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you have earned my respect rebecca, i will be in touch to arrange a conference call to discuss further am i right is an edible substance that consists of predominantly coca beans. sleep is the period a human body rests…, need people to follow first #relatable #cringey #beg #longhairdontcare is bliss, if you let me believe i was cool then i’m harmless, you shit on my parade and i’ll rebel and be… did you let me ever slip from being this cool #relatable and round life #relatable xox bedding = fresh mindset #relatable xox easy to press you loti’m camping out opening drive thru 4th june. actually think that’s the best news of 2020.
we have followed every guideline, and have washed every foreign item coming into our home down with hot soapy watch… weeks’s important to remember there was no ill intent behind it, so hateful behaviour isn’t necessary x i’ve said, up and down, it’s difficult for everyone so i don’t expect special treatment, but it’s not easy x there’s bigger problems in the world right now, and all i’ve received is love and kindness which is lovely… do not spread hate to anyone you know has sent anything, they are only trying to be nice, but my mother and… my home address has been leaked, myself and my family would ask you all very kindly to not turn up now or…
quarter to ten and the sun is still in the sky, what a beautiful time of the year
new tiktoks at 4 it is! some duet possibilities?3, i repeat, threeeee new tiktoks, and got a couple more in the drafts!i am in literal tears at this! duet with me i beg : of the times (our version) was shit though let’s be fair
2020 is sick too! wonderful @svftrobertson and @Alb_Roadie have made the designs below, which is everyone’s favourite? these thank you
for those who can’t find it: were sick, apologies i can’t remember who made these but i love you! think my highlights need an update on ig, could some please do a set that works with my pfp twitter - fovvs tik… see that! i see it very clearly do we want from my tiktok?i’m kidding i love your doggo i just wanna hug her/him and tell them how great and beautiful they are want 46 xox no one has your phone #relatable you can’t see your battery % on your iphone #relatable follow my tiktok - have an iphone x and i don’t have the option! on earth is 1337, and i realise my screenshot was of 1334, embarrassing. for more embarrassing content, follow this ac… got “fovvsistaken” on tiktok, because fovvs was taken, please so it some love, i am very late: is very warm tonight and that is never fun, i’m trying to be kwl here...dominoes, but i like the sound of pozza hut spend our lives chasing the sun, but we’d all prefer some that’s close to some shade. #relatable xox the front, the back is where the party happens sat by the bbq in my natural habitat and have time to kill light shade of nail colour yes please, rate with a pinch of salt if you don’t mind, i don’t think they need to be different people, that’s just me i dumb what’s candy pain, my interaction, it won’t survive another hit like bbqb will die out very quickly, but for now it’s a cool little alter-egoweekends are my least favourite time of the week at the minute, they’re so anti-climactic, and there’s more to watch on weekdays... -bbqbi really like bad for me, fair play jack, you’ve done good there lad x
goodnight all, i really want fovvs on tiktok and twitch if anyone who works at these companies sees this. stay saf… im done im sorry, please turn them back on my retweets are dropping xox was starving apparently really lykd copper berg a few years back, mixed fruit or you can talk to the hand x apologies for my actions and in no way were they meant to be offensive or inconvenience any parties involved too long, i like being nice must be new, hi, i do not sleep before 7/8am every night, and i really wish i could. disclaimer, i am aware yo… xox and down, some days are spiffing, others utter crap, but that’s just the world these days, so please don’t pity… never be too careful i do @TBJZLPlays, i’ll do 3 more x they’re on a burger they can gtfo’s rad views are mine and mine alone and do not represent the truth. boards, or just write what you’re feeling these are too fly sports brands (others are available) don’t, not again em all mate need a new tea, i literally make teas just for biscuits these days, my mate jack daniels knows though respect this tweet a lot you freeze them they’re delightful and chocolate should be against the law, but it’s 22:58 so go for it, is secondly only to bounty, as the worst chocolate ever created’re late but great’s annoying how talented you are, can i borrow some please x’ll let you off x soon darling x’m literally blushing do not eat your dog having a fredo and watching twitch, and that is my treat to myself. self love is important, so grab your nearest… wasn’t aimed at anyone or anything just to clarify, was literally trying to be cute, and transition back into… you one thing, need a trim and a maccies right now #relatable xox
see a bit of parks and rec, not given it much of a chance, thought it was a wannabe office, never seen white gold“make it back home” contrary motion lib was fire as hell! is outer banks?