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@LilJulieVert @junglecfo Shut the fuck up !!! @junglecfo @LilJulieVert I’m a dirty little kitten lol lol I love you too buddy @ChadDraven this isnt me every fucking time @Arthium @Sorcehri I’m already widowmaker @ChadDraven lemme summon ukal 🕯 🕯 🕯 🕯… @hoajuu no i fked up my schedule again im just getting up @ChadDraven @snowbirdtbh HAHAHAHAH u got that stupid bitch @hoajuu good morny jules @Metaaphor @StevensJax222 0_o @lebronruinednba We go to Vegas and do things right @Voyboy Good morning voyboy @skaggon @AsycLoL @hoajuu Happens @skaggon @AsycLoL @hoajuu I fucked my schedule I’m finna sleep for 3 hrs before top estar game @LilJulieVert Cunt probably still Snapchat stories his fortnite wins, amateur @hrtswrd I love this energy @AsycLoL @hoajuu @hoajuu Good tiktoks Julie @StevensJax222 S11 is scrapped bro, 5-6 dodges per game, autofills every game, riot accounts, duo abuse d1 dodge pr… @SAWARESEVEN HAHAHAHAH
@avaail are u streaming tonight papa @JanuWilliams40 @garrixtf I love ur cat @Sanchovies Hope u have a nice day @alexcrowlol bitch is free i did the quest @junglecfo Gonna start getting DMs after every tweet welcome to da club @JungleMan72 @hoajuu I’m finna pick up the phone rn lemme show u @junglecfo LOL @jngmediocre @ArKanlc HAHAHHA @Sanchovies HAHAHAH this video fucking rocks I love it @lolYisus Fucking dick head u r 🖕🏼 @lolYisus Will u watch my milk @MissBaffy @ArKanlc This is an @AsycLoL tweet tbh @LilJulieVert @Adil2757 @junglecfo What am I supposed to be thinking about
@FrostHAHA Legendary thread @holdmybun @LilJulieVert Hope he has the bestest of days :] @holdmybun @LilJulieVert @Anbico1 @rrjyun @ARTHlUM yah wahts ur point @767MAN @rrjyun @ARTHlUM unreal really ffs @rrjyun @ARTHlUM @LilJulieVert i am so grateful my stuff ended mutually this sounds so fking cancer i cannot even imagine fking cringe man srry @LilJulieVert XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD @ArKanlc For zero u threw this one in HAHAH @IKeepItTaco @AsycLoL nice champ @IKeepItTaco @AsycLoL lemme get u a clip from the enemy pov so u cant see kaisa when she invis lmfao @AsycLoL brooooooooooooooooooo @ArKanlc @NALanguage Ur like 45 I wouldn’t have to do anything ur alrdy on ur way out @DDSKaleb2 LMFAO I only got annoyed and banned u that one time cause I was like removing negative shit from my bubb… @Saware7 @NALanguage LMFAOOOOOO !!! 😂🤣😂🤣😂 @AsycLoL Held back in kindergarten maybe @AsycLoL Asyc picked samira again fucking hell @AsycLoL HHAHAHAHAH @AsycLoL Cheesebob @LilJulieVert ur so jealous of what we have @LilJulieVert wait till u see my all time graph 💯🤯🤤😝😝😍😍🥰🥰🥵🥵💦💦 @DJ_Y4SSIN no its midnight you stpid bastyard @LilJulieVert "ur mechanics are so clean omfg" @godbeastmutant Are u gambling or are u investing @basedlilV @AsycLoL He would beat asycs ass
@junglecfo it was fucking incredible ill have u know @1800POUTKID @lolYisus 🤣🤣🤣🤣 @lolYisus ornn one for all @LilJulieVert @junglecfo Can u recreate the tiktok plzzz @SoloRenektonLoL @NALanguage Yeh vouch for trezor offline storage @SoloRenektonLoL @NALanguage I hate you so much @junglecfo @LilJulieVert denial @junglecfo @LilJulieVert HAHAHA @junglecfo i spit laughing at this holy fuck im such a disgusting pig @junglecfo MAKE SOME FUCKING MONEY FUCK THIS CRINGE LOVE THIS IM READY TO GO ! @junglecfo this has inspired me actually thank you @blaustoise @discord BEAST MODE BABY @LifeofRio @xQc Fucking facts g @JungleMan72 @ChadDraven i didnt even realize this was chad HAHAHA what the fuck is ur profile @JungleMan72 money up mental down @JungleMan72 NOT GOOD, NEED TO BOUNCE BACK @whoistatee Hbd headass @whoistatee @AkaBorsalinu HAHAHA I muted him bro he has tweeted me 50 times this morning f little gremlin @alexcrowlol Hahah what the fuck @Pabu22 Dude wait till you play on NA and all ur questions will be answered @basedlilV Hiiiii @alexcrowlol Whooaaaa sus @AsycLoL @idcvicki @chaseshaco Wasn’t me boss I was finna let ur ass die LOL ! @idcvicki @chaseshaco Big for the fiddlesticks nation
@NALanguage @nAZTYKIDDD @junglecfo She finna slice em up bro @Auerios @pibo9lol @eavlol @aimeev2haha Hahahah this pibo guy is the biggest cringer on the server rank 1 attention… @lolYisus HAHAHAH FOR ZERO @snowbirdtbh @JungleMan72 Weird way to spell “old bastards” @Aatroxcarry @rangerzxd Is this a NA record or EU @Hastes @whoistatee Bitches ain’t getting ur inch either bruh 😂🤣💀💯 @Hastes @whoistatee Unnecessary @whoistatee Ur broke @LilJulieVert My ass getting an android fr @junglecfo tell her to invest in DNN @Cloud9 @LeagueOfLegends rocks @junglecfo @LilJulieVert Macy’s saving me from depression today fosho @junglecfo @LilJulieVert If u red today ain’t listening 💀 @LilJulieVert I just did @wazhl0n Old lee and urgot icons fuccccck