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This is better than coffee ☕️ I’m AWAKE
Retweeted by Found Golf ClubsWhat the fuck is Corbyn saying on #Marr? Corbyn did not challenge the anti-immigration BBC BS. Corbyn will demorali… @DefendWindrush nothing changes, until #whiteness cannibalises #whiteness, what Social Science calls a "tipping poi… @RidgeOnSunday @sianberry
I am joined by CUNY Graduate Center Professor Cindi Katz to discuss social reproduction & its relation & significan…
Retweeted by Found Golf Clubs @AyoCaesar @chenchenzh Sajid Javid's one regulation in, three regulations out "Bonfire of the Regulations" to clear… @Will_Informed @SquirrelClimb @AyoCaesar STFU Will.This student accommodation in Bolton was covered in cladding. And this is what happened last night. It’s clear th…
Retweeted by Found Golf Clubs @David__Osland @davidgraeber Here's a summary of how Thatcher and Reagan and their success…
Retweeted by Found Golf Clubs @stschrader1 How Not To Be Seen: A Fucking Didactic Educational .MOV File
@Aviah_Sarah_Day @BBKCriminology Capitalism is a corpse, and we are trapped inside where everything is rotting: inv…
#capitalocene is not only a working class issue, it is The Working Class Issue [of our era]. @daliagebrial hammers… @davidjmadden @jathansadowski FAO @mckenziewark TRL“The ‘smart city’ is not a coherent concept, let alone an actually existing entity. It’s a misleading euphemism for…
Retweeted by Found Golf ClubsMan died in immigration detention after staff ‘dismissed’ stroke as sign he had taken spice Carlington Spencer, 38…
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Another Windrush victim dies without compensation or apology
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“Tokyo’s model mobility, for cities large and small: Part 3 of ‘And you may find yourself behind the wheel of a lar…
Retweeted by Found Golf Clubs#capitalocene
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"Cities captured by cars: Part 1 of ‘And you may find yourself behind the wheel of a large automobile"
Retweeted by Found Golf ClubsAlready has a rave review at Times Higher Education Supplement!
Retweeted by Found Golf ClubsFor all who are out of place A new HAU Book: The Ethics of Space - Homelessness and Squatting in Urban England, by…
Retweeted by Found Golf Clubs @kuma_hachiouji @koheisaito0131 (@paulmasonnews on the book cover next door, too.)
@fmarked @PriyamvadaGopal Francis, the title of their recent book should've been grounds for dismissal, back in 201…
NTS returns to @RainbowRoomNYC on November 22nd for an intimate evening of live music, featuring the almighty Sun R…
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Looking for something to read? I've written a blog about my forthcoming book (B)ordering Britain: Law, Race and Emp…
Retweeted by Found Golf Clubs📢 October #SeaIce highlights from #C3S: ❄️#Arctic: Sea ice extent was either the lowest or second lowest in 41 yea…
Retweeted by Found Golf ClubsRead the whole thread.
Retweeted by Found Golf ClubsNew in Theory, Culture & Society: Xuenan Cao, 'Bullet Screens (Danmu): Texting, Online Streaming, and the Spectacle…
Retweeted by Found Golf ClubsGo see this movie.
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It’s Flaneur Radio w/ Raise the Flag takeover w/ @reallynathan & @slausonmalone Tune in for the next 50 minutes liv…
Retweeted by Found Golf ClubsNot only do white people not give an inch on the sidewalk, they also have a tough time saying thank you when you open a door for them.
Retweeted by Found Golf ClubsI do not understand how this recording can exist and Johnson still be PM. Have never understood it.
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Oi @Jacob_Rees_Mogg you need to resign you’re an actual piece of shit I beg everyone watch this - MP Jacob Rees Mog…
Retweeted by Found Golf ClubsA few months ago, we published an excerpt from this @logic_magazine interview with Donna Haraway in the Guardian. T…
Retweeted by Found Golf ClubsFunny that I’ve lived in this country for 14 years and I’m literally dedicating my career to work for the NHS but I…
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🚨Incredible: Microsoft Japan moves 2,300 employees to a #4DayWeek with no loss in pay. The results are staggering…
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why hello updated David Harvey Capital course lectures for 2019
Retweeted by Found Golf ClubsGermany to close all 84 of its coal-fired power plants, will rely primarily on renewable energy
Retweeted by Found Golf Clubs @mikelovestweets @MazzucatoM Mike, please read Mazzucato, Piketty, Standing, and Dorling before commenting next tim… @MazzucatoM No Professor Mazzucato, UK Austerity is only an attempt to rehabilitate the Capitalist system and bolst… @phlode @paul_boyd boyd In response to Josh Toussaint-Strauss's recent guardian @BBCPolitics The BBC has been Nigel Farage's and the Tory Party's National Youtube channel for the last decade. @chenchenzh ... perhaps there was a reason that Mary Burns drank herself to death. @chenchenzh Assistant? Mary Burns' actions are like a Dissertation Supervisor who fell in love with a wealthy stude… @alvarombedoya Please can you post the #ColorOfSurveillance talks to youtube? @ClareAngelyn @GeorgetownCPT"Competition: A Critical History of a Concept" //
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Climate change could double toxic arsenic in rice
Retweeted by Found Golf Clubs @JennyAThatcher Cefinn is very slow and hardwork when getting them to pay their business invoices, causing further… Robert Bullard: Lessons From 40 Years of Documenting Environmental Racism. Having the facts and empirical evide…
Retweeted by Found Golf Clubs @LabGND @ClareHymer @novaramedia should cover this next summer, @AaronBastani. Sixth Annual Conference of the World…"The only way you can be a mark is if you want something for nothing. If you're greedy, you're set up." - Maya Ange…
Retweeted by Found Golf Clubs @labhomeless_cam @Labour4DayWeek @jeremycorbyn @AbolishEton @Another_Europe @LabGND @labour_council @Right2strike @davidjmaddenJoin us in Bonn this July for the Sixth Annual World-ecology Research Network conference!
Retweeted by Found Golf ClubsJust one of the many reasons you should #VoteLabour 👋🏾
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“What is consistent across discourse on sex work is the hatred of sex workers, particularly black sex workers” @eliovsb #RedFeminism
Retweeted by Found Golf ClubsJustin McBrien on the #capitalocene as #necrocene
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The Color of Surveillance is a consistently brilliant, insightful and important gathering - year on year. This time…
Retweeted by Found Golf ClubsThis is not a "misuse" - as in a mistake. This is a deliberate tactic of Israeli, Egyptian and now Chilean police (…
Retweeted by Found Golf Clubs @NeuroRebel I use mostly trains, so: time / not missing train is hard for me; anxiety if being around other people.
@BlkHistStudies And yet Kehinde Andrews continues to misinform the public, by telling us that Dr. King was not a radical. @BlkHistStudies FAO @kehinde_andrews Kehinde AndrewsFilms on Race A while ago, I crowd-sourced suggestions for films to show alongside a module I will be teaching next
Retweeted by Found Golf ClubsThe Future of Making Profits from Climate Change Has Arrived in Rural Washington
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150 million city-dwellers will be underwater at high tide in a mere 30 years.
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Soil in the Arctic Is Now Releasing More Carbon Dioxide Than 189 Countries
Retweeted by Found Golf Clubs🚨📣 NEW EPISODE!! 🚨📣 - @mcintosh_kim on the extraordinary lack of teaching on the British Empire and the history and…
Retweeted by Found Golf ClubsFugitive Libraries: "Public libraries may be a democratic commons, but have often excluded Black voices and perspec…
Retweeted by Found Golf Clubsgood morning, I wrote for @VersoBooks blog's Caliban and the Witch roundtable on witches, (anti)work, capitalism, a…
Retweeted by Found Golf ClubsClimate change is wiping out Harriet Tubman’s homeland, and we’re doing little - The Boston Globe
Retweeted by Found Golf ClubsI'm starting a newsletter. It'll offer left-wing perspectives on tech, probably every week or so. The first edition…
Retweeted by Found Golf ClubsI stood against Naz Shah in 2017 because as a Labour MP, she had chosen not to vote against Tory cuts and had campa…
Retweeted by Found Golf ClubsThe simple truth is nation-states can never prevent migration. They can only prevent safe migration.
Retweeted by Found Golf ClubsBorder controls don't stop people smugglers. Border controls is what creates people smugglers.
Retweeted by Found Golf ClubsIn Chile, a country of around 17 million people, more than 1 million people r out in the streets of capital Santiag…
Retweeted by Found Golf Clubs @Aviah_Sarah_Day or, the anxiety of Social Darwinism. *Origins / Evolution etc. @Aviah_Sarah_Day This generation will capitalise decolonisation; i.e. this generation of black capitalists will col… @trudimakhaya @trudimakhaya Trudi, reverse the terms of your hypothesis to find the answer: This generation will capitalise dec…
@malaiseforever Capitalism is a corpse, and we are trapped inside where everything is rotting: invention, progress,… @malaiseforever @uncle_honka We should not forget by the way that the philosophy of Neoliberal capitalism is based… @malaiseforever Neoliberalism has systematically devastated the environment, impoverished daily life, reduced wages… is a corpse, and we are trapped in it: in this trap everything is rotting: invention, progress, friendship and love.
Tonight Labour proposed an amendment to protect the NHS from trade deals allowing private companies to put profit b…
Retweeted by Found Golf ClubsThanks, @oikeios - grateful to know such an incredible thinker who goes out of their way to support, amplify, and c…
Retweeted by Found Golf ClubsWhat the fuck??! Welsh to English “racism”??!
Retweeted by Found Golf Clubs'The fact that the authors ever thought a definition of racial harassment including anti white prejudice was approp…
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@kehinde_andrews XR and environmental movement have an inclusion and diversity issue? Check out this podcast with spokespersons…
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@DarkLiterata reminder! "enslaved person" not "slave" "they enslaved people" not "they owned slaves" This has been your periodic reminder.
Retweeted by Found Golf Clubs @KatharinaPistor 30 bucks. ouch! @entschwindet people study there, and work there. but there's no community there. @entschwindet nobody lives there @paulmasonnews Thanks Paul, is the Brexit Bill the Withdrawal Agreement Bill? I'm confused. I thought that signing…'re excited to invite you to the inaugural workshop of the BSA Study Group 'Postcolonial and Decolonial Transform…
Retweeted by Found Golf ClubsThe brilliant Marc Angelil on the #capitalocene and planetary urbanization
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@faithgudugua @chenchenzh Yifan, HK protesters are Chinese Nationals. They want: *For protests not to be characteri… now and then something happens that makes me proud to be a resident of Scotland. This column is one of them.
Retweeted by Found Golf ClubsThe Dig is so good. I feel like one really did used to have to go to grad school to learn about these things & it k…
Retweeted by Found Golf Clubs @crippledscholar thanks for the advice, I need more than a walk to make things alright :)