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@crisforanime @daffar89 Low key looks like my uncle after a few beers 😂😂😂God this next cover of Shonen Jump is straight FLAMES 🔥🔥🔥 JUJUTSU KAISEN GREATNESS!!!!! @geisha_official Dont know y but Blocked 🤷🏾‍♂️
ZORO & SANJI'S MAJOR NEW POWERS of ENMA & GERMA In ONE PIECE CLIMAX LEADING TO CHAPTER 1035 & BEYOND @kidomaki_real not just due to rust but fuk it this one has been a battlefield for me 😆 @AnimeBallsDeep @TheBrokenRonin Hope this gets squashed peacefully. I know you guys work very hard on your content… @JaeSambo Fam you been spitting fax all night @ChrissaSJE Way more relatable at my ageKaiju No.8 was beyond EPIC in 2021!
@david_j06 oh mans is moving! Ok I see u fam, you're onto what a lot of people hail as the best Jojo!THE REAL TRAITOR of MY HERO ACADEMIA JUST SHOCKED THE ENTIRE FANDOM AFTER THE HUGE REVEAL! @Djmilezz Appreciate u and epic avatar fam 👊🏾To the bozo who said I be forgetting details. These notes just for a one piece video alone.. @BrendynSmith4 @animekurtz i usually give losers like that a chance and mute them but once they go into super saiya… the last two weeks I've covered: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Ayashimon, Boruto, One Piece, Dragon Ball, My Hero Ac… @david_j06 glad you're enjoying, it only gets more bizarre and epic from here!Really hope @TeamYouTube helps get this issue sorted asap. It's a really shitty feel when creator's are under attac…
@RizkiDimasDwij @not_leslin Half? Fam Kishimoto came in the 11th hour. He was only responsible for like 3 or so cha… @lovegabrielle02 can't call it but if they're trying to make a big move the moment they go timeskip they should reb… @lord_agent she should've been chunin and stayed in the leaf not Wasabi 😞It's Actually The END of Team 7 & This Changes EVERYTHING For The Future of BORUTO... @not_leslin How?!? This year was the biggest year for the Boruto anime and it was all due to chapters done by KodachiWait a minute so the dude that had omicron at Anime Nyc went with 35 friends & half of them had COVID too?!???? Wha… needa bring back Kodachi 😤 @Thorium45 you’re entitled to your opinionBest chapter this round is lookin like….?LOL Doron Dororon continues to be a lil treat of a series! glad Oda finally giving Sanji dope moment after dope moment! Pisces bois Les go!!! #onepiece1034 end of series Megumi prolly gonna be raw as Toji! Dude is col asf! #jujutsukaisen167 @geisha_official @daffar89 @geisha_official LOVE IT 😂I deadass thought dude was a statue 😲😮 trolled us all!!! Good! #myheroacademia336 again Ayashimon is so dope and these set-up chapters are being masked by very awesome & funny action pieces!… over 6 years of being with this crew (since the Boruto film) In a weird way kinda feels like watching your ki… it’s my enjoyment of the bebop live action, my take on Naruto’s strength or my displeasure in power ranger… month n a half or so making content been interesting. Mainly cuz I’ve almost entirely stopped giving a fuk abo… @kashinkoji05 You’re equating strength with endurance? @kashinkoji05 Nah you’re right Naruto losing the source of majority his power wasn’t nothing. @JaeSambo Meanwhile while actually in New York “yo Ny is done ya heard, we needa dip out this bitch”One day I really needa go back & finish reading O-Parts Hunter. Soooo freakn GAS! 🔥🔥🔥 @TheMindOfHY “Omg she enjoys her fathers music she’s the scum of the earth” fukn twilight zone app @Driplord29 Base Naruto fought momoshiki post losing Kurama? The source of majority of his power?
NARUTO Is WEAKER Than He's EVER Been & YOU WON'T BELIEVE How BAD It Actually Is In Boruto... @von_moony Yup don’t worry this list is simply the springboard to something much grander!Thanks to @ForneverWorld always talking about how great chainsaw man is and also mentioning kaiju no 8 I went out a…
Retweeted by ForneverWorld @OTAKUGOD270 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥I've Got Something MAJOR Coming This Month So Do Me a Favor & Vote For BEST Manga of 2021! These Results Will Have…
Retweeted by ForneverWorld @AnimeUproar @DakotaBroskie 😂😂😂BLEACH HUGE ANIME TRAILER, Black Clover In DANGER, Chainsaw Man 2 & Anime HUGE NEWS, My Hero Academia Popularity Po… EP OF #FORNEVERNEWS Out On Podcast Streaming Services Now! Hitting Youtube Shortly! @Kelven_140 I agree, thankfully there's going to be more to the results than just this poll!
@adrienwhiteside Let’s go! 💪🏾 @PabloEsca1 The type of music u get from Talib, Common, Daylyt, Royce 5’9. Music that gives info, uplifting, unders…'ve Got Something MAJOR Coming This Month So Do Me a Favor & Vote For BEST Manga of 2021! These Results Will Have… @WoodyTarik That’s cuz you’ve clearly got a1 taste @JJ11786 Fax @daffar89 And she has the best poses in all of Jojo‘s’t slight to all the other Jojo’s it’s just lame how certain parts get picked on for the dumbest reasonsThey’re mad Stone ocean isn’t lead by big buff mutha fuka’s. Imma keep enjoying that Jolyne GREATNESS!’re gearing up for the Bleach return 🔥 @BoiWizzo ah bet i'll keep it in mind @BoiWizzo huh? @AnimeKoala sometimes they can take some uninteresting scenes and make them look SUPER amazingShout out to the color stylists in anime. They're the ones who color & ink every character, setting, prop etc.. and… Key makes me beyond smile to see a man who saved my life shinning @daylyt30 Y’all want that good good hip-hop?… NEED To Talk About Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean & The Same ISSUE Jotaro Faces As NARUTO! @uzumakistan1 They don’t let it sell. Majority of the music that “sells” is force fed. Force feed positivity thenImagine the positive impact someone like NBA YoungBoy would have on kids if he made 1 conscious song. JUST 1! They…
Almighty. Keep guiding us to the right path. Even when the path is dimly lit, Your truth lights the way. Keep our h…
Retweeted by ForneverWorldDamn I love seeing all this Jojo's talk ☺ @david_j06 I got something coming that might give a bit more insight but I always encourage watching from the begin… now that the dust is settling... what's the new pecking order for best Jojo's in Anime So Far?!? @AnimeBallsDeep Us: “I like anime” Twitteregg83: “I can’t believe you would be so toxic & disrespectful toward th… @david_j06 I know what I’m doing today! @Just_Slater By definition he is indeed nerfed finished ep 12 of #JOJOsBizzareAdventure #StoneOceanAnime Next drop When??? @NetflixGeeked My Hero Academia 336 spoilers tho 👀 @notvalclover Apologies for the oversight on credits. Thumbnail art's been changed immediately. Sorry for the inconvenienceRANT: BLACK CLOVER FANS Got REALLY UPSET With Me Over This...
@daffar89 else feel like Jotaro been massively nerfed post Stardust Crusaders? 🤔🤔🤔 2021 wouldn’t have been the same without @Lloydbanks Coti. Album of the Year @RevDelix Thanks fam you too @RevDelix Poor Neeka tho they did her DIRTY all season @RevDelix The best stuff was about Chuckie Tiffany and their backstory oh and Andy really everything about the orig… @AxelFatebreaker @navenowski @daffar89 Clearly a tsundere SMH @RevDelix @JamiUwUs @navenowski @daffar89 Full-blown adults actually, crazy shit @JamiUwUs @navenowski @daffar89 People love to talk out the side of their neck on their alt accounts 🤷🏾‍♂️ @daffar89 I knew i would be through the moon for Joylene but she’s just 😩🥰 @JOSEBOMA_YE Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure part 6 Netflix exclusiveGod I’m loving Stone Ocean so far and I’m only 3 eps deep! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 my #1 podcast of 2021, Fornever News: thank you for keeping me company on @Spotify all year long!…
Retweeted by ForneverWorldMy top podcast of 2021. @ForneverWorld this doesn’t even include all the episodes watched on YouTube #SpotifyWrapped
Retweeted by ForneverWorld @NerdyBoyWeebs Yup more mayhem in 2022 @the_true_senpai You probably want to watch the other parts tbh @ScaringTheCrow All good @xavier_saiyan The horror aspects and everything with Chucky, his past, Tiffany, Nica Andy, Kyle were the best parts @ScaringTheCrow The Chucky tv series.