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@dory_tori WEGHH Thank you Tori! 😭❤️ This punk has been living rent free in my brain for months!!Been out of the drawing game way too long. Have an Ultraman Zero as an apology.'re looking at Wag's newest employee! Taps got all gussied up and threw a small work party for himself (RIP free…
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Ultraman Trigger English logo revealed & the new series will receive an international YouTube catch-up!…
Retweeted by Rae @ UltramanR/B 🔥🌊Broke: Jumping down from the bouldering wall after completing a route. Woke: Rider Kicking off of the bouldering w… @zabka_zee The Shop has a potted plant and he nearly dug the whole thing out overnight LMAO 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️Taps: “Barrel roll? Barrel roll.”Visited the good boy this morning and it sounds like he’s just as much of a trouble making gremlin here now?! Such… was really fun to do!
Retweeted by Rae @ UltramanR/B 🔥🌊Brain roasted from studying adjective conjugations. I can have a little Ultraman; as a treat!Started Ultraman R/B. Dank. three routes today, WHOO! One of them on the second try 🧗 Rest assured that none of them were sexy climbs…
@KagiArts The most dapper of gents! ❤️❤️😭❤️❤️Got a photo update and UWAAAAAAAA HEART EYES-!! I'm so antsy about Taps but I'm being good about not pestering the folks who are looking after him now. But…美しい…
Retweeted by Rae @ UltramanR/B 🔥🌊 @dory_tori Fingers crossed that things stay cool and nOT GET AWKWERD @dory_tori Are you M E ???? Cause this is my life currently 🙃
Retweeted by Rae @ UltramanR/B 🔥🌊Just dropped him off. He was more curious than nervous of the new space; which is a great sign. I'm planning to v… Shell. 🥚 #Zelda35th #Zelda #majorasmask #Link
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Yu Yu Hakusho - Studio Pierrot - 1992/1995
Retweeted by Rae @ UltramanR/B 🔥🌊I’ve been seeing a lot of Columbo fanart lately, and frankly, it does my heart good. @harpielily Business Tap is ready to negotiate BELLY RUBS! @dory_tori WEGH THIS IS WHAT I HOPE HAPPENS FOR HIM! AAAHHHH 😭😭 Been rooting for this little man for so long; I wan… @dory_tori HE IS READY TO SUBMIT HIS RESUME (FOR A FOREVER HOME!)Looks like Taps will be able to have a temporary residence in the pet store that the rescue co-owns right next door…
Retweeted by Rae @ UltramanR/B 🔥🌊FUCK YEAH KAKAROT ON SWITCH. GET IT!!!
Mobile Fighter G Gundam - Sunrise - 1994/1995 Illustration made by Hiroshi Osaka
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Retweeted by Rae @ UltramanR/B 🔥🌊Man the Bad Batch continues to kill it every week. This week got me right in the kokoro, hrggghhhh!!!Slayers - E.G. Films - 1995/1997 Illustration made by Rui Araizumi
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No finished routes tonight but my hands are torn to hell! 🧗Ressha Sentai ToQGer (2014) Episode 18
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I made a thing
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Hello yes I love this and would like 50.! PIGMON!!!! 😭♥️😭Brain fried....want to study japanese....but also want to watch more Ultraman. 😭😭😭
Retweeted by Rae @ UltramanR/B 🔥🌊 @iiOmarSP This particular Ultraman series is Ultraman X! Zero makes a cameo though! This series has been great with… get to mentor my first intern starting this week! I'm so stoked; I hope I do them justice!It felt so nice to be back at the movies again. And that Demon Slayer movie? Cried BIG gross tears...
omfg these poor suit actors having to play rugby in suits and IN THAT HEAT. OOF.This rugby episode of X is killing me; everyone is SO STUPID. I love it."Modest Gear" 😇⚙️🎃 (2/2) #GGST #GuiltyGearStrive #comic
Retweeted by Rae @ UltramanR/B 🔥🌊Caught up with Bad Batch and bruh if anything happens to Wrecker IMMA RIOT-!!This out of context note I made for myself cracks me up. this chick got “You remind me of my little sister”-ed and I just;; Ultraman good. @dory_tori I. love. this. ALL OF THIS!!
@dory_tori OMG i can't wait to get to Z to see Zett and Zero's teacher and (self-proclaimed) student relationship and shenanigans. fufufufuAlso, DANG RUI! I respect the Zero Simpin' hustle but show X some love too! @dory_tori Its really fun to see honestly! He definitely has a bit of his hot shot attitude in X which is fun to se… "God I wish that were me" vibes. way, we stan. man Zero is extra sassy in X. Makes sense as I think Geed was a full circle on his character arc if I’m underst… i think they should be friends and then go to space
Retweeted by Rae @ UltramanR/B 🔥🌊I’m reaching the point in my Ultraman series viewing where I’m recognizing monsters and now have a favorite. Geed… @zabka_zee 🔥🔥😭🔥🔥 @GOICHIMONJI YES PLEASE! I'll take some rain over non-stop hot sun!! Even some clouds!Ah, so we've reached the part of summer where night time is just as hot as the day time, eh?わーい
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Retweeted by Rae @ UltramanR/B 🔥🌊Back up from Avalanche! 💥🚧🧨 #FinalFantasy7Remake To anyone who missed out on the previous charm set, I recently re…
Retweeted by Rae @ UltramanR/B 🔥🌊【RTs🧡】 𝓝𝓮𝔀 𝓢𝓱𝓸𝓹 𝓘𝓽𝓮𝓶 We're have an old fashion Shinra vs Wutai showdown with my new acrylic charms. 🤠 #ff7 #ff7r…
Retweeted by Rae @ UltramanR/B 🔥🌊#特撮版深夜の真剣お絵描き60分一本勝負R #仮面ライダー剣 #仮面ライダーブレイド #剣崎一真 I have thought about this painting in mind for few days, so I dr…
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doodle/FF7 薩非螺絲的IG說不定很多采多姿
Retweeted by Rae @ UltramanR/B 🔥🌊 @sahaaaru かっこいい!😂😂 私が病気ならこれを試してみます🙌 (元気にしていることを願いします! 😟💦)
@yellowdking WOOT WOOOOOT!! ⚔️ @yellowdking What’s going down?!Holy shit the Daredevil hallway scene has jack shit on this
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Retweeted by Rae @ UltramanR/B 🔥🌊 @dory_tori You're always welcome and have a place to stay if you visit Nebraska!
ここでキスして ミホペロ
Retweeted by Rae @ UltramanR/B 🔥🌊Wondering if I can get Specter AND Momotaros done in time for Planet ComicCon this year... I definitely want to ta… the monster armor gimmick. I love me a good tokusatsu gimmick!!!!!Knocked out Orb and jumping straight into X and yo....this Ultra is definitely more top heavy and I'm HERE for it! 🙏
[ DBZ ] Well, well, well, if it isn’t me back with Even More Goku and Chichi (and baby Gohan)
Retweeted by Rae @ UltramanR/B 🔥🌊 @Klenda_V Dang. That is REALLY good.I feel like Jugglus Juggler would be the type to hold your hand if you ask but also steal your wallet at the same time.Me: "I can fix him." The "him" in question;"I WON'T HESITATE!" 🕶️🔫💥 Still not over the fact that #DragonBallSuper tried introducing a new "love interest" for…
Retweeted by Rae @ UltramanR/B 🔥🌊this pic is the only way i can explain kamen rider ooos to people who havent seen it yet
Retweeted by Rae @ UltramanR/B 🔥🌊6月だ!JBだ!ということでそれっぽいネタをと思い、カミュベロwebアンソロジー「しゅくふくの本」にて寄稿させていただいた漫画の再録です。当時精一杯がんばったのであえて手直しもなにもせずそのままで…。
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@zabka_zee Yayyyy I'll do the same and hope for the best! @zabka_zee Did it come out alright after you applied paint? My worry is its the arm and leg gauntlets of this buil… @zabka_zee Did you attempt to heat seal afterwards? or just skip heat sealing all together? ;___; I'm kinda mini p… I forgot to heat seal my foam before sealing the seams with kwik seal FUUUUUCK!It gave me flashbacks to Akira from ToQger and I was like "Man...I miss my train husband"With finishing Jetman; I'm jumping back into Ultraman and some Heisei goods with Ultraman Orb. Watched the first e… what HAPPENED for Zyuranger to immediately follow this? Jetman wasn't perfect but at least the character cast h… that final episode of Jetman pulled no punches. OOF! 😭
🦖vs🐲🐲🐲 🦋vs🦅 #ゴジラキングオブモンスターズ
Retweeted by Rae @ UltramanR/B 🔥🌊日本映画ナビvol.91の芽依ちゃんと倫太郎さんのお写真めっかわいくて何がどうなってあのノリのお写真になったのか気になるのと、あとついでにエンディングの「変身!」のとこの2人のポーズも好き!っていう絵です
Retweeted by Rae @ UltramanR/B 🔥🌊 @dory_tori Oh noooo TORI!!! 😭😭😭 @zabka_zee I seriously thought Hyunkel would be one of the first to get a fig too. At least Evil!FullyArmored!Hyunkel 🤔Update: DID NOT DIE. Also completed a whole route to the top! But man it takes a lot of mental work to let yoursel…
If you told me the character I'd be most emotionally invested in while watching Jetman was the hot robot man villai…