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@xdDanlol Happy birthday bubba @767MAN That’s you lol @asyyyc @hoajuu I’m the smartest player in every lobby that’s why I quit lol @hoajuu Doing tasks after u turn on vsync @DJ_Y4SSIN Official preseason conclusion: stick to anivia @GODLEESlN It’s the only thing I’m good at I’m sorry this is the only place I can be funny @snowbirdtbh Sup Gm @Veigar_v2 U guys should just be a team HAHAH @GODLEESlN I agree but champion combos like yisus graves type level confidence @feelsradman Huge @ActuallyNotEvil @ArKanlc Thank you @ArKanlc @ArKanlc Positive for being a noob @lolYisus @Sanchovies @iloveastrology6 @hoajuu Jasyc @hoajuu @lolYisus Hey guys what’s up @lolYisus @hoajuu This some jungleman shit @Pabu22 I think ur hair looks nice
@asyyyc @pokimanelol @TailsJJ @p1atypuslol @lolspeedo @WinnnnnJ @HyamiLoL @ShorterACE @Zile_Flame @frosfores @likeamaws @Steven_Marquez1 @Santorin ur gonna make me enter this giveaway for a jersey huh.. @asyyyc yah walk up and intimidate them you little pussy look where ur standing radiating little boy energy imagine… @Bozy_lol Absolutely not @Voyboy Likewise buddy :] @TeamLiquidLoL @VRaviG2 @asyyyc @SyrobeNA four outta ten @IKeepItTaco @IKeepItTaco @DJ_Y4SSIN @TheOddOrange Maybe later @TheOddOrange @DJ_Y4SSIN HAHA i bet if someone like taco yisus or voy tweeted this it actually would @ChaosRain hahah @ZeroOverwatch @asyyyc @idcvicki @TSM_dellzor @bobqinXD Same bro .. man campus was so much fun everyone in the entire uni running around making frie… @asyyyc @idcvicki Verify this by sending us a Snapchat video mr Android @idcvicki @asyyyc Yeh he’s my little kitten, he knows his role when I wake up 😼 @bobqinXD Summer ‘16 was the best year of my fucking life this far and I had no god damn clue @FrostHAHA @Saware7 @chaseshaco crying @asyyyc @chaseshaco Bro ur watching a show called how to rent a girlfriend you can’t pipe up I mean fuck u ain’t ever piped 😂🤣 @tenacityna @chaseshaco Shouldn’t you be doing multiplication tables rn in home room before first period @chaseshaco Yeh welcome to the retirement home, today’s topic is highschool sports and how we all coulda gone pro @notchaselyons Jesus @insanitylol God don’t say it like that @snowbirdtbh @snowbirdtbh Same energy rn @wazhl0n Hahahahah fuck this tiktok
@m0xyOW Me, I’m ur little pog champ @Cloud9 @lolspeedo @lol_eXyu @CptShrimps @Wixxilol @TemposLol @TailsJJ @ChaosRain THE FUCKING SHRIMP @BasiilLeaf @IKeepItTaco @Voyboy @RiotAugust HAHAH FUCK I shoulda know I wasn’t the first one to do this @kxnxki @IKeepItTaco @Voyboy @RiotAugust HAHAHA both variations are goodThis that game all u kids be playing these days ? @idcvicki Thank you @uwukong By gta you mean driving the speed limit and the by the rules intentionally to feel something @snowbirdtbh HAHAHA YES @asyyyc @hoajuu Thanks asyc @hoajuu It’s alright head ass I wear a hat every day anyways hope u lose ur val promos ❤️ @hoajuu Good I’m goin to get my haircut rn fk I wanna rewatch it so bad now it’s so good @hoajuu HAHAHAHAH @DamianEstrada Sick drop actually @lolYisus @followdunc We are fucking randoms @IKeepItTaco I’m cooking one up, I’m joining the cult @tate_____ @MusicalFisher24 It’s a jam @MusicalFisher24 three of the top four songs were anthems when I was peaking.. the motion I played on repeat in unr… @5uppps Dm @asyyyc he knows how @NALanguage @rizzielol @__Skizz HAHAH IN 4K @TheSoulmario @RaidRPG LETS GO THIS GAME ROCKS I WILL BE TRYING IT OUT WITH UR LINK @jvzmyntch Just seeing this tweet is making me order it ffs @karzbish8 Ur not getting that LP @karzbish8 Dude this happened to me 3x in one day and I never got the LP HAHAH I sent a ticket in and they said the… @ArKanlc @IKeepItTaco How many 32 have @ShorterACE @Saware7 @snowbirdtbh Yeh everyone I’ve taken a pic like this w we were just friends stfu ryan shorterace you cute bastard @IKeepItTaco did you know four is the only number to have the same amount of letters as its actual value @ArKanlc @DumbsYT @Fedmyster Thanks chief @tate_____ @MusicalFisher24 They are for real a vibe I fuck w them @MusicalFisher24 @tate_____ It’s how it goes bro memories n shit @rizzielol @eboylol @tate_____ Lol @MusicalFisher24 @tate_____ .... @tate_____ Harris heller is dmca free music I play on stream so skip that @tate_____ Zoomer rap @bobqinXD U r my inspiration bob @Anbico1 Fr goodbye . @Anbico1 Gonna block u for this negativity @asyyyc @madisonbeer She doesn’t even know who you are, I love her @DragoonL0L @madisonbeer This conversation doesn’t involve you @madisonbeer you rock @feelsradman @NintendudeX All this drama poking his buttons @whanderlust @TeamLiquid @BenBenZieper I can off pictures of my dog @TheFrostPrime @SkoochLoL God I’m so down a little smoochie coochie @BenBenZieper @TeamLiquid @whanderlust I’ll fax you my birth certificate for these two items @SkoochLoL I can’t tune in right now but I want a smooch @DumbsYT @Fedmyster @ArKanlc Where the fuck is he @SkoochLoL FUCK IT LETS DO MORE @FallenBandit Random convention
@Fedmyster @ArKanlc @asyyyc @TSM_dellzor @Spicalol @TSMSword @LogitechG @HermanMiller U rats r lucky I had to delete all my clips n vod… @TSM_dellzor @Spicalol @TSMSword @LogitechG @HermanMiller ur such a bastard and im better than u at fps @Spicalol @TSMSword @LogitechG @HermanMiller can u guys hook me up wtf @AsycLoL @Sanchovies asyc what goes thru ur mind to determine which acc u tweet from @Sanchovies @asyyyc me every day @KittenElise @asyyyc @hoajuu Asyc eats breakfast w him mommy every morning :3 @asyyyc @hoajuu @KittenElise Tweets made moments before disaster @hoajuu @KittenElise HAHAHAH sorry to bother