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It appears @JulieBorowski just got kicked off Facebook. Her content is mostly center-right-libertarian Vlog posts.… @officialmcafee Does it feel weird having a phone and tweeting from jail?Alan Swinney has just been denied release, with bail set at about half a million dollars. (Article linked below is… Biden is vetting a handful of Republicans for cabinet slots if elected. What do you think?
Here is the full HD summary video of what happened Sunday in Boston as the pro-Trump SHFA held a rally, and the cla… @TeamYouTube In addition to the fact that this was a non-violent protest without any injuries, I'd add that Bloombe… @TeamYouTube Respectfully, how could people being arrested without violence or injury amount to "Content containing… Sunday, "Super Happy Fun America" held a rally titled "Peaceful Protest Against Democrat Violence." Antifa prot…
Retweeted by Ford FischerFor more about @RodWebber's fiery blood ritual demonstration at the beginning of this thread, here's the press rele… kept the two sides apart, but they did manage to argue a bit over the barricades. Here's a sample of the di… by Trump flags and signs, "Peaceful Protest Against Democrat Violence" rally organizer @SamsonRacioppi t… activist from the pro-Trump sign waded into the antifascists with a sign reading "Burning Looting Mayhem" (Capi… stood in a line in front of the Boston PD van with the arrestee inside, and police forced them back, mak… Police used mace and batons against leftist counter-demonstrators as they made at least one arrest. The arr… SHFA (best known for their "Straight Pride Parade" last year) rally was surrounded by police and barricades. T… Sunday, "Super Happy Fun America" held a rally titled "Peaceful Protest Against Democrat Violence." Antifa prot… @RodWebber Much as I'd love to discuss whether transubstantiation can apply to antifa waterballoons... @RodWebber hmm... my freelancer says it's a balloon full of blood, but I'll quote you on your meaning as well :P @RodWebber Hey man, what exactly did you pop yesterday over your head during your Trump effigy sacrifice? Is this l… the Monday crowd: My look at how a rent control demonstration outside CM Anita Bonds' house late at night spark…
Retweeted by Ford FischerThis isn't directed at anyone in particular, but as general statement: I generally provide raw video files shot by… @LCRWnews @Future_Left if you have on @LCRWnews it would be like a crossover event for me as a listener 😂
#PHOTOS: #BostonProtest A large confrontation broke out between BPD and protesters. Police fought off protester wit…
Retweeted by Ford FischerSome of my work today featured on @theGrio. @CoyoteIam Thank you for watching!We will have a full raw video summary later today from the #BostonProtests shot by @StringerBoston. Stay tuned.
Retweeted by Ford FischerHere is the full raw video summary of Saturday's militia rally in Michigan, filmed by Lee Wingo for @N2Sreports. C… @jjmacnab Quite the headline adjustment on CBS's part. context: This was the original flier describing the rally's premise. An organizer told me by phone that they… @JeremyCom I film people yell at buildingsPro-gun activist @MAJTOURE / @blkgunsmattr pushed back against the idea that the rally participants are "racist" or… @ChiVolunteerEMS They are certainly diverse ideologically which makes it hard for media to succinctly summarize the…"His name was George Floyd," said a boogalooer. "Her name was Breonna Taylor. His name was Duncan Lemp. His name w… @jjmacnab Still working on my thread, but I do plan to conclude it with the flyer describing this rally's concept w… speaker asked the group to take a knee "for all the people who are languishing in American jails for victimless… #BlackLivesMatter activists who were invited to the rally to participate did show up, but felt like the militia… lot of media showed up (all footage in thread by freelancer Lee Wingo for @N2Sreports). One told media that "The… and "Boogaloo" activists assembled Saturday for a "Unity Rally" at Michigan State Capitol. "Heed this warn… you @FordFischer 🙏
Retweeted by Ford Fischer @MDfreedombooms @shannonrwatts Out of curiosity, what do you mean by “Here's the Action you demanded”?Hadn't had a chance to watch this until now, but proud that my footage played a big part in @jorgeramosnews's lates… is my HD video summary of confrontations today between #AmyComeyBarrett / Pro-life supporters and Women's Marc…
@shannonrwatts Not taking sides here (I just film stuff!), but for people who want a play by play of what happened… of the pro-life women continued not to wear a mask. Protesters cited @MayorBowser's masking executive order tha…"I just want to say to our counter-protesters over here, they're protesting 'pro-life' but a lot of them don't wann…"ACB! She's with me," chanted @Ashleysboe MacLeay to protesters who were chanting "RBG! RBG!" "Fuck you bitch! F… Capitol Police officer confronted the guy who pulled @ashleysboe's sign away. The officer didn't try to arrest h… Biden supporter took the pro-ACB stage, and DCBOE At-Large Rep @ashleysboe (a DC Republican elected official) got… Thread: Things became tense this afternoon when the Women's March arrived at the Supreme Court, where a pro-life… is my HD footage of the #CountOnUs march in Washington DC. As always, all video available to license. More to… the @womensmarch #CountOnUs march began, someone dropped a "Baby Trump" balloon. The crowd started laughing,…'s hard to capture the scope of marches this large in one frame, but you could get a sense of the size from some… marcher brought a miniature model portraying Trump as a straight-jacketed Hannibal Lecter with a swastika on hi…"DUMP TRUMP and his Gang Of Putin" read one banner. "Gang Of Putin" was capitalized and colored so as to read "GOP." the coalition of participants in the #CountOnUs march was @RefuseFascism's brigade of "Handmaids." This has… Video thread: Today thousands of activists with the @womensmarch gathered for a #CountOnUs march against Trump a…’s March Holds “Count On Us” March Against Trump And ACB in Washington DC’m here at Freedom Plaza in Washington DC where @womensmarch is holding their #CountOnUs march against Trump and… @egavactip Video of the situation in question: like that "human reviewers" check videos on Youtube for monetization, but it only works if they look accurately.…"Police did not arrest anyone at the demonstration, even when Dunn and a collection of heavily armed men took a pic…
Here is the full, 4K resolution video of @RefuseFascism / @RefuseFascismDC's #handmaidstale costume protest in fron… Coney Barrett supporters chanted "Moms for Amy! Confirm her now!" "This is a court and a regime that is hostil… the arrests of 26 protesters Thursday afternoon in DC, activists with @RefuseFascism dressed as handmaide… is the full 4K resolution video of yesterday's mass arrest outside the #AmyConeyBarrett confirmation. Filmed… total, 26 activists were arrested during yesterday's #SCOTUS confirmation hearing. Some used a tactic whereby a… protesters were arrested and charged with "crowding, obstructing, or incommoding" without being handcuffed, bu… Amy Coney Barrett entered her fourth and final day being questioned by the Judiciary Committee Thursday ahead of… @ThisGirlVotes @dbryce70 @Brewsterlala @GovernorVA FYI you mean C. P. Ellis, who Sam Rockwell the actor played in a movie.An interesting reply to my Youtube video of this upbeat interaction between “Boogaloo” boys open carrying outside a… @rawsmedia @DoxerPb Protesters defy local gun ordinance at VA police station is my HD video summary of what happened today when armed protesters defied a local gun ordinance outside the p… @JoeBiden This is the comparison of Trump's tax cuts by bracket. Taxes were cut for anyone making over $9326. Are… explained the trade of Diet Mountain Dew for chocolate milk that he had with the police chief earlier. He say… speeches, I saw Mike playing with some handcuffs and jokingly asked if he was making an arrest. He cuffed on…"Pops" - a BLM activist known to carry guns (today he wore six firearms) - described how police "tear gassed" his g… Dunn @MDfreedombooms explained how he defied the local gun ordinance and got arrested last week, and then said… big sigh came out of @JaPharii757 from #BlackLivesMatter @BLM757 before his speech. He noted the difference in h… Chief Steve R. Drew spoke to the "Boogaloo Boys" et al. He confirmed that he returned Mike Dunn his handgun…, armed activists led by "Boogaloo Boy" Mike Dunn marched to the Newport News, VA Police Station to defy a loc…
So apparently a site-wide issue with Twitter caused my livestream to not work on Twitter for the first 2/3 of what… activists hold armed rally at Newport News Police Department to defy new local gun ordinance PIO from Newport News PD tells me that the police are taking the position that *outside* the police station guns… also have a drone up. #NewportNews #Virginia am here about 45 minutes ahead of an expected armed rally here at Newport News PD. Parking lot is coned off, and… final note before my coverage continues on field: People may tend to assume that armed groups tend to be adaman… be clear, Mike Dunn has mustered as many as a hundred armed activists into the streets of Richmond. What happen… week ago, I filmed Mike Dunn @MDfreedombooms get arrested in Newport News, Virginia under a new local ordinance b… Video Preview: Today activists protested against #AmyConeyBarrett's confirmation during her final day in committ… carefully at what Twitter is saying to justify censoring the Biden story. If applied consistently, it’d mean t…
Retweeted by Ford Fischer#LIVE: Rally on Capitol Hill against Barrett’s nomination. “We want to let senators know they’re impacting lives.”
Retweeted by Ford FischerI have a story tonight that I’m traveling for, so I won’t be in Washington DC for today’s #AmyConeyBarrett protests… @SheaVanHoy I’ve basically stayed on the independent/freelance path, but my first journalist job was $12/hour at my…
An exciting side-note on my otherwise news-oriented focus right now: I’m an associate producer of the upcoming horr… @SpreadEagle13 Does this feel like he is sufficiently "paying the price?"It's worth noting for context that Louisville's police are no strangers to this issue. Officer Tyler Gelnett - who… Police Officer Robert Neff, who on duty and in uniform used his authority to tie a woman's hands behind her… @egavactip He must have been chatting with Virginia's least favorite conspiracy theorist.
Here is my full HD video of today's protests surrounding the confirmation hearings for #AmyConeyBarrett. As always… protesting continued to the Supreme Court, where protesters demanded "No confirmation before inauguration!" and…