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Internet Funnyman. Cactus jacked me. Weezer is the band. @CEOofSad

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@johnnymanchild I will not leak it I swearRaise your hand if you’re one of the 300+ pre-order folk who are about to get the album early on Monday. AND WHO AR…
Retweeted by FourgoblinIf Kentucky manages to somehow beat Georgia today people will simply not hear the end of it from me @rrrrraddddd RelatableAHHHHH @BrettKollmann I would have a non-zero chance but it would be very close to zero
@wavegdngt2me These the worst type of texts bc they make me super fucking anxious @verypalehipster The merch they dropped with it is so fucking sick too ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhFUCK I want to order faces merchHow
Retweeted by FourgoblinI was in the middle of listening to doomsday :( @NewThundercat Considering the absurd amount of samples the original had it’s crazy that they cleared basically all of the important onesApparently these are the sample differences from the streaming version of faces but honestly I’m ok with these doubt it would’ve mattered but holy SHIT that wasn’t close to a swing @fertiIerock FUCK COME SEE ME SOMETIME MFWAIT ZACH FOX DROPPED HOLYBest Mac song is finally on streaming rejoice FINAL SINGLE FROM OUR UPCOMING ALBUM. IT’S ALMOST HERE.
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@deanyyboy Yea but mine is scratched to hell and the screen has tiny cracks in two of the corners that make those c… @deanyyboy My plain black one is sad compared to thisMIDNIGHT. Our new single, “Stars, is streaming everywhere! Retweet this and give us a follow on Spotify to please t…
Retweeted by FourgoblinIt shipped ☺️ @wavegdngt2me Yeah when it's docked an external drive could be sick bc you could move any games you want portably t… @wavegdngt2me Only real concerns for me rn are performace, temps (need solid numbers for both) and storage (it's ex… @kaihighs holy shit it's froyo @wavegdngt2me Honestly if the steam deck is as good as advertised that would very possibly be the move I would jus… @PreVerfiedLife I was *exaggerating* I do think it will be really good tho fafo slaps
@kaihighs strawberry shortcake and creamsicle are right thereThis man gonna fuck around and win AOTY @badconsolewar RE Village Psychonauts 2 close behind tho @Debasxr I feel like I need to play the hey bass line in reverse now @monkeluvr Gm hi hello @ghostpoppeaches YESCowboy Bebop is finally coming to Netflix in the US so now I can scream at even more people to watch it
Homework vibes the fuck did they make it British now think I have a favorite color scheme
Anyone who is outraged about who Superman is dating is one of two things (1) so obsessed with politics they are unb…
Retweeted by Fourgoblin @deanyyboy HOLY SHITSomeone should do a version of this comparing McDonald’s sales numbers to Freddy’s or Shake Shack or something
Retweeted by Fourgoblin @monkeluvr Deserved @themasternelson Delete the app @themasternelson Oh fuckIT HAS ACCLERACERS CARS IN IT FUCK IT WE BALL want to buy the hotwheels racing game @wavegdngt2me @gone2heavn My beloved @wavegdngt2me @gone2heavn the yike in question @FoolishBB baseball @wavegdngt2me nice @gone2heavn Yeah that's a convo that needs to happen sooner rather than later but I don't believe that having that… fact: I fist bumped a NFL player last night @gone2heavn I know exactly how you feel and I do not know how I would react myself. It is such an awkward situation… @gone2heavn This seems like desperation but not in like the bad way but in the I just want something to go right wa… @FuturelySimmons Georgia next week is obviously our hardest game and I don’t really expect it to go well but other… @FuturelySimmons I get having them top 10 bc A&M isn’t a bad team by any means and it was a close ass game but havi… sox just committed garcia on garcia crime to take the lead damn lmaoThese are always absolutely fascinating to look at about RE4 VR
@weezerenjoyer AIN’T NO WAY @NonnieNarko oh yeah I love mcpherson I think the stadium is just cursed today @NonnieNarko I hate the bengals why do they do this to me @FoolishBB Someone get the ninja tweet about kickersJESUS FUCKING CHRIST
Retweeted by FourgoblinWhat is wrong with paul brown stadium @BrettKollmann yesJA'MAAR CHASE HOWCincy has put a hex on Mason Crosby
Retweeted by FourgoblinWHAT THE FUCK IS THIS BENGALS PACKERS GAME @GavinG98 Could you imagine @theangelntheone What tf that isn’t me! @gone2heavn Crazier things have happened dammit @gone2heavn Maybe we will get lucky and they will forget how to play defense. Plz. @gone2heavn I’m going to give us an 8% chance Which feels very optimistic An 11-1 season is very possible tho @gone2heavn The last two undefeated SEC teams are UK and Georgia Who play each other next week What a year lmaoWE HAVE MORE WINS THAN BAMAI’ve tweeted it before but I’ll tweet it again Kentucky legend Will Levis
@monkeluvr What how @theangelntheone It was island in the sunThey are playing weezer at SEC nationI am in the presence of Tim TebowPog moment @kaihighs I WANTED TO GO EARLIER DAMMIT
✨✨#SilkSonic ALBUM OUT NOVEMBER 12!!!! 🚀🚀 @AndersonPaak @Bootsy_Collins
Retweeted by Fourgoblin @BrettKollmann It serves absolutely no purpose tooComing back down to Mars
Retweeted by FourgoblinHey y’all, I know that LP! Is not out & I’m sorry for that. But, TRUST! The LP! Is arriving imminently. I just have…
Retweeted by Fourgoblin @yandhiisntreal I think it’s just going to be ports of the games at this rate considering that they are removing th… makes me think that the games will be largely the same just wanna know what they’ll actually look like football school @ghostpoppeaches Oh my god hell yesPostseason Randy Arozarena has returnedSOME MF NAMED RANDY
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@allgroovydude Groovy superstar era @Debasxr I think there is a twitter bot we could use for thatI love the slow ass build up lmao