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FoodStories @FoodStories Camberwell, London

Freelance food, travel and recipe writer. Co-founder and Editor @pitmagazineuk 🔥 Love BBQ, carbs, crabs, kebabs.

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@HRWright @kplunketthogge This looks STUNNING
@spitz69 90! Fantastic! A very happy birthday to your mum 🥳
@food_writer @TimeToCook Oh hi yes I do and it's brilliantNew batch, first taste, very happy #sproutkimchi @HRWright Remember seeing Blondie at G-A-Y at the Astoria when someone tried to rugby tackle her off the stage
@foodurchin 😳 @stickyinhanoi hahaa I think we have bigger problems than my kimchiFresh batch of brussels sprout kimchi spluttering juice all over the worktop already 💪 @EmilyRNunn @nicmillerstale @PitmagazineUK Oh, thank you, Nic! xx (Our readership is much wider than 'BBQ fans', as… @Fifth_Instar Right back at ya 😘😘😘
@agladman Who cares, it's delicious 😜Do yourself a favour and purchase some top quality cocktail mail (Felix's drinks are the tits) @agladman Big fan of the Mr Zhong dumplings in chilli oil, the Malaysia style ho fun, smacked cucumber, dry-fried g… forward to reading this @PenVogler (and v much enjoying the turkey’s legs on the cover) @sonicated @MarkStockley @MelissaCole Hard agree @meemalee Absolute classic
@Tessa_Stuart 100% @PeckhamRyeEats Yes, let's keep it basic! @chrispople @hollycatford I actually don't but... you know *hic* @AMummyToo Oh, that is... really quite dark?! @eatlikeagirl Definitely zero tolerance @TheMeiToday Exactly. Being kind to ourselves and each other is everything atm.It's hard to imagine missing the mark as spectacularly as the PR companies sending 'new year, new you' press releas… @hollycatford @chrispople Yessss @liz545 That set in sometime after my 4th Zoom @KayPeddle No way! We have *such* good taste. I am working from the 'soft office' as @SianySianySiany calls it.I know how you feel babe @liz545 Oh hey! The @CoolChileCo one is available in a few shops locally including @flockandherd @Bohemiangirl @dochall It hasn't worked for me a few times.
@hollycatford I appreciate this 😂 xxx @Bohemiangirl @dochall Doesn’t always work though @annecupcake Help @_andsalt I appreciate you letting me know! (Seriously) @_andsalt Yes I’m aware they are availab... you know what never mind argghhhh🤣🤣 @catlilycooks @nicmillerstale @Tumblespork This is incredible @nicmillerstale @SianySianySiany Oh... @GrabYourSpoon Hello friend! @rozhubley Great! Thanks for letting me knowTHANK YOU TIM @MelissaCole @TimeToCook @kenjilopezalt That works most of the time - occasionally doesn’t. Also not what occurred to me at the time!!Only interested in hearing from people who *don’t* have a small blender with a drippy oil bit now 😉 @dochall I have that too. Didn’t think of it though.OH everyone has a small blender with a drippy bit @clairestrickett RIP little guy. We miss you. @bettypotter Oh... no one has a very small blender that will allow the slow drizzling of oil through the top (I don’t think?!) I m… in chefs’ cookbooks that have been scaled down but not tested in a home kitchen 😠 So annoying! An example:… @LeyLaLaa OMG you’re right! It was this soup but with sprouts instead of something else (asparagus I’m guessing)
@LeyLaLaa Hahaha! No brussels soup recipe I’m afraid. Was it the Brussels sprout kimchi? @kplunketthogge That mashed potato salad! So interesting. I can't wait to read the back issues.I absolutely *love* this! Subscribed. @cooksisterblog Aw thank you! @barrysherwin61 @AnnaSulan Quite a tough one for me to answer as I don't work in psychology any more. I mean, I'll… @siepert @Fifth_Instar @lucywritesfood Oh, perfect! Now I just need to condense it into a series of outfit changes @cooksisterblog I *completely* understand why you did that! @AnnaSulan Right?! It’s really tough to try and explain how consuming it is. Completely different to any ‘big proje… @Fifth_Instar @lucywritesfood Or writing the whole thing in emojis
@drdickdixon Urgh @drdickdixon SEVEN. @lucywritesfood Maybe I will release the full 100K words over a series of tweets. That works, right? @drdickdixon A year!! Although it was on and off. I was a terrible student (I actually missed my first deadline as… @drdickdixon Ahahahaha I hate you mine was three hours long and as you know ended in the corrections list from hell @annecupcake Thank you! x @drdickdixon First class as well @drdickdixon MY GOD THE VIVA. I mean I'd heard horror stories but the grilling was... intense. @PeckhamRyeEats Thanks Lisa! Not sure that doesn’t have some Gillian McKeith vibes haha x @lucywritesfood Are you having trouble sleeping? (thank you!)Anyway, I've changed my bank cards to say 'Dr' so 🤷‍♀️(cont) the weight of expectation, the pressure, sleepless nights, the paras that take a whole day to write, the fuc… now, 3 months later, am I coming to terms with what it was like to write my PhD. The endless work, the intense… @yasmin_khan HOW did I not own Zaitoun already?! Have just ordered. @MelissaCole @MarkStockley @sonicated 😂 loving that description @HRWright @chrispople @hollowlegs 😂😂😂 @chrispople @HRWright @hollowlegs That was an incredible weekend until I locked my passport in the Air BnB @AKatzKennedy *blushes*I'm going to RT this praise I'm afraid because it makes me so proud and happy - thank you, Adrienne!
@TheThinkingFlat @nicmillerstale She laughed afterwards so probably yes @hollowlegs Oooh MESSY @nicmillerstale A woman pointed and said ‘I saw you!’ @TracySada You know I didIf you smash some eggs on the floor at the supermarket do you have to pay for them asking for a friend @SamphireSalsify Get a good one - the cheap ones are shite and you will regret it @KS_Ate_Here And the never ending darkness ffs @GingerGourmand Woop! Now you are no longer at the beginning @GingerGourmand Thank you! I am now in my gear so no excuses @nicmillerstale I'm doing it the other way around and will be making pesto (for pasta obvs) when I get home @foodurchin Wow that sounds like a lot Danny you must be so fit @FoodieEmma Exercise changed my life tbh but I still get these days when I just cannot be arsed. But I will. @_griff In that case I am basically an OlympianI really do not want to go and exercise, which means I absolutely must go and exercise @oishinboy Still quite triggered by sausage puns tbh"...there are so many other cultures under the umbrella of Judaism, and that alone motivates me to learn more." We…
Retweeted by FoodStories @creature_dan @s_and_d_wich Lush. Sounds like it was worth getting a soaking for. @creature_dan C'mon then, tell us about the sandwichJust posted a photo @ Camberwell
@nicmillerstale @EmilyRNunn Fantastic, thank you @nicmillerstale I *knew* you were the right person to ask, thank you! I have plans for them tomorrow morning @KitchenClonc I think it's incredible smoked (cc @hollycatford ) @nicmillerstale I'm looking for a good hoecakes recipe and I feel like you might know of one? @IsabelleOC Just makes me wither inside