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Cris @for3ver_aiko San Antonio, TX

They tell me I act lightskinned ✨

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@Jdiamondisme Okay then 🤪😅 raps about things in life we’re scared to acknowledge. A lot of his music won’t be played in clubs but on some t…
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I like this & I stan for this. 😌✍️
Men get depression Men get anxiety Men get suicidal thoughts Men get mental illness Maybe instead of saying…
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Why is my tongue out? I don’t even remember tf 🤣😛
I hate my @PlanetFitness 😂🤦🏽‍♂️ #CatMeme #CatMemes #PlanetFitness
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Not being on social media for a week has me GLOWING✨😌 Did y’all miss me?
Retweeted by CrisWow 💔😒 aborted baby escaping the garbage can
Retweeted by CrisLove looks beautiful on you two😌✨💛
Late replies are actually okay , people are allowed to deal with their lives yk don’t be a burden
Retweeted by Cris @woahMikey @nuhtae 👀😍😛 @nuhtae @woahMikey The door 🚪🤣 @Ahhh_JonJon SAME 🤣Remy said her son got bullied in school because of Nicki’s “what type of mother leave her ONE son over a stack!?” l…
Retweeted by Cris Cris vs. clean Cris. Which one y’all cuffing?🤤 water after sex is a different type of love
Retweeted by CrisI told them to 🌚🤣 @for3ver_aiko @Muchomasxxx Go ahead lolll
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@Muchomasxxx @_apollos_ Yes most definitely 🍑🤤I’ve seen within this week three close people take their own lives. Don’t commit suicide. Reach out to someone. I k… *guys butt* 😏 can’t hear me because they’re listening to Kidz Bop
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Retweeted by CrisDO IT I couldn’t do what I wanted to do?😆’m at a loss of words.
Retweeted by Cris @ijasmineArt STIFF WHERE?!🤣 @_apollos_🤷🏽‍♂️🤣 I twerking? Idk what that was 😆 BOOBS ?
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@aaronnerii 😅😅😅 indeed! 😅🤣 @itsjuanibarra 😍🍑🥵 silly for my own good had to guys...🤣💀 @porque_andrew_ Bodied! ✨🙌🏽 @chinychinx 🥵🍑😍 @thefamouschink In between, like ambient lighting 🤣
me on the way to the first day of class trying to think of 3 fun facts about myself
Retweeted by CrisTops when the bottom doesn’t finish
Retweeted by Cris by Chris Brown Channel Orange by Frank Ocean And Big Echo by The Morning Benders ❤️🙌🏽
I refuse to participate in “no nut November” or even “no shave November”. I’m too stressed & won’t walk around looking scraggly. 💁🏽‍♂️😅Here’s a video you didn’t know you needed
Retweeted by CrisIm not for everyone.. oh well fuck ya if you ain’t with me, and if you are 🥰
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Retweeted by CrisIf you think that’s a thirst trap... I’m just getting started 💁🏽‍♂️😛 lol
Happy Monday babes ☀️ mine too. Charge it to my head not my heart. 😭
@pablohernandez7 Micky D’s period ☝️😌 @RickyCuellar13 It’s too early for me to be crying like this 😭😢🙏🏽 @caballerrro much as I love the gay community, I have to drag y’all real quick 🙄🤧
Retweeted by CrisWho’s leaving the house at 12am to get chicken nuggets? Me.’m a sucker for deep talks, I wanna know what makes you , you.
Retweeted by Cris @TraceeEllisRoss is the QUEEN of wellness & happiness so therefore she’s my hero and my header ☝️✨😍 vibes frI stand corrected gah damn 😆 when purple dude got on the floor HE CAME TO FUCK IT UUUP 🤣 go out or to not go out... Decisions decisions😏🥃 @ericsaldivar Explain cause... 👀😆 @zzavierg @PrinceHexxing I know it! I moved from Wichita Falls right next door to San Antonio. I don’t miss it lmao 😆🗣🗣🗣 @zzavierg Lawton is TERRIBLE 😅Me Thursday night/morning 💀
@MrSaurusflex 🙌🏽🔥💪🏽 think I’ve been emotionally and mentally checked out for quite some time now, yet I don’t feel depressed at all I…
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Retweeted by CrisBreaking news ❄️
Retweeted by CrisPumpkin f*cking videos OVER. Make way for this queen
Retweeted by CrisDid I go to a pumpkin patch? NO Did I dress up for Halloween? NO Did I go to any Halloween parties? NO Did I get in…
Retweeted by CrisIt's time to FALL BACK as Daylight Saving Time comes to an end. Be sure to turn all of your clocks back an hour aft…
Retweeted by CrisMe when I realize I get an extra hour of sleep, then realizing it will be dark by 5pm. #DaylightSavingTime
Retweeted by CrisMore iconic moments already happening at Tyler Perry Studios. Both ‘Bad Boy 3’ and ‘Coming 2 America’ are currently…
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@zaddychrisss Ouch?! 🥴 @for3ver_aiko Daddyy
Retweeted by CrisI work for @BMWUSA. Buut @Daimler got us 🤣🙌. Mercedes Benz for the win lol miss my hair and thick(er) beard.😍😩 #ThrowbackThursday’m going out tonight for Halloween. & im dressing up as...... ME lmao 🤣
@bigbootyjer I’m giggling too much over this 🤣😭Good morning Kings & Queens 🌞✨ @BrvceKing Good morning 😅🌞
Retweeted by CrisThe same but different 😍🔥
Did he just say kik me? 💀🤣 WHAT! Nobody DECKED this man!?!? Look how terrified she is?!? This is NOT the first time! It’s too early for me…
Retweeted by CrisI just want to look like this 😂😂😂
Retweeted by CrisI had such a lit workout🔥💪🏽
Miami’s Elite Trainer! If You’re Looking For Knowledgable Trainer That Gets Results Check Out His Page And Contact… tweet🙌🏽 Always do it for you and ONLY you! my dad I needed something for my apartment but I just really wanted to make this tik tok HAHAHA
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