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Mark Inman @Fortress_Inman Lancing, West Sussex

I do games production freelance for studios that need it. Previously: Oysterworld, Honeyslug, Eidos, Morpheme, Nokia, EA & Psygnosis

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Can thoroughly recommend this to anyone pitching or investing. Sad not to be going this year, but there's no point… a little lapse into my childhood train geekery there (full disclosure, I used to be able to rattle off the en… are good, too. Anyone who's got a train in mainland Europe has likely sat on a lovely Stadler train.I'm old enough to remember the brand new 507's and 508's coming into service in Merseyside, they were dead posh com…, I know this isn't most people's thing, but after decades of having to put up with refurbed sloppy second 508…
Fancy, the people of Eastbourne are pricks. I have to be desperate to go to a multiplex these days. quid says they voted for Brexit actual quote from Barbara Broccoli on Bond’s gender, which isn’t being tweeted about nearly as much, is a fasci…
Retweeted by Mark InmanIf you’d have told me, three and a half years ago, that if leave win this, even in their ultimate moment of victory…
Retweeted by Mark Inman @RaveofRavendale 8 hours! That's some going. Honestly, I'd have imagined somewhere in double figures just nailing t… @RaveofRavendale Very nice! I pray for the sanity of the person who had to cut that unless you dug deep and got Cassetteboy in to do it.Okay, cat off me but now can't sleep cos I started thinking about what the past tense of "sleepwalk" is.
I can't get ready for bed as one of my cats has decided he must sleep on me now. So I'm currently lying on the sofa… @Pipsissiwa @MattGambell @AlexRoseGames No, most people can't help it, Liz. The immediate area surrounding Liverpoo… @AlexRoseGames @MattGambell That's the Scouse nation for you. @AlexRoseGames @MattGambell Yep. And the e in "chicken" is silent. @AlexRoseGames @MattGambell "Book" is as it's read, but "Look" is pronounced luck. @MattGambell @AlexRoseGames @tha_rami If you pronounce "book" and "look" the same, then you're a hideous wool.
One which is ever so slightly different in width and height to DVD, Blu-Ray/4k and Switch boxes so that it makes y…, you know that this will succeed because, whilst crowdfunding wouldn't get it done, flag waving shitheads lik… @MattGambell @MsMinotaur It just didn't gel for me. I've seen loads of effusive praise for it, but I thought it was just *okay*.Both the game and the soundtrack featured heavily in my respective top tens of games and music. A shining star of 2… of living in a flat coastal area is that I now need to have an opinion about flooding.
I look forward to either successfully finding a new job or this thing coming to an end. I have so many horror stories to share.
@OneCrispyGraham I wish you could be coaxed back in dev, Chris. There's so much demand for 8 and 16 bit pixel artists these days. @Pipsissiwa I know somewhere that does the bee bricks. We have a couple of the smaller ones which aren't suited to using as house bricks.Everything the game has thrown at me has had real challenge but has felt doable, the assault courses have taken an… enjoying Horace right up to the moon base assault course, and after 15hrs it puts that in and drains a substan…
@richardcobbett The character's name hadn't even registered. I was transfixed by "the Arse of Bone Town"Man, I really need to watch this. I thought Prometheus was absolute dogshit, but it had its fans. I've heard no pos… play or TV adaptation of King Charles III is ridiculously on the nose of current events given it was written for stage in 2014.My biggest takeaway from speed runners this year is that they all have the same upward inflection at the end of eac…
Tories - Shred EU working rights and rights of EU residents in the UK after the 31st. Shred and rights to re-unite… Exploding Zoo! (Honeyslug - 2015) Gardener/Richard Burgeon dream ticket. Labours front line for when policy positions are so hard to defend,… @iSabreman Interesting. Seen a lot of positive noises about this. I hated it after an hour, but judging by this you…
Fantastic article on "What is 'Everton'?" "They're the footballing equivalent of Wile E. Coyote ordering new ACME… of all Long-Bailey's MP's who have backed her, only Angela Rayner won their seat before 2019. Three Merseyside M…! <3
Retweeted by Mark InmanSpectrum action adventure games more fitting of a stamp: Underwurlde Atic Atac Knight Lore Head Over Heels Finders…
I find Jim Jones and the whole Jonestown thing fascinating and horrifying in equal measure, I'm in my element with… joking aside, if you're going to pick a Core Design game, where the fuck is Heimdall? @princessmiwi I can send you a photo of the controller I completed the game with. Completing the original Wipeout o… @wilcoclahas Just scared awake my cat with how loud I laughed at that. @wilcoclahas I will post my CV to them, the top right of the envelope seals the deal.Interviewer: "So what aspects of the production process do you think are your strengths, Mark?" Me: "I lead the QA… this stage anything which deflects from me being required to respond intelligently to interview questions may be… "A game I worked on has been on a stamp" a legit thing to put on your CV?I'm not saying you need to think it's a great game, you just need to appreciate its sense of childlike playfulness.Really enjoyed Wattam. Cos I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, let me just paraphrase what I said about Rise of…
Me playing Wattam... Indie Social is *this Wed*! Just for January we've moved to the second Wed of the month :) Fountainhe…
Retweeted by Mark InmanThat's the self assessment kicked up the arse for another year.
Once again I'm convinced American Football consumption is at its best when it jumps between games when teams get wi… put money on patrons having to sign a waiver before eating or else this restaurant will be sued into oblivion in… terms of bad FA Cup performances, it's up there with Tranmere, Shrewsbury, Boro (under Uncle Walter - I got up a… in every way. #EFC @iSabreman At least Ancelotti can see the extent of the problems he's taken on. @iSabreman They're really, really bad.Often think “it can’t get worse than this” when #Everton go to Anfield and in an existentially impressive way they…
Retweeted by Mark InmanWe're so bad. #EFCHorrible this #EFCNobody for us seems to want to keep hold of the ball.It just feels like they'.ll pinch thisWe look awful at the back and already running out of ideas going forward. #EFCEven with a weaker side, it's still a line up that could turn us over, especially as we lose our heads in the Derby so often.Safe to say the Cup is not a priority to Liverpool, never a better chance for us, but it won't be easy.Stuck indoors alone working on video/board/card game stuff all day? Live in Brighton & Hove? Get out of the house &…
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@LeeCarus Is it hiding part of the original high level station?Channel 5 currently out BBC4-ing BBC4 by having a 2 hr train journey from the foothills of Ben Nevis to Mallaig.
I’m standing to be the next Labour Leader. Politics needs honest voices. Only when we are honest again, with oursel…
Retweeted by Mark Inman @xiotex @PlayStation Good luck with the exciting new 2020 thing!Given I know bugger all about the situation, this thread by someone who does seems helpful and informative and worr…
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@youngvulgarian What about, at the end of each answer you slap.your thigh and say shake your head saying "classic D…
@JoannaHaslam Brother and Sister-in-law got us this is shite. But no one singing it in our end when Foden’s goal disallowed. We’ve arrived at this nadir because fa…
Retweeted by Mark InmanThat Duncan Smith knighthood Letter The Guardian
Retweeted by Mark InmanMissed New Year traditions - Ship foghorns at Liverpool docks all going off at midnight and audible for miles.Forgotten New Year traditions: Everyone leaving the house before midnight and then making a big deal about someone… this dishes. What the fuck have you done with your 2020 so far?
@carolynmichelle *tips hat* quality pompous Boorman film reference.Our diet, post Brexit., Ritz crackers and The Running Man My New Years Eve + Your New Years Eve = My New Years Eve @TomChampion @tombramwell Thank you, it's the thing that really opened podcasting up to me. You both had such an ea… on Buzzers (if you love quizzes and quizzing this @jenlion @lucyportercomic podcast is excellent listening)… (Consistently entertaining, got me through tough period and continues to be great) The News Quiz Xtra (Less… Broadcasting highlights of decade: Eurogamer Podcast (the @tombramwell @TomChampion years) Kermode and Mayo… @shahidkamal Merry New Year!First Apple TV and The Morning Show, and now Sky 1 and Sick Of It All. Some of us were dropping Supertramp nods in 2014 before it was cool.The Sting is on ITV4. A fantastic movie.A decade in review: 2010: Met the Missus 2011: Margate, San Fran 2012: Brighton & 40 2013: Engaged 2014: Manbabies…, the sense of every bump on the road on my arse is reassuring as it means that part of my slowness is down to…
@tinytwink Two kids in Southampton IKEA on bikes earlier. Bikes! You can imagine how much that spritzed up an alrea… beach 9:30am
Okay so a little more investigation. Testing clip in/out works by putting hand in the shoe is not a foolproof way t… done anything wrong as far as I can tell. Little concerned about the size of the spacer compared to the groove…, need to go back to the drawing board here, clearly missed something cos these cleats will not snap out and the… off! First big mistake was that I needed to watch a video of how it installs, thankfully tested clip in by ha…