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Overweight and terrified.

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I’m a FISH I’m a STURGEON I’m a CARP I’m a TURBOT I’m a SALMON I’m a HAKE I live inside a LAKE
Retweeted by Me but worseI’m hot and weird and mad, so tell me something lovely? Can you tell me about a time someone believed in you or he…
Retweeted by Me but worse @tomfleet Perspex as in acrylic, opal/translucent finish. No weird tints/finishes/coverings. I've lasered it before… @tomfleet Oh yeah they're only like 15cm square. @tomfleet Have car,can travel @tomfleet That would be awesome, though I have particular material it needs doing with, is there a way I could get it to you? @tomfleet @konichiwakitty @pinski1_ @cammakespace Wow, I can have in an hour or so!Anyone in Cambridge area have access to a laser cutter? I have a really simple thing to cut in perspex that I can't…
Reset the ESP32, time sync is fine. Reset the ESP32, time sync is off by 17 minutes. Reset the ESP32, time sync is… library is charging me late fees for a book. I can't return the book because the library has closed early due t…
Retweeted by Me but worsei would like to formally apologize to the Jurassic Park franchise for every time i’ve gone “why would they just?? c…
Retweeted by Me but worse @stavvers @MxOolong This is a question for @DaniRabaiotti @stavvers @MxOolong Ok yeah, I see that. Hmm... @stavvers It'll only smell if you've got the right combination of bacteria and food to make a good amount of hydrogen sulfide. @natalieben @pedrojuk @ShahrarAli @LachlanShanks @AnothervoiceWB @Hs2Rebellion @stophs2 @bucksfreepress @belebenso @fishter_uk @markhipwell1990 @GarethDennis All these things are unlikely to be possible, given the past… @belebenso @fishter_uk @markhipwell1990 @GarethDennis OK, well come back when you have actual suggestions for alter… @geeksareforlife Merry birthmas! @chris_emerson I can imagine it creates the struct and passes it on, yeah. @chris_emerson Close! In C at least it takes a pointer to a time struct. And weirdly, is allow to modify the data there, not just read it.Here are some date/time related functions in time.h: clock difftime mktime asctime ctime gmtime localtime Without… @belebenso @fishter_uk @markhipwell1990 @GarethDennis We have to try. What would you suggest instead?
@belebenso @fishter_uk @markhipwell1990 @GarethDennis It's the job of transport and social policy makers over the n… @belebenso @fishter_uk @markhipwell1990 @GarethDennis How could they be, when considering it alone? No railway is a… @semachthemonkey @LindsayPB If there's anyone I know who's the definition of "knows what they know and knows what they don't" it's you. @PaulMBigland @BRCWCo @MiddlewichDiary @Hs2Rebellion If it helps, I'm only pointing it out because I was one of tho… @GlobalTom @markhipwell1990 @GarethDennis It's only about 10 times bigger - it's actually biased in the favour of r… @markhipwell1990 @GarethDennis Is there a bit of y-axis fudging going on here? That doesn't look like it starts at 0? @PaulMBigland @BRCWCo @MiddlewichDiary @Hs2Rebellion It's language like "mugs". That's not going to win anyone over… @Hayleystevens I'm basically never not thinking about eating pizza. @PaulMBigland @BRCWCo @MiddlewichDiary @Hs2Rebellion Ok, I see that. I'm worried that the risk of making our side l… @PaulMBigland @BRCWCo @MiddlewichDiary @Hs2Rebellion But of course you (an HS2 supporter) would say their actions a… @PaulMBigland @BRCWCo @MiddlewichDiary @Hs2Rebellion I don't see how pointing out that their actions are pointless… @BRCWCo @MiddlewichDiary @PaulMBigland @Hs2Rebellion People, we have to stop belittling anti-HS2 protesters for no…[To the time of Hallelujah] I heard there was some awesome sauce That David made and fed to his horse So that it w…
Retweeted by Me but worse @PaulMBigland @GarethDennis @John_Whitelegg Regardless of whether people are 'thin-skinned' or not, we'll never con…
@markhipwell1990 @matthewhodg @SarahNobleLD @sarahlicity Possibly a lot more concrete, for all the slab track? @katemonkey So do I!Aaaaaaah, but it's using bit-banged SPI isn't it! Because there's no hardware SPI support in FastLED for the people changed their branch name from “master” to “main” and thought they were done
Retweeted by Me but worseProgress! It's not the hardware! The wiring and power supply are fine. Somehow the ESP32 is buggering up the pixel…
So, well done @Greens4HS2 for engaging in a such positive way.We still need to get people on side and that's only going to happen with patience and understanding, not with shami… high profile HS2 supporters quickly fall into the trap of shouting and rudeness. To some extent this doesn't r… @Greens4HS2 are fantastic advocates for HS2. Always patient and unassuming when engaging with people who are against the project.Project "put some neopixels in the shed" was meant to be a simple weekend task, not a multi-evening debugging session.Us whenever a social media platform is down
Retweeted by Me but worse @TheArduinoGuy Playing with flask-restx for API things instead, which is much more fun. @TheArduinoGuy Yeah it's probably how sqlalchemy chooses to implement things that was causing issues. Probably simp… @TheArduinoGuy Anyway, I don't -need- to use sqlite so not spending time working that one out! @TheArduinoGuy It's a bog-standard INSERT INTO statement, generated by sqlalchemy, the error is a failing NOT NULL… @TheArduinoGuy This works fine with postgresql but fails with sqlite! 🤷‍♂️ @TheArduinoGuy Cool, I'm working on one too! Here's how mine is going right now. @25kV @lorenzo_hermoso @NoelDolphin Makes sense, though it seems like they could have worked that out without build…
@lorenzo_hermoso @NoelDolphin Any idea why GRP structures didn't become standard? Maybe @25kV knows? @ctrlshifti I have used double, and sometimes triple, pointers. @mellchie Remember those roadworks near the hospital? This is the result! @BeingCharley @25kV Ah right, this isn't a passenger service then. @BeingCharley @25kV What is even happening here? Is the rake is being dragged by the HST power car? If so why does the '92 have it's pan up? @LindsayPB Nottingham station got a lot better when they threw the taxis out of the front.Did you know that "Frankenstein" is actually the name of the book.
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The origin of this story is one of my colleagues asked for an immunity explainer, and I said, "GOD NO, have you any…
Retweeted by Me but worse @spacecommunism Ah yes, Wales and NI, where the English are loved and respected universally.
@debbiedooodah There's still time to bulldoze Broadmarsh and try again.Professional antinuclear activists will ignore and keep repeating canard that nuclear is inherently expensive. But…
Retweeted by Me but worse @PaulMBigland Something Great Train Robbery related?Впервые в истории России девушка получила диплом машиниста локомотива. Еще недавно профессия была запрещена для жен…
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Retweeted by Me but worsePros and Cons of making things: Pro: thing Con: make
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@Hayleystevens Tried to get them on my shoulder but they're a bit scared of the phone! @joe_marcotte83 @kvlly Yeah, we're in a bad place here because if you're not in the expensive city/suburbs, you're… @joe_marcotte83 @kvlly Christ, it's worse than that, I've just googled it and "The average first-time buyer propert… @joe_marcotte83 @kvlly Yeah we have those but they are more expensive per-month and harder to get in the first plac… @PaulMBigland Corby? @joe_marcotte83 @kvlly Because we don't have £30,000 saved for the deposit and associated costs.
@FuSchmu Why do Americans have a tiny scary box in their houses anyway? is it one of those HOA things?
@EmilyGorcenski No Children, The Mountain GoatsAdding things to OSM is a life enhancing activity. cars don't solve this problem do they? & even if they did SUVs outsell them 37 to 1. We keep buying cars,…
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Breakdown of this week’s government advice for Manchester: DO ✅ SAVE THE ECONOMY BY GOING TO NANDOS, MCDONALDS AND…
Retweeted by Me but worse @GarethDennis @LeighDay_Law @ChrisGPackham @CHatton_Day @notnottom And I suspect his other activities, while hypocr… @GarethDennis @LeighDay_Law @ChrisGPackham @CHatton_Day @notnottom I see your point re. conservation vs environment… @GarethDennis @LeighDay_Law @ChrisGPackham @CHatton_Day @notnottom I think this is unfair, in the round. He might b… @Ogilvie_CJ I assume not... @Ogilvie_CJ What, at full blown 25kV?! @FreeCADNews Honestly, FreeCAD is brilliant and I use it all the time and I love it!
Lesser Stag Beetle! @misshemlock Somewhere between B and C.The idea that efficiency of typing/mouse movement/clicking would be the limiting factor on PCB design speed is comp… Price Of Potatoes And The Value Of Compassion.
Retweeted by Me but worse @mousefad Oh yeah, "getting to green" in sketches is very pleasing. And actually it doesn't crash -that- often. I t…
@Brunty @ToG Looking for an all-in-one IoT module/widget thing or something that might require a bit of wiring/boxing/DIY?
@ExtElec @Saffy Possibly, I guess. I'd be interested in how that might work. Any repair service would either need a… @ExtElec @Saffy I guess it's "changed the world" as much as any new manufacturing technology. e.g. welding revoluti… @ExtElec Everyone who claims 3D printing will change the world has never been exposed to a 3D printer.when you accidentally discover poverty
Retweeted by Me but worseBan customer service reps from trying to make small talk. "How's your day going sir?" Thinks: "Well, I've had to ri…*Wipes tear from eye*
Retweeted by Me but worseI love FreeCAD, especially it's "crash often to encourage saving your work" feature.