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Mark Inman @Fortress_Inman Lancing, West Sussex

Freelance games production on tap. Currently: Sold Out, Imaginarium. Previously: Oysterworld, Honeyslug, Eidos, Morpheme, Nokia, EA & Psygnosis

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Some crank kopite woman rang radio Merseyside before and said Everton have completely ruined their season 😂😂😂 Amazing 💙
Retweeted by Mark InmanAs I always tell would-be writers, perspective is everything.
Retweeted by Mark Inman @spennog @buntyhoven ^^^^ This, every time.Today Parliament was told that the Department for Health and Social Care hired 900 consultants on £1,000 a day to w…
Retweeted by Mark InmanI struggle to have any sympathy for them. I know that's wrong, but they - as an industry - pushed hard for Brexit,…
Retweeted by Mark Inman"However, once that tricky start was over Everton did not lose a league game until Boxing Day. Duncan McKenzie scor… @BarrySkellern Dash strike is your friend with the gloves. That's where I had to adjust, I couldn't just use the range of the spear anymore.My first football hero. 70 today! Big Bob Latchford. @BarrySkellern I struggled with them initially, but was told they are the easiest, and the stats don't lie 34 runs…
ProPublica just published a massive, easily sortable archive of Parler videos posted from outside and inside the Ca…
Retweeted by Mark InmanConservatives just tweeted “Keir Starmer wants to scrap universal credit, withdrawing vital support from millions…
Retweeted by Mark InmanLong essay, worth the time. Utterly horrifying."Jeremy Corbyn contributed to my heart attack" - Brave, we must listen to him "Tory policies have actually caused p…
Retweeted by Mark InmanNot bad for a game that currently is annoying the piss out of me by making me actually play it rather than just rev… all my grizzling, I've done 58 runs in Hades (2 successful) ranging from 5mins to 40 mins, and that doesn't inc… @BarrySkellern I plan to do runs with all of them, but only once I'm sufficiently far through the overall story arc…'m not hating it by any means, I've put in about 10 hours over the weekend, but now I've done it, the 30-odd minut…'ve reached the point where all I want is to harvest nectar and complete people's stories. Ideally I now want to t… an odd moment in Hades where I can beat it but only with one weapon (and not routinely). I can get to the final… @vr_sam Is there a collective noun for that?That's only gonna get worse with Andrew Neil's and Rupert Murdoch's respective news channels that will be openly ri… of Boris Johnson, poll hammers gov handling of pandemic and says restrictions need to be harsher and schools n… Why are people still okay with these morally bereft shitheads?
So, some of the armed insurrectionists are essentially saying they were just following orders? Huh.
Retweeted by Mark Inman51 attempts, finally made my first completed run of Hades. @Pipsissiwa But it makes up *so much* of the episodes, it's not that I don't get that it's the framing for whatever… @Doctor_Thomas No doubt I've missed about a million hints at things, so I'll probably grit my teeth and watch them again before next Friday. @Doctor_Thomas Yeah. Not having read the Vision series, I imagine it's broadly faithful, but without that understan… fella probs hasn’t stopped grafting over the past 12 months, long shifts, late nights all during a pandemic, go…
Retweeted by Mark InmanI know it's just a setup but fucking hell, that era of US TV comedy is truly fucking dreadful. (okay, lets also inc… 4 begins, and while I have complete faith in Marvel that this is properly going somewhere, the initial framin…
Thoughts and prayers.
Retweeted by Mark InmanWorth reading for the badge edits. The man's a monumental helmet.
Retweeted by Mark Inman @LeeCarus You cannot stay angry with that.
Yeah, fuck off blaming QA for the state of the title, the compat testing on PC alone will have shown this was gonna…
2021 UK has reported a Covid daily death toll of 1,564. That's more people than died on the Titanic. This is what th…
Retweeted by Mark Inman @Mel28487212 can you cover in a one minute speech?Still, at least we've managed to get through ten years of the thousand year Reich.So glad the UK public didn't put their faith in either an old school socialist or a man who doesn't look good eating a bacon sarnie.
“People forget that Obama wore a tan suit” #trump #janeygodleyvoiceover
Retweeted by Mark InmanI see the 30 pieces of silver Jim Jordan got from Donald Trump is enough to stoke his shithousery. Even faced with…
@xiotex On the flip side, seeing him getting had for lunch by Lucy Lawless a couple of days ago was something special.First game at a new place is always special, but looking forward to also hopefully talk about a few more things this year. @Mangerive and Tina (brand manager - not on twitter) who have worked like mad on the marketing side, loads of work… @_danfarley 's indecently good soundtrack (you can hear bits on the trailers and the whole soundtrack will be avail…'s loads I love about this game. The crazy level of detail throughout the story, the little offshoots which li…'ve had a blast working on Disjunction. Taking over the project from @RobCMiddleton was to fill some big shoes, bu… @Acosta @CNN You're a big reason why I've become a keen viewer of CNN from the UK. Can imagine the last 5 years have been knackering.Furthermore... Disjunction is out on PC (Steam and GoG), Switch, XBO (runs on XB X|S) and PS4 (runs on PS5) - All o… - Out 28th January - that NFL thing is not the exciting moment I was talking about earlier - but it is exciting nevertheless)Started following these when they went an entire season without a win (I think it's like 4 teams ever have gone a s… for the handful left who do actually read some of my stuff, you can rest easy that it's not some ill thought th… day ahead, I'm sure the 400+ bots and 100+ people who've long since left twitter that are still in my foll… wife’s parents sent this and it was too good not to share- taken today near Dumfries.
Retweeted by Mark InmanFour years ago this weekend, The Herald's television critic wrote this preview of Trump's live inauguration ceremon…
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Just like the other TikTok I just quote tweeted, this has nothing to do with the US Capitol Building or no-fly list…
Retweeted by Mark InmanSeen this Tiktok getting spread around a lot, this is from November. Has nothing to do with what happened at the…
Retweeted by Mark Inman"Where we go one, we go all" So that would be (in chronological order): - FBI Interview room - Holding cell - Co… reminder that far right terrorists have murdered one MP in the past five years and others are in jail for plottin…
Retweeted by Mark InmanCome on. Make College Road a fortress. #MARTOTConsidering Mark Zuckerberg and the like are meant to be dead clever, how come they are only just realising now tha…
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So Hades then. 50 runs in and still not finished it, though at what I believe is the final boss. Still finding the… entire thread is fascinating and an incredible amount of forensic assessment goes into identifying the people…'m fascinated to find out who located and returned the tech companies spines. What was their reward or did a dog dig them up?Hello I am brand new to Twitter, what are you guys up to
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An excellent point. It has its own twitter account.“Healthy societies do not destroy their own history,” @TuckerCarlson said last summer. But what he didn’t cop to is…
Retweeted by Mark InmanChrist's Fat Cock - The country has been in emergency measures for TEN MONTHS, surely after the fudge for last year… Graham is mobbed by Trump supporters at Ronald Reagan Airport in DC
Retweeted by Mark InmanDo not refer to him as being "statesman-like" he's had 5 years to behave like that, reading an autocue without thro… did not immediately deploy the National Guard yesterday, as he claims in his video. He initially resisted it,…
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One of the really cool things about Disjunction is the drastically different approaches you can take to playing it,…'s stop calling them roguelites and start calling them what they are: arcade games. hades is an arcade game. spelunky is an arcade game.
Retweeted by Mark InmanWhy is the 3rd podium empty?
Retweeted by Mark InmanDoes he still have access to the nuclear football?
Honestly, the aftermath of this administration should have a moment of reckoning to rival the Nuremberg trials.Did not have "the Fonz publicly calls for the president to be hanged at a gas station" on my First Week of 2021 bin…
Retweeted by Mark InmanMe looking at this screenshot of a video game “pfft bit on the nose”
Retweeted by Mark InmanWhat has social media given us? Something to obsess over. A gamification of popularity. A dopamine hit. Gamergate.…
Retweeted by Mark InmanThese are the same people who thought taking a knee during the national anthem was the most disrespectful thing ima…
Retweeted by Mark Inman @KellyannePolls "I was only following orders" Own this horror show, you're complicit. @Nigel_Farage Get fucked Lord Haw-Haw. You embraced this.But Hillary had two email accounts
Retweeted by Mark InmanThis was the capitol’s security when there were black protestors on the streets
Retweeted by Mark InmanMitch McConnell right now is like that bad guy who is a complete bastard throughout the movie and then has a prick of conscience in… Instead of clapping, try: Wearing a mask. Keeping 2m apart. No big parties. Demand NHS pay rises. Stop voting Tory.
Retweeted by Mark InmanKnowing @ShaneWatch unobfuscated opinions on his charming home state Senator, I'm pretty sure he's likely to be rol… @Mel28487212 Sam Allardyce bemoans Brexit curbs on foreign signings
Retweeted by Mark Inman @xiotex Yes. An issue with machines in one county (so they're being hand fed) and there's howls. Today will be quit… @multiplebears January 2020 vs January 2021
Retweeted by Mark InmanWe're here again...
It'd be a special treat if Johnson was stopped from taking low-toss multiball questions from lobby journos and then… mate!