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@Madiethebadieee Ayo who's bandana man there on the left? @tpwkhollandx They really are SaintsWe’ve slowly become games in hand fc…
Retweeted by Lucas| Handball era @lucyformula1 Ohhh, good thing I don't play warzone then ig, think I played it once in my life @lucyformula1 That's cool, idk what that means cause the last one I played was black ops 3 πŸ’€πŸ’€Oh my life Iceland winning against France?? WHAT IS HAPPENING @lucyformula1 You play cod? πŸ‘€ @F1Suus What happened? @Madiethebadieee No one, its impossible to not miss him @fcbformulaEri This is like a scene from a TV show where things are about to get serious, suits vibes @Madiethebadieee Can't blame him
@ariformulas Wait no because if they do I'm going too @ariformulas Ikea museum, that's it no need to go anywhere else in the world πŸ™„Thulin take a bow son, what a keeper @versainzz Same, it started when 'help wanted' came out and ofc its going now but I'm glad I'm not playing the game it is buggy as hell @versainzz Maybe I should've gotten that especially since I've been watching gameplay of it πŸ’€πŸ’€ @versainzz OHHH fnaf security breach, right?I really don't know why Behavior bothers with Q&A's if every single answer is either "we don't know," "its too soon…
Retweeted by Lucas| Handball era @versainzz Maybe, maybe not (noπŸ’€) @versainzz πŸ’€ @F1LATIFI What a legend
@onlyangeltpwk Oh I know but it's not like it's one team that's worse than the other they're all so expensive πŸ’€πŸ˜­ @onlyangeltpwk The one with coffee breath too But like say what you will about the horrible price of this one at le… @onlyangeltpwk Feels like something you neighbours dad Greg would wear honestly, where are the spicy colours and designs?? @onlyangeltpwk IT DOESN'T EVEN HAVE A COOL DESIGN OR ANYTHING IT'S JUST GREY @mvlaren I always knew squad depth would be a problem but I never thought it'd be this bad πŸ’€πŸ’€ @mvlaren I think leno gets too much hate, yes he's awful at controlling the ball but he's a good shot stopper, it w… @emilyformula1 That hoodie is wayyyy above my budget πŸ’€πŸ˜” @mvlaren I knew forest was gonna be tough, away from home and half the first team not playing, it was like Brentford all over again πŸ₯²πŸ’€Thomas Partey on his way to serving his suspension. Xhaka on his way from serving his suspension.
Retweeted by Lucas| Handball eraBig applause to Ødegaard and Martinelli. They haven’t hidden from the occasion. Best players on the pitch.
Retweeted by Lucas| Handball era @mvlaren Fair enough, yeah me too, can't say I'm surprised, we've gone January without a single win 🀑 @lucyformula1 And it looks cool when he scores, even though we didn't get a proof of that today πŸ₯² @lucyformula1 I agree but at the same time it's so easy to spot so yk
Retweeted by Lucas| Handball era @mvlaren See that's why I'm enjoying my sandwich watching YouTube instead, I'm 5 steps ahead 😏 @f1fools That's right, totally not because I forgot what it was called for a second πŸ’€ @mvlaren I'm just making a sandwich in the kitchen rn I don't want to see us missing the target πŸ’€ @13ukiyo The beautiful game innit @formualice Ahhh, well I wouldn't have hope it is arsenal after all πŸ₯² @formualice Idk what this means but I saw arsenal so 🧍 @f1fools Yes, the poor man's Loch ness obviously πŸ™„ @f1fools They're coming for noch less finally @scuderialara Yeah ngl I don't think you're winning this one πŸ’€πŸ’€Germany what happened to you πŸ’€πŸ’€ @f1fools Well that's ominous, especially considering you're not in the US πŸ’€ Right? @f1fools H- what?I thought Germany were supposed to be not good rn πŸ’€Oh damn Germany winning rn πŸ‘€ @strangeengine16 Thank you, I showed the players what you said and it worked πŸ₯° @onlyangeltpwk I forgot about that, I mean ferrari isn't much better tbh πŸ₯²πŸ₯² @f1millie Good job, you can English @onlyangeltpwk WHAT I can buy like 3 hoodies for that money πŸ’€πŸ’€We were 😏 @fcbformulaEri Yeah that's fair it was fun until we had to remember all the different hormones πŸ₯²Alright we've been playing surprisingly well, actually running and using our wide players but we can't get complace… @MeineLinkeHand Update maybe not Russia πŸ’€ @strangeengine16 You got me, so smart of you @aserejelisa You just weren't looking hard enough πŸ™„ @fcbformulaEri I prefer cognitive psychology ngl, I hate biology πŸ’€ @aserejelisa I could see it, makes perfect sense @fcbformulaEri No sleep just ✨vibes✨ @strangeengine16 Yes because I'm brendan Rodgers the manager of Leicester ΰ² _ΰ² 
@formualice Pffft πŸ™„ @formualice You are- wow I can't believe you @formualice Duh, was there ever any doubt πŸ™„ @mvlaren Now we have to fight harder to get top 4 πŸ™„ @F1Suus Ikea language, it's a lame language πŸ’€ @formualice No, I refuse to accept it, Leicester must've bottled it @formualice (yeah you make a good point) It was but ngl I was more of a Disney xd person because they cool skating montages πŸ’€ @rmaddenns Ah, I'm not sure I can help with that I've been doing it for 3 years πŸ’€πŸ₯² @rmaddenns Really? I find the hardest part is to get up and go than actually doing it, cause once you're doing it y… you absolute bottlejobs you had one job ffs @formualice (Mad into your mom) No actually I was more or a wizards of waverly place guy @MeineLinkeHand You do but to not stress out I'd recommend the favourites @MeineLinkeHand I mean they could still do it but yeah, the other group has Sweden, Spain, Norway and Russia so its… @scuderialara TWELVE WTF How did that happen?? @formualice OOF that makes me feel oldOne normal day as an Arsenal fan. That’s all I ask for.
Retweeted by Lucas| Handball era @scuderialara Oh jesus how bad is it for you?? We only got 2 cases so far πŸ’€ @rmaddenns Maybe play some 'here comes the sun' and embrace it? @MeineLinkeHand Well they've got France and Denmark so not ideal πŸ’€ @rmaddenns Sunshine maybe? @MeineLinkeHand Ooop Uhh idk tbh, I'd have to check the group they're in but it's not Spain @MeineLinkeHand Alright well Iceland is one but idk how far they'll go but they've played impressive, Russia too tb… us in wishing @JensonButton a very happy birthday! πŸ₯³
Retweeted by Lucas| Handball era @MeineLinkeHand I DON'T KNOW Do you like an underdog or do you want a team that's extremely good? @scuderialara Honestly same it's getting very worrying rn
@scuderialara Yeah you face us, listen can you do me a favour and lose against us? Thanks πŸ₯° @MeineLinkeHand GOOGLE IT, EUROS FOR HANDBALL THIS MONTH @f1maxleclerc RED BULL, gotta be red bull @MeineLinkeHand THE EUROS VICI That's not good, I'm glad you're still here though @MeineLinkeHand Wh- BECAUSE IT'S HANDBALL MONTH And I guess you have what happened to you? πŸ’€ @mvlaren I don't think striker is more crucial than midfield rn but yeah we need like a whole new 7 or 8 players for the second team πŸ’€πŸ’€ @mvlaren Unfortunately until we actually have a second 11 that's gonna keep happening to us @mvlaren Forest winning against arsenal πŸ₯²πŸ₯² @scuderialara Ayyy good, does this mean we face you the next round? πŸ’€ @MeineLinkeHand Black car for the win tbh, even though I prefer blue as a colour usually @DeathByAFC Arteta masterclass taking the job so he could play again @formulalise Yeah ik but they've never been *that* kind of good yk, there's good and there's good if that makes sense