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Izzy🧸 @formulawifey cl mv sp pg

🇨🇦 | she/her | f1 pls pay my therapy bills ☻︎

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@LeclercVZN asm?
@f1maxleclerc me @leclercsbby give it up for my perfect gorgeous hot sexy best friend y’all @f1maxleclerc ur so perfect
@LeclercVZN i’m cheering for the steelers now just so u stay up @dumberem nfl gsmeTHAT RETURNNN @f1maxleclerc @LeclercVZN better luck next time @f1maxleclerc @LeclercVZN girl what- @f1maxleclerc @LeclercVZN zoellas brother??? @f1maxleclerc @LeclercVZN where did this come from bae🤍 @LeclercVZN @f1maxleclerc aka football @LeclercVZN when u said “this account is used” that was a lie
@em_leclerc_ in summer🙄🙄 @em_leclerc_ like all of canada 😮‍💨😮‍💨 @leclercsbby hello vicHow Sundays without #F1 are spent… #essereFerrari 🔴
Retweeted by Izzy🧸 @f1maxleclerc @f1maxleclerc this is hot @em_leclerc_ + maxyomg the priv qrts🌝 @em_leclerc_ i made it 😌👸
@em_leclerc_ ur two favsnew pierre content😩😩 using a CL16 kart🧘‍♀️🧘‍♀️ @em_leclerc_ get off main rn u fucking dumbass @em_leclerc_ @LeclercVZN HELPPPP
@leclercsbby u were praying i would? @lamourlawson ilyy mar :/ @leclercsbby i agree w the don’t look at me part @em_leclerc_ ur princess😌 @sauberleclerc pretty pretty prettythis pfp thing is so wholesome for f1twt thank god we can actually come together over smth as shit as what happened earlier @LeclercVZN is that a challengeuhhhh everyone’s doing it 🧍🏽‍♀️ #NewProfilePic @leclercsbby @LeclercVZN mom and dad @LeclercVZN @f1maxleclerc tats u look so fucking good @track11perez mom stunning as always @leclercsbby stop the cap @leclercsbby prettiest girl in the whole world @LeclercVZN ah ur watching footybruhhhh why does twitter @leclercsbby that show makes me wanna scream
@LeclercVZN i wanna use that sentence against u @LeclercVZN interactions: @f1maxleclerc i think im incapable of breathing @f1maxleclerc HE CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO DO THIS @f1maxleclerc WHAT THE FUCKING SHIT
@leclercsbby thank me for showing this to her😮‍💨
@em_leclerc_ good🧘‍♀️🧘‍♀️ @em_leclerc_ 2 and 1 are fueling my depression @sauberleclerc nahhhh tf is he doing @em_leclerc_ boo @f1maxleclerc these are the things i wish they taught me in school😓she’s rlly on her way to becoming my fav wag 🤷🏽‍♀️ @f1maxleclerc u convinced me🤷🏽‍♀️new izzy era #NewProfilePic @sauberleclerc my thoughts exactly @formulatenn1s it’s so beautifulstop unfollowing me what if i’m charles leclerc on a ski hill @f1maxleclerc we’re over tats💔 @lamourlawson legit that’s my thinking i didn’t finish rewatching s1alex albon smiling/laughing - a positive vibes thread
Retweeted by Izzy🧸 @sauberleclerc he’s so emotionless my godfeminine urge to make this my pfp……. LIKE WHY DOES HE LOOK SO GOOD ITS CONFUSING @,&!,$,!:&: @47slando TRUEEE!! why is this mans just everywhere doing everything😭😭 @sauberleclerc he’s so cute broget yourself a driver who can pull off both😮‍💨😮‍💨 @track11perez U ALWAYS DO
@CLeclercArmy stunning @msitalianbread so prettyyy @pierresgurl stomp on me manu😫😫😫 @formulasimmss so prettyyy @lxilsi perfect @biazzarro ur stunning @biazzarro SKIING IS SO SEXYYY @formulapetra petra the prettiest girly @tpwkhollandx look at uuuu @itsandjelav gorgeous @bethmercerxo wtfff ur so stunning @formula_leclerc prettiest girl in the world or what @bettsop ur amazing @Christinaib_ CHRIS U LOOK SO DAMN FINEEEE @formuIaellie GORGEOUS @formula1zzy PRETTY IZZYYY @emilyformula1 UR SO FREAKING PRETTYHappy #f1twtselfieday from me and the Prince of Monza <33
Retweeted by Izzy🧸 @formulalexa mwahhh @leolovesf1 thank uuuu @formulabean ur so nice wtf @arixlouis2 <33 @Madiethebadieee ily madie @anembarrazzment thank uuuu @emilyformula1 HELPPP ILY @soylagolando thanks smmm @formulasteph4 thanks ahh @landohub4 omggg thanks sm @LeclercVZN