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As far as she's concerned, she's the rightful leader of the Clan. Grab the Gia Outfit now!
Weekend plans?That’s all for now! Grab the Toon Meowscles Outfit with the built-in Squash & Stretch Emote before he rotates out… your Fortnite style off the Island and into the real world! We’ve teamed up with @CASETiFY for a limited-editi… the map was recently updated to fix an issue. Please make sure all videos that are submitted are on the updat… pickaxe, yours for the taking ⛏️ And all you have to do is play our Creative Mayhem map! Get all the info h… trash can toona, what’s the worst that could happen? Meowscles has been toon’d up and has found himself in…
It looks like Meowscles went and got himself all toon’d up! prepared herself for battle. And in her adventures, she became the hero. Fortnite Crew Members, get the Bearal… to spice up life on the Island a bit? Introducing Wild Weeks! Watch to learn about this week’s unique game… might be getting a bit… trippy for Meowscles. Listen to the Drop In Lobby Track featuring @trippieredd!, noble... delicious 🍔 Defiant against hunger and protectors of the almighty food court. The Knights of the F…
#FortnitePrimal #Fortography Drive by!
Retweeted by FortniteNo memory, and unable to speak, how does Batman escape this place? → Grab Issue #2 of @DCComics Batman/Fortnite: Z… looks like curiosity sure got the best of this cat. What kind of trouble is our pal Meowscles getting into now?… Crew Members, check your lockers for the May bonus 👀The man behind the myth 🦇 Grab the Batman Zero Outfit in the Shop now!
🚨 🚨 WE ARE LIVE 🚨 🚨 PlayVS College Fortnite Solos Spring '21 Finals. NAE followed by NAW. Over $50k in prizing i…
Retweeted by Fortnite @DCBatman Definitely has to be Meowscles. I mean, have you seen the muscles on him? 💪👉 Mañana De Futbol En Fortnite @FortniteGame #Fortography !! ⚽
Retweeted by FortniteBattle Lab has returned! Explore the Island, take screenshots, and enjoy a relaxing stroll through Sweaty Sands.
Retweeted by FortniteIt’s time to show your crazy skills in Creative Mayhem 💥 Participate to win awesome prizes and share your best per… out for this dangerous duo! They won't stop until someone's in the dust.
The race to the goal #Fortography
Retweeted by Fortnite✅ Two favorites return! Unvaulted the Tactical Shotgun and Infantry Rifle ✅ Doubling chance of Crafting Parts in fl…
Retweeted by FortniteDon't rage too hard 😤 Grab @BanderitaX's hand-picked Locker Bundle in the Shop now!
Get Griddy with Justin Jefferson and celebrate like you scored six! Grab @JJettas2’s Locker Bundle and the Get Gri… stronger and better than before. Sometimes, a good build is worth the effort.
One bow that covers the many needs of a primal adventurer, totally reliable, totally safe, don’t ask questions. F… Crew Members, don't forget to check your locker in the next few days for the May bonus👀Travelers beware, Deimos has arrived. Fortnite Crew Members, grab the exclusive May Crew Pack available now includ… the rhythm of the waves and join the ship’s crew with the Onda Onda Emote with moves by @tchakabum
@marine_phantasm Right on the target but wide of the mark. @NickEh30 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++… @Misho_Llien Truly piercing. @flamingpuddle "Boogie Bow" has a nice ring to it.If you could make the Unstable Bow fire anything (besides what it already can!), what would it be? vs Blue Weekend is here! All weekend long jump into three action packed community-made LTMs. 🔴 Red vs Blue Ru…
Retweeted by FortniteFor our next Fortography, in light of Neymar Jr’s recent arrival, we want you to take photos demonstrating why socc… shots! 🎯 In celebration of Aloy’s arrival on the Island, we asked you to take photos demonstrating your bow-a… ahead of the competition with @Hamuppi_'s hand-picked Locker Bundle. Grab it in the Shop now!
Have you completed all the @neymarjr challenges? Complete challenges and live it up with the Hang Loose Celebratio… records just like Justin Jefferson. Grab @JJettas2’s Locker Bundle in the Shop now! by @LAHGRIDDY2X and made famous by @JJettas2. Now you can be part of history too. Celebrate the Victory R…
The Spire corrupts those who get too close and bends them towards darkness. Has anyone seen Raz recently? crazy in the Neymar Jr Cup! Compete in the Cup for a chance to win a custom-designed soccer boot, inspired by… up for battle with the new style for Manic and new Scarlet Sai Pickaxe and Back Bling. Grab it in the Shop no…
.@JJettas2 and the Griddy dance are coming to @fortnitegame! Tune in tonight at for the in-…
Retweeted by FortniteJump right into the action just like @neymarjr and test your skills in this 8v8 team based combat experience. Fir…
Retweeted by FortniteThis fabulous patron of feline fashion won't stick around for long. Join the Fortnite Crew to grab the April Crew… crazy 🐺 Battle Pass owners, unlock the @neymarjr Outfit now! Complete his Quests to earn: ➡️ Neymar Jr Outfit… on any challenger that stands in your way and continue your reign as champion. Grab the Sica Bundle now!
v16.30 brings the heat: 👤 Help Jonesy The First take on Raz 🔀 Keep ‘em guessing with a new, unpredictable Exotic…
Retweeted by FortniteMay Fortnite Crew is 🤯 🡒 Deimos Outfit + alt styles and full Set 🡒 Loading Screen 🡒 1,000 V-Bucks 🡒 CH2 S6 Battle P… the endzone to the Island, @JJettas2 dances his way into the Icon Series with a new Emote and Locker Bundle co… you see it, it's already too late 😱 Celebrate #AlienDay the right way! Take on your enemies of the Island as Ri…
O pai tá quase on ! Very soon I'm arriving in @FortniteGame and you'll be able to run wild with me.…
Retweeted by FortniteLast chance to Reboot a Friend before it ends. Don’t miss out; invite eligible friends, play games together, and ea… the Grimey Outfit, each elimination you get adds a soul to your collection. How many can you collect? can be contained no more! Starting April 27, Battle Pass owners can earn the @neymarjr Outfit and other items… the underworld to the Crew, the gatekeeper drops in 👑Each elimination adds another soul to his arsenal. Can you take him on or will you just end up part of his collect…
Seeker, survivor of the post-apocalypse and hunter of machines - the primal Island is no match for her. Grab the A… will be unleashed soon. 4.27.2021 Full reveal soon: @neymarjr to wield maximum firepower, targets tremble at her sight. Take on your opponents with the Aspen Outfit!
Harpoon Gun or Grappler Bow?Get HYPED! FNCS is underway and our official broadcast will begin this Sunday, April 25, at 1pm ET. We hope you'l…
Retweeted by FortniteGrab your duo partner and jump into the new Team Up! Aloy & Lara LTM. Become Aloy, armed only with craftable bows… @neymarjr to Fortnite Crew before April 22nd, 2021? We’ve got you covered! If you had an active sub between March 22,… more music to your life with @Spotify 🎵 Active subscribers to Fortnite Crew between now and June 30, 2021 at 8…🎶🎤 Bring the best dances to the party and show your style with @MAJORLAZER and a huge collection of returning Icon…
Hey friends! Just a reminder that Reboot-A-Friend In @FortniteGame is happening now! It ends April 26th, so make su…
Retweeted by Fortnite @imgoldenyt @flamingpuddle @MarshymeIIo0407 @nollobandz sorry, we just really love the eyes emoji and were shocked… @MynameGuff @flamingpuddle @MarshymeIIo0407 @nollobandz We love Guff but we're pretty sure @FNCreate LOVES Guff even more. @flamingpuddle @MarshymeIIo0407 @nollobandz Who doesn't like Kevin?? 👀👀👀 @ImJustVelo @nollobandz Our community makes our heart melt every day, we're just returning the favor! @MarshymeIIo0407 @nollobandz The Eco Outfit, Globee Back Bling, and Devourer's Bane Pickaxe are part of the Terra Firma Set 😊 @nollobandz Thank you for creating such an awesome concept! Next time we talk about this set we'll make sure you… @Master67Silver @WiccanBobFNBR @nollobandz 😭❤️ @Master67Silver @WiccanBobFNBR @nollobandz We❤️you all! @jinx3d_ @nollobandz Wear it, get some elims, and you'll see😉 @WiccanBobFNBR @nollobandz Thank YOU for interacting with us ❤️🥰We forgot the most important thing! @nollobandz who inspired this awesome Outfit. You'll want to check out that b… out and on a mission to restore balance 🌎 Grab the new Eco Outfit in the Shop now!
''SKYE vs SKYE'' @FortniteGame @Brasil_Fortnite #Fortography #Fortnite #FortnitePrimal
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Who are You? #Fortography
Retweeted by FortniteThe Team Up! Aloy & Lara LTM will run from Friday, April 23 at 9 AM ET to Sunday, April 25 at 9 AM ET. We'll let p…
Retweeted by FortniteBatman is transported onto the Island. But how did he get here? → Grab Issue #1 of @DCComics Batman/Fortnite: Zero… elegant form of travel, perfect for a primal age. Find Lara Croft on the Island to get this Exotic Weapon! week to go! Reboot a Friend lets you earn in-game prizes for playing with friends who haven’t played in 30 or… the Island with art and mystery, what secrets will they reveal? Grab the Cryptic and Mystify Outfits with…
@FortniteGame #Fortography
Retweeted by FortniteThe world is her scratching post 😼 Grab the Empress Back Bling in the Shop now!
Trust us, they aren't in distress. @TombRaider, @Guerrilla, @StreetFighter, @PlayStation together, earn together! Invite your friends who haven’t played in 30 or more days back to the Battle Bus and… Her royal fishness, Princess Felicity. Long may she reign 👑 Grab Princess Felicity along with the res…
Jones must be able to help, but which one? Continue The Spire Quests in-game now!“A lot of assembly required!” - Robo-Ray Get access to #SaveTheWorld with the Robo-Ray Pack! Included: -Robo-Ray…👸🐟💀