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million dollar smile, i sell myself short if i grin

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lucy snowe: i can't tell you what art is but i would know it if i saw it. and its DEFINITELY not a painting where a… love charlotte bronte so much, lucy snowe is such a garbage fire protagonist and i love her with my liferachel bloom is the warrior we need in this fight against house flippersBeen there! Jesus moonlighting as a kids show star ??? @cetaillefer Wait really?Finally my garbage sims can become educated @cetaillefer ME :(
@toxx_i Me, tweeting about nacho libre My brother: died as she lived @toxx_i Yeah I'm not stopping! @toxx_i Every time I tweet I think "I could die and my family sees this bullshit as the last thing I had on my mind"ever think about this photo of fiona apple on a subway dressed in full plate armor and holding a sword
Retweeted by love and thunderinterior design is my passion @benandanta you know out of context this sounds like a dream lmao @benandanta at least it doesn't take long to get to a new city and get a new job @appleciderwitch Idk a lot of people are watching those games so it seems like the best time to put on the trailer anyways @benandanta nice
@benandanta Ben goes to work so I'd be home alone @benandanta Thanks me too! I wish it had hit yesterday so I could have had more time before Monday but oh wellThe fear of caring for my kid in a place where the only other person I know is my spouse has kept me toddling along… to the cold that's been hovering over me for almost 2 weeks now: y'all won ,💔Eddie is one of our desert tortoises. If you don’t push the door shut all the way, he will open it and come in. Edd…
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robert pattinson falling asleep at his own film festival tribute
Retweeted by love and thunderWhat me and my idiot daughter are working on. Every row is my biggest accomplishment! @sphye @taufmonster Sorry to butt in but I'm butting in!!!Ahead of the sequel, Disney's first screen tale of Maleficent reveals the shortcomings of the machine, finds Samant…
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All the subtweets on my feed today have definitely convinced me to buy Shea Serrano's new book @Sylphiel A Capricorn with greasy hair? Lol
Up has too much violence but we watched it anyways because I was crying too much to change the channel 😵Sources close to Robert Eggers' #TheNorthman production claim that Icelandic singer Björk is also being eyed for a…
Retweeted by love and thunder @Ceilidhann Related I think but when I was looking for breastfeeding friendly tops on Etsy pretty much the only thi…"They're setting fire to the cornfields/ as you’re taking me home" Happy birthday to The Sensual World by Kate Bus…
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Also you can be 100% certain I don’t actually possess a burner account because I would have definitely accidentally…
Retweeted by love and thunder @Ilaauu Yeah you can just do more 2019 type stuff like video chat @Ilaauu It's irc!My baby is SO cute it is unbearable! Tomorrow he turns 11 months old and we're celebrating by going to the passport officeA stone cold classic ! new discord icon is Peggy Bundy and idk why it took me so longThank you @ghostly for the mom steeze fuck this sleep recorder app
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Retweeted by love and thunder"This can't be right, this man has 104% body fat. Hey, no eating in the tank!" "Go to hell."
Retweeted by love and thunder @benandanta I wish they all had the same release date and that they were here longer than a weekend. There's no ind… @benandanta ugh I feel this🌅
@taufmonster did it workfinally you can stream all the movies that almost made Disney a failed studio
Retweeted by love and thunderPlease read this thread about Bee Man.
Retweeted by love and thunder @gloriaboboria gasps in Mexican @benandanta 14 Carries versus a couple of dudes with a chainsaw... Come on!!!
No one understands me quite like my little chickadee Camilla. Who else wouldn't even bat an eye at the suggestion o…
Retweeted by love and thunderhim: so when did you get into socialism, i started reading karl marx in high school and— me: october 22, 2000.
Retweeted by love and thunderOne hundred billion years later thank you @Cinesnark for the Roma book album in its entirety is very good ,just fantastic but!! this track is a big jenny hval doing her version of l… nother magical girls playing video games playlist but not sequenced because who!! has time for that!!! @benandanta yeah i was just thinking about it for ben since he can't eat either. brine still has it probably but it should be mostly okay
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Retweeted by love and thunder @benandanta no onion and garlic :0 @benandanta wow those are a lot of paragraphs......
@benandanta Do you have a link??I heard there was a goose loose and causing chaos somewhere nearby. Is this how we catch him? #UntitledGooseGame
Retweeted by love and thunder[taps mic] as you can see from this beautifully constructed graph, I have distilled the enduring appeal of 1999's T…
Retweeted by love and thunderTrash cat #Caturday @Boddi_ Depeche mode branded packing cubesTbt to Halloween when I dressed as the babadook but my friend's house had more of a grown ups drinking wine vibe
Retweeted by love and thunder🧐 UK trip is booked! @tcm @Criterion you’re repenting but you’re still not going to put a shirt on
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@benandanta I wanna know who is out there with that stuck to their windshieldHappy birthday to my sweet son @kennethfrank ! You make the world a brighter place and I'm so proud of everything you've accomplished!!lol @ wow quitters
Retweeted by love and thunderjesus christ haven't they done enough
Retweeted by love and thunderi forgot that 2018 existed
I want recognition for my niche talents without any work to be known for it! Someone save this tweet to project ove…'m right and i should say it"I hate it when the waffles stick together." "Sticking together is what good waffles do."
Retweeted by love and thunderhappy Latinx heritage month to Paddington the Bear (Peruvian)
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🥳 partying + 👶 baby =
Retweeted by love and thunder @appleciderwitch me vs the algorithm in general roflThis twilight saga is gonna take all these kids money! Now its a part 2 to breaking dawn! When will the shit end!!! Just fuck the wolf!
Retweeted by love and thundernaps: dont energize you, wake up sweaty, confused and agitated like martin sheen in the beginning of apocalypse now…
Retweeted by love and thunderMe hearing the cheese ball band America anywhere : LOL Me, watching the last unicorn : America the band has made me cry goodbye world
Shaun the sheep is letterkenny for toddlers @benandanta No politics in my game!!!! @forestfamiliar can't spell mmo without mom
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Retweeted by love and thunder @appleciderwitch I'll do the mmo mom reportI feel like my brain is on fire and nowhere to put itThat 2014 hbo opening credits style has hit wedding photography and it's even better than I could have imagined
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Mechagnomes are cute!!!gothic is the new hip hop... all black all depressed.....all with the leather on there buttcheeks. buttcheeks party grandma - Lil B
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@toxx_i Yeah I know when they're both older it's going to be a friendship for the ages @toxx_i Pretty good, j is more interested in the cat though! @toxx_i She's mature enough to not need her crate anymore and she would howl but she's too shy, she's basically crippled by anxiety 🥶