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@elonmusk Investors know this is a signal. TSLA Puts to 1k
How big does the polling spread between Biden and Trump have to get before Americans are allowed to ask *anything*…
Retweeted by Isiah 🌹While all of this is happening, have you noticed that Biden has become less visible? Less speaking on camera? Is it… @martincizmar Dignity and grace of the entire system being stacked against you so they instead install a pro trump… Democratic Party is unwilling to help because they believe allowing us to suffer during this pandemic will refl…
Retweeted by Isiah 🌹How do you have a conversation with someone that thinks like a fucking worm? @RepMaloney now very kindly wagging her finger at Mnuchin for not providing transparency about the trillions of dol… this: Watching Powell the Fed Chair and Mnuchin the criminal treasury secretary th…'s 0 urgency. People are starting to get evicted TODAY. In some areas, it has already happened. If we don't s… McGrath is a pro-Trump clown who would've voted for Brett Kavanaugh, and if/when she loses to Mitch McConnell,…
Retweeted by Isiah 🌹 @Amy_Siskind She's a pro trump democrat... she said it herself..If Democrats really nominate an unapologetic Trump Democrat, Amy McGrath, over an inspiring black progressive leade…
Retweeted by Isiah 🌹 @JStein_WaPo I cannot begin to fathom the ineptitude required to not only formulate but publicly share an opinion like that.
Retweeted by Isiah 🌹You know. Sometimes I really can't get over the fact that they are pushing a knowingly declining man into power. Re… Reddit. Do yall see whats happening with this websites? More and more censorship. This isn't a good thing... her supporters had any idea how much Nancy Pelosi actively supports conservatives, she would have lost her seat…
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Detroit Police Department drove into 10-12 protesters including myself. Multiple people are going to the hospital.…
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how our kids living now. reminder that NYC police budget is $6Billion. Thats more than most countries spend on their military.
BREAKING: Tomi Lahren will no longer voice the character of Candace Owens.
Retweeted by Isiah 🌹For my Tech peoples that are worried about the future of AI, check this out, another topic that needs to be brough… @BlackBernieBabe @ibrahimpols Would love to hear more of your thoughts here. @MattZemek Below the belt politics also wins though. You think it's possible for progrsssives to play that game?
Is it possible for Progressives to play dirty politics in order to win?I dont even care i spelled her name wrong.. she turned out to be an establishment shill.Remember when we thought Abarms was a progressive? Lmaoooo is a big deal. The entire right wing economy and media infrastructure has made masks a political issue. McConn…
Retweeted by Isiah 🌹 @Booker4KY You better :)Kentucky deserves a Senator who unwaveringly believes that healthcare is a human right. My name is Charles Booker,…
Retweeted by Isiah 🌹Show them that Bernie didn't stop us and slow us down. Yes we may take losses and we can't win them all, but please… Democrats on the move.
Retweeted by Isiah 🌹 @Taniel Uh.. we come to you for the juicy details sir.
Damn. The progressive left got rid of a 30 year incumbent. I'm still shocked by that. Guys, a better future is possible. @ProudSocialist Im sure plenty of blue wave liberals that have followed you since "ProudResister" have gone through… @JacksonAntione @VKillzitFTW @JoeBiden According to literally every economic scholar and study out there. Do your… a $25 Fine for a headlight, easy no problem! Oh wait.. $10 EMS Fee, $45 Surcharge to "maintain roads and bridge… @JoeBiden @rachelbovard Omg finally!
Have we underestimated how much Trump has fucked up with his base?? I know the mainstream liberals want you to thin… @byaialele1 @krudell @J_ManPrime21 They act like the data about their defenses aren't out already lol.Any democrat who wore that kente cloth and took a knee for a photo op needs to get primaried immediately. Get them out. Embarrassing.
Retweeted by Isiah 🌹In 2 weeks, I'll take on Trump's fav "Democrat" @RepJoshG. Endorsed by @BernieSanders, @AyannaPressley &…
Retweeted by Isiah 🌹That’s a gigantic number for third party
Retweeted by Isiah 🌹 @KyleKulinski Lol low key lazy af and don't wanna make it yourself 🤣 ill watch that video though when it comes out.Who has a comprehensive list of lefty candidate wins from yesterday 👀👀
Retweeted by Isiah 🌹I know I'm late. But yo. I'm very happy @AOC won, you can't dismantle a grassroots system of organizers with a mach… know you know this, I know this. But seriously guys, MSNBC is an actual dumpster fire of a news station. are so many reasons to cheer @JamaalBowmanNY's victory in #NY16. It was a huge loss for @DemMaj4Israel, whi…
Retweeted by Isiah 🌹 @charliekirk11 So.. the did the right thing by blocking a bill that didn't go far enough. You just admitted what they did is a good thing.Checking election results like..
Retweeted by Isiah 🌹Progressives should capitalize on the good news and momentum and give @ShahidForChange that upshot. It may be a to…’m a Black man raised by a single mother in a housing project. That story doesn’t usually end in Congress. But t…
Retweeted by Isiah 🌹Daily reminder that Nancy Pelosi endorsed Eliot Engel over Jamaal Bowman.
Retweeted by Isiah 🌹Bwaaaahahahahahahahhaha!!!
Retweeted by Isiah 🌹Pelosi’s next
Retweeted by Isiah 🌹Hold on.. what the fuck? Black Caucus endorsed Engel who lost. But haven't spoke up about the blatant voter suppression in an… to @AOC for winning her primary tonight! In less than two years, she has become a major leader in C…
Retweeted by Isiah 🌹HRC, Cuomo, and Schumer all backed Engel
Retweeted by Isiah 🌹This is incredible. Engel was endorsed by everyone in the establishment—they even trotted out Hillary Clinton's dus…
Retweeted by Isiah 🌹Leading members of the Congressional Black Caucus endorsed Eliot Engel over Jamaal Bowman. For that, every single o…
Retweeted by Isiah 🌹Thinking about how the Congressional Black Caucus endorsed Engel
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What's happening?
Retweeted by Isiah 🌹Android users watching Apple release decade old Android features #WWDC20
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@BenjaminPDixon Yeah I've come to realization that the most we can do is organize locally, inform people locally, and thats it.
@Matthew00067486 @LoudmouthLira @realDonaldTrump Sick burn dude.. @realDonaldTrump "US" Is doing a lot here aint it?Democratic party mad Bernie won't ask poor/working class people to spend their money electing a corporate candidate…
Retweeted by Isiah 🌹I'm really starting to believe that Biden will win by default lol. Trump is really fucking this up huh? @ProudSocialist Damn wtf any tips to get my body looking like that?Las Vegas police looks to make money off of its own misconduct & demands for accountability. It will now charge $2…
Retweeted by Isiah 🌹Facebook decided to show me this today for whatever reason. I was spittin back in 2017. had a bad night in Tulsa. Very low turnout. Even his supporters know that COVID-19 is real and dangerous, and…
Retweeted by Isiah 🌹Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there fighting for justice for their kids. I see you and I appreciate you.Only a movement can beat Mitch McConnell. We are the people he has ignored for decades. Black, Brown, and White Ke…
Retweeted by Isiah 🌹Warren endorsed Hickenlooper? Of course.
@dooby1985 @16v8f4w78u51e43 That's exactly what I've been trying to do.Today’s 4-act tragicomedy
Retweeted by Isiah 🌹 @ltrain87x Investors don't careSoon as I get back on twitter I feel my blood pressure rising and the anger starting to well up. Sorry guys but I c… killed an 18 year old and then broke all the nearby cameras
Retweeted by Isiah 🌹Hilarious. The guy know for begging people to debate him , finally gets someone to debate him, loses , then calls t…
Retweeted by Isiah 🌹What yall need to understand is that Trump has successfully made his supporters passionate and very excited for him… fucking rigged. How do we fight against this shit? This is why im emotionally divested. Shit like this happens… @JuboktimusPrime Just overall what's happening.. its just ridiculous..what Its official. The US just gave up on the virus. The markets are too important..
Kamala Harris was on colbert the other night (yes I hate myself, we have established this) and he asked her why she…
Retweeted by Isiah 🌹Ever notice that when we talk about having a healthcare system where people don’t pay at the point of service, it’s…
Retweeted by Isiah 🌹There is a reason Mitch McConnell is talking about Juneteenth now... My name is Charles Booker. I am running for U…
Retweeted by Isiah 🌹Very telling how whenever the discussion shift to a woman of color VP the choice is automatically a cop, Kamala Har…
Retweeted by Isiah 🌹So... do yall think AOC is going to lose her seat? I hope not tbh. @ProudSocialist LMAO.OH, SNAP!! #NancyPelosi called Trump "what's his name." It's over. Trump is finished. Now she can give him even…
Retweeted by Isiah 🌹I guess this endorsement makes sense. Neither of them know how to play defense.
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