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Founders Brewing Co. @foundersbrewing Grand Rapids, Michigan - USA

Founded in 1997. Available in all 50 states. 21+ to follow. #foundersbrewing

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@ad1220 That's music to our ears! @melchermatt Not helping your hobbit case! But we're glad you're excited!BREAKING NEWS! 4-packs of 16oz cans of All Day IPA and Unraveled IPA are coming to a shelf near you. The initial…
@melchermatt Suuuure, sounds like something a Hobbit would say!Thinking about visiting our taprooms? Make sure to mask up! For the safety of our employees and patrons all visito… @phys_ed_joe Great minds... @melchermatt Are you a hobbit? @jonkelly31 So happy you enjoyed it! @TerpHimself @DarrinDyle @BrentTerhune We do our best. @cwoodruff Savor it while it lasts! CBS has been retired. @browcoww77 @Cassarole32 @the_woke_yolk @BrendanPorath @pairforthecours What was the final tally? @rongomie We're thinking about you, too!Our #craftedinmi featured artist of the week is Louise Jones, also known as Ouizi, a muralist and painter based in…
Más Agave Grapefruit + bonfires = summer love. Like all summer love stories, this one will taper off come August.… @RaRaRandomGuy And that's the mic drop. @badlieut That's not good! Can you send an email to with your info so we can get this sorted out for you? @LibertyEmpathy Love seeing beer in the proper glassware. Cheers, friend! @Kornday76 @archerliquors @luke_aaron_wolf Our Limited Series beers have been scaled back due to COVID-19 to ensure… @KeyyOtter Now that you've had both, what one did you enjoy the most? @davegwyn All team meetings should include beer. @nuclearjoe4240 Aw man! Send an email to so we can get you a little something to help pass the recovery time. @TheRapid Y'all are welcome! You deserve it for all you do for our community. @PenningWyse Case boxes are going to be your friend. @scoobasteveBT That's a mighty fine display! @beerguychris One day this will happen! @Username123898 @kitteh_loves We make a few of those. @luttrellmusic @EdWPrescott Don't tell those other guys, you know, the ones who claim to be the king of beers. @davequixote We'll allow it just this once. @RaRaRandomGuy Are we about to have a display build off? @PekkaMoMo We see you. @PrincipledBrew It's a favorite around the brewery for a reason. @Aquiturd Mosaic Promise will be back really soon! @NelcoRuben A throne fit for a king. @KaresssHomolka COVID-19 is having an impact on our Limited Series. Green Zebra is out there this year but it's truly limited. @DavidSBales126 Simple enough. @ThaddeusMozart Looking forward to seeing what you can build.
Okay, so you've tried Más Agave and you're thinking, " I bet this would be great in a cocktail even though it's tec… Feeding the Frontline Workers (in partnership with @MLive) went to @TheRapid! We appreciate your dedication t… @BtcPins @BitcoinMilk @BrainHarrington We'd like to point your attention here: of our beers would you build your beer throne out of? @kingmab @archerliquors @luke_aaron_wolf It's like a regal loveseat! @luke_aaron_wolf Move aside, Iron Throne! @TheClawTV No plans to expand any time soon but we'll keep NC in mind!Our taprooms are the heart of our brewery and they're open for you to visit when you’re ready! Both taprooms are…
Cerise, the latest offering in our Brewed For MI Series, aims to raise awareness for @FairandEqualMI, a Michigan-ba… @irishkev85 Oh yeah, those hops are long gone! @LBMacey It will be. It's shipping now so look for it soon! @rdennisjr Some tears. @hollohead Beerstradamus over here! Baltic Porter isn't being planned but you never know! @CHILLIN_760 No plans to bring Double Trouble back any time soon but we did incorporate it into our 4 Giants IPA! @CityBuilt We're @CityBuilt stans for sure! It's our pleasure.Follow @CityBuilt to stay up to date on all their future beer releases. Check out their Creole-inspired menu, Li Gr…’re excited to feature @CityBuilt this week in our #craftedinmi series. City Built Brewing takes pride in makin…
@mtonarel Breakfast, lunch or dinner are all acceptable occasions. @LBMacey The beer is still making its way to shelves nationwide. It should be showing up real soon!Well, it hasn’t been out long, but Marvelroast is quickly becoming the summertime go-to for coffee lovers everywher… @RichSJr63 Wish we could but you know we legally can't do that. @whuesman @Mechanimals85 Not a lot we can do about that now, but we might have a few things in the works you'll enj… Detroit taproom exclusive: Reituzi Russian Imperial Stout. 7.6% ABV. Roasted barley, Golden Naked oats and dark… @esaldanam Blushing Monk is not in the plans for the immediate future. You'll want to stock up if you see it. @BeerManBrewview @MarkLarsen64 That was the goal! @BookWrites Well that's no good! Everyone needs Breakfast Stout in their life. Have you tried using our beer finder… @Mechanimals85 Cherish every drop of that bottle. We have no current plans to make DKML again anytime soon. @rdennisjr It's like an onion without any of the onion taste. @MittenBrew The wait is almost over! @kweku_ @untappd We've got more Untappd badges coming your way very soon!
@romeroscar1 Oh no! We hope out of joy! @mqm1905 Maybe some day! @MichaelKet @ellenmkettler Black is Beautiful Peanut Butter Stout isn't available until July 24 if you're trying to plan! @yoSpliney Those two things go hand in hand.You may want to sit down for this one - introducing Blushing Padre! We took our favorite Belgian-style raspberry a…
Where did you take All Day IPA this weekend? @YourUncleHank2 Like syrup? This might be the first time we've heard of anyone doing that. @5bingsinidaho Gorgeous shot! Thanks for bringing us along!Show your support for @Rcrawleyart by following him on social media and visit his website to buy yourself some new… #craftedinmi featured artist of the week is Ryan Crawley(@Rcrawleyart), a Grand Rapids, MI-based painter. For R…
@TheEngibeer Engibeering our future, thanks! @TheEngibeer The 8th wonder of the world, for sure! @bestmec01 A great place to start! @JeremyBlair_ So do we. @dramshopcentral Totally rad! @Sandstone2020 Doubling up, too, we see! Glad you like it! @b33r_g33k_55 Keep that buddy around! @travis_w2 We're good. Green Zebra was a Limited Series run made more limited by the pandemic. We couldn't get it a… @spaceplacer There's more where that came from! Love the pool shot, too!Happy #4thofJuly! What’s better than sitting in the pool with a Más Agave? Sitting in your own personal pool with…
Cerise, the latest offering in our Brewed For MI Series, aims to raise awareness for @FairandEqualMI, a Michigan-ba…
We know you totes want one of our Grand Rapids taproom totes! Available in two different colors, this $4 tote bag i… invite everyone to show their support for @DesireeKellyart by giving her a follow and checking out more of her w… #craftedinmi featured artist of the week is @DesireeKellyart, an award-winning artist and a native of Detroit,… @browcoww77 We are still working under the same guidelines that existed before the Governor closed down bars. Nothi… of our taprooms are open! The latest Executive Order concerning bars and restaurants does not apply to our tap… @browcoww77 Good question! The new order doesn't apply to us so we'll still be open! @davepooge We've been known to bust it out from time to time at special events! @Author_Vandelay @ArdmoreMusicPA @Anders_Osborne Our pleasure! Such great acts are represented! @itsaulbeer We love you enough to share our secret ice cream recipes with you. @blackcrowe79 Hot tip! @tommyz68 We were dropping not so subtle hints 10 weeks ago!