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@diane_boyle @montie Next time, try electing a leader with a technical/ professional background. Not a posh bullsh… @rezahakbari This reminded me of the graffiti scene in Life of Brian.
@Sam_Bain Why did they vote for a Tory? @BarristerSecret @Bren4Bassetlaw Should've told him it was for meals for Russian oligarchs, at £1m a head provided… @Keir_Starmer Should've told them the meals were for Russian oligarchs, provided by SERCO at £1m per head. @JohnRentoul Should've told them SERCO are providing meals at £23,000 per head per day. Would've all voted yes. @PierreCullen5 @JohnRentoul Heidi Allen is a babe. Probably the hottest physicist alive. @CARogersNo1 @JohnRentoul This is a case study insanity. @JohnRentoul The former Viceroy of Afghanistan. Forgot his name.
@stephenpollard Burnham is actually OK. Has some depth, knowledge and ministerial experience. Seems honeest too, un… @seyyedreza Solo knife and gun spectaculars attract imitators among a pathological class, especially when connected… @BarristerSecret Will you provide a running legal commentary on Bake off? @campbellclaret Empty : 30 kWh per train-mile, at 16.3 p/kWh. 194 miles to Leeds. £948 electricity alone.Be a vegetarian. Embrace the humanity and mercy of dogs. @farashgardi Be a vegetarian. Embrace the humanity and mercy of dogs. @Fez100 The referendum question shoud've been: Do you want the government to reduce immigration in a reasonable and proportionate way? @philwoodford @DrRosena Difference here is that GPs are individual professionals pursuing their vocation, or callin… @BBCRadio4 @Iceman_Hof @simonmundie @BBCSounds Brave man. Talks a lot of bollocks though. @frankmarcois When body language screams no. @LauraSRobinson Inspired me to learn German. Well, to watch a few beginners German clips on YouTube.
@Laurenslife3 Hi Lauren. Looking forward to sharing in the things that interest you. @steverichards14 Good program, interesting foreign perspectives. I'm sure they can fund it cutting back a bit on… @azforeman One was persuaded, but said of the prospect, it's somewhat.... far I see @SiccusHortus @afneil This is puzzling as Barelvis are mostly Pakistani Kashmiris, with little or no influence in t… @Ed_Miliband Archbangers of Sanctimony. In this case, they have a point. @MattGarrahan He's advised them to relocate to the lake District. Less Covid.
@CrimeLdn @Ig1Ig3 The guy is known to the vicar. Mental health problem. Not motivated by religious hatred. It's all… @JohnRentoul Ian Duncan Motherfucking Smith. @Rob_Kimbell Your definition of "traitor' appears to be someone who disagrees with you on a point of public/ economic policy. @ErnaldZane @RETEU3 His constituency is in Somerset. The deferential slave mentality has been ingrained through the… @MartinRemains Love the way they say pandemic ...Paaandimmick @SiccusHortus @afneil True, perhaps it's more fruitful to historicise and humanise Mo, so that adherents don't reac… @Rob_Kimbell Blair left in 2007, feels like a golden age now. @rec777777 @Rob_Kimbell Like what? @the_tpa Will you campaign for a refund of £15bn for the test and trace debacle? @DouglasKMurray Didn't get past first para. as paywalled. You mention unaffordable housing. The "far left" hasn't… ceremony of Egyptian police, not a gay parade.
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@RichardDawkins This is horrific, the revulsion from this must surely inspire sustained action. But what exactly? D… @DouglasKMurray 4. Actively promote liberal secular values, directly challenging religious doctrines @DouglasKMurray 3. Massive education and skills investment @DouglasKMurray 2. Break up the slums and banileus and disperse these populations @DouglasKMurray 1. Mortaorium on Maghrebian immigration, unless highly skilled postgraduates in an interfaith marriage. @berts_the_boy @DanielJHannan Fishing is also 0.01% of UK GDP, comparatively lower than other EU countries. This pa… @berts_the_boy @DanielJHannan Foreign trawlers are better equipped and larger, they outbid UK trawlers as they can get a bigger catch. @berts_the_boy @DanielJHannan Unfortunately, the British Govt. sells over half of UK fishing quotas to foreign domiciled vessels. @berts_the_boy @DanielJHannan This is reciprocal. fishing fleets of every country involved have full access to each… @InstituteGC @BenPBradshaw @jacindaardern @nzlabour Easy No bullshitting. Some base line professional standards an… @berts_the_boy @DanielJHannan Name three terms they proposed. Actually name just one. @MPrepuce ...and it's trucker discharge too. A mountain of half digested red bull infused pasties in the garden of England. @lmharpin @UKLabour Next time ask him about Hitler. @gymdude_16 @Keir_Starmer @leedsrhinos @Rob7Burrow He didn't award a £15bn contract to his scam artist mates for a… @lloydyes @Keir_Starmer @AaronBower @leedsrhinos @Rob7Burrow His dad was a tool maker, mum was a nurse. Your dad w… @timmyvoe @Keir_Starmer @leedsrhinos @Rob7Burrow The struggle of our age is not between left and right, it's betwee…
@BurkeCNN But if anyone has the world's goods and sees his brother in need, yet closes his heart against him, how d…"But if anyone has the world's goods and sees his brother in need, yet closes his heart against him, how does God's… @MartinRemains @AndrewRTDavies Nah, Starmer needs to stay quiet. It's a no win situation, he'll only be accused of… @Jamesnotfunny @Rob_Kimbell 80 seat majority more a reflection on toxic Corbyn, rather than Brexit. You won of cour… @afneil Psychotic. There's a discussion to be had as to what extent foundational Islamic doctrines leave people pro… @JohnRentoul Oppong-Asare is not a double barrel name. It's Ashanti for 'determined warrior'. Ian Duncan Motherfuc… @Rob_Kimbell On reflection, most accept it was a stupid and pointless thing to do. @paulwaugh @BenPBradshaw @FT Not fair to compare UK and Germany. Germans have a physics PhD as their leader. The… @xandvt @GoodSamApp I signed up for a first aid course, cancelled due to Covid. @iHaroonR Hindu mobs use rape as an instrument of sectarian conflict, espoused as a strategy endorsed by leading ri… @iHaroonR It's worse than slavery. Slaves can be freed. Caste fascism externally stains human life by saying they a… @iHaroonR It's not, rapes are by upper caste Hindus against poorer Indians, they burn the body of girls while they'… @iHaroonR Caste fascism lives on : @iHaroonR As for rape. India remains the rape capital of the world. @iHaroonR @iHaroonR So you're saying majority of Muslim women are in a polygamous marriage being routinely raped? @iHaroonR Having a permanently servient underclass who you consider unclean is not only slavery, but fascism. What… @iHaroonR Wife burning and untouchables are mere "social problems"? No they are no different to slavery. Human life in bondage to another. @iHaroonR No, not all of them. That's a stupid sweeping statement. Those under the circumstances you describe, yes. @iHaroonR You falsely claimed there was no slavery in India of indigenous origin. I corrected you, simply as a matt… @iHaroonR When did I say that wasn't slavery? It emphatically is. What's the matter with you? @Rob_Kimbell So what's new? Other than more red tape to replicate what we had already. Btw, £442 is what SERCO sca… @zarahsultana @SocialMediaRe14 This is too dirty for Nigeria. Pakistan maybe. @DouglasKMurray A necessary countervailing force against voter suppression and gerrymandering. It all evens out in the end hopefully. @iHaroonR Yes, being burned alive because you have no existence independent of your husband is a form of slavery.… @iHaroonR So who introduced Sati, wife burning.
@Conservatives @BorisJohnson While your mates scam the tax payer out of £12.5bn for a dodgy track and trace contrac… @FrankRGardner But they can still shop at Harrods and fund the Tory party. @davidallengreen sale o' goods act mate. Not fit for purpose innit. @BenPBradshaw Who are these scam artists? Why exploit a pandemic for shameless rent seeking and profiteering? Wh… @drzakir_real Tell your sadistic Saudi friends that genocide in Yemen is haram.
@fresh_sadegh Wow, imagine that. Beating America, France and most of Europe in electing a first woman president. @SK_098 @nature Still the most respected science journal. They're only reflecting the view of the overwhelming majority of scientists. @VeteransBritain @Rob_Kimbell At this stage, who cares anymore? Majority now think it's a shit idea anyway. There'l… @Extrachelle Agree, but need to quickly find other sources of income/ economic activity. @GeorgeMonbiot Too dirty, even for Nigerian government procurement standards. Pakistan maybe. @omid9 "We'z never waz no niggaz..." These rhythmic turn of phrases, almost Shakespearen. dat's why dey' call him a fuckin genius. @toolsey @Gary_M_Wilkes @PaulEmbery The money raised from the gold sale was put into assets that yielded higer retu… @UtvMy @Gary_M_Wilkes @PaulEmbery People who most often slag off this country are Tories and right wingers who keep… @OficialCLtweets @bbclaurak What does it add, other than parrot govt. propaganda? Why does this have to be anonymo… @Gary_M_Wilkes @PaulEmbery You know it's true. You've been played by posh boys who despise you. Yet you reserve your contempt for Labour. @Gary_M_Wilkes @PaulEmbery Tories aren't patriots. They worship nothing but money, sold off most of the country's a…
@BethRigby Is it conceivable that he's sincerely concernes about the welfare of his country, rather than engaging in political shenanigans? @BethRigby "senior source" , classic device used by journos for a bit of shit stirring. @bbclaurak This is not journalism. It's shit stirring. It's also a lie, Starmer has not refused targeted local lockdowns where necessary. @sunny_hundal £2,300 a day these fuckers charge, fixed fee test trace. Plus £650 per contact. Covid 19 is Xmas for… @JuliaHB1