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@Antydotes @CartridgeGames @BombosMedallion I missed the last Newegg sale, like a fool.I need a good eShop card sale.
@bradgallaway And while they’re parachuting out, they send all-staff emails wishing everybody the best... two weeks… get to that 1%er level and there’s no risk at all. More money than you’ll ever need, AND a pile of hanger-on 2%… seeing people defend CEO mega-pay with “they assume the company’s risk!” when every big big big boss I’ve ever… @KyleOrl The big "EDMUND HONDA" graphic is a close second, though. @sly_3 Yeah, every place around here that tried that last summer had to give up on it after a couple weeks. Folks j… @BombosMedallion Yep. The Summer of "F U, I was Right to Act Like an Ass All Along" begins now. of retail employees going to have to spend the night razor scraping "stand here" stickers off of the floor. @Shawn_on_Games They've never been afraid before to have piles of unsold stock sitting on store shelves, but it see… CDC has released new guidance suggesting you jerks should stop buying up the Pokémon cards and go back to letting kids get them. @enterzalman Great photo! Next time try getting the subject more in the center of the frame! 1,578 PTSgeez that's like another five years for nothing but I don't trust anyone I don't know that says they're vaccinated
Retweeted by Joe FourhmanMy Canadian Wife Is Being Deported Because I Used My Dumb Nickname On Too Many Official Documents: The Joseph Whedon Story
Retweeted by Joe Fourhman @datboicodyjoe Nope. @LegoSkeletor @TheBY2K It's *cosmic* red, imported from the cosmic region of France. @InfinityDevil When it's free on PS+. @InfinityDevil Main reason I did not buy Sackboy is because I did not want to have to buy four controllers for the… @gamespite It's also an era where Nintendo can't miss. I wonder what kind of sales they're anticipating for this on… @mangowhizz @gamespite Agreed! And I wonder if there's some ham-handed way to explain the title in-universe, like "… @gamespite Yeah, you'd think they would have just gone with "Detective Club: Subtitle." I assumed they kept "Famico… course, I'm already at the legal limit for PS5 controllers (two) so I'm not buying any new ones unless these die.The timing on Sony's new PS5 controller colors is perfect because I just noticed (and cleaned) hand grime on my white controller.In this suffocating intellectual climate, truth is not what you can prove, but that which you can force others to a…
Retweeted by Joe FourhmanI really hate it here
Retweeted by Joe Fourhman
@BooyaxBoy @SgtRed177 Yeah, just vague same-genre similarity stuff and both arriving unseen as potential GOTY award… @Neoxon619 @CartridgeGames I don't think Nintendo would be too worried about BOTW2 and Pokémon Legends releasing in… when Zelda fans and Horizon fans start fighting no, I can't handle another fruitless Horizon vs BOTW fight again.i can fucking assure you that sitting in my car in traffic on the highway incredibly stressed about whether a swerv…
Retweeted by Joe Fourhman @BombosMedallion @Neoxon619 Infamous Second Son was way ahead of this curve, and look how people reacted to it. “Wh… @StephentheMunn Not at that price @BombosMedallion @Neoxon619 AAA dev time is so long and torturous we’re only now seeing big games make leaps in rep… is writing these? Has everyone lost their goddamn minds? If you want to get out of a pandemic, you need to be…
Retweeted by Joe Fourhman @spicytamazon RE's been on an upswing lately, no question. In addition to the loose phases you mentioned, they also… @MercuryCDX I remember seeing all the red-carded toys fill a Toys R Us aisle and thinking "I wonder if this can be… phrases that all say the same thing @CartridgeGames 🙏🏼 @CartridgeGames I'm still mad at you for suggesting Fatal Frame's gameplay was sub-par. I don't have the bandwidth… @CartridgeGames Are you having another "I didn't think this would be controversial" moment? @TheTauz Some pretty wild engineering here. @BombosMedallion New gens naturally raise the bar, this feature just seems like a tough one to pitch as "only on PS…"But you see, it's actually playing four separate *actual* music tracks simultaneously" - me in 1997 explaining PaRappa to a very bored roomReminds me of all the times I played a new game that had some amazing tech breakthrough in front of people who never notice.Ratchet & Clank's fast-loading level switch thing is exactly the kind of video game thing that both looks really co… sea shanties on TikTok, there was
Retweeted by Joe FourhmanGoing to order some of these for the first post-vaccine party. I won the game (as soon as I cracked the safe, a SWAT team showed up and I had to sneak around them too), and no…, Burgle Bros 2 is massive.
(1/33) FATAL FRAME TWEET WALL. The length of this tweet wall may intimidate some, but I'll be talking about the 5…
Retweeted by Joe Fourhman @TLatshaw That was super slick. They even left room in the big box for the set that came out after that. @TLatshaw Oh yeah, absolutely none.I was not paying attention to dimensions during the Kickstarter so I am shocked at how big Burgle Bros 2 is! @playcritically @brOrayn Chris Del Chris, one of the stars of "Willy's Wonderland"Basically, having given up on future games in the series (at least until a new round of execs start looking for stu… @BreakABone Yeah, basically "A Lost Legend 😰" until Prime happened, then fell off the face of the Earth. @socialcody I remember watching office mates prank each other with jump scare videos and realizing it was just spli… @CartridgeGames Booooooooo100-player Fatal Frame with a battle pass let's goooooooSome niche franchises get lucky and maintain a spot in the zeitgeist, and even grow beyond niche (Katamari, Yakuza,… yes, I'd love a new Fatal Frame, but I can't expect anybody to keep routinely making installments in an extremely niche series. @BuddyAcker I'll give them face lift because that's new CG there, but revival? Maybe in the same way that when I bu… Frame screenshots were pretty popular years ago in early internet jump scare videos, and this actually would… is actually pretty cool, it's a lot like how in the US they make slot machines based on old dead junk like I D…*tormented ghost priest voice* poor Kirie, why did she have to become so attached to this pachislot machine opportunity to call the Mass Effect box art creator "Mass Eff Yourself."After fan art of Ethan Winters' face started circulating online as the real deal, the artist who made it finds the…
Retweeted by Joe Fourhman @EdDiGeronimo When you find a hat that fits, you stick with it. @WildCardCorsair I'm right there with you! @socialcody I still have friends who use "green poop" and "cartoon animal from that one PS3 launch window puzzle game." @LegoSkeletor It must be more common than I see, since Sony always acts like "NEW AVATARS" are some kind of great perk.I bought one for 50 cents a decade ago and I still use that one because I paid money for it.Probably 80% of my PSN friends list has used the same avatar icon since the day I first friended them. @ellalovesbg It's great how it lets you tell funny little wrestling stories out of just icons of heads! @TLatshaw Yeah, big ol' asterisk on that. But <$25 for 10+ Oink Games would be too good to be true.I hope Maskmen is one of the stretch goals.Looking forward to some Oink Games on Switch. @KyleOrl Feel like a lot of gamers are going to go discover their local sign shops with this art file in hand.Peggy going hard #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch
Retweeted by Joe FourhmanProf Mirror says “it’s time” in New Snap like he’s about to euthanize something.
Used to be when you saw half-assed life advice you were looking at somebody's awful Successories poster, now it's j… @nsarmoredfrog 'fern @Learnonaut Wigglytuff @Learnonaut They're just gonna have to pick a random Pokémon name and be happy with that.I hope Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck debut an all-new combo couple name soon.
@Koomasters I’m going to have a little potpourri thing going on.Her op-ed highlighted something it took me too many years to realize: a lot of bosses don't think they're compensat…
Retweeted by Joe Fourhmanoh waitFound one of those Obvious Plant items!!!!
Was zooming-and-scanning through the image and lost it at this. @talestoenrage Yeah, and everybody knew those were just plays on automobile anyway. The real goofy factor today is… Mobile’s name has completely changed meaning over the intervening 30 years. You look at that today and it means… will now always refer to Sonic games as “that franchise based on a car air freshener.” I put up cheap strings, then I took those out and put up more expensive strings, then I decided I wanted to p… next time I get the bright idea to string up LED lights on shelves that are already built, somebody remind me t…
@HeroOfTime125 @CartridgeGames Yeah, I was a little worried.Who's running the Bad Photoshop accounts these days, because we have a new one. is doing Kermit lines here, with the exception that the Gonzo puppet is incapable of doing Kermit's scrunched… Muppet weirdness Overton window has shifted completely away from Gonzo being the weird one.