does he have Netflix ? @lindsaylohan You're the new RoboCop ?'ve tested positive for being an idiot @sarcitwat @SueCathrine @G1Vernon @mattymoo1973 He ate ass before going on a date @HWarlow I love your tweets Helen ... here's a virtual hug for brightening my timeline'd have thought it .. 1969 they could send people to the moon but 2020 and WiFi is still shit @realmikefox 2020 and still hovering skateboards don't exist πŸ˜’ ... Take me back to the 80's @susie_dent New swear word technique Telling someone to 'Thuck off' won't get you twitter banned 🚫 I claim this phrase Β© 😁They can all thuck off till Monday @Fact But what if you forget to imagine ? @BoyGeorge Have a great Saturday George
They should have made an Abe's oddworld film's sale on 2021 @McCoys No it doesn't lol .. I said just this flavour @NotSainsburys1 Nice jump
@WEIRDCHRISTMAS @BBCNews Faggot ... There I said it ! ... it's a word rhymes with maggot ffs @JejjivarapuK You'll be ok have internetI DON'T HAVE A FAVOURITE CHEESE ... So thuck off ! @SiSmith5 @angrybrittisher @piersmorgan There it is @piersmorgan @WEIRDCHRISTMAS
@WEIRDCHRISTMAS @Annabel_Giles Gotta be @AnnekaRice @CadburyUK When will the Christmas equivalent of Creme eggs/Goo heads be invented ? .. Maybe call them 'Baubles' or… back TREASURE HUNT @SueCathrine @WEIRDCHRISTMAS Tell them to four cough Grandad is still missing ... Please Retweet ... He's missed his lunch twice now ... Was last seen on Friday wear…
Retweeted by Hairy Knackers πŸ™Š @CorrieLdn @J_N_Cooper @SooksThe And I was worried about my Β£61.90 credit card bill @SueCathrine I love your funny tits @D_D_M55 @NickDixonITV @GMB ExactlyFor sale ... 1 Wheel trim @NickDixonITV @GMB It won't happen ... They're never ready if we have a centimetre of snow each year ... Power cuts… people need to social distance FOREVER ! @NLAHamilton Sorry ..No more than six
@Mike_Batt @Cherylbaker @kimwilde Yes's the new 60mph @fred035schultz @evilgnome21 whaaaats going on ??? @Keir_Starmer .. I've asked @BorisJohnson if harsher sentences can be given to scum who hurt animals ..I do hope he sees this @ladbible @wowcountrylife @reginalddhunter Stunning @westbrookdanni It was disgusting ! @LuvBritishbabes @ThePinkTaco69 I'm always in the wrong place at the wrong time @laurenevie_ Yeh .. FUCK YOU KEVIN ! @SteveSnooker