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1% Forpz @forpzy I go live sometimes ➡️

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@Aeolus @overtimeroan @NotLucFN @OvertimeGG @OvertimeGG GET HIM, HE USED YOUR INTRO ❗️ @NotRyft @OvertimeGG LMAOOO @TwitchAv @bhronosFN what @overtimeroan @NotLucFN @OvertimeGG yes but no ones specifically coming to OT’s channel and copying your videos. It… @OvertimeGG nice but this means you copied 1v1ng videos 😳 @ROZfnn wtahts ur twitch @Advyyth huh @cIeeoh @Sceptic @cIeeoh @Sceptic @zhuricfn what happened @ZitoFN_ ily dm me if u need anything @WestyHimself @CorruptTwitch @vohlii fr @caleighbtw @vohlii @Sceptic @candihotti u do?! @vohlii ratio @vohlii DID U CALK THE FIRE DEPARTMENT I HOPE EVERYTHING IS OK 🙏 @roqzfn k good hopefully it’s not something sexual or i’ll call the cops @roqzfn who’s DN @MRHUMAIN1 @Sceptic nah it’s fake @NotRyft fire @RazzJoey who tf is candace @termfn @Ralfybtw @TakenedTV @itsJerian “Jesus Christ” @WebbDZN @ClixHimself @NRGgg @ClixHimself @TakenedTV @itsJerian gimme half @Fnaticszn6 @JETSKIIfn ok lemme in 😈 @Fnaticszn6 @JETSKIIfn weekly daily ? @FaZeSway what’s today @ClixHimself how’d u photoshop this so good lol @caleighbtw @Sceptic @vohlii @Sceptic @candihotti @caleighbtw YES @feonuh @magzGBR @Sceptic stop u know u want lil scep back @1PBrady @cxltures @candihotti it is him @cxltures @candihotti sheeesh @candihotti u forgot @Sceptic, any egirls want him @cxltures @candihotti v @riftmull @Sceptic @sophsoph28 @Sceptic @cIeeoh @Sceptic @Sceptic @ClixHypMan @Sceptic @SCEPTIC @Sceptic LMAOO @cxltures @Sceptic jk ur handsome any girls want cxltures @cxltures @Sceptic u r bitch made ur gonna end up blocking me @cxltures @Sceptic you’re talking?? @promise5x @Sceptic just making sure u realizedsomeone please get this kid a e girl, it doesn’t stop @TikoFn @JaydenNotTiko u didn’t follow me @YourFellowArab @BrandRiskGG @edwiin i’ll be there soon @mabthemango @ryswtf @vegasskl u tweeted this after i texted u on imessage @kraksack @promise5x teacher seeing this @DestinysJesus what about me it’sjerian and takened @Marxoislonely @TakenedTV @itsJerian @ryswtf @DylannWtff @MxntyTv @itsJerian controller idiot cheater loser spas one pump idiot controller aim assist @Ewok @DawnsWRLD @itsJerian Jerian gameplay btw @Ewok @DawnsWRLD @itsJerian ? @AcornFN @Slackes_ now is my time 😈 i quald for dreamhack extra w itsjerian and u didn’t 🤡 i think u need my carry on god 🤡 😂 🤣 💀 @vegasskl oh you already know what it meansv @vegasskl it means ratio @fakeifys me 2 link whne u find itQUALED FOR DREAMHACK LETS GOOOOOOO
Retweeted by 1% Forpz @Fnaticszn6 me @DestinysJesus @itsJerian i’m actually the goat watch how i carry @itsJerian @cxltures AYE @TakenedTV @itsJerian we r goats @itsJerian i carried
@Byzic bett @vohlii that’s like saying someone in OT or 1% can’t wear FaZe merch @vohlii why not keep it lol.. @bottlecapfn lmk @G2Jahq sitting at 17k 🙏 @Laiys_ ❗️ @orangie @Sceptic @orangie @Sceptic yeah but sceptic wants e girls @G2Coop @MackWood1x u are idiot @Sceptic EGIRLS HIT HIM UP ❗️❗️ @MackWood1x macragyy @Sceptic sheesh can i b u @imsticksfn @Dubsfn @Megga @RocaineG rocaine lookin nice @TheSommerset @Downs2kFN @itsJerian don’t look @TheSommerset @Downs2kFN me @NotRyft this is such a bad clip, you didn’t even kill anyone. @1PBrady @actingliketommy @PsychitoFN @EnjiFN_ he’s west @lgreverb @GFuelEnergy one @QueasyFN u did it to yourself @FaZeSway gotchu @Sceptic @GhoulzOfficial shut up ratio @G2Coop @tragix_ ironic @ClixHimself huh @TakenedTV @ryswtf @1PBrady @vnshmax 🕵️‍♂️ @ryswtf @TakenedTV @1PBrady @vnshmax ratio whole thread @KeenySZN damn that looks hella good rn @1PBrady @vnshmax he doesn’t know u bro @fionaqttt leaving you on open @itsfreddylol i have nothing copied @avemfn ok @riversan @BlizyFN @200nate good stuff @jojiFN @itsJerian @tweaaks @whofishy u r so dumb @1PBrady @PlaIism stfu ur ass at school and fortnite + ratio @1PBrady @PlaIism on facetime w ur e girl per usual @1PBrady @PlaIism yeah @1PBrady @PlaIism here it is @1PBrady @PlaIism wanna c my dic pick