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Man “addicted to brake fluid” claims he can stop any time he wants.
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@northernassist I've asked this before but didn't get an answer : why have you removed bike spaces from some of your refurbished 158s?Diesel, electric, manual, automatic, self-driving, owned, rented, shared, green, red, blue... All Cars Are Bullshit
Retweeted by Me but worse @mellchie Even better (or even worse), it's a video!Paging @mellchie
@belebenso @NetsNot @Outoftweet123 @HS2theTruth The passenger growth predictions for the WCML are for 2 to 4% per y… @Outoftweet123 @belebenso @NetsNot @HS2theTruth Supply and demand still come into play a bit - no TOC wants empty s… @Outoftweet123 @belebenso @NetsNot @HS2theTruth Sorry, are you referring to all rail, or just high speed rail? @Outoftweet123 @belebenso @NetsNot @HS2theTruth It's true that I don't know the fare structure, I don't see why WCM… @Outoftweet123 @belebenso @NetsNot @HS2theTruth Of course Coventry will lost some fast services, that's the whole p… @Outoftweet123 @belebenso @NetsNot @HS2theTruth The new railway won't just add its own capacity, it will add it to… @belebenso @NetsNot @Outoftweet123 @HS2theTruth I'm not claiming platform lengthening is useless. Just that it's no… @belebenso @NetsNot @Outoftweet123 @HS2theTruth No point if there's no capacity on the tracks between them, @Outoftweet123 @NetsNot @HS2theTruth Those 23 trains replace 20 old ones, so only 3 actual extra trains. I don't kn… @Outoftweet123 @NetsNot @HS2theTruth Yes, this is true but less disruption to the ralway than extending shedloads o… @belebenso @NetsNot @Outoftweet123 @HS2theTruth Should have added "on the operational railway". Upgrading all the p… @Outoftweet123 @NetsNot @HS2theTruth It's not increasing the capacity of the train though is it? It's just mucking… @Outoftweet123 @NetsNot @HS2theTruth I assume you or someone else has already done a timetable study and worked out… @Outoftweet123 @NetsNot @HS2theTruth Capacity release for WCML services to London, speed for faster services to the… @NetsNot @Outoftweet123 @HS2theTruth 3) and 4) Extending platforms in town/city centres will cause disruption and c… @NetsNot @Outoftweet123 @HS2theTruth 1) Renationalisation is pretty vague. Changing ownership won't add a single ne… @NetsNot @Outoftweet123 @HS2theTruth What, specifically, would you change/add to increase WCML capacity? @Outoftweet123 @NetsNot By using the extra capacity created on the WCML freed by moving HS services to HS2. You can… @Outoftweet123 And it seem like putting it through motorway corridors in the Chilterns would increase the surface v… @Outoftweet123 Putting HS2 through the Luton gap would require extensive tunneling or demolition? Doesn't look like… @Outoftweet123 @Marshrail @sicross2000 @HS2DeadDuck Surely a slower train means you need an even shorter route to k… @CharlesYarnold That's very helpful, thanks!
Hey @CharlesYarnold you do a lot of work with led strips right? Is there a faster/better method for cutting and joi… @Outoftweet123 @Marshrail @sicross2000 @HS2DeadDuck They're more likely to keep the design but run at a lower speed… @Outoftweet123 @Marshrail @sicross2000 @natalieben @HS2DeadDuck @Ogilvie_CJ @carlbenfield @PermWayInstit Yeah it's… @Marshrail @Outoftweet123 @sicross2000 @natalieben @HS2DeadDuck @Ogilvie_CJ @carlbenfield @PermWayInstit RIght! I t… @Outoftweet123 @Marshrail @sicross2000 @natalieben @HS2DeadDuck @Ogilvie_CJ @carlbenfield @PermWayInstit None, I as… @Outoftweet123 @SarahNobleLD Either you're just trolling now or you need to go learn physics. I'm guessing the first. @GarethDennis Are we sure it's not "Recant, Gareth Dennis!"
@pinski1_ I wonder if the train lengths now mean that the "a" platforms are useless.We can and should do both. HS2 and integrated local transport systems complement each other. The idea that we must… @AntGodber Yeah the last one from Nottingham to Grantham tonight was the 2030 to Norwich. @AntGodber This is probably the last Nottingham train, at 2213.The waiting room at Grantham has all the atmosphere of a hospital waiting room, including the disinfectant smell.Cambridge station platform numbering was done by a sadist (Clockwise from top: 1,1a, 2, 3, 6, 5, 4a and 4. 1 and 4… @Pi_In_The_Sky Yeah alright @Outoftweet123 @sicross2000 @HS2DeadDuck @Ogilvie_CJ @carlbenfield Pretty sure, yeah. It's just a railway, it's not… second of this video from @BecHillComedian is comedy GOLD! 👏😂 #TheHitList continues tonight, 6.20pm, @BBCOne
Retweeted by Me but worse @Outoftweet123 @sicross2000 @HS2DeadDuck @Ogilvie_CJ @carlbenfield I mean, the thing about the track being unsuitab… @Outoftweet123 @sicross2000 @HS2DeadDuck @Ogilvie_CJ @carlbenfield Issues, but not insurmountable project stopping…
@Outoftweet123 @sicross2000 @HS2DeadDuck @Ogilvie_CJ @carlbenfield Is there any evidence that design and build of s… @chris_railway There's still a direct Derby - Edinburgh train but it ain't fast. In general we need more trains acr… @Outoftweet123 @sicross2000 @natalieben @HS2DeadDuck @Ogilvie_CJ @carlbenfield it stops at 21 stations and that too… @Outoftweet123 @sicross2000 @natalieben @HS2DeadDuck @Ogilvie_CJ @carlbenfield Of course it doesn't serve everywher… @Outoftweet123 @sicross2000 @natalieben @HS2DeadDuck @Ogilvie_CJ @carlbenfield @GarethDennis But it reads like ther… @Outoftweet123 @sicross2000 @natalieben @HS2DeadDuck @Ogilvie_CJ @carlbenfield I would ask @GarethDennis to respond… @Outoftweet123 @sicross2000 @natalieben @HS2DeadDuck @Ogilvie_CJ @carlbenfield By car, bus, tram or train, the hub… @Outoftweet123 @sicross2000 @natalieben @HS2DeadDuck @Ogilvie_CJ @carlbenfield And by "significant journey time red… @Outoftweet123 @sicross2000 @natalieben @HS2DeadDuck @Ogilvie_CJ @carlbenfield HS2 trains won't have tilt, but that…
@natalieben @Ogilvie_CJ @carlbenfield What's your plan for replacing internal UK flights? Current rail can't compet… @natalieben @carlbenfield Not the infrastructure, but HS2 trains will serve Edinburgh and Glasgow from day 1, with… Speed Rail could almost entirely replace flights from the Midlands to Scotland but the green party insist on o… Likes trains Them: Trains are miserable! Me: @LindsayPB Possibly also about getting the fast service out as late as possible after the previous slow. And maybe… @natalieben @carlbenfield If only there were some sort of high speed railway from the East Midlands to Scotland.... @LindsayPB AIUI a lot of it is to do with managing platform occupation at St Pancras and the desire to maintain a c… @GarethDennis @PaulMBigland @ChimeWhistle @joncstone Also, we need to plan now for the capacity release that will c… before starting genomics work: WOW! These people are amazing! How do they write these programs?! Me now: All of…
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@ZachWeiner ScampiIf I've learnt anything from two years of occasional freelance electronics it's that piezo sensors are a bad choice… evening has been a fun exercise in supergluing my fingers to things on my desk and I'd very much like to stop…
this deserves to be on twitter
Retweeted by Me but worse @FroggyMakes Really I just need a decent time library wrapped in a GUIHang on, some of @northernassist 's new trains are only 2-car? I'm on a packed 2-car class 150 right now, replacing… my calculator had a time mode, so I can know when "now plus 1933 seconds" is. Some bits of programming would be much easier. @KatBoettge HS2 is better transport. @nachimir it looks like you've already had a lot of advice so I won't add to it but just to say I hope you're doing…
@mousefad I did a lightning talk on my thing : at 17:4 4 into the video @northernassist Is the 1708 Leeds to Nottingham running?FLAPSIMUS DECIMUS MERIDIUS COMMANDER OF THE ARMIES OF THE NORTH GENERAL OF THE FELIX LEGION AND LOYAL FRIEND TO THE…
Retweeted by Me but worse @MayaPosch Incompetence can be a learning experience. Bureaucracy can be helpful. It's the combination of Incompete…
@drmocm @pimoroni £1012.65? #yarrbooty @mellchie @jesslynnrose @mousefad I like your mode system especially. I might nick that! @GarethDennis Is there a #railwaysexplained already for OLE? @mousefad Huh, I've spent the two years developing something very similar. I wonder how ma… wear-levelling PersistentSettings class for robust Arduino EEPROM storage. Install Mutila 1.2.0 from the Adui…
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@robertskmiles @SwiftOnSecurity @matingslinkys It's a great burden to have such power.Trying out @PCBWayOfficial assembly services for my next batch of @tindie boards. No more tedious hand reflowing of boards for me!Some teenagers on this train are discussing colonialism, race, intersectionality, politics, and it's 1000% more int… is hard to avoid the conclusion that many in the British media dismiss Islamophobia because they believe Islamophobes have a point.
Retweeted by Me but worse @simone_s_86 @garius @adaliabooks @StinkenderKase @The149thBishop Do not look up the V- or E- wings.So I guess that the European Greens have shown yesterday that they care more about exterminating nuclear power than…
Retweeted by Me but worse @garius One big flaw was that the Empire and the Rebels start out with the same number of star systems each - not e… @garius Very underrated, but also very flawed, game. @baylisscg @LiamBlizard @garius Fear only works if your weapon is effective. @baylisscg @LiamBlizard @garius Right until your superproject gets blown up by a tiny squadron of X-Wings and the w… @simone_s_86 @baylisscg @garius "They use whatever they can get their hands on" is probably the answer to this. @jephjacques But... still with a chocolate shell, or... @LiamBlizard @garius I think the First Order's command staff is solely made up of the Imperial Officers who weren't… @LiamBlizard @garius See the First Order and their insistence on building massive doomsday weapons and capital ship… @LiamBlizard @garius Actually I think the primary reason that the Imperial Navy has TIEs not X-Wings is not any mil… @LiamBlizard @garius There are a lot more TIE/INs at the Battle of Endor. Production, re-training and replacement t…
“A more moderate candidate would easily beat Johnson!” I cry, completely ignoring that Ed Miliband, a mild mannered…
Retweeted by Me but worseThis tweet is such a great example of how companies like Tesla actively shape and limit our ability to imagine the…
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