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Fonda Lee @FondaJLee Portland, OR

World Fantasy Award-winning author of the Green Bone Saga, the Exo duology, Zeroboxer. Martial artist, foodie, action movie aficionado.

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@zlikeinzorro ... I love how you knew the answer immediately. @ericmfarmer This is... the correct answer. @zlikeinzorro But what IS the revenge scent, Zoraida, and can I buy it as a body wash?Every time I see those pretty book-themed candles I chuckle and try to imagine what a Green Bone Saga candle would… a reason to look forward to 2021? Well, I'm here to give you more than 150 reasons. ‼ 155 upcoming Asian-auth…
Retweeted by Fonda LeeWe have an important survey about #DISCONIII. Please fill this out ASAP if you are a member, volunteer, or part o…
Retweeted by Fonda Lee @cindypon Cindy, you're an inspiration to me whether you're writing novels or making me feel like a weakling with y… @marshallmaresca Same. At a live con, I would spend the whole day hanging out and checking out other events, but I'…'m curious: now that book launches, author events, and cons are online, are you more or less motivated to attend?
@lynnefaubert Sorry you weren’t able to get a copy, but what you were told is definitely not true; I’ve seen copies… did an interview that's posted today as part of @DIYMFA’s #WriterIgniter SFF Summit, where I talk about putting c… I really wish I'd invested in a better home theater.
@JimMcCarthy528 JIM, I CAN’T WAIT, it’s going to feel GLORIOUS. I don’t even know what I’ll do with myself!! I mean… @emteehall Yes, you did, MaggieAuthor bitches be like, “wahh, publishing is so glacially slow,” but also, “I need more time with these deadlines!!” It’s me, I’m bitches. @JimMcCarthy528 I am both cheering you with encouragement and chuckling at your pain!
On book deadline all through December, guess my entire family is getting gift cards and socks. @tras_papelada Yes, @InsolitaEdit will be publishing the Spanish editions! @misskarez Oh man, I would love to, if the fates permit it.It really just hit me how much I'm looking forward to 2021 because holy shit, Jade Legacy is going to come out and… @thatdalglishguy Aw shit. Glad it’s not dangerous and I hope it gets taken care of quickly. @SashaWren I have one copy left if you want to DM me! @BlobRussian That’s so odd, because I use the term nephrite in Jade War to refer to fake jade, so I have to wonder…
Do I have any Russian-speaking followers who would like to read Jade City? I have three extra copies of the Russian… @kmveohongs That makes me so happy. 🥰 @JosephBrassey That. Scene. *clenches fist* Gets me every time.I completed my annual rewatch of Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood and my soul is full and cleansed. @SFFjonbob @swanseastones @pdjeliclark 🙏 Thank you, and I also love Ring Shout!
@stephanieburgis I'm so sorry to hear this. Please take it easy on yourself and get well soon.This holiday shopping season, remember that with bookstore browsing way down, authors are almost entirely dependent…
@kalkholin Valid is always subjective. 🙂 @SHAEHILO None of the Kauls would fatally injure you without a valid reason.😉"One of the appeals of science fiction/fantasy as a genre is the cool factor. All my books start with something tha…
Retweeted by Fonda Lee"As an author, you are showing the tip of the iceberg and you have done the work to make sure the unseen world (rel…
Retweeted by Fonda LeeThe opening six minutes of Eat Drink Man Women. They consist entirely of food preparation and make me so hungry… @victoriasreads 😀And worth 21 points on a triple word box!
Here’s the panel I’ll be on tomorrow:’ll be at AugurCon tomorrow 11/28, on the worldbuilding panel at 12:30 EST. Still time to register to attend! By… @aprilhenrybooks Nope! My debut was in April 2015. I think we actually met for the very first time at Wordstock in… @aprilhenrybooks @garrett_kelly I think so!
@aprilhenrybooks 😄 Whoa, feels like forever ago! @TimPaul_illo 🤣🤣🤣 poor @tashadrinksteaImagine if everyone got feedback at work the way authors do: “Jon’s marketing presentation was slow to start and…
There's also something about YA in particular. Plenty of adult novels get adapted into excellent films and shows, b… do so many successful, popular YA novels get adapted into such mediocre-to-awful films? My theory is they're vi… @JimMcCarthy528 Thank YOU, Jim, for believing in my work and being in my corner every step of the way. 🙏 @ShiningComic Hooray, Darcie, so glad to hear the good news!
The Ignyte Award finalist medal that arrived in the mail today is really lovely. A much-needed boost at a time when… @ak_hoffman If anything I wrote ever “flowed effortlessly,” I would side-eye it with extreme suspicion. @hankgreen *shudders at the thought* @shelleypchan Please look away, Shelley @ToddCMatthy I plead the fifth.Perfectionism's a bitch. Especially when line editing a 700-page novel. @aliwilgus @marshallmaresca I see every food list as a bucket list. @aliwilgus @marshallmaresca Same. When it comes to tests of cuisine, I'm a citizen of every region, because I...jus…'m going to to be interviewed about Creating Dynamic Characters Through Conflict as part of @DIYMFA’s week-long… @marshallmaresca I got 22 and I've never lived in Texas🤷‍♀️
sooo this is my take on ayt mada from jade city by @FondaJLee , using artbreeder🥵 honestly, she can gut me like a f…
Retweeted by Fonda Lee @kitaysnezha Oh my goodness, this is good! She looks like she could kill with her pinky finger 💯 @kauIhiIo No, I've always deliberately written physical description very lightly and leaned into personality and ma… @ryandziuba Glad you enjoyed it, and thank you so much. 🙏okay so this is my poor and first attempt of kaul shae on artbreeder (the right one is slightly older) i tried 💀…
Retweeted by Fonda Lee @kauIhiIo Oh, very cool! I think you captured her smart and tough vibe.I would love this. @desi_1311 lol it’s not a novella, just some scenes, but I’ll work on it some more after I finish these Jade Legacy edits.If you haven’t read my backlist, the @fluxbooks science fiction sale is the perfect chance to pick up ZEROBOXER. 10…
@jpantalleresco Given the size of my books, I would get to nap once every 2 years, so noI have so many stories I want to write, and also so many naps I want to take. The conflict is irreconcilable. @saucebot I'm glad to hear you enjoyed Jade City. I'm sorry to have to tell you Jade War wasn't released in a large… @marshallmaresca @jmatonak Shall we throw our heads back and laugh uproariously together for obvious reasons? @Usagi_Stebbs Thank you for letting me know. I’ll pass this on to my audiobook publisher and hopefully they’ll be a…
This is mortifying behavior on the part of Disney that sets a terrible precedent for all authors who write IP ficti… will not face oblivion with typos. @LiteratureNLoFi @goodreads 🙏Thank you for reviewing and for letting me know you enjoyed it. @JMCwrites @JimMcCarthy528 @mixbecca @KosokoJackson LOOK. I would 100% watch it with the same fascination that one… @JimMcCarthy528 @JMCwrites @mixbecca @KosokoJackson I would seriously watch it! @melisscaru @BetsyMiller_ @MaryCDunbar @thatdalglishguy I really suggest reading and studying fight scenes in books… @melisscaru @BetsyMiller_ @MaryCDunbar @thatdalglishguy If it helps, here's an article I wrote for Writer's Digest… @ShiningComic DARCIE.😭I'm glad @sfwa matched us, and I feel so privileged to have been part of your journey this ye… @JimMcCarthy528 @JMCwrites @mixbecca @KosokoJackson 😱 Congrats to both of you!! But please, the two of you need to…
@kacencallender @nationalbook HOLY SHIT KACEN, you won the WFA and the NBA in the SAME YEAR with 2 DIFFERENT BOOKS,… @suzusaur Look, if an extinction-level asteroid were hurtling toward Earth and I had to choose who to bring along w… @amberjkeyser @BananenflankeF If you know any editors in Germany... :) @BananenflankeF My publisher, Orbit (Hachette) holds the translation rights. To my knowledge, they have not sold th… @SWSondheimer Awesome! @robintheherrera Oh my gosh, Robin, hugs. That is a whole lot to deal with in a year. Wish we could celebrate your…
ICYMI, AugurCon Edition: At 12:30PM EST on November 28, we'll be diving into world building with @s_raughley,…
Retweeted by Fonda LeeNovember 2020 feels like the first act of Avengers: Endgame when Thor finally decapitates Thanos but everything is still fuckedMy Top 15 Ongoing Series (As of 2020) video is up!😊 @PeteMC666 @EvanWinter @FletcherMR @robertjbennett @mikeshackle
Retweeted by Fonda Lee @PetrikReads Thank you, Petrik! You’re truly an excellent booktuber. @tomesandtales_ Thank you for spreading the word!The runoffs in Georgia are serious and extremely important, but I just want to say that Warnock & Ossoff would be g… @ElleMN0P_ADHD It's on its way!😁17-year-old me would've expected me to have made a lot more money by now, but screw her @DevinMadson What...the fuck? I'm so confused as to whether this writer is in, fact, anatomically a female of the human species?Reminder: Tomorrow is our special birthday bash! Our theme is COMMUNITY - join @kateheartfield, @eliktherain,…
Retweeted by Fonda Lee @Raithnor It's in the early summer, at the beginning of typhoon season, which lasts three months and ends around th…
Featured Panel: Join @s_raughley, @Rati_Mehrotra, @FondaJLee, and @omarelakkad for Building Better, a virtual discu…
Retweeted by Fonda Lee @JLSelby I should’ve guessed that would be the case. 😕If you want to know how my brain is doing after several nonstop weeks of revision, I typed, “when is Boat Day in Ja…